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Why you feel (or don't feel) that racism and discrimination still exist in America.

Racism, wow. Only a fool would try to touch this subject without trying to understand the human psych at all. I didn’t refuse to jump the gun and say I understand in anyway why people are racist, but they are. I am 27 years old and living in a white, black, Hispanic, Asians up the street neighborhood, I figured out at a young age that human beings are animals with the instincts as all the other animal species on earth. I figured out that it doesn’t take a hard nosed psychologist to understand that human beings tend to take with them what the learn from the environment in which they are brought up in. take black people and the police for instance. Not all black people including myself hate the police, why? Because I have never in my lifetime dealt with a police officer that didn’t confront me(not that it wont ever change) with a valid reason and allowed me a chance to defend myself and respected the opinion. But I do understand that in a lot of California, where I am from, that hard on police and minorities, racism plays a big role against police and minorities. Black and white in the inner is only a problem because society made it a problem. I know from growing up in the inner city that the governments when hiring police officers never take the time to integrate the police with officers that can relate to the people in which they are protecting. I strongly believe that if you get police officers that understand the moods and characteristics of certain cultures, its easy to allow a man to be angry and still be able to hear him out without jumping to wrong conclusions. Cops are hated because they don’t understand the environment and the people living in those environments. Racism doesn’t exist in the inner city between black and Hispanics, because in my opinion and it has taken awhile, I believe they now understand each other and appreciate their differences and culture. Hip hop I know strongly impacted that relationship a lot, and it does help that we both struggle and survive, and flourish together, because now we both can feel each others pain in everyway. Now as for the rest of the cultures outside blacks and Hispanics, all I can say is mingle, broaden you cultural horizons, and stop hating before understanding, because with war and religion being a belief of hate now, the only thing we will have in our future is each other. Human no doubt have made this world a better or for worse world, and all the other animals that occupy the earth with us understand that hey we need to find a way to function around that, and they have. I have always believed there are no stupid animal kingdoms out there, just different ways we all go about living our lives. Black, white, or other, just different climates, color, language, culture, that’s all. In the end we are all here for one common goal, to survive, and flourish before we die.

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