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MAY 2014 Newsletter of Manama Toastmasters Club. Club No. 2916, District 20.

DTAC Oman 2014

“Talent wins games but teamwork wins and intelligence wins Championships.” Michael Jordan


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

From the President’s desk Dear fellow Toaster masters, The much awaited month was finally here. It was May, the month of Toastmasters Division and District Annual Conferences. We are proud that our champions not only took part in both competitions, but also because they won! President: TM Thuraya Juma

Manama Toastmasters winners represented Division C in the District 20 Toastmasters Annual Conference (DTAC 20) where they succeeded thanks to their unique talents. This win was very significant to our club as it revived our glory after many years of unsuccessful attempts. This achievement was another addition to the legacy of Manama Toastmasters as it is the club where leaders and winners are made. Moreover, our club newsletter "Horizon" won the “Captivating Communiqué Award” and that was because of its high quality content which reflects the professionalism of our club and its members. Dear readers, please continue reading to find out who the winners were and to have a glimpse of the trophies our fellow members and club brought home.

“ Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others” ~ John Maxwell.

President, TM Thuraya Juma. January – June 2014.

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

The Horizon TM Hannah Karanja VPPR January – June 2014


They say that May is a month of Madness but at Manama Toastmasters, May was definitely a month of Gladness. There seemed to be one good fortune after another. At times, we had to pinch ourselves just to make sure that we were not dreaming. The “gladness” started on the 2nd of May when Manama Toastmasters members became the Division C champions in Table Topics and Evaluations contests. The full story is featured on page 9 of this issue. Our Division champions then went on to represent not only Manama Toastmasters but Division C as a whole in DTAC Oman and there, the winning streak seemed to continue as Manama Toastmasters swept one trophy after another as featured on page 11 .

TM Guraz Wankadia (Proof reader)

To celebrate the good news, we decided to hold a celebratory luncheon with the theme “Hats off” and the details of this fun and exciting day can be found on page 12. We love to hear personal stories from our members so back by popular demand, we have TM Abraham Joseph and this time, he shares his values with us on page 15 with his project 4 speech titled, “Helping hands”. We shall also be getting to know our new members in this issue and have therefore featured a new member in our spotlight page on page 7 and an Icebreaker speech on page 17.

TM Claire Cosgrove (Proof reader)

Finally, please turn to page 10 for more details on our ongoing Short Story Writing Contest being conducted by TM Sheela Pai. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and as always, look forward to your feedback.

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Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club 12


11. DTAC Oman 2014 12. Hats off to Manama Toastmasters 15. Just for today By TM Abraham Joseph 17. Helping hands By TM Mohammed Farhan


19. How determination led to my success By TM Khalid Al Quod

5. Club updates

20. Message from our Librarian By TM Claire Cosgrove

7. Spotlight TM Tom Oomen 8. May Meetings at a Glance

21. Birthdays and Anniversaries

9. BTAC C 2014 10. “Yes. You Can Write” By TM Sheela Pai

22. Save the date

23. A bird’s eye view 24. How well do you know our members? 25. History of Toastmasters


50 Years of Excellence

26. Our Executive Committee


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Club Updates

We would like to extend a thunderous welcome to our new members; TM Tosin Arowojolu, TM Tom Oomen, Mohamed Farhan and TM Mohamed Al Khalidi. Welcome to the Mother Club!

TM Tom Oomen

TM Mohammed Farhan

TM Tosin Arowojolu

TM Mohammed Al Khalidi

Like us on facebook to receive updates on our upcoming events and activities. Log on to;

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Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Club Updates

Manama Toastmasters… We are Division C’s Table Topics and Evaluation Contest Champions!!

We are District 20’s Evaluation Contest Champions!!

