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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR By: Minahil Erkin Moda Chic Magazine is a magazine dedicated to break stereotypes and discrimination against one another. We believe that everyone has a story they want to be told. No matter what race, religion, size, gender, ethnicity, and culture, everyone is beautiful in their own way. There are seven billion people in the world, millions of cities, hundreds of cultures and countries, seven continents, and yet we all focus on what we define as beautiful rather than looking at true beauty itself. In this issue you will find different religions, different genders, ages, sizes, and overall different outlooks on life. Which I hope inspires all my readers to go out and look at the world around them with a new pair of eyes, and mindset. Thank you! -Minahil Erkin -Editor-in-Chief



Rachael MacGregor

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Nour Kaiss



"Our Market Place"

ith one push of a button we can view the tallest

mountain peeks, the deepest oceans, or my favorite, go shopping. However, in todays day and age to buy a cell phone and a cute outfit for dinner we have to go to two different websites, two different stores; or in some cases two different apps. On July


1,2016 an app that combines technology, fashion, home d cor, makeup, and so much more was launched by Nour Kaiss Soliman. Nour, a digital influencer/business woman, decided to create her app Souqina that caters the needs of every individual from businessmen and women, to makeup artists, fashion bloggers, and engineers. Nours’ Instagram account went viral after posting a few of her wedding photos that showcase her dress and veil for her friends and family. Seeing the rapid growth and comments Nour decided to post a few outfits and some daily activities to see where this opportunity can take her.From that point on her account grew more and more with every outfit, hijab, or quote that was posted. The idea to create Souqina came about after Nour saw the numerous questions regarding where she buys her outfits from? What companies? How much, and so forth. Within weeks of this realization Nour had drawn up a business plan and started to work on her current app.

Souqina in Arabic translates to

“our market place”

Before Souqina came to be Nour had launched a hijab

which defines the ultimate purpose of what the app

company called Ellevation. Ellevation is a company that sells

is meant for. When you walk into a clothing store

hijabs to Muslim women. Each hijab is named after a certain

do you expect to find technological devices such

quality that every woman should obtain in their daily lives

as cellphones as options to buy? No. What about a

such as

makeup store like Sephora; do you expect to see

“Fierce,” “Grace,” and my personal favorite “Sophisti-gray.” Not only are these hijabs fashion forward,

essentials for your home kitchen available for

but they are also constant reminders to women who wear

purchase? Of course not. Souqina on the other

them everywhere and everyday that they are so much more

hand is meant for more than just fashion, or just

than what society tells them.

makeup products. It is meant for everything and

To find out more about Nour, Souqina, and Ellevation please

anything from gorgeous handbags to living room

follow these accounts on Instagram listed below for more

lounge chairs. With one push of a button you can


buy the whole outfit, a new cellphone/computer, or even a book; it is all combined into one hence the name

“our market place.” In order to sell an item

on Souqina all you have to do is download the app, create your account, and start posting what you want to sell. It’s as simple as posting an Instagram

@nourka92 @souqina_app @elle.vation

photo except in this case it comes with an option to buy what you like.

Article written by: Minahil Erkin




Rachael Mac Gregor Photographer:Â Molly Gilmour

Agency: The Dream Team Modeling and Media Agency @myvioletdelights

Rachael Mac Gregor Photographer: Molly Gilmour @myvioletdelights

Agency: The Dream Team Modeling and Media Agency





usic by definition is a form of beauty that

is created by vocal or instrumental sounds in

demographic. The bands main genre of

order to express emotions. Whether the emotion

music is Metal/Metal Core. Instead of sticking

is happy, sad, angry, loving, or in todays day and

to just Metal Music, Versus Me has done

age, random; music is there to fulfill every need.

acoustic covers for Pop artists such as Justin

Versus Me, a band founded in Wisconsin are one

Bieber to reach out to all types of audiences.

of many that fulfill these needs.

Metallic Music to some is nothing more than heavy music, anger, and lots of screaming. At

Versus Me started a little over a year ago and already in such a short time have gone from

least that is the stereotype associated with Metal Music. Versus Me has/is determined to

playing for audiences of 4 to 16,000. Base

change that stereotype. Metal Music isn’t

guitarist Lee Milbrandt states that this year has

about anger, hatred, rebellion, or swearing; it

been one of the bands best. Not only were they

can be one of the best sources for positivity,

playing local shows they were also invited to play

love, and inner peace which their song

at high-end music festivals to broaden their

(A)Tension feat Craig Mabbitt has projected.




