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Why you feel (or don't feel) that cigarettes and tobacco-based products should be legal. First off everyone knows the seriousness of cigarettes and tobacco so I won’t even go into statistics and all that to prove a point on why it should be illegal to have them made and used. It’s crazy that a gun can kill a man, but only if you pull the trigger. A car can kill you or run you over but only if you are near a moving vehicle. A knife can cut you, but only if you have it or someone else physically tries to. Cigarette smoke can kill and you not even know it. Second hand smoke can kill you if someone walks into a coffee shop, smokes, and leaves with the smoke residue flowing over head when you come in. not only that, I hate with a passion cigarettes because it has consumed my families lives and my young cousins lives. They tragically taken the lives of all my grandmothers, and is now threatening the life of my favorite auntie, and I am angry about that. Of course life and the American economy will not allow for the illegalization of tobacco and cigarettes because like cocaine it contributes the economy cold heartily. Let’s be real about this, drugs are allowed in every form, and we all have use cocaine at on time or another in our lives and never really knew it. When you to the dentist, they use a form of cocaine to numb your gums so you won’t feel your teeth being pulled, so yes drugs are for real here to stay. Tobacco is a billion dollar and so on and so on business that will not stop anytime soon. I want cigarettes to be illegal, but why bother getting mad about something that is inevitable to stay. Come on now, the government sued the tobacco companies and won billions, and they made those billions back by raising cigarettes prices because they knew life couldn’t go on without these little sticks if you are already on them. It’s ridiculous how the same people who fight to change laws are the same ones who go home and spark up a cigarettes in the name of habit. They always fight the laws at the lower level so it never affects the way they live their own lives. Like drugs in the inner city, give me a break, how can you not fight something you started, you orchestrated, you provided and you pushed into the inner cities. The answer is I wont fight it, I will instead make even more profit off the government by sweeping away the little man, and allow the government to see we are combating a crime, when in reality its combating a starving problem you started in the first place, as a result, people began to scramble and be killed, money was made and no taxes being paid, and now we have a problem. Cigarettes will never become a real problem until someone in power is affected by this growing cancer by cigarettes problem. Then it has to wide spread over people in power for notable change can ever take place. Lastly, and this is something I feel very strongly about always, cigarettes are illegal anyway, the human body hasn’t ever accepted the cigarette, and because it is killing people everyday, that makes it and those who make it murderers, which in turn is an illegal act, right!

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