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Can Cane-cigarettes e-cigaretteshelp helpyou youquit quitsmoking? smoking? According Accordingto toan anItalian Italianstudy, study,which whichsome somesay sayis isthe thefirst first serious seriousevaluation evaluationof ofe-cigarettes, e-cigarettes,the theanswer answeris is"yes." "yes." E-cigarettes E-cigarettesare arebattery-powered battery-powereddevices devicesthat thatlet letusers users inhale inhalenicotine nicotinevapors. vapors.They Theydon't don'tinclude includetar taror orcarbon carbon monoxide. monoxide.

In Intheir theirstudy, study,more morethan thanhalf halfof ofthe theparticipants participantsdecreased decreasedtheir their tobacco tobaccointake intakeafter afterthey theybegan beganusing usingthe thee-cigarettes. e-cigarettes.Study Study authors authorssay saythe thepercentage percentagewho whoquit quitsmoking smokingby bythe theend endof ofthe the evaluation evaluationisiscomparable comparableto toresults resultssome somehave haveattained attainedby bytaking taking medication. medication.This Thiscould couldmake makee-cigarettes e-cigarettesaaviable viableway wayto toquit quitthe the habit. habit. The Thestudy studywas wasthe thefirst firstto tofollow followhundreds hundredsof ofsmokers smokersfor foraayear, year, but butdid didnot notcompare comparethe theefficacy efficacyof ofthe thee-cigarettes e-cigarettesto toother other smoking smokingcessation cessationsolutions solutionssuch suchas aspatches, patches,gums gumsor or medications. medications.

All Allof ofthe theparticipants participantswere weresmokers smokerswho whodid didnot notintend intendto toquit quitin inthe the near nearfuture. future.The Thefirst firstgroup grouptook tooke-cigarettes e-cigaretteswith withcartridges cartridgescontaining containing 7.2 7.2milligrams milligramsof ofnicotine, nicotine,while whilethe thesecond secondgroup groupgot gotthe thesame same initially initiallybut butwas waslater laterswitched switchedto tocartridges cartridgescontaining containing5.4 5.4milligrams milligrams of ofnicotine. nicotine.The Thethird thirdgroup groupsmoked smokede-cigarettes e-cigarettesthat thatdid didnot notcontain contain nicotine nicotine— —only onlytobacco tobaccoflavoring. flavoring. The Theresults: results:By Bythe theend endof ofthe thestudy, study,13 13percent percentof ofthe thefirst firstgroup groupwas was no nolonger longersmoking, smoking,compared comparedto to99percent percentin inthe thesecond secondgroup. group.Only Only44 percent percentof ofthose thosewho whogot gotno-nicotine no-nicotinee-cigarettes e-cigarettesquit quitsmoking smokingat atthe the end endof ofthe theyear. year.

While Whilee-cigarettes e-cigarettesmay maynot notbe beaapreferred preferredmethod methodto toquit quitand and there thereare arequestions questionson onthe thesafety safetyof ofthe thedevices, devices,the thestudy study sheds shedslight lighton onusing usingthe thedevices devicesas asan anoption. option.

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E cigarettes may help smokers quit  
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