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Mammoet Australia

Worldwide specialists in heavy lifting and transport

Mammoet Australia

Mammoet Australia is part of the Mammoet Group, the worldwide specialists in heavy lifting and transport. We serve the oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore and mining sectors and have a large fleet of cranes, SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters) and conventional trailers for heavy and oversize loads. Mammoet Australia operates from six depots and offices throughout the country and has a strong emphasis on safety, health and the environment. We have access to the worldwide Mammoet fleet of heavy lifting and transport equipment and the specialised Engineering Department at the Mammoet head office in the Netherlands.

Mammoet - the Heavy Lifting and Transport Specialist Mammoet is the world’s leading tailor-made heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions specialist. Our core business is the transport, shipping, installation (including horizontal and vertical positioning) and removal of heavy or large objects, to and from any location, onshore and offshore. Mammoet’s activities are focused on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering projects, the power generation sector, offshore and marine projects. Our engineering skills, experience, thousands of highly skilled professionals and a vast fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, combined with high quality and safety standards, have made Mammoet a market leader, setting trends and records around the world.

Mammoet’s core activities: • Turnkey lifting and transport operations; • Engineering consultancy relating to module transport and placement; • Factory-to-foundation heavy lifting and multimodal transport projects; • Oversize transport studies and recommendations; • Equipment and manpower for maintenance shutdown services; • Maintenance lifting services and plant turnarounds; • Salvage and wreck removal of ships and offshore installations; • Operated and maintained hydraulic and crawler crane rental; • Lifting and rigging studies.


Safety - Always a Top Priority

Inventive and Innovative

Safety comes first in everything we do. Mammoet maintains a stringent, successful and highly respected Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Program (SHE-Q). It consists of standards that are always upheld for the safety of all the people and objects involved. This program is implemented throughout our organization, backed up by training and development programs, meetings, campaigns, safety pocket books, and is managed by dozens of safety officers all over the world. The safety officer’s focus is on safety and the impact of our activities on the environment, but it is not their responsibility alone: it is the main responsibility of everyone working at Mammoet.

Invention and innovation are in our blood, as every assignment is unique. Mammoet is passionate about devising new solutions. We employ a large number of in-house engineers, who assess and meet your needs and contribute their experience and expertise together with our other specialists. Engineering can be viewed as the brains of Mammoet, as the think-tank that solves the most exceptional and complex of technical problems, in each case on the basis of practicality. This unique cross-fertilization between theory and practice contributes to the effectiveness of our solutions and the optimum utilization of all the technical capabilities and equipment available.

The World’s Largest Fleet of Specialised Equipment

Factory to Foundation

Mammoet owns the world’s largest fleet of heavy lift cranes and specialized transport equipment. It consists exclusively of new, modern equipment. Mammoet has the appropriate solution for every challenge, however large or difficult, including the most powerful cranes in the world and a huge variety of specialized rolling, floating, jacking, lifting and sliding equipment. Mammoet can also offer you sophisticated systems developed inhouse for specialist applications, such as push-up, puller and ballast systems, a containerized winch system for nuclear installations and a deep-water recovery system for salvaging ships’ cargoes. Thanks to our global presence and innovative containerized concepts, all of this equipment can be deployed quickly for use anywhere in the world.

Nowadays, projects are not confined to lifting or transport alone. Total solutions are the order of the day. Thanks to its quality and versatility, Mammoet is renowned for its full service from factory to foundation. As main contractor for the total project chain, Mammoet can engineer, manage and execute all the necessary load-outs and load-ins, the transport by road, rail and water, and any lifting or positioning job required to deliver and place modules. We can take care of all the paperwork, logistics and subcontracting, and participate in multidisciplinary teams to secure overall planning and a smooth operation. As the client you will enjoy the benefit of less work, fewer worries, a shorter lead time and lower costs.

