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From Pain to Peace Transmutation

How to move from pain to peace. The inspiring journey of a healer opens the doors of an alternate perception. "I let things flow through me: that’s all I have to do. I sit beside people, connect to their suffering, deeply moved by the pain they carry within. Then, gradually, miraculously one might say, after laying my hands on them, I feel their bodies relax and soothe. I see their faces become peaceful, light up, and suddenly reveal a serene beauty. At the end of the session, I hear them say how much better they feel, now that they are delivered. How could I presume to believe that I am achieving such results alone?" In this powerful, luminous, and sensitive story, Agnès tells us how she discovered that she was a healer and how she has come to use her gifts as a clairvoyant to provide care for others. With simplicity and authenticity, the author reveals her daily truth at the interface between the visible and the invisible. She describes a pathway nourished with extraordinary experiences and shakes many preconceived ideas about what is possible and what isn’t.

testimony that reveals A the pathway of a healer. ºº A section of the book provides practical examples, which describe the author’s different fields of intervention. ºº A highly moving and captivating text that offers a radically different viewpoint. ºº

Step by step, the reader follows her work and understands how it helps her patients to free their body and mind from current as well as old (or even very old) pains, to reach peace at last. Sweetness emanates from this book, as if, over the author’s words, her presence becomes perceptible and opens the way to an inner alchemical process. THE AUTHOR Agnès Stevenin is a healer. She discovered her gift at an adult age. Her life then changed radically, and she shifted from an ordinary state of consciousness to becoming an energy caregiver. She now dedicates her abilities to helping her patients in their physical and psychic healing process.

“This book is a treasure of loving kindness, wisdom, and femininity.” LAURENT HUGUELIT

“A book that can change your life.” HOROSCOPE

REPRINT AVAILABLE 357 975 WORDS, 256 PAGES, 14 x 22 CM, ISBN 978-2-84594-097-0 • 20 €


“With simplicity and authenticity, the author reveals her daily truth.” NICE MATIN