AND Our Horizon newsletter captured the “Captivating Communiqué Award”

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

This month, we shine the spotlight on our newest TM Tom Oomen

member TM Tom Oomen . We asked him some rapid fire questions and below is what he had to say‌

Q: How long have you been a member of Manama Toastmasters? Tom: Since 23rd May 2014. Q: Is there one book or one movie that you would absolutely recommend to everyone? Why that specific book or movie? Tom: The American sports drama film Rocky which reminds us to keep the spirit of the game while playing and fighting hard to achieve our dreams. Never lose heart and never give up. Q: Have you ever done one thing that really scared you? If so, what was it? Tom: I have done many scary things since my childhood. They not only scared me but also my family members (smile). Q: Name 3 things on your bucket list. Tom: Interesting Question: a) To contribute my technical knowledge and power especially to challenged societies. b) To contribute my best and my time in building up an educated society. c) To contribute to youth empowerment in order to develop responsible citizens of tomorrow. Q: Name 2 things that you absolutely like. Tom: My wife and my life. Q: Name 2 things that you absolutely dislike. Tom: My inactive time and my laziness. Q: If you were given a magic wand and told to make one wish, just one wish, what would it be? Tom: Simple....I wish to bring smiles and/or joy to the faces of all those around me.

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

March Meetings At a Glance 3rd May

10th May

17th May

24th May

31st May


TM Muna Alaiwi

TM Laxman Singh

TM Claire Cosgrove

TM Guraz Wankadia

TM Tanaji Omer


Lifelong learning

Chaplin’s life

Easter – New beginnings


The first time

Best Speaker

TM Waleed Naqi

TM Tanaji Omer

TM Khorram Salman

TM Khalid Amin

TM Mohamed Farhan

Best Evaluator

TM Abdulrahman Al Awadhi

TM Asrar Merchant

TM Abdulrahman Al Awadhi

TM Muna Alaiwi and Ratinder Nath

TM Claire Cosgrove

Best Table Topics Commentator.

TM Claire Cosgrove

TM Zakaria Suleiman

Guest Tom Oomen

TM Maisa Sheikh

TM Ratinder Nath

To all members, Would you like to complete your CC and move one step closer to becoming a DTM? If so, speak to your mentor and prepare for your next project then call up our VP Education TM May Abdulaziz and sign up for your next speaking role. Remember, practice makes perfect and the more speeches you give, the more competent you become as a communicator and that’s not all! The more CC’s we get during the term, the closer we get to becoming a president’s distinguished club so don’t hesitate – Email VP Education TM May now on All the best!!

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Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

BTAC C - 2014

A clip from Bahrain Tribune – 10th May, 2014

By TM Hannah Karanja


is always an air of excitement mixed with anxiety around the contest season and BTAC C 2014 was no different. As participants, yours truly and TM May (who was competing in the Arabic Evaluation contest), arrived promptly as did other members of MTM who came to give us their moral support and encouragement. The first contest on stage is always the evaluation contest so what a relief for me that I did not have to sit around all day waiting for my category! “Over and done with” always works for me so I was then able to sit back and relax. TM Guraz Wankadia was representing our club in not one, but two categories; Table Topics and International Speech. He seemed rather calm when he confidently strode into the

venue in the afternoon. I was green with envy. How does he do it? I would have been a wreck! Both the Table Topics and the International Speech contests were in the afternoon. Even though we did not know the outcome, we were pretty sure that TM Guraz was going to walk home with something. With all the anxiety, the results couldn’t come soon enough but finally, at 6pm, the wait was over! Manama Toastmasters competitors were the Division Champs in Evaluations and Table Topics AND second place in the International Speech Contest. In case you are wondering about TM May, she too came first in the Arabic Evaluation contest. What a proud moment for Manama Toastmasters! Three Champions!! Viva MTM!!

50 Years of Excellence

Top: Table Topics winner TM Guraz Wankadia and Evaluations Contest winner TM Hannah Karanja with President TM Thuraya Juma. Bottom: Manama Toastmaster’s Supporters.


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Short Story Writing Contest By TM Sheel Pai

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Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

DTAC Oman 2014 The excitement of DTAC Oman 2014 started long before we took off from Bahrain. The airport looked like a DTAC conference in and of itself as Toastmasters greeted and high fived each other making the nonToastmasters around them wonder what was going on. As one Toastmaster on the flight later joked, he half expected the captain to make an announcement and say, “Good evening Fellow Toastmasters and most distinguished guests”… We landed in Muscat and after some baggage confusion in all the excitement, all was sorted and Toastmasters parted ways and went to their respective hotels but of course, no one got much sleep. How could we with all the excitement?