Investing in our People Global Service, Local Presence Mammoet has clients and projects in all parts of the world. To keep the lines of communication short and to stay abreast of the local markets, Mammoet has operating companies throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Global projects and global logistics are handled centrally from our home base in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Whenever possible, all aspects are handled locally. This structure enables us to act swiftly, effectively and costefficiently in your local market, while offering the benefit of a central knowledge and experience centre for more demanding aspects and projects.

Mammoet regards its employees as its main asset. Thousands of employees all over the world are constantly working to bring even the most demanding of assignments to a successful conclusion. They demonstrate an impressive flexibility, talent for improvisation, cooperative attitude, professionalism and dedication. Since the quality of our service stands or falls by the quality of our people, Mammoet is constantly investing in the development of their knowledge and skills, for instance through a global Training & Development Program (T&DP). It is one of the many ways in which Mammoet is seeking to be both the biggest and the best in its business.

Mammoet Australia and our Markets:

We serve the following markets: • Mining • Petrochemical • Offshore • Power • Crane hire


Mammoet have been at the forefront of a number of successful modular mine expansion projects in Australia. The advantages of modular construction are well recognised and modularised projects have become the preferred option for infrastructure development, especially in remote areas. Typically modules are transported to the nearest port by heavy lift ship or barge and then loaded onto hydraulic platform trailers for transport to the mine site. Once on site modules are installed with heavy lift cranes or SPMTs. Mammoet introduced SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters) to the Australian market in 2002. These transporters are highly manoeuvrable and can move large, heavy modules around congested sites, placing them accurately on foundations, and then driving away from under the structure. Mammoet not only takes responsibility for the heavy lifting and transport, but also for the route surveys, permits and liaison with the road authorities and other bodies. This forms part of our Factory to Foundation service. Through strategically located depots, Mammoet provide hydraulic telescopic cranes, supervisors, operators and riggers for maintenance shut-downs as well as also providing general crane services. All our services are provided with our usual thorough approach to safety and we ensure that our culture, standards and procedures are aligned with those of our clients.



Mammoet has had extensive experience with a number of LNG projects within Australia. These have made us the market leader in modular transport and the installation of large vessels and columns in brownfield and greenfield environments. Once again our safety culture is a perfect match for that of our customers in this safety-conscious industry.

Offshore and Marine

The Mammoet Group has extensive experience with site moves and load-outs of extremely heavy offshore structures, with weights exceeding 20,000 tonnes. Mammoet Australia benefits from this expertise. We recently started on the construction of a 1.7 kilometre long jetty for a large LNG project. This project called for a unique combination of shallow draught and high lifting capacity hence we installed one of our custom-designed ring cranes on a large barge.


Our services to the power industry include the installation of wind turbines and transporting and installing large transformers and turbines.

Equipment Hire

Mammoet Australia has a fleet of around 60 cranes available for hire. Our hydraulic telescopic cranes have capacities from 20 tonnes to 400 tonnes, while our fleet of crawler cranes ranges from 150 tonnes to 1,350 tonnes. All cranes are supported by an extensive range of rigging equipment including spreader bars, lifting beams, load spreading mats, support stools and other ancillary equipment. We have around 166 axle lines of SPMTs permanently based in Australia along with a wide range of conventional hydraulic platform trailers, supported by a fleet of heavy duty prime movers. For particularly large projects we draw on the resources of the Mammoet global fleet. All crane and transport activities are supported by our in-house engineering capability.


Mammoet Australia – the Company

After Mammoet had undertaken several projects in the country the Australian subsidiary was established in 2002. We now operate from six offices and depots and have over 100 personnel. Our emphasis on HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) has enabled us to quickly build an excellent reputation in the mining, oil and gas industries. The thorough preparation of our projects combined with an innovative approach mean that we can help customers complete their projects safely while being on time and on budget. We believe that this sets us apart from the competition. For complex and large scale projects we can draw on the diverse capabilities of the Global Engineering Department at Mammoet’s head office in the Netherlands.

