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Fairmont Boasts Modern Water System and Swimming Pool Fairmont is justly proud of its city-owned water system. It has reason to be, for that utility which serves upwards of 35,000 inhabitants of the city and environs has a record for purity and adequacy of supply almost unmatched in West Virginia annals. Indeed, it has often been said, that FairENTRANCE TO RESERVOIR PARK

mont ranks at the top among West Virginia's larger cities in the matter of its water supply. One must admit as he journeys through beautiful Reservoir park, site of the city's filtration plant and reservoir, that the product which is treated and stored here for the use of thousands of Fairmonters, is prepared in surroundings which fit it admirably "for a king's taste." The park contains approximately 75 acres at the top of a 'hill overlooking the city from the east. Before considering the filtration plant, however, it is well to consider the source of the city's water supply, the Tygart Valley river, one of the


state's purest streams, and steadily becoming more and more palatable through the sealing of scores of abandoned mines throughout the area. The citys pumping station is located at the river's edge, lifting the water 484 feet and a distance of 5,700 feet to the reservoir which has a capacity of 20,000,000 gallons. The filtration plant adjoins the reservoir, the water being filtered and treated here and then discharged into a huge clear water basin of 2,000,000 gallons capacity which is the outlet of supply for the thousands of consumers. The plant, modern in every detail, was erected in 1924, with Fuller and McClintock, of New York, as designing and consulting engineers, and the Rust Engineering company, of Pittsburgh, as the contractor. CLEAR WATER BASIN

The actual number of customers served by the plant is in excess of 6,000. The average daily consumption for these customers is approximately 2,000,000 gallons. The park, in which are located the filtration plant and reservoir, is the city's major recreational center. Beautifully landscaped and covered by a network of hard surface roads and trails, it provides excellent facilities for the hundreds who on hot summer days desire to get away from the city's stifling breezes. Ovens have been erected that families may cook their meals in the open, water fountains have been provided at strategic points, tennis court have been made available, and there are swings, see-saws and even

5. 6. a wading pool and sand pile for the kiddies. The thousands who use these facilities each summer are sufficient testimonial to the importance of recreation in our modern life. From Reservoir park the tour will wend its way to the city's new municipal swimming pool, completed just two months ago through the medium of a WPA grant and the public spiritedness of citizens who purchased more than $12,500 worth of revenue bonds to make the project possible. The pool development, which is enclosed within a 10-foot native stone fence, is 120 feet wide and 260 feet long, with entrance by way of a ramp. FILTRATION PLANT

An office is at the top of the ramp, where swimmers may pay fees and obtain towels, locker keys and the like. A beautiful native stone bath house provides dressing room facilities for men, women and children. The pool itself is 60 feet wide by 140 feet long. At one end, the depth of the water is 7 feet, dipping to 9 feet to accommodate diving, and then sloping up gradually to 5% feet. At the shallow end, the water is but three feet deep. At the end of the pool opposite the entrance, the kiddies playground will be found, including a large wading pool and a miniature sand beach.

Fairmont Brochure Cirra 1938  


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