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International House Summer Session 2013 May 15 to August 16

To prepare for your arrival and make a smooth transition to the I-House community please do the following: Review our Frequently Asked Questions for useful information Review our recommendations on what to bring Join the I-House online community (login details to follow in a separate e-mail) Send a passport style photo of just you facing the camera in front of a solid color background via e-mail (.jpg format only please) to use for your membership ID card 9 Send verification of health insurance coverage via e-mail (pdf format only please)

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Important Note: All new resident members are required to register with the Admissions Office within two business days of arrival in order to receive an I. House membership card. The membership card allows entry into I. House, as well as the fitness center (upon authorization), computer lab and dining services credit. Please plan accordingly and set aside time to visit the Admissions Office within two business days of your arrival. The Admissions Office is open Monday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Tuesday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Room Reservations International House makes every effort to assign you to the room of your choice as indicated on the Room Preference Form, subject to current availability. Preference for I. House North apartment suites is given to those who are staying for the entire summer session. While we are not able to provide a specific room number or cost until your arrival as it is subject to change, please know that you have not been assigned a room whose price exceeds the maximum rate indicated on your application or does not match one of your indicated preferences. If you must change your arrival date, please contact the Admissions Office in writing at least four weeks prior to your original arrival date. Changes are subject to approval by the Admissions Office. If you will need to arrive after your original arrival date and request a change less than four weeks prior to your original arrival date, you will be responsible for charges beginning from the original arrival date.

500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:

Payment Information Payment of your fees may be made in U.S. dollars by traveler’s checks, cash, U.S. Money Order or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Bank or personal checks are also accepted, provided they are in U.S. dollars with funds drawn from a U.S. bank or affiliate. Please remember that it takes time for out-of-state checks to clear (up to 10 business days) once you have established an account in New York City. It is important to realize that you will not be able to rely on a new account to meet your initial expenses until your deposit(s) clear. Facilities and Amenities Your residential space • I. House rooms are furnished with a twin-size bed, dresser, bookcase, desk, lamp, telephone, and linens (sheets, blanket, pillow and a towel). • All I-House rooms have at least one window. • Telephone and voicemail service is available upon arrival with payment in full of the membership deposit, dining services credit, technology fee and room charges. • The walls of the rooms are not decorated. You may want to bring some items to suit your personal tastes or needs. Please be careful when attaching items to the walls, as you are responsible for leaving your room as it was found. • Upon arrival, you will find a room inventory sheet attached to your Resident Membership Agreement. Please complete it and return it to the Facilities Management Office. You will be responsible for lost or damaged items that you did not list on the inventory sheet. Dining Room • The dining room is open for resident members and their guests. • All residents pay a dining services fee to be used as a credit for purchases in the dining room. • Cooking is permitted only in apartments with kitchens and in the resident kitchen available for use by residents of I. House South (for a weekly or semester fee). Kitchenware for apartments in I. House North is not provided. • For reasons of fire safety, the use of hot pots, microwaves and other cooking/heating appliances in I. House resident rooms is forbidden by the NYC Fire Department. Programs and other facilities: — As a resident member of I. House you have access to the following facilities: • the Frohlich Fitness Center (brief training and authorization needed) • Davis Auditorium • the Frohlich Gymnasium • The Pub • music practice rooms (additional fee) • computer lab • laundry rooms 500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:

• resident kitchen (additional fee) • TV and floor lounges • Study Center — I. House offers a wide range of programs and activities. Summer activities consist of: • Various trips throughout New York City such as the opera in Central Park, Amateur Night at the Apollo, baseball games, various music festivals, street fairs, and other cultural events subject to scheduling, weather, availability and other factors. • Various trips around the tri-state area, such as canoeing in the Poconos and visiting the shores of Fire Island. • Different sporting clubs and tournaments are also offered. • Other planned activities include ballroom dancing, hiking, barbecues, ice cream socials, movie nights and much more. — Each resident member has a personal mailbox and access to the I. House mail room service that receives faxes, express mail, packages and other deliveries. — Entrances to I. House are monitored 24 hours a day. Members are issued a membership card for entry. All guests must be signed in and leave a form of photo ID at the entrance upon arrival. The ID will be returned when the guest leaves the building. Cancellations International House charges a cancellation fee that varies depending on when we receive written notification of your cancellation or shortened membership dates. If you do not arrive on the day you indicated on your application and have not notified us in advance, we will cancel your reservation and charge you the applicable cancellation fee (up to the entire amount of your room reservation payment). If you change your arrival date and arrive later than the date on which we have reserved a room for you, you will be charged for the room from the date on which the room was reserved. Please note: It is to your advantage to notify the Admissions Office in writing of a cancellation or shortened stay at the earliest possible date. Canceling your membership prior to arrival • 31 days or more prior to your scheduled arrival: Refund of $500 Room Reservation Payment. The $65 Application Fee is not refundable. • 14 to 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date: Cancellation fee of $250 (taken from your $500 Room Reservation Payment) in addition to the $65 Application Fee. • 13 days or less before your scheduled arrival date: The entire $500 Room Reservation Payment and the Application Fee are forfeited. The cancellation policy applies to all applicants regardless of the date of your application.