380 kilometres through an ancient landscape

We transported 38 heavy, oversize modules from Port Hedland to an iron ore mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia, one of the world’s most ancient landscapes. We set up a base with a workshop for servicing the 144 axle lines of trailers and 9 prime movers. Due to the length of the modules we could only take two modules at a time down the Great Northern Highway. Our large team of traffic controllers minimized disruption to other traffic on the route. Each 380-kilometer trip took two days and four modules were delivered every week. On site we used 48 axle lines of SPMTs, which had to cope with inclines up to 8%, to transport the modules and then installed them using one of our cranes. The oversize transport of the modules took 13 weeks and was completed without incident.


LNG Jetty Project

Mammoet Australia is working on a new 1.7 kilometre long LNG tanker jetty for an LNG project off the coast of Western Australia. The heavy loads and the limited water depth called for a special lifting solution. Mammoet’s Engineering Department decided to install one of our custom-made PTC ring cranes on a 100 x 30 meter barge. The crane can slew (revolve) a full circle and handle loads up to 310 tonnes at 20 meters radius (53 tonnes at 60 meters) without ballasting the barge. This provides the flexibility needed for this project. In fixed jib mode (non-slewing) the unit can lift 1000 tonnes at 20 meters (316 tonnes at 70 meters). The crane and barge can operate in wind speeds up to 12.7 meters per second and a wave height of 1.8 meters. The PTC will be used for the alignment and placement of the caissons which form the jetty base. Given that the location is a class one nature reserve the barge and crane were subject to strict quarantine regulations and were required to be thoroughly cleaned. Fortunately Mammoet have built up extensive local knowledge regarding AQIS requirements in this area, having imported various types of used equipment for previous projects into Australia, in the past.

Mammoet’s One Way of Working

Mammoet is a large, international company with thousands of employees. We work on both large and small projects. Small projects are carried out with the same dedication and professionalism as large ones. Despite their different nationalities and backgrounds, all Mammoet employees operate as one team. All over the world our people apply the same high standards when it comes to quality and safety and the same values serve as a guide for their actions. Here too Mammoet is unique and leads the world. Mammoet devotes a great deal of time and energy to the promotion of our one way of working throughout the organization. We do this through our corporate SHE-Q policy, continuous training and development of all employees, clear work instructions, strict safety procedures and company-wide safety, health, environment and quality campaigns.

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Mammoet’s Objective: “To be the best full-service provider of engineered heavy lifting and multimodal transport in the global market – for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.”

Worldwide Leading Specialist in Heavy Lifting and Transport Mammoet is the world’s leading specialist in engineered heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions. Our business is the transport, shipping, placement (horizontal and vertical) and removal of heavy or large objects to and from any location, onshore or offshore. Mammoet’s activities are focused on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil projects, power sector, offshore industry and marine projects. Knowledge, experience, highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment combined with high quality and safety standards have made Mammoet a market leader who sets trends and records around the world.

Mammoet’s Core Activities: • Turnkey lifting and transport operations; • Factory-to-foundation heavy lifting and multimodal transport projects; • Maintenance lifting services and plant turnarounds; • Salvage and wreck removal of ships and offshore installations; • Mobile crane rental; • Trading in new and used equipment worldwide.







Mammoet is active in the following regions








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Perth: 6/5 Milford Street East Victoria Park WA 6101 Phone: (08) 9472 3515 Fax: (08) 9470 2513 Newman: 14 Wonmunna Road Newman WA 6753 Phone: (08) 9175 5488 Fax: (08) 9175 5499 Port Hedland: 14 Leehey Street WedgeďŹ eld WA 6721 Phone: (08) 9172 1788 Fax: (08) 9172 3199 Leonora: 51-52 Otterburn Street Leonora WA 6438 Phone: (08) 9037 6366 Fax: (08) 9037 6368 Brisbane: 7/1376 Lytton Road Hemmant WA 4174 Phone: (07) 3390 7369 Fax: (07) 3390 6352

Worldwide specialists in heavy lifting and transport

Mammoet Australia  

Mammoet Australia is part of the Mammoet Group, the worldwide specialists in heavy lifting and transport. We serve the oil and gas, petroche...

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