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Communication plan Communication plan is a step by step process to ensure that the intended message is received, understood, and acted upon by the recipient. It involves: (1) determining the objectives, (2) choosing the audience, and (3) selecting appropriate channel(s) to reach them. Instyle magazine is very simple, modern, hip and inspiring magazine aimed for women in their twenties. Since being in your twenties is one of those stages of one’s life where they feel lost and confused, this magazine is filled with uplifting and inspiring talks intended for making women in their twenties everywhere feel better. Since this magazine is intended for women in their twenties, it was found that the appropriate channels to advertise it is on Facebook, Wordpress and some pictures on Instagram.


o first, allow me to introduce myself. my name is Manar, I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in Alexandria/Egypt. I think this is the part where I have to explain what this blog is going to be about. well tell you what, I have no idea! I have never been good at expressing what I am thinking or how I feel, I am just doing this blog for school, and now I am at this point in my life where I am forced to express who I am and what am I thinking. I moved to Amsterdam/The Netherlands when I was 17 years old, right after graduating high school, and now I am studying Tourism and Recreation Management at a university in Amsterdam. I am currently in my 3rd year of studies and decided to take a break from tourism by following this minor called Creative Industry, which blogging is a part of. so yea! here I am. blogging‌ when deciding which topic to write about, people told me to write about what I am good at. truth is, I am not good at anything! it is true I do not possess any talents whatsoever. I am too clumsy for sports and too impatient to learn any instruments, I am a very simple person and the things that I really like to do are few and simple. BUT I realized, sometimes I like to play all Einstein and think that I know everything about life and how to live it. So this is why I decided to write about life and motivation. I think there is nothing I like better than to give people advice or make them smile

e m o s n o t u p , k n i r d a f l r e e s h r t u e o g y o t r u f o l e P s r u o y l l u p d n a k c i lipst Iwanted to start this blog with one of my favorite quotes of all time by Liz Taylor.

I decided to write this blog because of two reasons. 1. because recently I have been seeing an alarming amount of women that are sad or depressed. and 2. because to be honest I love being a girl! and girls should really start taking advantage of being a lady. and please don’t get me wrong! by taking advantage of being a lady I mean take the time and enjoy doing lady stuff, trust me I am everything but a ”Barbie girl”, I mean the only makeup I wear is mascara! if you call that makeup… and from time to time I would apply some lipstick or even eyeliner. But of course there are other ways for a lady to enjoy her womanhood.

Personally, when I am not in the best mood, I tend to do stuff to take my mind off things. you see I am not the type of person that would just sit around being sad. Engage your self with some ”gilrie” time with your lady friends, put on your best outfit that makes you look fabulous and put on some red lipstick and go out for a drink. Fill you tub with hot water and some delicious smelling soap, pour a glass of chilling white wine and get your favorite book and just sit and relaaxxx. And this is what I mean by taking advantage or in other words Enjoying being a lady. You know that times when you play some music and start doing your nails, or when you buy this new body lotion and afterwards you turn into a walking strawberry. There are so many ways to enjoy life in general, I personally prefer the littlest thing, because you know what? your problems will go away whether you like it or not, forgetting or moving on is simply a part of nature, otherwise a lot of people before you would have died from the first problem they faced in life.

So! do pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together. And start enjoying the littlest and most simple things in life, like that feeling of buying a new pants that makes your butt looks like you’ve been spending all your time at the gym or putting on your sexiest underwear that makes you feel as if you can rule the world.

From Cairo to Amsterdam I can still remember sitting in the airport waiting for my plane, and in

my hand I had only a one way ticket to Amsterdam, and just right in front of me I could see the word Amsterdam written in red. All I could think of was ‘’are you sure you want to do this’’, I kept repeating this sentence in my head over and over again and after a long sigh I told myself that this was ridiculous and that everything will be just fine. Out of the corner of my eye, I still saw my mom standing there, staring at me and looking as unhappy as ever, but I was holding back my tears and I knew that if I would have looked at her I would have broke down. When it was about time for me to leave and go on the plan, I gave my mom a last look and thought ‘’ mommy I am doing this for you and only you’’ and then I waved at her for the last time and went into the plane and off to the new life, the life that I did not even want to live in. When I arrived at the airport I saw my dad waiting for me, looking as happy as someone could ever be, and I thought ‘’ how ironic!!’’. I was looking outside the window on our way to our ‘’new house’’ and just thinking ‘’how could any country be so cold and so gray!’’ Even though I arrived in August. The first thing I noticed when I entered the house was that it was small, but then I learned that houses in Amsterdam are like that. When I finally got to see my new bed room all I could describe was that it was very cold and empty, even though I gave daddy a smile and said that it was perfect, and just hoped that it would be a fresh and new start over here!

