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Building Blocs: parenting, movement and little folk

is a compilation zine of radical parenting* challenges, experiences and reflections. It's a desire to be less isolated and to build collective knowledge.

Building Blocs:

Parenting, Movement & Little Folk

In this issue:

Going Nuclear;

Notes on a Revolution; "Under One Roof" - a comic; Reviews; and more! * Radical Parenting is an imperfect term and is meant here as inclusive and diverse - an exploration of parenting styles that value respect, trust, autonomy, difference, non-oppression, learning, love and revolution.

#2 "HomeMakin'"

Call for Submissions

Building Blocs:

Building Blocs is open to contributions from parents, caregivers, kids and allies. The theme for the next issue is "Spectrums", but don't let that limit what you want to share. Finally, the second issue of Building Blocs is here! Perhaps now I'm a parent more than ever before homemaking is vitally important to me. That is, homemaking in a very broad sense, critical of the often gendered labour associated with this creating and homemaking which takes place at varied geographical scales. Homemaking can be the work of providing housing certainty, something that has become increasingly difficult for so many due to financial crises, armed conflict, the stealing of traditional lands and climate change, but is also the site of important struggles for justice. Homemaking is also the work of creating the kind of communities, countries and worlds we want to live in and determining how they are governed. Issue #2 'Homemakin'' has contributions that address some of these varied aspects of homemaking, from the politics and practicalities of share housing in Australia and the US, to the revolutionary struggles to create new forms of government and living in Egypt.

How can parents/caregivers support a spectrum of gender identities? How do you create safer environments for your kid's emerging sexuality? What has parenting/caregiving brought up around your own gender or sexual identity? What are your experiences as transfolk and/or queerfolk who are parenting/caregiving? How do cis-gendered people better support the transfolk parents/cargivers in our midst? How can straight folks be better allies to queer parents/caregivers? or contribute to one of the regular segments: Make a mix tape or review a book/zine/film! Put together this issue's feature project! Submit art for the cover!

Deadline for submissions is 31 st Jan

201 2 . Please send contributions (of any length) to with a bio and any pics/images.

Thanks to all this issue's contributors for sharing their reflections and experiences.

Don't miss out! To order copies or to be notified as new issues of Building Blocs

Lara (Oct 11)

become available, email Cover Art by Lara Daley.

Building Blocs #2 'Homemakin'' Cover/First Page (printable)  

Building Blocs #2 'Homemakin'' Cover and first page to go with printable version of the zine. Formatted to make double-sided printing possib...

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