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Instrument 1 model A food bar

Instrument 3 model Train, food and passenger movement

Instrument 2 model

Instrument 4 model

Market space with hide away seating, insect protein growth and pro-

Kombucha production and crop growth based

duction line

on thesis work

5 Programme Models Each programme is described as an instrument that come together as small parts to make a whole. A bit like a jigsaw puzzle. This is in order to allow the instrument pieces which make the whole, to be rearranged and placed in other sites The models will attempt to show: -Showing the user experience - How the movement of the architecture is linked with the user experience. -Materiality -Scale -How the language of movements tells us about the architecture and amount of food being produced.

Instrument 5 Drawing/model

Isometric drawing Shows all the instruments together in one site. The bottom image shows the production and consumption of food n full swng, while the top drawings shows the architecture in the dormant season with the re-claimed land used as alloments to produce organic food, which can then be stored later in the architecture. These drawings will show people using the spaces, a bit like a ‘where’s wally’ drawings to provide interest. In the exhibition both drawings will be show on a projector(if possible) to show the changing form .

Map Showing all the possible sites across north london and their radius of influence.

Images of architecture on other sites Showing the re arrangement of the instruments on other sites

May plan  
May plan  

my plan of action in may