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“Whether it’s taking on new staff, outsourcing tasks or organising a cleaner at home, there’s no need to try to be superhuman.”

Communicate your plans with your staff Ensuring your staff are aware of your plans can minimise stress when you’re on leave from your business. With a team of 12 Dr Melanie Hill, Principal Veterinarian and Founder of Swan Street Vet understands the importance of keeping staff informed. “I didn’t have a straightforward pregnancy and needed to finish work much earlier than I’d planned. We’re a small team and work very closely together, so they knew the physical restrictions that I had. I hired a practice manager to ensure the business continued to run smoothly and was able to make any decisions in my absence. It provided a good structure for my staff and helped to reduce the impact of me not being there each day, even before my baby arrived”.

Enjoy your baby! “They grow up so fast” – a well used phrase, but only because it’s true! As much as your business can be considered your ‘other baby’, the charms of a newborn are something to enjoy and experience for as long as you can. “Whatever your business may be, the magic of becoming a mum is a million times better - make sure you give yourself the time to experience it,” says Pino. “It’s ok if you want to do some work on maternity leave, because at the end of the day you love what you do too. The world is not black and white, so do what works for you and your family.” By Kate O’Mealley Kate is the founder of Oh My Word!, a copywriting and editing business in Melbourne’s inner west. Kate is the mum of a busy toddler and expecting her second child in August. Follow Oh My Word on Facebook and Instagram @ohmywordau 31

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Westside MamaMag April 2016  

Westside MamaMag April 2016  

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