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Members tell us that being part of MFA's network has helped them reduce operational expense, manage regulatory and tax risk, and even attract assets. The network, resources, and access MFA provides its Members are best-in-class.

EDUCATION & PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKING A real benefit to MFA Membership is what I call peer-to-peer best practice sharing. My legal team, as an example, always says that MFA helps us save valuable dollars that we would be spending on outside counsel work because they can just work with the other folks in MFA's legal or compliance forums, and ask them how they're treating an issue. - Michael S. Harris, MFA Chair and President of Campbell & Company, LP

MFA’s Legal and Compliance Conference, May 2017.




MFA Members often cite the power of the MFA network as a key benefit of Membership. In particular, smaller- to medium-sized firms tell us that they have been able to anticipate and prepare for business and operational issues well in advance as a result of insight they received from MFA forums. These forums are small, Members-only working groups that meet regularly at MFA’s New York office (with video conferencing available for Members outside of the New York-metro area). The events allow Members to take a deep dive on issues that might not be front-page news, but have a practical and operational impact on Member firms. MFA currently has more than a dozen individual forums, including those for Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Risk Officers and Chief Technology and Information Officers, among others.  In addition, each year, MFA holds five global conferences and more than 20 topical seminars on new rules and regulations affecting the industry. These events are often hosted with leading financial firms and service providers and attended by key policymakers. Collectively, all MFA events are designed to give Members the tools and information they need to thrive in an evolving marketplace and regulatory landscape. A central part of MFA’s network are allocators and investors, including many from an elite group of CIOs from public and corporate pension funds, university endowments and foundations. These leading investors are a mainstay at MFA conferences and events, and serve as an important sounding board for our Members on policies affecting our entire industry.

MFA’s COO Forum, October 2017.

Network 2017 Luncheon for 800+ attendees

The value proposition of MFA is a strong one. You get two very powerful tools to help you leverage your business goals: information and access. MFA gives you a network of peers and it gives you an educational platform that you can access across the entire breadth of your organization for professional development opportunities. - Bill Goodell, President and Chief Operating Officer, Partner Fund Management

MFA Members and staff at the U.S Capitol prior to meetings with policymakers, September 2017.

A single voice only carries so much weight – but when you put together the voice of an industry it gives us the ability to move the needle on issues that are in our collective interests. - Eric Burl, Head of Americas, Man Group

ON-THE-GROUND ADVOCACY MFA’s advocacy is dictated by our Members, who collectively develop MFA’s policy priorities through our robust committee process. Although MFA’s Membership base is comprised of large, medium and small firms, everyone’s voice is heard. MFA’s policy committees are Tax; Trading and Markets; Derivatives and Swaps; International Affairs; Investment Adviser; CTA, CPO and Futures; and Communications. With the guidance of the Membership, we work directly with policymakers and stakeholders in the U.S., U.K., EU and around the world to promote public policy that fosters fair, efficient and transparent capital markets. Because of our advocacy work, MFA staff and Members are in the room from the beginning – when policymakers  are writing laws and regulators are implementing them – giving our Association not only a working knowledge of the final result but insight as to why it got there. That unique perspective allows MFA to help Members with the vast implementation challenges impacting their businesses. Members also have a direct line to MFA staff for breaking analysis and insight into legislative and regulatory developments.

Chairman Jay Clayton discusses SEC regulatory priorities with Thomas L. Kempner, Jr., Executive Managing Member, Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP at MFA’s Outlook Conference, November 2017. NOMADIC | 24

MFA is the authoritative voice of the global alternative investment industry and its investors. Collectively, MFA Members manage more capital than any other hedge fund trade association. Our global network spans five continents and more than 9,000 industry professionals. For more information on becoming a Member, please contact MFA staff at 202-730-2600 or

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MFA Membership Pamphlet  
MFA Membership Pamphlet