First day of college. I was wearing a black sweater, dark jeans and my white convers. I can still remember my first class, it was one of Mouniqe’s classes and because I was one week late I had no idea what they were talking about. After class, Mouniqe introduced me to one of the girls in our class to show me around. My first impression of Dutch people was that they are very friendly and welcoming, and one thing I was not missing about home was all the drama I had left behind. Everything was going just fine, I was doing well in my studies and I had made new friends and as much as I was missing everyone I love back home, as much as I knew that this would be better for me . I did not completely hate Amsterdam I just hated that I could not speak my own language and even though my English is quite good I still could not express my feelings, I hated that I missed my little brother’s birthday for the first

time in 14 years!. I loved several things about Amsterdam as well, like the fact that I can easily take the public transportation, the way that people smile at me all the time and how easy it was to make to new friends. After living in Amsterdam for three months, three months away from the people I love, three months away from my mom, my sisters and my brother, I finally convinced myself that this was the best for me, and I got over the idea of me living without more than half of my family, until it was about time for me to go home for Christmas break. Until now, I can’t remember being so happy in my life like in my first day back home, it was just an amazing feeling being surrounded by my sisters, brother and mom. I stayed there for two weeks, and I literally went out three times. I am usually not the ‘’sitting home’’ type of person but just sitting with my fami-

ly made me happy. I started noticing things I have never noticed before, like how I had rather stayed home with my mom then go out, like how it felt just sitting with the rest of my family and just watching T-V or how good it felt when I told one of my friends ‘’no sorry I can’t go out today, I am going out with my mom’’. After two extremely fast weeks back home I had to go back to Amsterdam, and when I came back it was the same quiet and kind of boring life. After I came back from my Christmas break in Egypt, our class decided to go to Rome for 3 days. I can’t deny the fact that I didn’t want to go because I still didn’t know my class very well, but actually we became very close to each other after that trip, and that is something I never expected. We got used to each other in a very strange way, we actually became friends, and since that trip my life here in Amsterdam became more fun. And if anyone would have

asked me three months ago do I expect to have that close friends in Amsterdam, I would have answered and said that it was impossible. After going to Berlin things became more flexible, and we even became closer. One thing I didn’t expect in life here in Amsterdam and that is having such good friends, I know there is no place without drama and gossiping but I think life here is quite easy and I am starting to like it, but we will see what life in Amsterdam brings

My tip for this week would be to walk. walk as much as you can and whenever you get the chance to. because not only will walking keep you fit , and burn some of that chocolate that you secretly snacked on, but its also known to clear your mind and helps you to sleep better, but also it it good for bones and improves the body’s cardiovascular system. It also helps boost circulation. Here is my advice for you if you say that the only thing keeping you from walking is the fact that you do not have time. If you have a meeting take him/her for a walk, if you are planning on visiting a friend take him/her for a walk, go walk to your children’s school to pick them up if you have any, volunteer to go walk the dogs or to take out the garbage and go to that one a bit further from your house. Because if you live in city that is as beautiful as the one i live in, it would be such a waste not to take advantage of it period. So here you have it! I do not think you have any other excuses, its easy and simple. so next time when you plan a night in with the girls, do not forget to include a little bit of walking.

Have a meeting? go for a walk...

Social Social networking made communication easier in today’s world. Many people chose to communicate with others by sitting at home behind their computers rather than going out to the world and communicate face-to-face. What danger or benefit is the society facing depending on social network as the main means of communication? What kind of danger does a human being face as a result of this? Is it only poor health? Or does it also have a physiological

affect? A study highlighted the fact that not only did face- toface communication decrease between people after the growth of social networks, but also the personal communication between parents and children as well as between couples. It is true that everything has its positive and negative side, people should balance the use or the consumption of everything. Sometimes too much of something is bad for one’s health while too little of it has the same impact. But it is the same with social networks? Would it real-

ly differ in one’s day or health if one did not use it? “Almost 60 percent of students who use social networking talk about education topics online and, surprisingly, more than 50 percent talk specifically about schoolwork’’ stated The National School Boards Association. In that case it would seem that it does differ for some people to use social networks on a daily basis, but is it only students who use social networks on a daily basis? Or did it simply become a habit or an addiction to some people?

What happened with people practicing their hobbies when they are bored? you know like painting, taking pictures or ANYTHING. when and why did it all become about computers and social networks? life is way to precious for us to waste even a day of it!

