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‘Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.’ - Robert L. Peters -


Language: English Location: Maastricht [The Netherlands] 1 semester abroad Duration: 2 years


Start Date: September 4th 2017 Schedule: 2 days on-site per week




MASTER INTERCULTURAL MEDIA AND INNOVATION semester 1 base artistic research insights and signature

semester 2 abroad

theory masterclasses practice


cultural exploration empathy and transfer

orientation masterclasses ethnographic research

research network inspiration festivals

ideation and creation innovation

skills training

semester 3 & 4 studio

ideation [co-]create validate artisticity signature thinking about design

business modeling and pr


design skills

expert skills


reflect and adjust

reflect and adjust

masterclasses practice, model pr

reflect and validate

? ? | viscom | cmd

master Intercultural Media and Innovation

validate realise

reflect and share


exhibition statement story startups studios


The world of today is connected, interdisciplinary, intercultural and always in transition.

To stay ahead, compete, innovate or be able to make solid statements about this changing world,

one needs to observe the world, its inhabitants, and the cultures they create. By confronting oneself with significantly different cultures and its stories, visual languages, innovations and ways of thinking, one is able to find unexpected ways of thinking and creating.

Ambitious, challenging, and demanding are just three words that describe Maastricht Academy of

Media Design and Technology. The academy targeted this programme towards students who want to deepen their knowledge and skills, but also want to further develop their personal and critical

innovation and entrepreneurial competencies. You are interested in innovation, cultures and would like to gain experience in the development and implementation of innovative projects in an organisation

or team. You are a doer who is keen to accept the challenge of designing and implementing a product that works. Alternatively, the program allows the student to determine independently their study path offered by network relationships, internships, exchange with partner schools in Japan, Korea,

South Africa, Los Angeles and New York, depending on their own interests and entrepreneurial mindset through start-ups.

key competences 1. Artistic Research

4. Business Modeling

2. Cultural Understanding and Empathy

5. Self reflection and awareness

3. Ideation and Innovation

6. Individual: expert skills

The sixth competence will be developed during the semester abroad, for example: Anime Manga,

Illustration [Kobe, Kyoto], Immersive Technology [Seoul], Fashion and Photography [Cape Town], Film

and Media [L.A.] and Art, Management and Curatorship [NY]. For every student a pre-assessment will be done for all six of the competencies and an individual road map will be made. Further, a personal learning objective will be set and accommodated.


student profile

The Master of Intercultural Media and Innovation is aimed at both designers and other professionals. Specifically, it satisfies the hunger of students and professionals who want to learn how to think differently, find opportunities, create a change in their own environment or department or be a successful creator or entrepreneur by seeing opportunities inspired by cultural influences.

• Critical and committed students with a broad frame of references. • [Self] reflective students who want to deepen and widen their knowledge in visual arts and entrepreneurship, an openness and curiosity to show other disciplines and cultures throughout the world. • Creative talents with their own identity and authenticity that depict society in an inspiring way.

master Intercultural Media and Innovation

entry requirements and admission

To enter, applicants must have a Bachelor Degree in Arts, Communication, Journalism,

Business or Science. If you want to make sure if you meet the requirements, do contact us. For admission, in the first round a letter of motivation is required in which you explain your intellectual, artistic, professional or personal reasons for wanting to pursue a degree in

Master of Intercultural Media and Innovation. Your letter should include your portfolio, cv, linkedin profile link, etc. For the second round there will be an interview [via Skype].

methods and facilities

Our staff consists of professionals of the industry, researchers, entrepreneurs, coaches and

administration. The programme method is a mix of lectures, discussion groups, workshops,

masterclasses, research projects, field trips, meetups and reflection sessions. Additional online

learning is provided via Telepresence, mainly for skills training. Each student is assigned a mentor for the duration of the master and will meet experts from the field to coach on the different competencies. When abroad, contact will be held by video conferencing and per e-mail with your mentor. All partner institutes offer access to lab facilities and studios in their area of expertise, on and off campus.


