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Imagine Imagine an ancient battle; it exists within your mind, where many battles have been fought. Now imagine an enemy who can kill you with his very thoughts. He has had thousands of years of practice with this game of mind control. You are no match for him alone, but if you belong to Christ, you are not alone. The same spirit that rose Christ from the dead - dwells within you. This enemy’s favorite game is to make you think his thoughts are your own, to make you doubt what God says is true. He’s been doing this from the beginning of time, from Eve in the Garden to this present age. Even Jesus faced this battle. His main objective is to keep you from finding out who you really are. To lull the sleeping giant to even a deeper sleep, to keep you from realizing the POWER within you, and releasing it into this dimension. You are a gate, a portal, you exist in two realms. You can gate the things of the spirit into this realm. You are powerful tool, Satan will try to manipulate you to accomplish his will in the earth. You can either be the devils puppet or God’s ambassador . God will never force or manipulate you. He created you with a free will. You must choose him. But the devil will manipulate, that is why such a battle exists, your old sinful nature of the flesh wants to satisfy every desire. The devil can easily entice it into following him and leading it wherever he wants it to go. But when you give your life to Christ your spirit is reborn. This part of you wants to follow God. That is why your soul ( your mind, will and emotion) is caught in a tug of war between the two (Hint Romans 8 – if you set your mind on things of the spirit you will be lead by the spirit, if you set it on things of flesh you will be lead by your flesh). This is why Jesus said, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,” it draws thin and your old nature is very powerful. That is why God sent His Son to free us from its hold. We cannot be good on our own; none of us are good except God. But because of what Jesus has accomplished we are made right before God, and reborn in the spirit. Now if we will let His Holy Spirit lead our spirit, and let our spirit lead our souls which is our mind, will and emotions. Then we will realize who we are and Gods power within us and the authority He has given us in the name of Jesus. Then we will connect heaven and earth, and God’s will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This is your destiny. Will you waste it listening to the liar? Will you be just another one of his many conquests? Or will you, by the power of the spirit, put to death the deeds of the flesh, and live in the freedom Christ purchased for you. You no longer have to be addicted to pornography or drugs. You no longer have to think those evil thoughts or horrors. If you will believe you are who God says you are, then you will believe that God‘s word is true, no matter what the lying vanities of the sense around commutate to you when the liars thoughts come into your mind. Counter them with the truth of God’s word just at Jesus did in the wilderness. When He left the wilderness He came forth with power. And so I believe you will emerge from your wilderness with HIS power. Christian! Little Christ!

A Few Good Men January 11, 2003 God does not measure strength by numbers he measures it by your ability to inflict damage on the enemy position. If we can just get a few of you to gaze into this mirror called God's word and grasp a hold of who you truly are this city, this country, this world would be turned upside down! It doesn't take an army to change history... It takes one-man or woman following God's plan... A Washington, a Luther, a queen Esther, a Mary... ....demons have plotted from your birth to keep you from the truth...woven a web of lies to entangle you... dreading the day you ever gaze into this book and believe it and take your place as a son of power... no longer a mere man but Gods' superman... no longer limited to this skin but the real you, the spirit child released within..

Written by Tiavia Rudow ~


either be the devils puppet or God’s ambassador . God will never force or manipulate you. He You are a gate, a portal, you exist in two real...