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Production Design

Guide: Pritharshv Pushkar


Brief We were to choose a musical and create a set for it’s theatrical adaptation. The musical we chose was ‘The Princess and the Frog’.

The Poster for the Play

Theme of the Play

The play is set in New Orleans in the mid 1920’s. Our approach was to keep it realistic as our audience would comprise of adults as well as children (most of whom would have seen the movie).

Our Approach We started off by studying the script. The story could be divided into 9 spaces that it could take place in. After plotting the narrative, we figured out the sequence in which the sets would be needed.

Charlottes room Tiana’s Place Tiana’s Home Cafe Street Bayou Mama Odie’s Shadow Man Ship

Next, we studied each character. This enabled us to add the personalities of the character in spaces that were associated with it. Eg. Charlottes room depended completely on what she was like‌ girly, pampered and rich!


Tiana •Practical •Extremely hardworking and focused on her ambition in life •Good cook. Works two jobs as a waitress to save up money for her dream restaurant. •Is used to working for things and doesn’t believe in shortcuts •Doesn’t believe in wishes and fairytales but resorts to them when nothing else seems to work •Can’t dance. Never goes out with friends •Is polite and loved by all her customers but is sarcastic towards Naveen due to his lack of seriousness •Realises that her wants and her needs are two different things at the end of the movie

Naveen •The prince of Maldonia •Is happy-go-lucky and looks for the easy way out all the time •Loves Jazz music and singing and dancing •Is used to having everything done for him and has never worked •Has been cut off by his parents due to his irresponsible behavior •Flirts a lot and is mobbed by pretty women •Doesn’t want to “settle down” •Wants an extravagant lifestyle •Is ready to do anything to make Tiana happy once he falls for her

Charlotte •Loves fairytales •Has a dream to be a princess and would do anything for it •Is completely spoilt by her father •Always has her way in everything •Is good at heart and can make her dreams wait for her friend

Dr. Facilier a.k.a. Shadowman •Everybody refers to him as the “shadowman” •Mean, Plotting, Schemeing, Evil witch doctor •Practices voo doo and tarot •Has friends on “the other side” •Has wicked shadows obeying him •His own shadow is independent of his body •Can’t perform magic on himself •Is already indebted to the spirit world •Observes the situation and keeps twisting it according to his will

Louis •Looks scary, but is very timid •Loves jazz music and plays the trumpet •Wants to be human and play with the “big boys” •Will forget his fears and will stand up for his friends in emergencies •Is a foodie and relishes Tiana’s food

Raymond •Everybody calls him Ray •Born and bred in the Bayou, with a large family •Has a funny accent •Is in love with the evening star and calls her Evangeline. Is very possessive about her •Courageous when it comes to rescuing friends

Mamma Odie •Blind old woman •Has a pet snake named Juju •Is a good witch doctor •Lives in a tree boat overlooking the bayou •Friendly and helpful. Knows Ray’s family •Is very wise •Fond of Gumbo. Cooks it in a bathtub •Makes people realize that what they want and what they need are two different things and guides them how to get what they need.

Eudora •Tiana’s mother •Is a seamstress by profession •Is a good advisor •Supports Tiana

Lawrence •Prince Naveen’s assistant •Wishes to be rich •Has been walked over by his mother, sister, brother and Naveen. •He isn’t fond of Naveen •Gets influenced by the shadowman easily

Mr. La Bouff •Charlotte’s father •Is a rich, famous and popular business man •Will do anything for his daughter •Voted ‘King of the Mardi Gras Parade’ for the third time in the row


• • •

Streets of New Orleans

Had to have exposed brick wall buildings in the background with wrought iron grills and potted leafy plants hanging from them. Musicians playing jazz music standing around At the time of the mardi gras festival so everything must be decorated Lamp posts for fire in the evenings. Hung both from posts on the road and on the building walls

• • •

• •

Charlotte’s House

Has to look like a mansion. The typical characteristics of New Orleans must be incorporated in this. A study was done about the different residential areas in New Orleans and Charlotte’s house must look like part of the French Quarter area. Elaborately decorated pillars and wrought iron grills are a must. The whole house must seem like something out of a fairytale

• • •

Charlotte’s Room

Must be extremely girly and pink. Long curtains, chandeliers, are needed. Other items like furniture and pillows and other things lying around the room also to be girly. Like pink bed sheets and pillows, dressing tables, blinds on the windows, chairs Accessories must be there like soft toys, nail paint bottles, shoes

Ship • • • •

Wooden furniture and flooring Outdoor cafes Anchor, ropes, etc. Brightly lit in the evenings.

Cafe • • • • • • •

Outdoor, indoors too. Wooden and wrought iron furniture Sign boards Plants Shade above the outdoor seating Garden umbrellas Big glass windows

Mamma Odie’s • • • • • • • • • •

A boat in the tree. Coloured glass bottles. A bathtub Cane & wooden furniture. Herbs and spices hanging Clothes hanging Mirrors Pots and cauldrons Carpets A messy and dusty place which is unevenly lit. Some dark areas too.

Shadow Man’s Lair

• • • • • • • • •

Since the Shadow man is involved in dark magic his Lair will comprise of dark and evil objects. Candles Smoke Powders in jars Masks Tarot cards Voodoo dolls Wooden furniture Heavy drapes, maroon and purple Lighting that forms big shadows

The Bayou •

• • • • • • • •

The Bayou has to look scary, friendly, adventurous, mysterious, etc. at different times during the play. Muck, mud Water body Dark & foggy, mist Stones, pebbles Trees and swamps Creepers, moss Spider webs Butterflies, insects

Sugar Mill • • • • • • •

Dilapidated Dusty, Cobwebs Broken down, falling Scattered Creaky furniture Tools and equipment used in a sugar mill. Staircase connecting two levels

Tiana’s Place • • • • • • • • •

Grand, big Stylish, Sophisticated, Elegant, Graceful Waiters in suits Live Jazz Music Performance area Crystal chandelier Plants Entry doors for kitchen Two levels and a grand staircase connecting them

The final set that we detailed out was that of Tiana’s Place. The set is supposed to transform from an old dilapidated sugar mill into Tiana’s dream restaurant (Tiana’s Place) and back to the mill during a five minute song sequence. This set is to be made in accordance to the stage of the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre at N.C.P.A. (Mumbai)


The Set


Front Elevation

Materials Used Ply wood Wall paper Thermocol Acrylic Wood Cloth Plastic chairs Plastic plants Wooden Level Vinyl flooring

Thank you

Production Design  

a hypothetical project done by two group members. this is a set for a theatrical adaptation of the film, "the princess and the frog".

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