Seminar Indie Brands

It was my second time to attend the Indie Brands Seminar, the first time I went there it captured my interest and heart that I decided to go again for the next assignment. During that fourth edition of this seminar, they talked about different indie business trends, How can they stand out as an indie brand in trying financial times? And what new types of business models are indie entrepreneurs coming up with to keep their brand alive and kicking. Like the last seminar, this one also opened my eyes into things for my project that we as a project group overlooked. How are these indie brands funding their ideas was one of the things that helped us to give advice to our creative team for the project, it also made me realize which numbers (money) was realistic for a new business and which weren’t. Also something very useful that I got out of going to this seminar was the fact that one of the speakers was a graphic designer that works in a magazine( since this assignment was all about the magazine!), he talked and showed us his work, also talked about the makers of the magazine bypass traditional distribution networks, which he thinks that it typically take the largest part of the cover price, as well as con- trol where the publication will be sold and at what price, as well as to deepen their relationships with their readers, and make them partners in their enterprise. They also spoke about social entrepreneur- ship in third world countries. Why do more and more Indie Brands choose to produce their products in Africa? And if it is simply a matter of hiring cheap labor? or are they dealing with a new wave of socially conscious indie entrepreneurs?. This part really did not help me in anyway, but it was of course very interesting to hear about, since I as well come from an African country. At the end, they came to a conclusion that: consumers are becoming more demanding and that they prefer brands that are authentic and sustainable. (see proof in appendix)

Guest lesctures.. On June 5th, I attended a guest lecture that took place at school. The guests were Rick Claus owner of the Claus event center and Samira Zwanenburg who works at Art of Dance. Both guests talked about how they manage an organization and what are the steps to be taken to throw a party or an event. For example, Samira spoke about the Pacha festival, that now is held every May in Amsterdam, she talked about which steps needs to be taken into account before and while throwing this big of a festival , for example how to deal with sound restriction with people that are living in the neighborhood, how do they manage the residences parking (since the festival takes hug space) also how to deal with complaints. It was very interesting for me to hear such things, since my interest are going towards festivals and working there. Rick spoke about how to deal with having a big organization, how to deal internally with such big number of employees and how to deal with quality checking.

Fritha Knudsen This could have probably been the most interesting guest lecture I have attended. I ,and I think everyone, really enjoyed themselves listening to Fritha talking. She was full of energy and happiness that made everyone eager to know more about her. Unlike any of the other guest lectures, Fritha talked about all the things that can go wrong within organizing an event. She told some of her stories (with its good and bad side) showed us some pictures and a video as a result of her work. People like Fritha, that do love their job and do it passionately, are the ones that gives me hope. Hope that someday when I graduate I wouldn’t hate my job, that I can infact do and find something that I genuinely love to and willing to wake up for every and each day.

Eight Realms of Multiverse Reality (Time, Space, Matter): A walk in the woods, a dinner out, a visit to the beach. (Do not interpret Infinite Possibility as a plea to abandon such wonderfully sensory experiences!) Augmented Reality (Time, Space, No-Matter): Using the camera in your iPhone to explore the world in front of you, such as to find the nearest restaurant that appeals to you.

Virtuality (No-Time, No-Space, No-Matter): PlayStation games, social media, virtual worlds, or any such experience you have on a screen. Augmented Virtuality (No-Time, No-Space, Matter): Enhancing your Virtuality experience with a Wii or with a Kinect, where the body itself is the material substance augmenting the screen-based experience.

Alternate Reality (No-Time, Space, No-Matter): Kids using the SmartUs playground equipment from Finland’s Lappset to play digital games outdoors.

Physical Virtuality (Time, NoSpace, Matter): Designing some physical object virtually, and then using a 3D printer to make it real, such as enabled by Netherlands-based Shapeways.

Warped Reality (No-Time, Space, Matter) : Visiting a living history museum, such as Plimoth Plantation or Colonial Williamsburg, or any other way you play with time.

Mirrored Virtuality (Time, NoSpace, No-Matter): Experiencing a Major League Baseball game play out in real time on MLB Gameday.

When I was asked to write an article about an interview I have to have with someone who inspires me, I did not have to look very far away. I know this might sound very clichÊ, but the first person I thought about was of course my father. For this assignment I really did not need to have a question and answer kind of interview, instead I just had a very long conversation with my father, refreshing those old memories and stories of why I always thought of him as a great inspiration. My father moved to the Netherlands in his teenage years to work in order to support his family back in Egypt. He came here with absolutely nothing, did not know anyone and did not speak the language. He managed to get by the first few weeks until getting a job as a kitchen boy in one of the restaurants in the center. He worked day and night for three of four years until he was able to buy his own restaurant. Right now my father is 64 years old, he has been owning his own restaurant for the past 35 years, he speaks Dutch fluently and is his daughter’s biggest hero and most of all inspiration. Not only do I think of my father as my biggest inspiration because he did,

like any other noble and decent man would do which is to support his family, but also because my father started working from a very early age, he never had the chance to further in his education. And even so, whenever I ask my father about anything concerning anything, from questions about medicine to politics to even how to fix a broken sink, he always surprises me by answering the most informative answer ever. My father sees education, not just degree wise, but also educating one’s self by knowing everything around us, the art of thinking itself, as very important. He raised us by that, always to read and gain knowledge, that knowledge is the most powerful thing anyone can ever poses. That is why I think of my father as my inspiration. I always did, always will. And I only hope I will be as good of a parent as he is.