The Al Bustan hotel labyrinth

On the first day of DTAC held in the labyrinth of Al Bustan hotel (yes. It was a labyrinth. We needed google maps to find our way around) all members of Manama Toastmasters (that’s right. All!) made it to the finals. On day two of DTAC, Manama Toastmasters name was in the limelight once again as we were called up to receive the “Captivating Communiqué Award” for our Horizon Newsletter. All kudos goes to our former VP-PR TM Rashid Maymoon who had edited two of the three newsletters submitted, and of course, our hard working team of proof readers, TM Guraz Wankada and TM Claire Cosgrove and all those who contributed pictures and articles.

The “Captivating Communiqué Award” for Horizon Day three was just as exciting as Manama Toastmasters was called out once again this time for DTM Manal Al Matrook

50 Years of Excellence

First place – Evaluation Contest to receive her DTM award in absentia and former VP Education Laxman Singh also received the “Club DCP Achiever” award .

The “Club DCP achiever award” The day culminated in a high note as Manama Toastmasters Club emerged as DTAC 2014’s Evaluation Champion!! Hard work really does pay off…

… He half expected the captain to make an announcement and say, “Good evening Fellow Toastmasters and most distinguished guests”..


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Hats off to Manama Toastmasters For those that missed our celebratory "Tipping our hats" lunch, Jam-packed is the only way to describe it... Guests walked in promptly at or before 1:30pm to take advantage of the early bird offer and before they could even take their seats, MC I. Joel had made his opening remarks and TM Hannah was on the floor with the kids doing the "Happy" dance. Of course it goes without saying that most guests above the age of 10 had NO IDEA what movie the song was from.. Ha ha.. This age thing really puts us out of touch...

Al Manzil lobby Lunch was promptly served after which TM Claire hit the floor with the kids this time "gangnam styling" musical hats (like musical chairs only with hats) and before she could even call "Cut", TM Kishore had taken over to do what he does best; Charades.

TM Tanaji then called the kids back to the floor this time for the M&M challenge. (Yes. The day was all about the next generation) which was followed by the Jigsaw challenge - Dames Vs Gents. Now this was the interesting one. Just as the gents thought they were winning, the dames came back swinging and it was obvious, "Who rules the world? Girls!"

This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony by our president TM Thuraya surrounded by those who have been in the club for years - TM Vijay, TM Mariam, TM Ratinder, TM Madhavi andTM Sheela and of course newer members like TM Somaya and our newest member, TM Tom who by the way had been in the club for barely a week and had already volunteered to join the organizing committee. (By the way, he was responsible for the big Five O on stage and all the real time photos on the screen - Way to go TM Tom!!).

"Orange man" TM Vijay then announced his surprise gift MC TM I. Joel entertaining the crowd to all members in the room by offering his own book. (Yes. He is a published MC I. Joel (who by the way was author). By the way TM fined big time by the organisers Vijay, we need more books. for forgetting his hat) introduced The books were so popular a hat quiz. Who knew there that those of us who blinked were so many different hats in missed out... Holding out our the world? Names we couldn't bowls like Oliver Twist, we even pronounce... The three say, "Please sir! We doctors in the room TM Thuraya, want some more!!" TM Claire and TM Abraham proved that the engineers had nothing on them as they took home the "cups“.

Like Oliver Twist, we say,“Please sir, we want some more”

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Hats off to Manama Toastmasters TM Tom). Proof that MTM is made up of die hard romantics... It was then time for the raffle draw with children proving that they have all the luck in the world by sweeping most of the prizes...

