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Beginnings and new ventures in life, marks an

Understanding ourselves, allows us to customise

opportunity to stipulate goals, articulate them and

goals and dreams to reflect our personalities. This

achieve them. It marks an opportunity to convert

shall increase our passion toward achieving them

dreams and wishes from being imaginary to being a

and helps us in concurring all the obstacles and as

realised reality. However, not everybody succeed in

Joseph Campbell –an American scholar- said



“Passion will move men beyond themselves,, 8% only succeed in achieving

beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”.

their New Year resolutions!! The main question

Knowing our passions is the main step, but we

is: why??

need to combine it with commitment to gain a




fruitful result. Commitment cannot be achieved by The reasons for this varies from one person to

saying “we want something”, it’s a road map toward

another, from one website to another, from one


research to another and from one situation to

obstacles.In other word, passion is the WHAT

another!! Which one can we trust?? And how can

(what do I want??) and commitment is the HOW

we achieve these resolution?? The answer is

(how can I achieve what I want??).






simple: trust the person who knows you the most, the person who was there throughout your ups and

No matter how hard life becomes, follow your

down, the person who reprimands you whenever

dreams and challenge all the obstacles and enjoy


every aspect of your achievement.







throughout your achievements: YOURSELF. Does that mean you should ignore what everybody is saying? Of course not, because we do not live alone in this world, but it certainly means that we should respect our personalities, our differences and our individuality whenever we state our

TM Tanaji Omar President ( January – June ) Manama Toastmaster Club



Message from Ex-Com Ladies and gentleman, it is my privilege to serve once again in the Ex-com, this time as the VP Education. I have taken the role with the knowledge of how enormous of a challenge it is, but also with the believe that this is a learning experience and will benefit me as a communicator and a leader. However, the task requires your help and assistant, as without you not coming forward and taking up roles it would be hard to plan any meeting during the term, so let’s work on making this a fruitful term, not just by finishing manuals and getting awards, but also to improve ourselves and move a step forward in achieving the goal we set out towards when joining toastmasters, not all goals maybe attained, but at least you will be on the right track on achieving it. Rashid Ahmed Maymoon - VP Education As a VP Membership, My job is to serve the the club in Increasing it's membership in quantity with the most qualitative new members enthusiastic about upholding and maintaining the Prestige of Manama Toastmasters Club. Mohamed Sulaiman - VP-Membership

Being the VPPR of the club , it is indeed a great privilege to be a part of the team that was lead by president TM Tanaji Omar. Updating the social site, collection of documents for horizon , arranging social gathering and many more are adding to my list of responsibility . For the execution of the heavy task , the editorial team has truly coordinated and it has lifted up our spirit to publish the horizon in the set deadline. Last but not the least , I am very thankful for all the contributors and we urge to see more in the upcoming issues. January issue will give up all the readers a dazzling experience by reading through the articles . Jeena John - VP- Public relations

As being the secretary of the club for the upcoming 6 months . My responsibilities is to maintain a record of the meeting and attendance . In this role I need to be more vigilant and be prepared in handling multiple roles . It is really challenge but the entire Excom team is there to support in execution of the role. Azza Abdulla Bakai - Secretary

Show me the money"! Simply put, as the treasurer for the term January to June 2017, I’m all about the money. For the club to function, we need to be able to pay for our expenses which include the hotel fees for our meetings, awards and other recognition gifts, also purchases for special events. Your dues to the club cover your membership fees to Toastmasters International as well as our club expenses. I keep track of our cash flow and I also ensure that members have their dues paid to Toastmasters International on time. So please "show me the money"! Tosin Arowojolu - Treasurer The one who is first-in & last-out in the club meetings is probably “Sergeant-At-Arms” The Role of Sergeant-at-Arms continues to serve the Manama Toastmasters Club by adhering to TMI requirements. S-A-A’s main responsibilities include arranging suitable room, food & beverages, arriving early to check the room set-up, placing all articles & material in place, help to set-up any special equipment that members might need like projector, computer..etc, greeting & welcoming the guests, make every effort to begin by calling the meeting to order on time, welcoming the Presidential address, collect & count the ballots for listing out the winners and to tidy-up the meeting room before leaving. Raja Chandra - Sergeant-At-Arms


Area Director 3 TM Jahangir Khan

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill Dear Toastmasters,

Warmest Greetings!!!!

