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Jade McNamara


NEW YORK Chic, Stylish, Fashion Forward, and 100% Vegan Handbags designed by Sugandh Goel Agrawal

Spend a week in Kylie Jenners closet with Jade McNamara, Blogger

Brianna Wesson Designer, Fashion Model,  Owner of Lady of Influence




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Dua'aHani Batayaha

Amman Citadel

Among the Ruins

In this photo I am wearing a traditional Jordanian Thoub (dress). With a little touch of accessories to modernize and turn into a chic street wear. I added a leather belt to give an accentuated waist, and added these gorgeous metallic fuchsia T­strap block heel sandals from Little Mistress UK for a pop of color.  This is at Amman Citadel; an ancient historic site sitting on the highest hill in the heart of Amman. It offers the most priceless view during Sunset and is one of my happy places I like to go to.

Downtown Amman The Roman Theater


Urban Amman

Jordan Wadi Rum

Petra Petrova


Makeup & Hair by Prism Beauty Bar

By: Manahil Erkin

Peekabootique & Adventure Cuts




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Vegan, Cruelty Free Handbags

Gunas New York Article by: Manahil Erkin







Faces of Refugees By: Nimrah Riaz

Fall 2016 October

Lady of Influence



Created By: Brianna Wesson

photographer: Dashown Jacques C'hic Photography

C'hic Photography

C'hic Photography


Collection Brianna Wesson

C'hic Photography

Color and Grace


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Hair Styles By:

Cazzline Braids

On "Living MY A M E R I C A N dream‌ Musings of an eccentric, multi-ethnic concoction�

By: Marium Erkin

Aisha Khan

I live for beauty and makeup! It's a big part of my life and I love it. I started doing makeup from the age of 16. Since then, my makeup routine has completely evolved. I used to believe that more is less. Lots of foundation, heavy contour, heavy liner, which made me look like I was in my 20s rather than just 17. I used to think there was beauty in clogging your skin up with heavy makeup. It took me a few years to perfect my current regimen. I'd love to share a few tips with you guys I've learned from my experience. 1. You are naturally FLAWLESS! Makeup is not something you HAVE to do in order to leave the house. If you like doing it, all the power to you, and if you don't,

that's perfectly fine as well. You don't always need to support a contoured cheek and winged liner, let your skin breathe sometimes. Be comfortable in your skin. 2. Blend, blend, blend! Learn from my mistakes girls, and blend that contour! Make sure there are no harsh lines on your face. After finishing your makeup, go over your face with a clean blending brush and translucent powder to really give you a flawless, line-free finish.

long way, so keep blending and adding product until you reach the glow you want. 4. Always set your foundation with a powder. It makes sure your foundation doesn't slide around your face or crease. A translucent powder works best for locking your foundation in place without adding extra coverage. 5. And remember, it's just makeup!! It washes off at the end of the day, so just have fun with it!

3. Don't forget to highlight your Instagram: aisha95khan cheekbone, down the center of your nose, forehead, and cupid's bow for a sunkissed glow. You don't have to go and purchase an expensive highlighter, a shimmery eyeshadow does the job just as well. A little goes a . pg. 61

Kel ly an d A l ex

L i vely


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How did you st ar t : We had always talked about wanting to start a blog together but never actually did. We wanted a new challenge and a new learning experience. People don't realize how much time and work is put into maintaining and growing a blog. Creating interesting content and engaging with our audience forces us to grow and learn every day which is something we really enjoy. The moment we really decided it was finally time to start our blog was when Alex got cancer. We realized that life is way to short and you have to start somewhere. No one is going to motivate you but yourself!

Wh at in spir ed u s t o st ar t bloggin g? / How did you st ar t bloggin g? We were actually inspired by other bloggers. We loved reading their content and seeing their daily lifestyle and fashion posts. We knew we had a passion for fashion and after a while we decided to pursue this new venture. We always loved talking to our friends about where they got their outfits from or the stories behind each outfit. It was always a topic of conversation wherever we would go. So we sat down one afternoon and set up Livelycraze! It was such an exhilarating moment for both of us and now we love sharing our outfits everyday. Is f ash ion som et h in g you w an t t o pu r su e in t h e f u t u r e?

We both grew up together playing soccer, taking photography classes and most importantly taking fashion classes. We quickly realized our love for fashion right then and there. When we graduated college we both went into fashion jobs, Kelly working for a luxury shoe company and Alex working for a luxury boutique. Our love for fashion has only grown since high school and we love what we do right now. Eventually we would love to open something of our own and really make our dreams come true. Wh at ar e som e plan s f or you r blog? We just hit the year mark of our

blog, which is very exciting for us! Right now we really want to grow our audience and continue to create engaging content that we hope our readers will love. Also we?d love to start collaborating with some bigger names. Wh en did you f in d ou t you h ad can cer ? I (Alex) first found out I had cancer in April, after the 10th doctor visit. It was a very long journey. I kept going to the doctor saying I didn?t feel good, I couldn?t breath, I can't lay down, and no one could tell me what was wrong. My first primary doctor had told me it was my body changing, someone else said I had asthma and the best one had to be that I had acid reflex. I soon switched primary doctors and after visiting with him he decided to do an X-ray. The journey started after that X-ray. How did you bat t le it ? I battled cancer with high spirits. I didn?t want cancer to hold me back from living my life as a normal 23 year old (at that time). You never know how you?ll take to the treatments so

I never wanted to miss a beat. Of course there were days when I was a little sick or tired but any day I felt good I took advantage of. What inspired you to keep fighting? Honestly my support group. My friends were truly amazing. I felt like they cleared their schedule to be there with me and for me. I?m so grateful for all them. Also I tried to plan a lot of activities. Just because I was balder than a newborn baby and had a port in it really didn?t stop me to go out. I had to embrace my looks. Confident is much sexier than anything else. One activity I do suggest for patients that lose their hair is to do a henna party. I found a henna artist that came to my house for 4-5 hours and had all my friends come over to get henna tattoos. I got a henna crown on my head, it was so much fun!

L i vely


Kelly & Alex

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Moda Chic Magazine Fall 2016  

Fall is about change, differences, and everything pumpkin. In this issue of Moda Chic Magazine we have brought nothing less than change, dif...

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