The happy ladies after their Jigsaw puzzle win… It was then time to announce the winners; the 5/3 challenge led by TM Muna (getting 3 guesses for 500fils as to the number of sweets in a jar) was a very, very close call with 3 members coming eerily close to the answer - TM Rashid, TM Sheela and TM Fatma. After a raffle hat draw to decide the winner, the prize went to TM Rashid - no wait! Being the perfect gentleman, he decided to re-raffle in favour of the ladies and it then went to TM Fatima. It was then time to vote on the craziest hat in the room and talk of a razor thin margin! We almost had to split the prize but after a deciding second vote, it went to TM Mariam with her Dalmatian hat.

The bluest person prize went to TM Madhavi who was the "bluest" by a mile!! There was of course the random "who has a...?" challenge for everything from shoe laces to white shoes etc but the best is always the spouses photograph. Members were falling over each other to show MC I. Joel their spouse's photograph (read

Future Toastmasters doing the “Happy Dance”

50 Years of Excellence

A big thank you to all those who turned up and helped make the day such a success. The day would not have been possible without you. A special thanks to our new members; TM Abraham and TM Mohamed Farhan. Now you see that MTM is not always just about speeches and nothing else. We also know how to have fun! TM Ed and TM Laxman, thank you for bringing your families. Your families are now our families for their active participation in our events. Also former TM Santosh whom we hope will re-join MTM some day. Our new DTM Manal who was there with her amazing, gorgeous hat, and of course, TM Khalid Amin who just made it as we were packing up. It was nice to see him support us albeit for short while. As for TM Ratinder, you disappeared!! But we are happy you got to take home a prize.


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Hats off to Manama Toastmasters To Sparadise Spa and Salon, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Finally, we can confidently say that this was only the first of many celebratory events in Manama Toastmasters this year. As Oprah Winfrey once said, "The more we celebrate, the more there is to celebrate" so get ready!!

To Al Manzil Hotel and the efficient staff, "We shall be back!" To all those who dug into their pockets to give us amazing gifts, we can never thank you enough.

Till the next celebration, we say "Hats off" and see you there...

The summary challenge…

The summary challenge is still on fellow toastmasters. To practice your writing skills and possibly go on to win the short story contest, (see the next page for details) all you have to do is sign up and send a summary of the next meeting to the members. The most popular summary stands to win a grand prize. We can’t reveal what the prize is but let’s just say that it has something to do with two people having a fancy meal in a fancy restaurant. Don’t delay! Sign up today by emailing VP-PR TM Hannah Karanja on Hurry….

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Just for today By TM Abraham Joseph Project 4 Speech from the CC Manual “If you always do, what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. An apt definition for both success and failure.

TM Abraham Joseph

Circumstances. Maybe you would have done something different and better than what I did. Are you curious to know what I did? Hmm, I roared and snored from 2 pm to 5 pm every day! This continued for almost 11 years till I was transferred to another place. All this happened during 1989 – 2000. Now, when I look back to those 11 and subsequent years, I realize that the place where we live plays an important role in building our personality for good or bad.

Imagine this; you are working for the Government Department in a hilly station. The rainfall is 3850 mm per year, seven times more than the average annual rainfall for that state. Once the monsoon season starts in the month of June, it takes no break till the end of August. Torrential rain for almost 90 days! One can hear the roaring sound of the rain, see water drops; water flows and only water, water ~I roared and snored from everywhere. In the 2pm to 5pm everyday… temperature ranging between 14 - 16 degrees, I had no idea how to live an you are literally shiveringeffective life until I was 40. with trembling hands and Certainly I didn’t have any shaking knees. The office vision or a clear purpose for work is over by 1 pm and my life. The days were just there are no facilities in that routine. Life was mechanical town for socializing. If you and boring. I was living a were in such a situation, mediocre life, without what would you do after your challenges and concerns, office hours? but safe and secure. Earlier, I have no idea what you would have done in such

50 Years of Excellence

I used to worry about trivial things. I was a failure in almost everything I did and blamed all including God and my parents. In 2000, I attended a leadership program and realized the potential I had. It was a rebirth. Therefore, I am now just 14 years old, much younger to all of you present here. I am still learning certain things which you might have learned much earlier than me. The leadership program trained and transformed me to utilize each moment of my LIFE. Everyone wants to have a good day but many people have no idea how a good day looks like. People create success in their lives focusing on today. TODAY is the only time we have. It is too late for yesterday, as yesterday ended last night, and we can’t depend on TOMORROW, as it is