As the, Year 2017 kick’s off. I am excited to see "MANAMA TOASTMASTERS" as always on top. According to the TMI Calendar year, the Club is in a new Term and is inducting club officers on 7th January 2017. In 2016 the first term club officers have completed their job by conducting three of their contests and have achieved “Distinguished” status with 5/10 DCP Points. Special appreciation for DTM Claire Cosgrove in leading the second term of the club with passion and dedication. I indeed take this opportunity to congratulate to all the winners of Evaluation & Table Topic Contests. It’s an honor for me to have such leaders in Area 3. I wish all the very best to the incoming president’s Tanaji Ahmed" who is capable of doing wonders. Manama Toastmasters is the one club on the Island where you can get experience from the veteran Toastmasters to the extremely talented young generation of Toastmasters. If you would like to increase your speaking ability, improve your confidence or simply to see what “Toastmasters” is all about, one should visit Manama Toastmasters. Its assured one will receive a warmest welcome, plenty of fun and the chance to meet some friendly, helpful and interesting people. Every year Toastmasters offers various opportunities to prosper. In each year, we have the chance to develop skills and strengthen the friendships between members . Feedback is attained through evaluations and mentoring Let this year be a year of learning! At the end of it, I wish that every one of us can stand in front of a mirror say “I learned, I grew, and I gave my BEST”:


New Year Advise from 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking

You have the power to control your destiny. You just have to unleash your inner power. The only hero or heroine is YOU. It's time to start playing that role and it's time to make 2017 your best year ever!

Darren Tey

Remember, you have greatness within!

A New beginning

TM Khalid Amin

By welcoming 2017, it is likely to reflect on the past and look forward for a better attainment of goals and ambitions. MTM being one of the oldest and mother club of Bahrain, the strongest pillar of the club is having hand full of creative , multinational and potential members. As we venture to this year there are few items to prioritise are DCP Goal, induction of new club officers , workshops and contests. By writing this article , I am indeed very excited in the progression of the club and the club officer. On 6th of January, 2017 new club officers has been inducted for the term for January –June. Congratulations!! To the incoming and return officers. For those readers , who is thinking to join toastmaster's make a resolution to witness the weekly meeting held every Saturday at crown plaza. You can be dazzled , in the progression of the meeting and learn a lot form the leaders we have. Our first meeting of this term started with a special workshop humorous and international speech providing key tips to develop an international speech , humour and body language. The three speakers TM Biljana Devcheva ( 2016 Division Champion) , TM Guraz Wankadia and TM Khalid Amin (Myself) established an appropriate system and plan for delivering a fruitful workshop by facilitating discussion among members and audience participation. It resulted out to be a great success !!! Finally to all resolution takers, Too often we set the new year goals and resolutions and sometimes we get also diverted from it . I wish good luck all the resolution takers to stick to the plan and transform from better to best.

Happy New year


Special Workshop on Humorous and International Speech

What a start of the term!! A great workshop organized by TM Rashid Maymoon (VP Education) and led by our immediate past president the one and only TM Claire Cosgrove.. The first workshop about International speech was provided by TM Biljana Davceva. She provided us with fruitful tips from her journey starting from the club till the convention she has attended at the district level. The second workshop about body movement and gestures was provided by TM Guraz Wankadia. And he has truly demonstrated how to utilize the body movements without being tacky, not to forget the great insight into the speech of TM Darren LaCroix (2001 champion) The third workshop about the "secret" of humorous speech was provided by TM khalid Amin. Evidently laughter ruled the stage from the first moment and we were enlightened with "www.something" (browsing it will not give u the answer. All that was followed with interesting panel discussion -directed by TM Tosin with an admirable professionalisum. Panelists took round in elaborating in members queries. All that was strictly timed by TM Balkis.

Thank you all for making today a success ..