LAGUNA BEACH By Joyce Wright Photographs by Mark Halberg

Versus Me, according to Lee, keep their songs positive, without swear words, and try their best to impact the audience. There’s a lot behind Metal Music than one can imagine. Every note played by an instrument is balanced out with the vocals. If the note is heavy the vocal will be heavy, if the note is light the vocal will also be light keeping the songs in harmony. With every show they preform, big or small, Versus Me always give %110. This September the band will release their first CD. It has been a tough process to get this far, but it is all worth it says Lee, and soon they will be launching their CD along with a few music videos. The band plans to continue making music, working hard, and playing as many shows as they can in the future. To watch the band grow follow @leemilbrandt and @vsmeband on Instagram. Twitter accounts: @VSMEband and @Lee_Milbrandt Contact

Instagram: @leemilbrandt IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Twitter:Â @Lee_Milbrandt NOMADIC 24 |

Julia Rees @Thevelvetrunway

JULIA REES Instagram: Thevelvetrunway Blog: The Velvet Runway

Hi, I'm Julia, I'm an ‘over 40s’fashion, beauty, and travel blogger ; born in the UK, living in France, and travelling whenever and wherever I can. I’m also a personal stylist and I believe that the key rules are to wear what makes you happy. Don’t rush into following a new trend if it doesn’t work for you ! I’m really excited to becoming a regular contributor to Sparklers magazine and can’t wait to share all my styling tips with you. You can find more styling tips and beauty advice on my blog The Velvet Runway Also don't forget to check me out on Instagram, NOMADIC 24 Facebook and Twitter. |

Wardah Khalid



WARDAH KHALID By Minahil Erkin Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Wardah Khalid, founder of the blog (Young American Muslim) spreads knowledge of Islam and the Middle East by working as a Middle East Policy Analyst along with being an Advocate Speaker on the side. As a high school student Wardah has known that her passions included working for the government to help make the world a better place. Over time she completed her Masters Degree

from Columbia University in International Affairs, and has traveled to many countries of the world including Jordan. She has worked along with government officials, and the UN to help come up with the best solutions to solve Middle East conflicts. As an advocate speaker Wardah hopes to educate many NonMuslims, and Muslims about Islam. Islam is the second biggest religion in the world, and in todays day and age it is the most misunderstood by social media

influences. Wardah

journey” to come this far,

travels from state to state however that’s the beauty and city to city to many

of following your goals.

places, including college Wardah states that, “you campuses; to speak

never know unless you try.

about Islam and what it

It’s always going to be

means to be a Muslim.

scary when you want to

She has also

pursue something that’s

done workshops on

worth it.” She left her

media influences with

corporate job to follow her

Muslims and Non-

dream, and continues to

Muslims on how to get

work harder and harder

the stories across, and

everyday to make the

define their own

world a better place.

narratives’. Other

No matter what the

workshops include

obstacle may be do not

educating Muslim

miss out on the opportunity

communities on their

that stands infront of you.

rights as a Muslim in the After starting the Piece United States to help

Meal, and blog, and

better the situations they educating herself on the may face currently or in

world around her Wardah

the future. Wardah

Khalid has established

hopes to continue

herself not only as a

working with policies

Middle East Policy

such as, formulating

Analyst, but also as an

policy, foreign policy,

Advocate Speaker. To

and domestic policy

learn more about Wardah

related to civil rights and follow her on Instagram civil liberties of minority @wardah.kahlid, twitter communities including

@YAmericanMuslim, and

Muslim Americans.


It was not an easy path,

@wardah_khalid. Blog:

or as Wardah says, “a



BRUNCH OUTFIT: Loose fitted boyfriend jeans paired with T&M Design Shop graphic tee "Viva La Brunch" and Steve Madden leopard printed pumps; handbag is a neutral Tory Burch tote which is the perfect size for school and travel. Use code ANEWERKAT26 of 10% off the graphic tee

MY CHOICE: Lord & Taylor patterned, open back jumpsuit paired with statement earrings, beige felt fedora, and white wedges.