500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:

Shortening your membership after arrival If you shorten your membership dates after arrival, you are subject to the cancellation policy which states that you will be charged for either 1) 30 days beyond your departure or 2) until the end of your Resident Membership Agreement, whichever is less. If a newly arrived resident member occupies your room after your departure, a refund will be issued to you from the day the new resident member arrives through the end of the period for which you have paid. Resident Membership Agreement Below please find a copy of the Resident Membership Agreement which you will be asked to sign upon arrival. It, along with the current resident section of the website, contains the policies, procedures and responsibilities of resident membership at International House. Please read through it now to save time when you arrive. You do not need to sign this and return it now. We are providing it here for informational purposes only.


500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:

Resident Membership Agreement International House

RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP AND COMMUNITY LIFE AT INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Welcome to International House! Resident Members of International House are carefully selected by the Admissions Committee to create a diverse community of residents who are committed to the ideals of crosscultural exchange, friendship, tolerance and respect. The policies and procedures described in this Resident Membership Agreement and the International House website help ensure that this community will be safe and pleasant for the pursuit of the mission of International House. Community life is different than living independently--each Resident Member has duties and responsibilities to others in the community. Understanding and respect for community norms and practices, along with some degree of compromise in the face of individual desires, is required. As a Resident Member of this community, you are not a tenant and International House is not a landlord. You are a member of a community devoted to a mission. International House is a non-profit organization in which all Resident Members are substantially subsidized by philanthropic contributions to supplement Resident Fees. For the good of this community and its mission, you are responsible for abiding by the policies explained below. RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP PERIOD • •

Your Resident Membership was approved by the Admissions Committee for the period indicated above. You must formally register with the Admissions Office to receive your personal membership card. You are also required to formally depart from International House by 11 am at the end of this Agreement, returning your membership card to the Riverside Reception Desk. Your Resident Membership may be extended provided you maintain your eligibility, keep your Membership in good standing, and re-apply by the deadline listed on the International House website. Applications for readmission are subject to membership availability and review by the Admissions Committee.


You must maintain your eligibility for Resident Membership during the entire period of this Agreement. Eligibility is verified each semester with the Admissions Office at Registration. As a Resident Member, you must maintain valid medical insurance coverage and provide verification of your coverage to the Admissions office at Registration each semester. You may not permit the use of your residential space by anybody else. Additional qualified Resident Members are only permitted in studio and one-bedroom units, and only with approval in advance from the Admissions Committee. An Addendum to this Agreement pertaining to approved additional Resident Members must be signed by you. Additional Resident Members must meet the eligibility requirements specified by the Admissions Committee and abide by this Agreement and the Policies & Procedures section and related links of the International House website.

RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP FEES You are responsible for timely payment of the following membership fees unless a sponsoring institution has confirmed financial responsibility in writing to International House. Payment is due upon arrival or by a date specified by International House at the beginning of each semester. • • •

• •

The Resident Membership Fees for your assigned residential space. A non-refundable, non-transferable Dining Services Credit charged at $4.50 per day for the period of your Resident Membership, to be used toward purchases in the Dining Room only. A $800 ($200 for CUAH contract holders) refundable membership deposit to ensure fulfillment of your community responsibilities, including charges and fees due, the use and safe return of keys, telephone equipment, your membership card, furnishings, linens and other International House property. In the event of any violation of the terms of this Resident Membership Agreement, International House may retain all or any portion. A Technology Fee of $1.40 per day for the period of your Resident Membership, which provides for telecommunications services at International House and limited staff assistance to address system connectivity. Charges for all telephone calls and any other charges billed to your assigned phone number. 500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:

• •

Where applicable, additional fees as described on the Fees page of the International House website. Please note that resident membership fees are subject to change. Should you depart International House with an unpaid balance, I-House reserves the right to charge the amount of that balance to your credit card on record.


Upon arrival, you will be asked to inventory and assess the condition of your residential space and its furnishings on a form to be returned to the Facilities Management Office. At the end of this Agreement, or upon its termination, you must return your residential space to International House in the same condition as when you arrived. Following arrival, you are responsible for regular cleaning of your residential space, including the furnishings, appliances, fixtures and common areas of units in International House North. You must promptly notify the Facilities Management Office of any hazardous or other conditions in International House requiring repair or maintenance. To ensure the general comfort, safety, security, health or welfare of the community, you must remove and properly discard refuse regularly and maintain satisfactory sanitation, garbage disposal, and safety standards as determined by International House, and the Fire, Recycling and Housing Codes of the City of New York. You are not permitted to alter or make improvements to your assigned residential space in any way without prior written permission from International House. The following are prohibited: dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, electric stoves, water-filled furniture, garbage disposals and microwave ovens. Due to lack of storage space you are not permitted to remove furnishings or other International House property. Belongings left behind after departure will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by International House. Charges for the removal of abandoned or damaged property, lost keys or any conditions that were not reported will be charged to your membership deposit.