TM Tanaji Omar President ( January – June )


Installation ceremony

Manama Toastmaster Club has celebrated the installation ceremony of new Excom for the term January – June 2017 , on 6th January 2017 . All the new officers were officially inducted by taking an oath in the presence of the Installing officer, members and guests.The ceremony was withheld with a remarkable speech from division. C director , Area-director and president . Being an officer, each of our responsibilities has been increase two folds in comparison to others. The startling date of responsibility came in to light , immediately we are selected as officers for designated post. President TM Tanaji is a greater leader and we are looking forward for a greater success of the term. In the inaugural of presidential address, she has congratulated incoming and returning officers , adding to the excitement we have inaugurated the front cover of the January horizon issue in front of Division director , Area director , club members and guest . Master of Ceremony TM Ameena Nathani has smoothly conducted the meeting fruitfully and successfully. In the progression of the meeting , awards are distributed winners for Tall Tale contest, Evaluation , table topic and even Toastmaster of month. At the end of the meeting , TM Biljana Devceva and TM Guraz Wankadia was the lucky winners to hold a hand full of trophies gained from different contests.

From right , Sergeant-At-Arms : TM Raja Chandra , Treasurer :TM. Tosin Arowojolu , Secretary : TM Azza Bakai, VP-Public Relation : TM Jeena John VP-Membership : TM Mohammed Sulaiman , VP-Education : TM Rashid Maymoon President : TM Tanaji Omar and Installing officer TM Jahangir Khan.


Personal touch to Experience Manama Toastmasters is one of the oldest Toastmaster club in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established in 1964. Since that time it has been tutoring the people to produce competent leader, professional and entrepreneurial individuals. In December 2016 I got the opportunity to visit Manama Toastmasters. The experience was really good. I was actually amazed to see how qualified and dedicated the members of Manama Toastmaster were. Being a teacher in my opinion to convey information or message is surely important.Let me highlight few thoughts in the following manner. Firstly, Toastmaster International is a source of learning and communication. You can quickly reach and touch the mind and hearts of many people. Careful listeners would surely try to act immediately upon what you tried to convey. Nonetheless, listeners will at least give a thought. TM Yasir Iqbal . Secondly, Toastmaster is a platform of speaking, where you have a chance to meet talented speakers. Since there are people listening right in front of you, I think it becomes quite obligatory to speak what we feel. That makes sound confident and truthful. Also speaking has an added advantage of interacting and discussing with your audience or group. Finally History has showed us that good orators have always been remembered. They have had an immense power in their voice and thoughts. They were able to drive people’s mind. Therefore speaking surely overcomes all barriers and it is one of the best way to express and project yourself effectively. “Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore. Being the newly joined member of Manama Toastmaster, I look forward to learn & share experience and knowledge with the Club. Last but not least , Let me Quote “ If knowledge is not put into practice, it does not benefit one.”

Mentee and Mentor Tell us about your mentor My mentor is DTM Ratinder Nath, who is more than a mentor, he is also a guide, a teacher, and one of the most generous kind hearted person I know. I can always rely on him, whether for advice on my speeches, feedback on how to improve, and he has a special way of doing it that when he tells you something you listen to What are the qualities of your mentor that has really influenced you? He is someone who really cares and is always willing to give feedback and help out. It is not that he just shares his advice, but also leads by example, Last year I saw him achieve the highest level of achievement in toastmasters, as he became a DTM, giving speeches and completing projects, but at the same time he took time from his busy schedule to take part in the short play contest that MTM took part in last year. The level of commitment and effort he puts in doing things is admirable and is something we should all strive to emulate. Of course, me and my mentor share a great quality. He knows where the best dishes are in Bahrain, we both know where we can find the best samosa in Bahrain. Share one good occurrence, of your mentor helping you to overcome hard situation. There are many instances that he has helped me, but the one incident that I remember the most and I share it with all my mentees, is when I was preparing to give my Ice Breaker. Obviously I was nervous, but had managed to write a really long speech, I was worried about whether the speech was good or not, or whether it was too long, So I asked for his opinion and he sent me an email telling me that ‘’the speech you have will take more than 7 minutes and you will go overtime, but the speech is so good that I ask you to not change anything, just deliver it and don’t worry about the time’’. On the day of the meeting and even with his busy work schedule, he attended and sat next to me, encouraging me all the way. When the time came for me to speak I managed to give a good speech. Yes I did go overtime, but it felt great to deliver my first speech it gave me a lot of confidence and self belief. It was the start of my journey in Toastmasters.