Kathleen Blehl



COACHELLA JADE MCNAMARA Coachella 2016 is kicking

Statement sunglasses are a

off the festival calendar

must have accessory. They

year.It sets the trends that

are an obvious must, for

dominate festival fashion

hours on end spent under the

worldwide. Coachella is

relentless sun. Festival goers

the hottest music festival,

have been seen wearing

but the only thing more

mirrored sunglasses in array

exciting than trekking out

of pastels shades.

to the desert to hear your

2. Effortless denim shorts

favourite artist, is the style. and tee combo Coachellas Celebrity cliques, flower

party last for three days, It is

crowns, denim cutoffs and

a marathon not a sprint. So it

impractical maxi dresses,

is important to organize each

how could you not be

outfit to get the most from

obsessed with Coachella

each style. Although less is

street style? All the usual

not more at Coachella - more

cool kids were out in force, is more. Cute denim cut offs with the likes of the Jenner are always a festival staple. sisters, Taylor Swift and of Paired with a simple tee, it course, the bohemian style

will give you the effortless

queen herself Vanessa

Kendal Jenner style. 3.Lace

Hudgens are all making

dresses & playsuits

Coachellas wall of fame.

Lace trend is here to stay.

leather, denim and plaid shirts

The one question you need

We continue to see

to add a fun twist to your outfit.

to ask yourself when

celebrities wear lace in every

choosing your outfits for

possible way. Whether it be a It is all about the head wear.

‘’If Vanessa

with casual silhouettes like

4. Flower crowns

floor length dress or a short

Flower crowns seem to be

Hudgens would wear it,

girly playsuit. I personally

getting bigger bolder and more

you should wear it too’’

love the boho luxe vibes that

colorful every year. Flower

5 essentials to rock the

lace creates. I love to wear

crowns styled with windswept

Coachella look:

lace as its romantic ultra

hair and bare feet just scream a

1.Fierce sunnies

feminine and classic. Try

free spirit. Vanessa Hudgens is

Coachella is

p. 19

Jade McNamara ‘’ Express yourself. Embrace fringe.Channel your inner hippie’’

not one to shy away from, over the top flower crowns, while Ariana Grande is known for her love of a more delicate style flower crowns. Both styles are Coachella approved. 5. Flash tattoos Flash tattoos Fun and easy way to add some sparkle to any festival outfit. Flash tattoos are an accessory in itself. They can also be a perfect alternative if you do not want to wear a lot of jewelry. They are quick and easy to use, applied like temporary tattoos- to your hands, feet, stomach and if you feeling more daring you can apply them to your face also. To create this sought after bohemian style, I choose this dreamy white lace playsuit with silver statement jewelry and tan wedges.

You can shop this playsuit at www.mycelebritycloset.co m They are an Irish online fashion forward store,That ship worldwide. I styled my hair with a pretty flower crown teamed with loose waves, to give me that effortless beachy trait. To finish this look I added some drama with colorfulface jewels to make my eyes pop! Bigbrowsmessyhair’s recommendations A spray tan, illuminating primer and eyelash extensions are great for festivals - as minimal makeup touch ups are then required. At festivals you can have fun with fashion and be more experimental. ‘’ p. 20

E for fashion


Tyler Fashion Week

E For Fashion Article by: Minahil erkin As stated by Project Runways Heidi Klum herself,

“in the fashion world

one day you’re in, and the next you’re out,” but when it comes to style that is what stays persistent. Fashion is more about style than it is about trends, according to

“E for

Fashions’” Elisabeth Ashley. Elisabeth and her sister, Rebekah Cummins, moved to East Texas from California two years ago. After moving to East Texas Elisabeth decided to create the blog

“E for

Fashion”; a blog that started off as showing looks that are manageable for moms, to a site where luxury fashion meets logic fashion. The purpose behind combining ‘highend’ brands with ‘low-end’ brands is simple:

“you can still be fashionable

without breaking the bank, or wearing just high-end clothing brands.” Many men and women today believe that in order to look luxurious you have to buy outfits from high-end brands and high-end

Elisabeth has also modeled for many hair companies, runway shows, and

brands only. E for Fashion

even released a couple of albums as a pop singer. On April 18, 2011

says otherwise

Elisabeth preformed as an opening for R&B singer Miguel. Currently,

Michael Kors shirt with regular jeans

Elisabeth and Rebekah are working on hosting one of East Texas’s first

bought from Marshalls.

fashion show featuring both ‘high-end,’ and ‘low-end’ brands in Tyler.

