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Kratom or krater leaves is a plant-based stimulant, that was discovered in South East Asia, but has been gaining popularity worldwide, due to its high potency medical properties. It contains numerous useful alkaloids and in small doses acts as a stimulant as in higher doses as a sedative, it relieves pain, conditions such as diarrhea, and can be used as a light recreational drug. There are very few companies that offer high –quality product, but you can find and buy kratom powder, with a guarantee that you get the real thing. Shipment is fast, secure and comes in a discreet packaging for your convenience.

Originally the Kratom tree was found in countries like Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and have been used for centuries by local tribes as a herbal drug. Known in biology as Mitragyna Speciosa, the tree can reach up to 50 feet in height and has dark green, glossy, smooth leaves that are used. There are 2 different types of Kratom, depending on the color of the veins on the leaves – red or green, that appear on different trees. These leaves contain more than 25 chemical compounds that explain its unique effects on a human body. Kratom was used in Thailand by workers namely to feel energized and fresh, who would typically chew on the leaves. Now you can buy Kratom powder from various parts of South East Asia, depending on the desired effect and potency of the plant.

The first reference in Western literature of Kratom was by Lowe, who wrote in the 19th century that Malaysians used Kratom as a form of substitute for opium that was either unavailable or too expensive, people affirmed that they work more efficiently after taking the plant and they had desire to work more. While many people use the plant frequently, it is not addictive. Overall scientific studies have shown that Kratom has a high potential for pharmaceutical application, as an alternative to other medication fighting drug addiction. In every day life, the plant is used to improve blood circulation, improve overall well-being, fight cough and fever, heal wounds and more.

There are various ways in which Mitragyna Speciosa can be consumed – in pure form, as a broth or in a form of a tea. Fresh leaves are extremely difficult to find, and dried ones are hard to chew on, therefore it is best that they are crushed into powder, which can then be swallowed. It is better to drink the powder with water or any other liquid. It is possible to create an extract by boiling the leaves in water, until the liquid evaporates and the residue is a paste-like form. This can be stored for later use to be swallowed, or added to herbal tea. Third method is most popular, as the powder can be diluted in water, and drank like a tea, it is also possible to dilute it in actual tea, and some people prefer to mix black and herbal teas for that use, as well as add a little bit of honey or sugar to create a sweet taste.


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