VPPR: Tell us on your feeling when you became a Global International Champion in 2015. Mohammed Qahtani : It was truly unexpected. As I came in second in my district and competed in Vegas only because the first place winner couldn’t make it. And to this day, it still feels like a dream.

VPPR. How long have you been preparing yourself to reach at the final stage. Mohammed Qahtani : I competed in my district and was the first runner up but then two weeks before the finals, the first place winner backed down because of a family emergency. So I had two weeks to come up with two good speeches and rehears them which wasn’t an easy task

Every year thousands of members joins the toastmaster clubs but many feels the journey of becoming champion is a easy task. what is your advise towards them. If you join a toastmaster club just so you can be the world champion one day, then you are in it for the wrong reason. Yes winning the championship is a glamorous thing but it quickly wears off and you go back to your regular you again. When you join a toastmaster club you should join just so it can improve your selfconfidence, to learn how to communicate and lead well, and to be a better version of yourself. As a champion , i am very sure that you are very focused and had clear vision. Was there any set of strategy did you follow or practices to strengthen the structure and the language of your speech. Everyone has a strength and everyone has a weakness when it comes to delivering speeches. I knew my strength was humor but I am really bad with writing colorful speeches. My strategy was to get as many mentors as I could, and I seek those who excel in the areas where I need help. never ignore any piece of feedback even if you don’t agree with it. Many times i could hear Toastmasters complain that they are running out of topics or they are not able to get perfect topics for the speeches to be delivered in the club . How did you choose " The Power of Words". The power of words idea came from an incident that happened at work where a coworker was able to convince someone that smoking isn’t bad but just making up some statistics that weren’t even true. And it hit me, if this guy can convince someone of something that everyone knows is wrong, then maybe by using words I can change people’s minds about anything. However my advice to those who look for topics for their speeches is to watch out for table topic questions that intrigue them, and turn the answer into a full speech.


VPPR: Count down for New Year 2017 has begun , What's is the best advise or recommendation that you provide for all members especially to new members of the Manama Toastmaster Club. Mohammed Qahtani : Toastmasters isn’t just a place where you learn speaking and leadership, it is a whole new way of life. It has transformed me into a new person. Don’t lose your passion and don’t let the spark die out. Those members in your club will become your family and you will find yourself a new person capable of doing the impossible.


Manama Toastmasters Excom Officers Names




The lights were on me and for a moment there was total silence. I could hear my breathing, despite the fact that there were more than 800 people in the hall. I took a deep breath and said the first sentence of my speech:' When a cup is broken, it cannot be fixed....when trust is broken, it cannot be regained.' This is how I felt in May 2016 at the beginning of my speech in the semi-finals at DTAC 2016. I was standing on that big stage knowing that the next 7 minutes could either help me make it or break it. I was also aware of the big responsibility I had upon my shoulders representing Manama Toastmasters, Area 3 and Division C in the semi finals. For a novice toastmaster with only one- year experience as a speaker, the responsibility was enormous, considering the fact that I was representing a club with a 52-year history. I knew that I could not let my fellow toastmasters down, that I needed to do well in the arena where champions compete with words rather than with swords or weapons. So what does it take to get there? As I reflect on my journey, getting to the big stage required tremendous effort, responsibility, discipline and giving up some of the other life's pleasures during the contest season. It required constant writing and rewriting of my speech, sometimes even spending two or three weeks thinking about the right word that would fit in and that would produce the desired effect. It also meant working tirelessly with my mentors, supporters and coaches. Having both mental and physical stamina were the keys to being focused and being successful. It helped me in such moments when I felt that I was stuck with a word, or when I couldn't do the right body movement or gesture for a particular part of my speech.

