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Design Portfolio Manasi Kundap z3463609

Rose Seidler House Designed 1948-50 Architect: Harry Seidler Location: 71 Clissold Rd Wahroonga NSW 2076 Awarded the Sulman Medal in 1952


The house is an example of ground-breaking architecture in Australian history. It’s linear, clean, and crisp white exterior contrasts well against the native Eucalyptus trees which line the East side of the house. Sandsone is primarily used to juxtapose with the modern deisgn of the house.

The study of the Rose Seidler House aimed to develop skills in:


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Hand-drawing- Hardline and Freehand Presentation skills


Manasi Kundap Rose Seidler House Z3463609 Hardline South Elevation

Scale 1:50

Commounications [ INTA 2141 ]

Final Model

Floating islands- the very first inspiration and vision of Paradise

aims to explore

One Room



instabilty and shaky emotions a person would feel as they travel through this space eral aspects of paradise.

Process models exploring serv

Top View

Balancebeing a force that is associated with the concept of Paradise. There are many kinds of balance- emotional, physical, mental, psychological, natural and so on‌ By achieving a balance, one gains a sense of contentment, the ultimate outcome of paradise. It is in the human nature to seek contentment. Through the exploration of models, the aim is to provoke the consciousness of an existing force that holds the space together in floating space. It is about the experience and journey of the body through the space‌To feel the height, stability and clarity. The use of clear materials, balsa and boxboard create a delicate and fragile space- highlighting the concept that the person travelling through the space will be conscious of their state of mind. In order to uncover the paradisiacal space, they must first gain balance. Model

Paradise- Force- Balance- Contentment- Paradise


Process models ex-ploring

-sting force which

Yin-Yang the coexisi


retains balance in the world.

Design Studio [ INTA2101 ]

curvatures, organic shapes and thier ability to balance.

the pathway to a confined

space- isolation and

Final model showcasing intricacy and fragile nature of this shape


Design Portfolio  

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