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The seed is a fertilized egg that develops beneath the earth’s surface. The earth’s soil provides nutrients and receives energy. This energy comes from both the sun and the planet’s core. In prehistoric times and antiquity, the planet Earth was associated with the characteristics of a ‘Mother’, a welcoming figure capable of generating numerous species. It was seen as the seed of life, the source of everything. Our Brazilian Indian ancestors named it ‘SY’, which in the ancient Tupi means Seed | Mother | Origin.

Nowadays, we use the earth in different fields of human knowledge and activity, for example to absorb energy from a ground wire. The adage “where do we come from, where are we going” refers metaphorically to birth and death. As per Lacan’s theory, human beings tend to create symbols in order to externalize their feelings. Who has not taken off their shoes to stand barefoot in the grass in hopes of recharging the energy of their body and soul?

Our collection offers the opportunity to reflect on how the living beings that inhabit this planet use the soil, beginning with plants. They use the earth as a womb. In the first instance there is the emptiness, the black hole of the unknown. The seeds are deposited in this womb to be germinated and sustained by the warmth of a ‘mother’. After their birth, we follow their growth lulled by the wind as a lullaby.

Some terrestrial animals make their homes by burrowing into the earth which, besides serving as a safe and untouchable refuge, also functions as a resting place where they feed and stay warm.

The objects in this collection immerse you in this maternal world by making you think and feel that you are part of the SY. Given the rapid speed at which the world moves today, we lack the time to take care of ourselves. As a result, we become increasingly egocentric

yellow gold

white gold

red gold

oxidated silver

polished silver

brushed silver

with each passing day, and we neglect to look after those with whom we cohabit this planet. We created the seed ring in order to inspire people to participate intimately in the germination of another living being, following its embryonic process step by step. Through this experience the individual forms a powerful bond while learning to care for the life of

3,5 X 3,5 X 3,0 cm

a being that he or she wears and carries.

As is the case with any living thing, the plant eventually outgrows its original habitat and must be transplanted into a larger environment. With this in mind, we created the “Vase Crib”, which allows for the continuation and further development of your emotional bond with your plant. The Vase Crib can be rocked back and forth by a passing breeze provided by nature, or by your touch as you accompany the plant’s continued growth.

35 X 35 X 32 cm Stainless Steel | Ceramics

When we speak of loving and caring for our neighbor, we understand that in order to love another, we must love ourselves. For this reason, we created the “Cradle Balance”, in order to feel a maternal caress as an important factor of this “SY”. The synthetic grass finish was selected by us, and can be changed according to the will of each sensorial wish.

2,10 x 2,10 x 0,40 m Carbon steel | Stainless Steel | Foam | Synthetic grass +55 21 3559 1082 Rua Teresa GuimarĂŁes, 35 Botafogo | Rio de Janeiro | RJ 22280-050

SY Catalogue - english  

Collection SY 2017 Mameluca Studio

SY Catalogue - english  

Collection SY 2017 Mameluca Studio