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How to write a bibliography A bibliography is a list of references you utilized to obtain information for your research paper. It is provided at the end of the research paper on the last page or last few pages. However, when it comes to this, the common question that arises from students and researchers is how to write a bibliography. In order to make things easier, one can keep track of each book, online source, encyclopedia, article or any other references that you used as you go along with your research. You can start a preliminary or draft of your bibliography by taking notes of your sources in different sheet of paper. List down the full title, author, place of publication, publisher, and date of publication of each source. This technique will definitely remove or at least lessen the apprehension that the question “how to write a bibliography” is causing you thus making it easier for you to finalize your bibliographies later on. For those who have the question “how to write a bibliography” in mind, formats below can help you cite your references. BOOK CITATIONS: 1. Book with one author Format: Last name, First Name. Title. Place: Publisher, Year. The author is listed, surname first. The title should be underlined. The place where the book is published is provided followed by a colon and the name of publisher followed by comma. The year when the book is published is also provided followed by a period. Make use of the most recent copyright date. The place or the city is typically found on the title page of the book while the copyright date is usually located on the back side of the title page. 2. Book that has editor Format: Last name, First name, ed. Title. Place: Publisher, Year. ENCYCLOPEDIA AND OTHER REFERENCE BOOKS The title of the article is the topic that you looked up in these sources. The name of the author (if there is one) is usually located at the beginning or the end of the article. The article is placed right after the name of the author and put in quotation marks. The title of the encyclopedia should be underlined. Here is how to write a bibliography for encyclopedia and other reference books. 1. Signed articles (An article that has an author listed) Format: Last name, First name, “Article Title.” Name of Encyclopedia. Volume number. Place: Publisher, Year. 2. Unsigned articles (Articles that don’t have an author listed) Format: “Article Title.” Encyclopedia Title. Volume number. City, State: Publisher, Year.

MAGAINES AND NEWSPAPERS When your references are magazine or newspapers (sometimes known as periodicals), below are the formats to be used. Periodicals articles may or may not have an author. 1. Magazines Format: Last name, First name. “Article Title.” Magazine Title. Place: Publisher, Month, Day, Year: Page numbers used. The name of the author should be given first, article’s name, then the magazine’s name, the date of the magazine, a colon and then the page numbers. In case that you used the whole magazine, it is not needed to put the pages. If there’s no author, you can start with the title of the article. 2. Newspapers Format: “Article Title.” Newspaper Title. Month, Day, year: Section Number, Page numbers used. If there is an author, it is placed before the name of the article. NON-BOOK SOURCES 1. CD-ROM Format: “Article title.” Name of CD. CD-ROM. Place: Publisher, Year. 2. Internet Format: Last name, first name. Title of Home Page. Date (use the date when you found the website). URL_GOES_HERE In instances that the website has not author (most of them don’t), utilize the sponsoring organization if there is any. If you find nothing, start with title, underlined. Then put the day, month and the year that you used the site. Last comes the site address put inside caret marks <>. 3. Interview Format: Last name, First name (of the person being interviewed). Interviewed by (if it is a phone interview, write Phone interview by) Your first name and last name. City, State (where you did the interview). Date (when you did the interview).

It is vital to give credit to the individual from whom you have obtained an idea when you give over that idea or information to others. It is also required by instructors that when you make use of a reference or use an idea from sources such as books, magazines, encyclopedia, or the internet, it is imperative that you cite these references you utilized in a form of a bibliography. So, if you are having troubles creating bibliographies, or have a question “how to write a bibliography” in mind, then this reading material is a huge help for you!

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