about the partner institutions Six international academies have teamed up to make this programme possible. By partnering

up, we can offer students a unique experience and give entrance to inspiring cultures in the

world and a great network within the creative

industries. The partners provide students with

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

a range of opportunities to support them in


professional development and personal journey.

research and life-long learning,

their artistic research, conceptual thinking,

Artistic research focuses on inter-action between people, cultures, domains and disciplines and

explores the possibilities of old and new media, materials, artifacts, technologies, spaces and

Providing the link between education, Zuyd offers a wide range of

programmes in disciplines such

as Arts, Technology, Business and Health Care.

events. Our mutual network surpasses mere

It’s Faculty of Arts Maastricht

studios, companies, non-commercial partners

city of Maastricht in the

educational partners and includes top of the bill and social communities.

is located at the medieval

South of The Netherlands,

at the very heart of Europe. Researching different

cultures is so much easier when Paris, Berlin and London

are only a couple of hours away. Smaller European gems of culture such as Liège or Cologne you will reach in no more than an hour. The city of Maastricht is full of Joie de Vivre, and has a large student population. The way of life and

international setting makes it an ideal place for visiting, living, working and studying.

tuition fee and other costs

This fee includes access to the programme in Maastricht and one semester abroad, a

studio environment and digital learning materials. It does not include travel or housing

expenses. Students participating from any of the partners institutions, pay their tuition fee ‘at home’ to gain access to our programme

Note: check your institution if any vouchers or discounts apply for you.

master Intercultural Media and Innovation

Kobe Design University

California State University [Los Angeles]

Working with people and the future international minds, this

In the heart of Los Angeles, this comprehensive

the fields of architecture, fine art, design, fashion, photography,

professional programs designed to encourage

university cultivates artists who have a comprehensive mind in computer graphics, film, manga and animation. The founding philosophy of Kobe Design University is training people who contribute to our society. The university’s mission is to foster

individuals who are considerate and well-mannered, have basic practical knowledge and who can think flexibly and who can live an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

university offers a broad range of liberal and

student excellence, achievement and well being.

The University is committed to providing students with a balanced and well-rounded educational

experience including co-curricular activities that contribute to personal enrichment, leadership development, and institutional pride.

Seoul Institute of the Arts

Fashion Institute of Technology [New York]

To cope with an era that is growing more digital and

An internationally recognissed college of art,

connects and incorporates education in media arts. In addition,

technology connected to the fashion industry with

multimedia based, the Department of Media circulates,

it provides a paradigm in the name of new art education and creation of artistic conflict in each genre beyond previous art forms and work types by maximising synergy effects. So the

objective is to foster professional artists in the global era who are incorporated, connected and cooperative in the fields of

computer, communications, news media, film and publishing.

business, design, mass communication and

an urban campus located in Chelsea Manhattan. Encouraging students to cross traditional

boundaries of both geography and disciplines and

striving to develop innovative design and strategic business solutions that will upend the status quo, create personal and professional opportunity, and have a lasting and sustainable global impact.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology This internationally acclaimed institution is the heart of

technology, education and innovation in Africa and offers

a wide range of courses in the Applied Sciences, Business,

Education and Social Sciences, Engineering, Informatics and Design as well as Health and Wellness Sciences. Each of the campuses in stunning locations across the Cape Peninsula,

boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities and our impressive

array of laboratories feature cutting-edge tools and technology.

You are required to pay the statutory tuition fee for every academic year that you are

enrolled as a student. This statutory tuition fee is set every year by the Dutch government. Check the information about the current amounts and regulations:

You may be entitled to student finance for this master programme.


Japan - Kobe Design University

Korea - Seoul Institute of the Arts

South Africa - Cape Peninsula University of Technology

California State University Los Angeles USA  Fashion Institute of Technology New York

Netherlands - Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

staff and more info

The coordinator of the Master programme is Dirk Reynders.

For more information contact us at Also, we’re always willing to schedule a meeting or Skype session.

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