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Why it is important to choose a Revenue Cycle Management Company?

Having coding experience in your specialty assures you that they understand your industry and helps to ensure your claims are processed accurately. Does the company provide a dedicated account manager? This is key as you build a relationship with your account manager and have a single point of contact. Does the company provide detailed reporting and set meetings to review the stats? The key to a smooth billing process is staying current and knowing exactly where you are all of the time. You should select a Revenue Cycle Management Company that offers a complete solution, meaning they offer end to end billing solutions, from eligibility to collections and everything in between.

A Revenue Cycle Management Company have a dedicated account representative that provides reports and also holds weekly meetings as to the progress. Although many said they were concerned in the beginning that they would have to let staff go they found they were able to move them into other areas of the practice which increased patient satisfaction. The increased income from higher collections covered the cost of the services being a win for all involved. With all of the great benefits it is easy to see why this new phenomenon is growing daily. As with any new endeavor make sure you vet the company you are looking at. Make sure they have the experience needed to provide for all of your billing needs. It is nice to see an industry shift have such positive outcomes for physicians.

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Why it is important to choose a Revenue Cycle Management Company?