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1. Truck Stop Deluxe A burger shop with a funky truck stop vibe. Spiked milkshakes, cocktails, and the usual alcoholic bevs. If you take the kids they’ll love the trucks inside the restaurant and the (home made) whizz fizz ice creams. 98 Watton Street. 2. Absolutely Gluten Free Head here for all your gluten free groceries and a café! ALL food at the café is gluten free and there are also dairy free, fructose friendly and vegan options. There’s a kid’s menu too. On the supermarket size you’ll find organic fruit and vege, and a huge range of gluten free and dairy free products. They also offer delivery. 85 Watton Street. 3. Bikram Yoga Werribee You’ve probably heard of hot yoga – yoga poses done in a room that’s heated to 40 degrees. Bikram Yoga also have sculpt pilates classes which combine pilates with a high intensity interval workout. There are early morning, evening and weekend classes so there might be something to suit you. 99 Watton Street.


4. Salts of the Earth Salt therapy aims to relieve the symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions. At Salts of the Earth you can join your children in the specially set up children’s room or relax by yourself in the adult room. Many parents swear by salt therapy for clearing up their children’s eczema. 56-58 Watton Street. 5. The Park Yes, there’s a gastropub in Watton Street. Great food and a mind boggling choice of beers. Their smoke pit BBQ is a strong fave, available Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. There’s a short but well thought out kid’s menu, though The Park would be great for a date night too. 12 Watton Street. 6. Black Seed Café Lauded as the best coffee in Werribee – Sensory Lab for the foodies. Take your children for the ultimate treat – yes, freakshakes! Or you might like to try a legendary Kwak Scroll. 133 Watton Street 16




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