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June 20, 2007 Volume 2

Websites and newsletter going through major improvements If

you do not want to receive the news of FSHS just respond with Unsubscribe in the Subject Line along with your class year. Feel free to share with anyone who would like to read this information. They are invited to register with me and I can send it directly to them. This document is a personal creation and is not an official statement by FSHS. Although I make every effort to verify the facts, mistakes can be made. Please advise me of any errors. I'll correct them in the next newsletter. Lifetime member to the FSHS Foundation, Inc.: Jennifer Brumage Tombaugh

FSHS Foundation, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the most recent Polar Bear contributors:

As the new websites go online, the old will be taken down; however, WFHSTV will be archived on the bigger and better Please send an email to to assure continuation of your subscription to this newsletter. If any glitches occur, you can always contact me at

LOOP PARK BENEFACTOR $250.00-$499.00 F. Dwight Lacy POLAR BEAR PATRON $100.00-$249.00 Mary Ann Sellers Triplett Jean Humason Henderson Friendly Furniture Galleries, Inc., Louis Spatafore owner John McDougal Larry Rexrode Friends of the Loop FRIENDS OF THE LOOP (YEARLY) $10.00-$99.00 Cecelia Gallucci Price Curtis Wasner

The will no longer accept correspondence. Please delete that address and insert the two above. All future newsletters will assure continuation of your subscription to this newsletter. The newsletter in a new format will also appear on the website. I will mail it as a pdf file so you will need to allow permission and download. A test mailing of the new and improved newsletter should appear in your mailbox in a few days. Remember you have to allow the receipt because it will have a new address. 1

Matt Delligatti Randal Kocsis Leah Earle Diana Munza Mary Jo Roman Pam Stalnaker Tina Shaw Tim McAteer Susan Dalton David Prickett, Jr. Cdr. F. G. Hiehle, USN. (Ret.) Elinor Johnson Garriques Ongun Taskin Jane Shutts Pinkerson John Plutro Patricia Stout Jack Rowe Bruce and Susan Rickards Stella B. Peck Lawrence Shoemaker

The site is sponsored by a generous donation from Bill Goodwin, class of 1964, in loving memory of his mother Helen M. Goodwin. A dedicated educator at FSHS, the 1963 Maple Leaves indicates that the West Virginia Wesleyan graduate enjoyed dancing, swimming and canoeing. She sponsored Junior Executives, cheerleaders, and majorettes that year. Over her tenure of a decade, Mrs. Goodwin, the girls' physical education teacher, served as choreographer for the Polar Bear majorettes assisting Director Ron Wood, choreographed the Junior Carnivals and other special theatrical events, and advised Spirit Club, G.A.A, junior class, and cheerleaders. Dear friends remember Helen M. Goodwin as a phenomenal lady and an extraordinary educator who championed the cause of equal opportunities for young women. Since she was much loved by all students, both boys and girls, her son's points of emphasis in supporting Fairmont Senior High School focused on areas that serve the entire student body as well as a facility that promotes wellness and sport such as East West Stadium and the adjoining pool.

Coming soon for all the news about your alma mater. will provide details about the organization founded in 1992 by Bill Furgason, principal emeritus, to provide scholarships and teacher grants to Polar Bears. Linda Orr Morgan, Ross Maruka, and Don Conley were all charter members and officers in the not for profit group. Virginia Davidson remains as the president, serving admirably in that capacity since the inception of the group.

David Prickett, Jr. is online and accepting donations for stadium improvements. In addition to the ability to financially support the revitalization of the stadium, visitors to the site can read the history of the facility as well as contributors and plans for additional improvements.

All four of the websites are sponsored by Bill Goodwin in memory of Helen M. Goodwin. I am grateful for Bill’s generous support. provides the design and tech support for the websites.

Happy Birthday, West Virginia--June 20, 2007


Reunion Tours available Planning a reunion this summer? I am happy to conduct a tour of the school for groups. Contact me at cjamos@fairmontseniorhighschoo or call my home at 304-3630777. I recently completed a DVD of highlights of the school. I have 15 minute and 30 minute looped versions, which I am happy to share with any group upon request.

the FSHS Foundation as the newest elected member of the Executive Board. His parents are John “Skeeter” class of 78 and Karen Maruka Delligatti, class of 77. Matt graduated from Fairmont Senior High School in 2004.

Military Salute Does anyone know who created the original sketch of the school and where it might be? The sketch in blue, sometimes black, appears on the taffeta on the left side of most diplomas.

Graduation Please bookmark for everything relating to FSHS athletics. This site has undergone improvements and has been online for two years.

Do you know where your diploma is? If you’d like to display it in your home or office for $100.00 in an attractive frame with a lovely art print of the school contact me to see a sample print. Shipping usually costs an additional $25.00 to properly pack, insure, and ship.