My inspiration

Education and Qualifications

INHolland University Of Applied Sciences 2009 -present I graduated in 2009, and then got accepted in INHolland University of Applied Since In Amsterdam/ The Netherlands, Studying bachelor degree in Tourism and Recreation Management.


Egyptian American School 2006- 2009 I attended this school from the age of fifteen till the age of seventeen and graduated with An American diploma


El Safwa international School 1996– 2006 I attended National school from the age of four till the age of fifteen.


Reservations • At Groovy Grape Getaways Tours, Adelaide/ Australia . Greeted and assisted customers • Sensation White Amsterdam and Belgium. • IFIUS (International Federation for Interuniversity Sport) Amsterdam. • University open days for prospective students at INholland University.

Languages    

Arabic: excellent (mother tong) English: good (spoken and written) Spanish: basic Dutch: basic

• • • • •

Energetic and organized Team player Flexible Leadership abilities Quick learner


Manar Hegazi

• • •

Dependable Excellent communication skills Practical


Amsterdam light festival Word-of-mouth marketing, also known as viral marketing, is the dissemination of messages about a company through customer interaction. Much of this communication takes place informally as family and/ or friends share their experiences with a certain company in conversation. However, companies can become more assertive about finding satisfied customers and promoting referral opportunities if they get others to buy. This means that word-of-mouth is very crucial to a company, yet hard to manage or change. And like any promotion tool, word-of-mouth has its success and failure factors. Some of the advantages of word-of-mouth promotion are:


A major advantage of word of mouth compared with paid for messages is its credibility factor. When people hear messages about a certain company,

products and services from someone they trust, they are more likely to believe them.

Low Cost

In theory, word-of-mouth marketing has no direct cost. It is simply the interaction of customers in the marketplace who share their experiences. Some of the disadvantages are: Lack of Control A major drawback of word of mouth is that a company has limited control over the messages that are being communicated. If a customer has a very negative experience with a certain company product or service, he/she will likely share

it with others.

Difficulty Evaluating Results

Word-of-mouth effectiveness is much more difficult to measure than traditional marketing tactics. For the Amsterdam light festival, it would be a fun idea to have bikers bike around Amsterdam at night with lights hanging all over their bikes, with a sign that says ‘’#Amsterdam Light Festival’’. This technique could work very well, since it’s catchy and new. And if you want to get people to talk about something, you for sure have to catch their attention first. The first thing people will

do after seeing those catchy bikes biking by, they will do what they do best. To take pictures and post it on either Instagram and/or Facebook. Using the #Amsterdamlightfestival on pictures, will create kind of a hype, and this hype could lead to a successful word-of-mouth promotion for the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Since proving via test was not possible for the time being, though proofs that social media and specifically hash tagging have a very big influence on word of mouth and for a campaign to go viral are all over the internet. And here is one of the examples.

Cross media The term “Cross-Media� is often explained as something that includes the distribution of content (e.g. music, text, pictures, video etc.) amongst different media. One frequently used combination is television, newspapers/ magazines mobile devices and Internet. Crossmedia is usually seen as the use of traditional media along each other in an innovative way. However, the term can be used in a variety of ways; cross-medial concepts are not only formed by means of a commercial purpose (including marketing campaigns and broadcasting arrangements) but also

depend on the personal lives of consumers. A good example of a crossmedia concept would be the Lexus campaign. In October 2012, Lexus introduced one of the campaigns which best combine formats to allow the user to interact with the brand. This time, Lexus used CinePrintTM technology which allows for a real interaction between magazines and tablets through the overlay of one page of the magazine with Lexus advertising over the screen of a tablet, to bring the printed advertising to life in a surprising way.

Transmedia Henry Jenkins presented the idea of Transmedia Storytelling for the first time in 2003 in the MIT Technology Review magazine. The idea can be defined as a story that unfolds across multiple media outlets and platforms, and in which a portion of the end users take an active role in the process of expansion. A good example of transmedia is a documentary movie called 18 days in Egypt, and it is about the revolution that took place in 2011. The revolution in Egypt was told through a myriad of mediums – Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube and cell phone

videos, blog posts, international press, photo journalists, and various firsthand accounts. #18DaysInEgypt recaptures the power of that story in its original kaleidoscopic form.




Proof of attending seminar indie brands (picture taken at the seminar)

Manar Hegazi creative industry2