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Transport, heavy lifting and salvage services


Versatile, professional maritime services

Mammoet Maritime is a versatile and professional maritime services provider. We specialize in heavy transport and lifting in coastal and inland waters. Mammoet Maritime combines a long experience with a full range of services, which makes the company unique in the world. We offer comprehensive customized solutions for maritime projects which require heavy lifting, transport, installation, routine maintenance, storage and transshipment, salvage, incident response and preventing environmental pollution.

Synergy benefits Mammoet Maritime is an independent subsidiary of Mammoet, the world leaders in heavy transport and lifting. Hence, you enjoy synergy benefits such as combined transport over land and water and access to Mammoet’s international network, resources, know-how and engineering. Mammoet Maritime forms part of Mammoet’s Marine division. This division includes sister companies who can support our maritime services with specialist skills in areas such as salvage, logistics, emergency response and environmental protection. In this way Mammoet Maritime offers a range of services which is unmatched in the maritime industry.


Rapid deployment, anywhere in Europe Mammoet Maritime operates in the coastal waters and inland waterways of Western Europe and on all major rivers and canals in Europe. Our unique reconďŹ gurable pontoons enable us to take even the heaviest equipment through locks and main waterways to job sites far inland. Our head ofďŹ ce and yard are located on the Nieuwe Waterweg in Schiedam, in the centre of the port of Rotterdam. Here we have our own storage and transshipment facilities at the Mammoet Heavy Lift Terminal. We can also use the Mammoet Heavy Lift Terminal in Terneuzen and the bases of our partners in the Netherlands and in other countries. You can contact Mammoet Maritime around the clock (24/7) and we can deploy our equipment immediately. This enables us to respond quickly to emergencies and other urgent projects.

Professional and experienced As a Mammoet Maritime customer you will benefit from our wealth of expertise in maritime operations. We have skilled personnel with a professional attitude who are familiar with all modern technology, and highly aware of their responsibilities and safety. Our operatives are seasoned maritime professionals with great experience of lifting and positioning large and heavy loads and pontoon ballasting. We also have all the required engineering skills in house and can arrange permits and liaise with the authorities to save you time.

Safety and quality Mammoet Maritime works efficiently and safely, following the clear guidelines of the Mammoet Safety, Health, Environment and Quality system (SHE-Q). This ensures the highest safety of personnel, cargo and equipment, as well as good workplace conditions, effective environmental protection and high quality work. Our modern fleet and wide range of specialist equipment allow us to work professionally and effectively, and we also have access to the equipment of other companies in our network.




All-round service in coastal waters and inland waterways

Wide range Mammoet Maritime’s key services include: • Heavy transport and lifting We transport heavy and bulky loads over water using pontoons, tugs, pusher tugs and multipurpose vessels. We can offer complete logistics packages, from factory to foundation, including transport over land, storage and transshipment and installation at the destination. Additionally, we provide a range of lifting services using our floating sheerlegs and crane pontoons. • Salvage Mammoet Maritime has built up an excellent reputation in the Netherlands and internationally in the field of recovering vessels and removing dangerous objects from coastal waters and inland waters. We can also transport such loads to their final destination and take all the measures required to prevent the release of pollution. • Civil engineering Mammoet Maritime offers customized solutions and comprehensive packages for civil engineering projects. We have a range of heavy lifting and transport equipment, as well as a variety of support equipment such as heavy lifting devices, supports, winches, jacks, skidding track and pumps. • Specialist services In addition to the above, Mammoet Maritime also provides the following specialist services: • Ro-Ro transport • positioning bridge decks using pontoons • transport, lowering and positioning immersed caissons, tunnel elements and other concrete structures


• installing pipes and cables, especially where they cross waterways • coastal tug services • heavy cargo transshipment • cargo storage at terminals • transporting and lifting ship and yacht hulls • installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines • maintenance of navigational markings • emergency response and environmental protection • diving, maintenance, demolition and installation operations • contract maintenance of civil works • demolition of bridges, jetties and offshore installations • wreck survey and removal • marine piling • ice breaking • floating equipment rental • auxiliary equipment rental

Equipment Mammoet Maritime has a modern fleet, which includes: • floating sheerlegs with lift capacities up to 300 tons • crane pontoons with fully slewing cranes • transport pontoons with capacities up to 2,200 tons • multipurpose pontoon • pusher tugs • coastal tugs • multipurpose vessels

Mammoet Maritime transports Jumbo Jet Mammoet Maritime transported one of the largest airliners ever, a Boeing 747, from Schiphol-Oost to National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome in Lelystad. We used three pontoons, three tugs and 18 axle lines of Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). The ďŹ rst part of the route was from Schiphol airport to the Nieuwe Meer lake, on the border of Amsterdam. Everything went perfectly, despite the complex logistics and the many bridges along the route. We then transported the Jumbo Jet across the IJ and some smaller lakes to Harderwijk.

200 years of maritime experience Mammoet Maritime has two centuries of maritime experience. Until 2009 the company was known as Bergings- en Transportmaatschappij BTS B.V. As an independent Mammoet subsidiary, BTS was a major operator in coastal and inland waters in Western Europe. BTS was created in 1985 by the merger of Bergings- en Transportmaatschappij Scheffer from the island of Urk and parts of the Gebr. Goedkoop shipping company in Amsterdam which already formed part of Mammoet. Goedkoop was one of the companies which founded Mammoet Transport in 1972. Goedkoop’s history goes back to 1807. In 1828 the shipping company started providing other maritime services for civil engineering projects, etc.


Solutions for a wide range of maritime challenges

Mammoet Maritime BV is a specialist in customized heavy lifting and transport solutions in coastal and inland waters. Mammoet Maritime offers a full range of services and where necessary we can work with our sister companies to provide you with comprehensive solutions for maritime projects. For more information, pleas visit

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Mammoet Maritime Mammoet Maritime BV is an independent subsidiary of Mammoet and forms part of the Marine division. Mammoet Marine specializes in heavy transport and lifting at sea, near the coast and on inland waterways. The other companies in the division: • Mammoet Salvage • Mammoet Heavy Lift Terminal • Mammoet Shipping • Lifting & Construct (50%).

Mammoet Mammoet is the world market leader in tailor-made multimodal solutions for heavy transport and lifting. Mammoet operates worldwide and serves the offshore, energy, petrochemical, civil and marine sectors. The company has a network of bases in numerous countries on all continents.






Mammoet Maritime Head office: Karel Doormanweg 47 3115 JD Schiedam The Netherlands

Postal address: P.O. Box 570 3100 AN Schiedam The Netherlands

Phone 24/7: +31 (0)10 2042 483 Fax: +31 (0)10 2042 653 E-mail:

Mammoet Heavy Lift Terminal Schiedam (NL)

For more details and contact information please visit our website Visit for more corporate information.

Transport, heavy lifting and salvage services


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