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Just for today By TM Abraham Joseph unknown. That’s why TODAY MATTERS - Today is PRESENT, it is here, it is NOW, and it is at this MOMENT, so each moment is a GIFT to us from the CREATOR. So let us live JUST FOR TODAY. When we take care of today, it will certainly take care of us tomorrow. For me, how a day looks like can be described in five golden principles. I wrote it and pasted it in front of my study table and I used to read it every day before going to bed and as soon as I got up early in the morning. It was titled, “JUST FOR TODAY”. Just for today…  Just for today, I will have the Attitude of Gratitude Thankful for being alive to see a new day, for all the good things the Master has bestowed upon us. For the job, health, family, friends and the freedom I enjoy.

Just for today, I will be Happy I will not get angry or worried . There are many reasons to worry or get upset in our day- today activities but still, I will be positive and Just for today, I will be happy. develop myself to be better than yesterday. Just for today, I will do my I will improve myself on a work sincerely to the best of regular basis: update and my abilities. upgrade on a daily basis. It is the work that we do that gives us food, shelter and all As I practiced it regularly, comforts of life. I will give my within a short period of time, best to the stakeholders. I I was a transformed person. love what I am doing. That My beloved were surprised has kept me giving the to see a new person in me. required energy to carry out The development was the work. unimaginable. Things hitherto appeared difficult were solved with much ease and comfort.

Just for today I will love, respect and honour every living being Every living being expects to be loved, respected and honored irrespective of it’s background or financial status. All living beings have the freedom to live like me.

50 Years of Excellence

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Guests “Living just for today by practicing these five principles gave meaning to my life. I would have taken the easy way but I realized that unless I gave it a try, I would never know the benefit of it. “Live just for today, only just for today, for every day of your life and you will feel united with the Creator”


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Helping Hands: Icebreaker By TM Mohamed Farhan

TM Mohamed Farhan Grand Trunk Road, also known as GT road, one of the longest in India, passes through the industrial city of Kanpur where I come from. There happens to be a village on this road on the way to the first factory I joined as a trainee engineer after my graduation. Whenever I passed through in the morning, the factory timing coincided with a lame boy struggling to go to school with his bag on his shoulder and I, a man on a moped (small version of motorcycle), used to give him a lift to his school and then carry on to the factory. When I purchased a new Mazda CX5, 2014 model this month, I could certainly remember the boy’s eyes and the way he used to thank me. The reward might be the prayers of that boy.

Master of ceremony, fellow toastmasters, the topic of my Icebreaker is “helping hands”, because this is the way I see life, this is the way I have been brought up and this is the way I look forward to living my life; that is to live for others.

started earning and took all the responsibilities of the family willingly on his shoulder. My brother happily supported me during my engineering course and during the first year, I still remember how he would get 500 bucks for his internship and send me 450 for my monthly expenses. “Big Brother with a big heart”.

We are three brothers and one sister. I am the second born. By God’s grace, my parents are still alive and healthy and I dedicate all I have to my credit to them. My father used to be an artist and he carried only one principle in life; that he never lied. If he tried, the words would not come out of his mouth and we would say “Please Dad, you can’t and you shouldn’t”. This principle rewarded him little in his active life but as the saying goes “all’s well that ends well”. He retired at the age of 50 when my older brother

50 Years of Excellence

I am blessed with a beautiful family. I have 2 sons and a daughter and a very loving wife. I repeat, I have a loving wife (she told me she wants to see the video of my ice breaker as she knows I can’t speak in front of her). Jokes aside, I feel lucky that she has given me a very happy and wonderful family and most importantly, a beautiful home.


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Helping Hands By TM Mohamed Farhan My professional life is a combination of thrill and experience. I started with production engineering then moved on to a teaching profession and finally, I am in a consultancy company, GEMAC, as a senior mechanical engineer.