Eugene Weaver, retired viceprincipal of FSHS, will serve on the FSHS Foundation as will English teacher Toni Poling. She is still working at the school to finish the 100th edition of Maple Leaves. It’s a fabulous book. Contact me if you’re interested in ordering one. They are not printing any extras. Incidentally, Lindsay Weaver, granddaughter or Gene and Deanna Asterino Weaver served as editor of the milestone publication. Matt Delligatti is a senior at WVU and was recently elected to the Fairmont City Council. He joins 3

Cdr. F. G. Hiehle, USN. (Ret.) sent a letter and included many who served in the military. Please send name, rank, etc. to me for the honor to the service section of the new website. If you served we want to honor you. A picture in uniform would be greatly appreciated too. Just send a digital jpg to cjamos@fairmontseniorhighschoo

Polar Bear Flags for Sale The Polar Bear house flags that you've been seeing around town are available for sale from Cindy in the main office. The cost is $20. Summer school will be held again at FSHS and started on Monday, June 11. It will continue for six weeks so you can call to inquire at 367-2150.

FSHS Honored As One of 19 in the Nation as a Pacesetter School All three Marion high schools get SREB nod FSHS named as ‘Pacesetter School’ by the organization By Katie Wilson Times West Virginian FAIRMONT — All three Marion County high schools are receiving some well-deserved accolades. The county schools participate in the Southern Region Educational Board’s “High Schools That Work” program. This year, the SREB designated Fairmont Senior High a Pacesetter School. North Marion High and East Fairmont High received the Gold Improvement Award for improvements made from 2004 to 2006. Only five schools statewide received recognition from SREB, three of those are in Marion County. “We’ve only been involved in HSTW for four years,” said Linda Collins, HSTW coordinator for Marion County Schools. “This really is an honor.” Superintendent of Schools James Phares echoed Collins’ sentiments, noting the awards affirm the goals the high schools have been working toward. He said the SREB uses data and background information to prove the schools are “doing good things.” “This is not a popularity contest,” Phares said. “You must work to get it.” The awards will be received next

month at the yearly SREB conference in New Orleans, Phares said. Marion County will send about 70 staff members, including teams from each high school and middle school, to the conference, he said. Information from the SREB indicates the Pacesetter award is earned by schools that “have gone deep with the HSTW model.” Pacesetter Schools receive a banner and award certificate and are recommended to other schools as model HSTW schools. FSHS principal Chad Norman said the school is thrilled with the honor. “This puts Fairmont Senior in unique company,” Norman said. “The credit goes to teachers, students and our parents.” He noted the dedication of master teachers at the school to the HSTW principals is what sets FSHS apart. The Gold Improvement Award designates schools that have made significant improvement between 2004 and 2006. Phares indicated EFHS and NMHS earned this award because of each school’s ability to improve student performance. Read the rest of the story at earch/local_story_164010745.html

the Class of 1977, please have them email Twyla at

CLASS OF 1977: Twyla Cheslock Marra and other class members of hers are in the process of planning a 30th reunion for the Class of 1977. It will be July 28, 2007. If anyone wants information on the reunion or has any contact information for members of al_story_140232953.html Now for the insider information: I heard from a former student and current colleague about a month ago regarding the very exciting news. At the time Nathy Lee


I’m looking forward to giving tours of the school to 1957 on August 11, 2007, 1977 on July 28, 2007, and 1987 on August 11, 2007. Maple Leaves Project: I have 10 volunteers; I need 100 volunteers! If 100 people would volunteer to scan a copy of Maple Leaves, we could put them online for everyone to enjoy as a virtual yearbook library. Email me at m and indicate your willingness to volunteer. Help celebrate the centennial year of our high school’s publication. The journalism dept. has some yearbooks for sale. Contact me with specific request.

Lex Janes Accepts Phenomenal Opportunity

swore me to secrecy for over a month regarding news about her youngest who also happens to be the son of Judge David Janes, class of 1973 and grandson of Maronee Fleming Wroe, class of 1946. “Fairmont Senior has now produced a National Merit Scholar! As you know Nathan DePriest and Lex Janes were both named National Merit Semi-Finalists and then later both became Finalists. We (and the school) have been notified Lex has been awarded a National Merit Scholarship from the National Merit Corporation! It is very exciting for one of our Finalists to have achieved Scholar status because I know FSHS has had several Merit Semi Finalists and Finalists, but I don't know if we've ever had an actual Scholar. Fairmont Senior now boasts yet another WVU Foundation Scholar. When Lex attended the Bucklew Reception, following the Foundation interviews, it was great to see fellow Foundation Polar Bears Jessica Weaver and Rose Simis! I don't know how many Lex makes from our school, but I'll bet we're right up there as far as more coming from FSHS than any other school in the state! Editor’s note: Jim Burnell, Chris Edwards, Kenny Butcher, Rose Simis, and Jessica Weaver are names that come to mind. I may be forgetting one. Even with the offer of the Foundation Lex is headed to UNC-Chapel

Hill (he will take over ownership of the flag you made for Nicole!). The Robertson Scholarship he has been awarded there is touted as the most innovative, largest, undergraduate package awarded in the country! There were over 20,000 applicants (the letter said) and they select 18 from UNC, and 18 from Duke! We were amazed when he received the Semi Finalist status (150), then even more amazed when he was a Finalist (50)! They flew the Finalists to NC for all-expenses paid 4 days of interviewing, essay writing, panel discussions, wining and dining. From that 4-day intensive search, the 18 UNC Robertson Scholars were selected.

tina, South Africa, Ho Chi Mien City, and several others, then your third summer is YOUR CHOICE of any place in the world!

