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Validus Technologie s Validus Technologies develops tailor-made security strategies in cooperation with the customer, which resolve their issues and deliver additional ROI and competitive advantage through smart solutions. Validus’ smart supply chain security solutions combine security with tracking & tracing and marketing. Validus Technologies core production specialty is in research, development and production of optical security features based on patented in-house developed technology. Our services are in security strategy concept development, security consultancy and implementation support.

Validus Technologies is committed to guarantee the highest level of security, innovation and quality of its products and services. Validus Technologies is in the process of certifying as a security printer, which is a combination of the ISO 9001:2000 with the Security Management System (SMS) certiďŹ cate, available only to acknowledged security printers after screening.


Risk Analysis

Security Strategy


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Validus Security Label


Implementation Support

Smart Solution Exploitation


Brand protec tion Counterfeiting is not speciďŹ c to any industry. The World Customs Organization estimates 10% of world trade goods to be in counterfeited or pirated goods. The International Chamber of Commerce states that counterfeiting and piracy are growing exponentially in terms of volume, sophistication, range of goods, and countries affected – this has signiďŹ cant negative economic and social impact for governments, consumers and businesses. Companies, as well as enforcement agencies, are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences and problems of counterfeiting. Both in the EU and the USA governments and regulatory bodies are working towards heavier regulation which must enable the different parties in the global supply chain to authenticate real IP protected products and create heavier punishment for illegal activities. To counter the alarming trends in the counterfeiting business, companies need ensure that their trademarks and products are adequately protected by implementing anti-counterfeiting policies.

Interpol states that global counterfeit trade grows eight times faster than legal trade


Anti-counterfeiting policies need to be based on a security technology, which is cost-effective, compatible with the product supply chain, resistant and durable; the goal is full single item traceability and authentication.

Brand owners are increasingly under pressure to protect their goods against counterfeiting and piracy by authenticating & securing their goods on single item level. Especially those goods, which can potentially harm the public health.

This is best visible in the pharmaceutical market. Other markets with the same issues are tobacco, spirits, spare parts (airplanes, automotive), semi conductor goods, health products, cosmetics and food & drink products. Validus has done extensive research in these market segments to develop total supply chain security solutions, which are tailored to the speciďŹ c markets.


Validus Supply Chain Securit y In consultation with our customers Validus Technologies identifies specific security risks and requirements for the customers’ market, supply chain and featured products. Based on this analysis, we develop a unique tailor made security strategy. Our security strategies concentrate on combining multiple functionalities, which not only solve the identified risks and requirements, but add value through synergy with other fields of interest. The security element of our strategies answers needs which typically concentrate on authentication, liability, single item identification, tamper evidence and closed loop supply chain solutions (diversion, returns fraud). Other elements of our strategies can be tracking & tracing, consumer marketing and integration with IT/ERP systems. In combining the different elements in an innovative and smart way, synergy is attained and brand value can be maximized. Our specialty lies in delivering high end security, easy verification of authenticity and smart solution concept development. Our security solutions are constructed of four levels of security. This allows all stake-holders in the supply chain to test the authenticity of the product at a different level, where verification is done by methods and readers that are readily available in the supply chain. Various types of security labels can be created using the different features which can be produced by our technology. Different and additional security features allow for a swift response to counterfeiting by simply varying the effect(s). Validus Technologies continues to do research on new features to guarantee its’ customers that they will buy a long term solution instead of a single buy.


VA L I D U S 4 L E V E L S O F S E C U R I T Y




Biometric/ Variable data

The color of a print is angular dependent. When the print is tilted, the color of the feature shifts, showing a “rainbow effect”. The color of the feature and the colors seen under an angle can be differentiated, as well as being multi colored.

The overt print can be made invisible by using a special polar filter. We can also produce covert features (without the overt level), containing forensic and biometric characteristics.

The forensic level is achieved by traceable molecules within the Validus Security Label, which can only be detected through laboratory analysis. This can be done on a unique per client base, or even based on the DNA of the product.

Features at this level contain unique data, such as biometric information (e.g. fingerprint) or unique codes which are used for tracking and tracing, this is the actual graphical information the print contains.


Validus Securit y L abel The core of the supply chain security solution(s) which we deliver is the Validus Security Label. The Validus Security Label is developed through many years of extensive research.

Adhesive backing Layer Optional RFID Substrate Validus ink, 4 levels of security

The Validus label offers the following key properties:

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The Validus label offers security at four levels in one ink layer and is tamper evident; Our unique technology makes counterfeiting extremely difficult; Verification of the label can be done by all stake-holders in the supply chain with standard readers, no additional investments; Secured track & trace information, with single item level serialization possibilities, compliant with any (future) regulations; The Validus Label can be added with industry standard labeling techniques; Continuous research guarantees future developments of innovative security features.

Return on inve stment

Validus Supply Chain Security Solutions deliver ROI through the synergy of multiple functionalities, innovative technologies and cost effectiveness.

Brand protection, authentication, liability, tracking & tracing on single item level, consumer marketing and IT technologies form an interesting field of play, on which our smart supply chain solutions add brand value and generate ROI.

Return On Investment on our supply chain security solutions can be achieved through:

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Protection against liability issues Diversion control against parallel or grey import Protection against returns fraud Protection against recalls or rejections through easier recognition of authentic products. Brand protection against counterfeit products and brand damage Branding and differentiation through high end security and involving the end consumer through verification of security features Marketing opportunities through security check, e.g. the end consumer can check a unique code on the label and can be redirected to brand or action website Tamper evidence & premium look, which gives consumer trust in your product



Validus Security Solutions deliver ROI through the implementation of an innovative multifunctional supply chain security concept, where all stakeholders are involved to create the best possible solution for each of our customers.


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Brochure Validus. Validus Technologies is a security solution provider for both the document security and brand protection market.