There were also times, when others would try to help me with their suggestions, but at times I felt overwhelmed and confused about what to change and not to change in my speech. Was it worth it? Most definitely. Competing and winning contests is very rewarding and satisfying experience. I feel that the contest season has made me a better speaker, but also a better person. It has helped me to overcome my shyness and speak in front of audiences I would never even dream of speaking. It allowed me to compete with some of the best Toastmasters in the whole district and it also made me realize where my strengths are and where my challenges lie. It has also shown me that in Toastmasters, there are many genuine people who will support your talent and will help you reach your goals. Will I do it again? I did not make it to the finals during the last season. I did not get a chance to compete in Washington D.C. However, giving up is not an option. Dusting yourself off, lifting yourself up and carrying on is what it takes to get there again. There will be triumphs and failures, but those 7 minutes on the stage when the world stops to listen to your message are worth every sweat, tear and frustration you experience. So, get on that stage and test your limits. Test your abilities and go beyond what you can do....You never the end of the day, you will come out as a winner. See you at the next contest !!!!!!


BAHRAIN NATIONAL DAY @ MANAMA TOASTMASTERS CLUB The Kingdom of Bahrain has made wonderful history by celebrating the 45th National day of the year. On this occasion the whole country wears a festive look with majority of the citizens having chosen to be in red and white colors. National day is celebrated on 16th and 17TH of December and the island dazzled the spectators with wide range of colorful events such as fireworks , stage shows, aerial display , spectacular lighting on trees and buildings and even on the monuments. Bahrain, has widely accepted peoples of different nationalities who all join in the celebrations. The citizens are reminded of the impressive level of development over the past years. As a proud citizen and a member of Manama Toastmasters, it gives me immense pleasure to take up the TMOD role for the club meeting which was held on 19th December with the theme “National Day”. TM Thuraya and TM Bharath as dual TMODs, invested time and resources to conduct an informative meeting for all our members. It was gratifying to see, all the members and the Guests stand and paid respect to the National Anthem of Bahrain which was played at

TMODs: TM Thuraya Juma and TM Bharath Iyenghar

the start of educational session. During the progression of meeting we learned many things about the culture , national dress , language and even about historical places. MCs were maintaining a consistent committed and eventually it left an unforgettable mark on the hearts of the members. Adding to the flavor was the cake with the Bahrain flag which caught the attention of all during the tea -break secession. At the end of the meeting ,the winners for the best speaker, table topic commentator, evaluator, role players were awarded with Toastmaster ribbons, mouse pad calendars, cups and a book written by 2015 champion “TM Mohammed Qatani” . It was remarkable to witness the short video played by TM Thuraya which shows the transformation of the county in economic , social and cultural aspect. Finally at the end of the meeting , everyone had got a chance to carry home sweets , dates and hand crafts that was generously donated by the TMODs.

The picture from left embody the girl in Bahrain traditional dress and club members fortunate to receive a copy of book published by 2015 World Champion “TM Mohammed Qatani”



Pranamasana (Prayer pose) Step 1: Stand at the edge of your mat, keep your feet together and balance your weight equally on both the feet. Expand your chest and relax your shoulders. As you breathe in, lift both arms up from the sides and as you exhale, bring your palms together in front of the chest in prayer position. Hastauttanasana (Raised arms pose) Step 2: Breathing in, lift the arms up and back, keeping the biceps close to the ears. In this pose, the effort is to stretch the whole body up from the heels to the tips of the fingers. How to deepen this yoga stretch? You may push the pelvis forward a little bit. Ensure you’re reaching up with the fingers rather than trying to bend backwards. Pada Hastasna(Hand to foot pose) Step 3: Breathing out, bend forward from the waist, keeping the spine erect. As you exhale completely, bring the hands down to the floor, beside the feet. How to deepen this yoga stretch? You may bend the knees, if necessary, to bring the palms down to the floor. Now make a gentle effort to straighten the knees. It’s a good idea to keep the hands fixed in this position and not move them henceforth until we finish the sequence. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose) Step 4: Breathing in, push your right leg back, as far back as possible. Bring the right knee to the floor and look up. How to deepen this yoga stretch? Ensure that the left foot is exactly in between the palms.