This scholarship provides payment for his out-of-state UNC tuition, all fees, books, room and board, a wireless laptop, printer and anything else he wants with his laptop, a living stipend (!) for during the school year (to pay for visits home, spring break, cell phone bill or just Friday nights), Freshman retreat (a 5 day white-water/camping adventure...a l expenses paid), tuition for 1 semester at Duke University (all Robertson scholars are required to take one exchange semester with the sister school), monthly formal dinners at very nice restaurants (to experience the culture!), but the greatest perk is the additional $6300.00 each summer for summer travel! The first summer you choose from a city in the US, the second summer is international with your choices being Argen-

My granddaughter and I enjoyed the Three Rivers Festival parade last month along with Rick, Momma Jennie, and a visiting friend from FL. Shout out to Nancy Welch Skinner, class of 1944, who would have graduated a year earlier if she hadn’t spent so much time in Knights. She’d like to see the exit from the Gateway Connector named for Fuzzy Knight. The Tallahassee Lassie is back in FL now. Anyway, back to the parade—we enjoyed seeing WVU president-elect Michael Garrison, his wife Heather, and two beautiful young daughters. We certainly enjoyed the Budweiser Clydesdales, as well. They are magnificent creatures. They visited Jeff Tucker at the 4-T Arena and wowed the Corbin Branch Road neighbors. The 15th


So that is pretty hard to pass up! He also has been invited to walk on the UNC football team, so that was just the icing on the cake!” Matt Delligatti, WVU junior, Truman scholar, newly elected to Fairmont City Council, and FSHS graduate, can be seen on a billboard promoting WVU at the entrance to I-79 from Point Marion. The guy really is larger than life.

Parade with Michael and the Clydesdales

annual rodeo is coming up at Jeff’s place over the 4th of July. That’s a “can’t miss” event if you like livestock and/or fireworks.

play. Read more about it at and e.jsp?page=44

Another proud mother, me, mentioned in earlier posts that the FSU golf team enjoyed playing for a National title. They finished 18th at The Meadows in MI. The coach and team garnered some additional honors. Gautreau, Franklin, and Amos East Region Honorees May 28, 2007

John Orlando, class of 54, writes frequently with thoughts he shares that I love to read. “I have a blog ( in which I share some of my thoughts about life, the softer side of life... “ read and enjoy; tell others about it. John would appreciate it very much... He goes on to tell me, “having learned how to build and manage a blog, and still having some spare time on my hands, I thought I'd take it a step further... I realize my musings don't generate many comments... consequently, I have created another blog ... as the title suggests, my entries here are limited to 99 words or less, in itself a challenge for me... lol the other thing is that the entries at this new site are probably more contentious... my intent is to drop pebbles into the lake and make a few waves... I don't pretend to be infallible so I expect and encourage both supporting and conflicting views from the readers... but more than just readers, you are my friends and I respect and value your ideas and opinions - and I am always up to learning something new and changing my views when I am wrong... as with late night musings, let others know about it if you think it, if you are up to reading some things you might agree with, some things you might disagree with them and

NORMAN, Okla. -- The Golf Coaches Association of America recently named the Ping Division II All-East Region team for 20062007. Six golfers from the WVIAC were honored, including two from Fairmont State. Representing the Falcons on the list were Will Gautreau and Tyler Franklin. Gautreau was comedalist in the East Region championship and led his team to its first East Region victory and NCAA Division II Men's Golf Championship appearance. Franklin was a first team All-WVIAC honoree this season. Falcon head coach Reid Amos was recognized as the Eaton/Golf Pride East Region Coach of the Year. Amos is credited for leading his squad to three consecutive East Region appearances, including this year’s title. Amos has been honored twice as WVIAC Coach of the Year. All-Region teams are selected by GCAA regional advisory committees based on their season-long


perhaps want to support or rebut what I have written, then check out ... and, of course, late night musings will continue as well...” Take care Polar Bears. We’ll talk again soon. Carol Amos

In the Loop The school is wireless and has added $10,000 worth of surveillance equipment to better monitor the 11.5 acres of campus and multiple buildings. Currently the system involves a DVR and 4 cameras with the option of adding 12 additional cameras.

W. E. Buckey, 1921-1951 E. W. Malcolm, 1951-1971 Howard Charlton, 1971-1976 John D. Tennant, 1976-1989 William L. Furgason 1989 Judd Ashcraft Chad Norman


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