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mรณ-mirim series

“Our goal with Design is to tell stories, generating questions, emotions and discoveries through human senses. Contemporary design transcends basic survival needs and leads us to a poetic design of new information and experiences. “

We believe that Design transcends function, scale and materials. It is a constant exercise of imagination. And for that reason, re thinking our own objects, we created the series named Mó-Mirim, which in Tupi means “Turning to Small”. We perform a set of table objects where the perception of the object is altered from its scale, generating new functionalities to the same forms.

The Ambรณ shelf becomes an object of table organization.

8 x 8 x 40cm variรกveis

The Ambuรก bench is now the centerpiece object function to support things on the dining table.

Structures now store small objects in everyday use instead of a library and/or wine cellar.

The SY vessels are used for snacks and office tableware.

Symbiotics are animated objects with no defined function. +55 21 3559 1082 Rua Teresa GuimarĂŁes, 35 Botafogo | Rio de Janeiro | RJ 22280-050

Catálogo MóMirim - English  

Objects collection launched in 2017.

Catálogo MóMirim - English  

Objects collection launched in 2017.