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Mobile Application Marketing Tools

Mobile Application Marketing Tools, Mobile Phone Website Builder Software Customers are increasingly mobile, creating a great demand for mobile application marketing tools. QR codes are increasingly popular as customers continue to look to companies that offer mobile access to products and services. According to an article in Bar Code News, QR code scans by unique users increased 197% from 2011 to 2012 (Bar Code News, 2013). This popularity necessitates innovation as the competition for customer loyalty increases. How can you gain an edge on your competitors in the mobile market? Spread the Word Social integration is a great mobile application marketing tool. With social networking, you can reach your loyal customers and enable them to share your business with friends and family. Linking to Facebook and Twitter from your mobile site allows customers to advertise your business for you. Text clubs are another good way to stay in sight of your customers. This allows businesses to send out specials and coupons on a regular basis, keeping their products and services on customers’ minds. Text clubs can be inexpensive and easy to maintain. They also net more business per ad, because they are sent only to customers who have joined the text club, ensuring that they are interested in the products and services offered. Mobile coupons offered by scanning a QR code are a great tactic. They are especially effective instore, placed near products that customers are already considering. Everyone loves a good deal, and customers are more likely to buy when offered a discount.

Keep It Simple and Useful Making the process as easy as possible promotes customer loyalty. Is your mobile site easy to use? A good mobile site will offer access to coupons and specials, contact information, and an option to send your full site to a desktop computer. Consider the potential benefit to your customers. Is the offer timely? Gift giving holidays are opportune times to offer coupons on products, because customers are already looking for great deals. Who is likely to scan your QR code? The most active age group scanning QR codes is the 2534 year old group (Bar Code News, 2013). Knowing your target audience goes a long way toward success in mobile marketing. Is the offer easy to redeem? Some customers prefer a printed coupon, while others prefer to use the offer from their mobile device. Offering options for coupon redemption increases the probability that customers will use your services, rather than your competitors’ services. Mobile marketing is a smart move for any business, but go into it with a plan. Customers appreciate a business that makes life simpler for them, and will spread the word to friends and family.

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Mobile application marketing tools  

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