The moments that I CHERISH are the moments which I spend here as a technical teacher in Sheikh Abdulla technical school. Those who are in a teaching profession must be appreciating my courage for teaching the teenagers in Bahrain but this is the fact. At one point in time, I was very nervous and was thinking of quitting then one of my Bahraini colleagues Mr. Ali Isa asked me, “Mohammad why do you look so worried?” I told him, “Mr. Ali, students are not at all

interested in learning and I feel my efforts are wasted”. He said to me, “Don’t be nervous about the 90% who don’t want to learn but concentrate on the 10% who want to learn and excel and help them in achieving what they want to achieve”. This gave me new wisdom, a new way of looking at life. From then onwards, I could do much better in my techno academic career.

I am also privileged to be the president of the Alumni association of my university which has about 200 members and we run many programs for the benefit of the society one of which is the blood donation camp that we organized in January this year for the first time. This was widely appreciated by the Indian embassy and Bahraini counterparts.

50 Years of Excellence

Life has been kind to me most of the time and I am thankful to God for that. Whether it’s getting a scholarship at the national level or getting admission in engineering at the right time or getting selected in Bahrain at the ministry of education without having a valid passport, these are the moments that keep on reminding me that if you keep helping others, nature will reciprocate in the same manner and life will smile on you passionately. I will be successful in my efforts if one of us extends a helping hand to at least one under-privileged person to help them change their lives.

I will conclude my speech with a quote by Mr. Norman B Rice (CEO OF SEATTLE FOUNDATION)

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light”.


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

How determination led to my success What is determination? To me, determination means always striving for the better. No matter what it is I am doing, it has to be 100% no matter how hard the path might be. No one starts out on top, or at least, that’s the way it works for most of us. Starting from scratch is never an easy journey but the key is to first have a goal. When a goal is set in place, determination follows automatically. A solid goal By Khalid Al Quod keeps you on track and prevents you from giving up along the way. There are four key traits of determination that will eventually lead to growth and achievement, and they are as follows: 1. Focus: Being determined to reach my goals has allowed me to focus on everything I do towards its achievement. 2. Persistence: Determination has helped me overcome all the hurdles and downfalls I encountered on the way. This has pushed me to try over and over again, while learning from mistakes. 3. Optimism: Being determined enabled me to enforce a positive outlook in life. Envisioning your goal at the end of the tunnel transforms that gray murky tunnel into a super fun water slide, eventually turning that hard difficult climb into a fun and challenging ride. 4. Success: Whatever your goal is, all it takes is for you to believe that you will achieve that goal. So if it means you have to work 18 hours a day to eventually get where you want, so be it. Nothing is permanent; hard work will eventually change into success.

TM Khalid Al Quod was District 20 governor from 2011 to 2012 and is currently a member of Manama Toastmasters Club. 50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Message from our Librarian If you wish to speak more confidently and with authority, TED Talks is an online resource where you can learn, observe, analyse.

Watch talks that have been viewed by millions of people.

TM Claire Cosgrove

Now that the contest season is behind us - no time to stop. It’s . to shift gears. just time Let’s move forward and prepare ourselves for the future contests. Let us read more, listen more, research more, study more, practice more on THE ART OF COMMUNICATION. And what better place to start than by watching being engrossed in empowered by challenged by stimulated by

e.g. Sheryl Sandberg - Women in the workplace viewed by 4.4 million + e.g. Larry Smith - Failing to have a great career viewed by 2.7 million+ to name just two speakers.

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century.

7.1 million people cannot all be wrong that this is the place to click on to!!

So next time you have an idle moment, 18 minutes to spare

Some speakers only speak - no presentation - They speak to your head and to your heart.

click on

Some speakers use visually engaging slides and intriguing graphics. Some tell stories, others deliver mountains of data.

TED Talks

But all share ideas and they share with passion.

50 Years of Excellence

Ideas are the pathway to success. Ideas make the speaker.