But before becoming fashion

Putting on a runway show isn’t easy, says Elisabeth, you have to come up

bloggers both Elisabeth and Rebekah

with a theme, find the brands, find the models, make connections, and then

were models for hair and runway

set the show. However, I myself was able to get an inside look into T.F.W

shows. Rebekah Cummins, currently

(Tyler Fashion Week) as a preview of what’s to come, and I have to say I

photographer/casting director for E

am highly impressed and cannot wait to see the show put on by Elisabeth

for Fashion, has modeled from

and Rebekah. The show dates are September 9-10. On the 9 there will be a

companies such as Paul Mitchell all

male fashion show along with networking, the 10th consists of a hair show

the way up to Redken, along with a

featuring Paul Mitchell, and on the 11th womens fashion, bridal fashion,

few runway shows.

brow and braid bar with possible henna tattooing.

…it’s okay to wear a



"Summer is Finally Here" Natasha Sheehan @glitterfulthoughts for you. There has been a certain after continuous struggles with hype going around, and I wasn’t finding the perfect tanning lotion I Summer is finally here! Whether to sure of it at first but when I

think I finally found the one. The

you’re going away for the

tried it I completely understood

Bellamianta tanning lotion and its

holidays or making a holiday at

why! What is this 'great primer'? the dream! It dries in 60 seconds

home, no matter what it will be a Nivea men post shave balm... so and develops in 2-4 hours. I good time! When I think of

you’re probably saying, excuse

usually sleep with it on so I get a

summer I think of bronzed

me? But trust me on this. Apply

deeper colour, but the best thing

glowing skin, long nights with

it with a sponge in light strokes

about this product is that when it’s

friends, and making memories

and give it time to dry in. Your

fading it does not go patchy or

that you won’t forget. I love

makeup will stick to it instead of flakey! I personally have never

playing around with makeup

melting away I promise you! It's experienced that with a tan before.

especially in the summer,

also great for nights out.

This is defiantly a current

however, I'm not one for bold


favourite and it comes in a mousse

pinks of anything, but do I love a I love using the Carli Byble

form as well.

good highlight, a bronzed

palette. If your going to buy any


contour, and big bright eyes.

palette buy this! It's an

When it comes to hair

Summer is definitely a good

eyeshadow & highlight palette,

long, and when there's heat in the

…my hair is

excuse for them both! Am I right and has the most gorgeous

air, it's not fun. I like to keep it up


colours for summer. Also it is

or out of my face. I usually sleep


very pigmented.

with it in a plait so it has a nice

Unfortunately, because the

Tanning Lotion:

wave by the next morning, but

weather is hot our makeup tends

Who doesn’t love to be tan

sometimes I will run the curler on

to slide right off our face in the

during summer and just in life? I it to add a little more texture to the

summer...the only solution is to

love tanning, and if you read

waviness. You can put this style

make sure you’re using a good

my blog you already know that,

up half up/half down, or leave it

primer, and do I have a good one however,

completely down.

Travel Diaries by Ayesha Erkin Turkey, Pakistan, Italy, and more

Rome, Italy What countries have you visited?

Out of all the countries you

What's the best part of

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany,

have visited which one is your


Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain,


My favorite part about travelling is

Switzerland, Holland, Turkey, France &

I love each of the countries I've

getting to experience different

a brief 30 minutes in Mexico.

visited. However, Turkey has

cultures, foods and lifestyles as

been a solid favorite for a

well as exploring the architecture


and urban fabric of each city.

What makes the countries you've

What countries do you plan on

visited unique? (Like what does each country have that makes it stand out)


visiting in the future?

It's hard to say, as any place you travel

Turkey is unique in the sense

Everywhere, hopefully! I haven't

to will be unique. Food, culture,

that it encompasses both

gotten a chance to visit South

weather, people... They all vary. This is

western and eastern culture.

America as yet so that's definitely

true to the states in the US as well.

My mother grew up in the west

on my radar. I would also love to

Every state I've been to has its own

& my father grew up in the

visit Uzbekistan, where my fathers

unique attributes.

east, so Turkey felt like home.

family is from originally.

How was your experience the first time you traveled on your own? It was great! I've moved countries several times growing up, so I thrive out of my comfort zone.

What advice do you have for first time travelers traveling on their own? My last year in college, I was a Peer Advisor for the Office of Study Abroad so I wrote a blog post on this:

http://studyabroadarkansas.blogspot.com/2015/02/scholars hips-how-to-live-affordably.html http://studyabroadarkansas.blogspot.com/2015/04/suprisetraveling-abroad-from.html There are several tips in there that I learned from my experiences abroad.

Istanbul, Turkey (right) Lahore, Pakistan (up)

Paris, France

Venice, Italy

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Paris, France

Moda Chic Magazine Editor-in-Chief: Minahil Erkin

Contact: Chartres Cathedral, France


Photograph: Ayesha Erkin


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