Step 5: Parvatasana(Mountain Pose.) As you breathe in, take the left leg back and bring the whole body in a straight line. How to deepen this yoga stretch? Keep your arms perpendicular to the floor. Step 6: Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute with eight parts or points) Gently bring your knees down to the floor and exhale. Take the hips back slightly, slide forward, rest your chest and chin on the floor. Raise your posterior a little bit. The two hands, two feet, two knees, chest and chin (eight parts of the body touch the floor). YOGA is a group of Physical, mental and spiritual practices ,which originated in ancient times. References: Nitin K. Abuja( 2013) “Sun Salutation” Journal of Medical Humanities


Friends “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Who could be our friend??? It could be someone from our neighborhood, office or from school. At times our sibling could be our friend. A friend is not a word but an action, they stand beside us at times of success and failure. On Saturday 21st January 2017, TM Prashant Gudibande conducted a fruitful meeting with the word of the day “Harmony” . No doubt! The meeting was filled with harmony and laughter. The more, the merrier. TM Mohammed Sulaiman inducted a new member TM Yasser Iqbal and took concent from the members to induct next week another new member Azzia . Role players massively supported our TMOD with full dedication and humbleness, and that is the basic characteristic of being a friend. TM Bilkais being a timer has two warriors “time and patience” Ah counter TM Anup counted all ahh, umm. His comments were short but sweet. TM Ameena was not only busy in counting the word of the day but also had 3 pages of grammatical evaluation on all members. “Kudos” it was a great harmony to hear her voice for 5minutes. TM Guraz entertained the members and guests with a speech titled “ A perfect Gentleman” by roasting “TM Khalid Amin . Finally he made us realise that one is vertically challenged and the other horizontally gifted.

TM Claire made us feel “Arnea” who was physically challenged sitting between us and took a massive journey through life from childhood to marriage. “Qualities make a person stronger TM Atavan took us to the Tower of Babel from where multiple languages started and till now there are 6500 languages worldwide. After the tea break, A laughter can make you more relaxed and our Joke master “ TM Avneesh” spread laugher in the room by making few of us stand on imaginary weighing scale and at times thinner ones being blown off when doors and windows were left open . The table topic master (TTM) TM Mohammed Saleem, has multiple skills from TTM to Game master. At this point all of us were holding on to the seat and having telepathy with TTM “Don’t pick me” Last but not least the general evaluator TM Biljana the champion who swoops all trophies but is also a keen evaluator for speakers and the meeting gave us her insight. Too elegant, sharp and down to earth . Trust me she is my role model. When the clock struck 9:15 I jumped out of the seat to click a snap with a beautiful lady who came for the meeting


Humorous Speech Contest Laughter is the best medicine to feel better and carry a good heart .Manama toastmaster's , 7 humorous contestants tickled the funny bones of members and guests with various stories. Saturday ,14th January 2017 was a fun filled day with lot of fantastic speeches. Each humorous speakers opened doors to Labs , airplane and even safari . At the end of the day all contestants are the winners and we believe laughter bonds us together. Chief Judge of the Day : TM Sheela Pai and Contest Chair :TM Bilkais Khan Role Players Timers: TM Mohamed Saleem & TM Prashanth Gudibandy Sergeant at Arms: TM Anup Sudhakaran, TM Raja Chandra & TM Azza Bakai Tally Counters: TM Ameena Nathani & TM Usha Nenwani




International Speech Contest What a great contest evening we had on Saturday 28, 2017. We had 10 contestants with various topics. All contestants presented the speech with engaging and inspiring stories from Ghosts and Spirits to Perceptions and some emotional speeches has even taken us back to childhood. Judges must have a tough job, in judging the contestants. Well done to all the participants! The audience was really impressed to see the high level of speeches our club had offered. Many congratulations to winners. Contest Chair: TM Mohamed Saleem, Chief Judge : TM Mariam George Role players: Timers :TM Mohammed Suleiman & TM Usha Nenwani Sergeant at Arms: TM Anup Sudhakaran, TM Raja Chandra & TM Arfa Mudassar Tally Counters: TM Laxman Sing Rathore & TM Bilkais Khan.





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Every minute spend in the meeting boardroom , we are not only learning but developing a stronger bond between members. Toastmasters a guaranteed platform to develop leadership , it happens only if there is laughter and conversations


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