Available in many many languages Available with transcripts in English Available with captions in different languages Available with all sorts of topics. Enjoy…


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Birthdays and Anniversaries Let us extend our warm birthday and anniversary wishes to all the members who celebrated their special days in May. To all the celebrants, we say; May you celebrate many more birthdays and anniversaries and may each of them bring you more joy than the last.

April 6th May; TM Mounther Noaman

11th May; TM Sheela Pai

19th May; TM Somaya al Jowder

24th May; TM Amina Al Hajeeri and TM Manal Al Matrook

30th May; TM Tosin Arowojolu

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Save the date! SAGM Meeting On 7th June 2014 Crowne Plaza Bahrain 7 – 9 pm

Poetry Corner Comfort Zone By Julie Herbert We all have a comfort zone, in which we all retreat. When times get tough, it's hard not to feel like you are beat. So when you feel this time approaching, and your comfort zone is in view, stop and think about what you're feeling, and see if what you’re feeling is true. It's good that we all have a spot, that makes us all feel good. But sometimes we may use that spot, when it's not necessary that we should. So next time you feel the need, to stay in your comfort zone, see if all you really need, is some confidence of your own.

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

A Bird’s Eye View – May 2014

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

How well do you know our members? members?

Take the challenge and WIN!! WIN !!

2 Fellow Toastmasters, The Challenge is back… We are yet to get a clear winner so here’s one last chance to see how well we know our members or how much our members have changed…




All you have to do is take a close look at the members on his page (yes. They are all members) then guess who they are. The member who gets all answers correct stands to win a lunch or dinner voucher for 2!! So Start guessing and win!!



The PR team would like to hear from you; What would you like to see in our newsletter? What activities and events would you like us to host? What are we doing well and what do we need to improve on? Those types of things…. Our objective is to make this term MEMORABLE and we are relying on your feedback. We would love to hear from you so what are you waiting for? Remember, “it takes a village to raise a child”.

50 Years of Excellence


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

History of Toastmasters Toastmasters International


International was started In the basement of a YMCA in Santa Ana California by The founder Dr. Ralph C. Smeldley in 1924. Working as a director of education, Dr. Ralph C. Smedley began to notice that the young patrons needed training in the art of public speaking and in presiding over meetings and hence a club was born. News of the club soon spread and other clubs were born in other countries. Today, Toastmasters Internaitional is found in 122 countries and it continues to strive in the 21st Century. Manama club.


Manama Toastmasters club was established in 1964. It was one of the first club to be established in the

Middle East and is registered under the ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (reg. no. 74/c/c). Our mission is to provide a mutually supportive and positive environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills which, in turn, foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Dr. Ralph C. Smedley

Our meetings are held every Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain. Guests are always welcome. Visit http://www.manamatoastmasters. org/ for more information or Like us on face book ma.toastmasters Contact VP-Membership TM Ammar Madan on +973 39153952 or VP-Public Relations TM Hannah Karanja on +973 39170832 Visit Toastmaster International on

50 Years of Excellence

Manama Toastmasters


Horizon – Manama Toastmasters Club

Our Executive Committee ; January – June 2014 SUB-COMMITTEES Education subcommittee:

President: TM Thuraya Juma

VP Education: TM May Abdulaziz

VP Membership: VP Public Relations: TM Ammar Madan Hannah Karanja

•TM Abdulrahman Al Awadhi • DTM Khalid Al Qoud • TM Somaya Al Jowder • TM Tanaji Omer

Membership subcommittee: •TM Maisa Al Sheikh

PR sub-committee: Sergeant-at-Arms: TM Amina Al Hajeri

Secretary: Treasurer: TM Monther Noaman. TM Laxman Singh

Librarian: TM Claire Cosgrove

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50 Years of Excellence

•TM Rashid Maymoon •TM Khalid Amin •TM Khalid Al Quod •TM Guraz Wankadia •TM Claire Cosgrove •TM Chris Noronha

Secretary subcommittee: •TM Khalid Amin

Sergeant at Arms sub-committee: • TM Tanaji Omar.

Treasurer subcommittee: • TM Chris Noronha


Horizon - May 2014  
Horizon - May 2014