SOME IMPORTANT RESIDENT RESPONSIBILITIES Membership Cards: Upon arrival, you will receive an International House membership card. Membership cards are validated by the Admissions Office each semester at registration. Your membership card is personal to you and must not be given to anyone else. For your security, you are required to clearly show your International House membership card at the entrances of International House each time to gain entry. Guests: Resident Members are required to adhere to the guest policy, which is described in detail on the Policies & Procedures section and related links of the International House website. In signing in a guest, you accept responsibility for your guest(s). You must stay with your guest(s) at all times unless he/she has been registered as an overnight guest. • Adult supervision is required at all times for guests under the age of 12. Conduct: You are required to maintain standards of conduct that are consistent with the educational and cultural objectives of International House. These standards involve the following: respect for the rights of others, especially the right to undisturbed study time and rest, and the unacceptability of the use of physical force, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking and abusive or defamatory language to members of the community, including staff. You agree to abide by the International House Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy. • Noise that disturbs others is prohibited at all times. Quiet Hours are observed on all residential floors from 11:00 PM to 9:00AM. • Your residential space may be used for residential purposes only. Because of International House’s nonprofit status, no commercial or business activities can take place. Safety and Health: A series of important safety and health-related requirements such as smoking rules, fire safety requirements, health conditions and drug & alcohol policies for our community environment are covered in detail on the Policies & Procedures section and related links of the International House website. You must know them and abide by them.

INSPECTIONS For the comfort and safety of all members of our community, International House reserves the right to enter residential spaces for reasons of health, safety or in an emergency, for the purpose of insuring compliance with this Agreement, for inventory purposes and for making repairs. When possible, advance notice will be given. However, when personnel have reasonable belief that there exists a violation of International House regulations, local ordinances, federal or state laws and/or in the case of an emergency, they may enter residential spaces without prior notice.

500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:


CONSENT You grant International House irrevocable and unrestricted permission to publish without compensation, in any manner or medium, images of you, or in which you may be included, for International House’s publications and promotional materials- including newsletters, brochures, website and social media.

VIOLATIONS OF YOUR RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT Violations of this Agreement are reviewed by the Admissions Committee and the President of International House, as described on the Policies & Procedures section and related links of the International House website. Failure to abide by the terms of this Agreement may result in the termination or non-renewal of your Resident Membership or other restrictions on access to or use of International House facilities or services. Violations include: i) failure to carry out the responsibilities described in this Agreement; ii) failure to make payment of Resident Membership Fees when due; iii) failure to meet eligibility requirements; iv) assigning or permitting the use of your residential space to another person or persons; and v) creating conditions that do not meet the health, safety and security requirements described in this Agreement and the Policies & Procedures section and related links of the International House website. In the event that you violate the Resident Membership Agreement, International House may terminate your membership. International House will notify you and you must leave International House immediately upon receipt of notice. If you fail to leave, International House has the right, without further notice, to deny entry to the House and your assigned residential space; terminate use of facilities, phone service, or participation in programmatic activities; and exercise any and all other rights International House may have. Resident Members shall promptly reimburse International House for any costs and expenses of International House (including attorney’s fees) in exercising its rights and remedies.

CANCELLATION POLICY Resident Membership Agreements may be shortened or canceled by written notification to the Admissions Office and payment of the Cancellation Fee. You are responsible for the payment of any remaining balance of the Resident Membership Fees if you leave prior to the end of this Agreement. The Cancellation fee is the lesser of the Resident Membership Fees, either i) through the end of this Agreement, or ii) 30 additional days after the date of departure, or iii) through the date on which the residential space is occupied by a newly arrived Resident Member, whichever is sooner.


You and your family members and guests must comply with all International House rules and regulations as provided in this Agreement and the Policies & Procedures section and related links of the International House website, as well as all future rules and regulations International House may implement for itself, and all applicable laws. You indemnify and hold International House harmless from all costs or claims arising from or in connection with any losses, damages, or fines (including without limitation, reasonable legal expenses) resulting from participation by you or your guests, invitees, or family members.

WINDOW GUARDS 500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:

New York City law states that window guards must be installed in all windows where a child 10 years of age or younger is residing. You may also request window guards should you wish to have them. Please check below:

Children 10 years of age or younger live with me

No children 10 years of age or younger live with me

I would like to have window guards installed even though no children 10 years of age or younger live with


MINOR CHILDREN Please list below the name(s) and age(s) of all children under the age of 18 who will reside at any time with you during your resident membership at International House. Name: ________________________________

Age: ________________

Name: ________________________________

Age: ________________

Name: ________________________________

Age: ________________

You agree to provide adult supervision for the children listed above who are under the age of 12 at all times within International House. This means that children under the age of 12 cannot be left alone anywhere in International House.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT You acknowledge that upon signing this Resident Membership Agreement, you accept the terms and conditions, as well as the rules and regulations on the Policies & Procedures section and related links of the International House website which is part of this Agreement. ACCEPTED BY:

Signature of Resident Member


INTERNATIONAL HOUSE: 500 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10027 Phone: 212-316-8436 Fax: 212-316-1827 e-mail: Website:

Signature of Staff Member


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