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Cyprus regions


Polis and Akamas

Larnaca Region

Deserted beaches, a wild coastline, traditional

Within easy reach are so many of the elements

villages, stupendous views and dramatic

that characterise Cyprus: splendid beaches,

sunsets are here in abundance for those who

a diverse and historic town, exceptional

want a more profound experience of the island.

archaeological sites and a smattering of

Akamas National Park is an unspoiled treasure

picturesque stone villages that seem to have

trove of rare plants and migratory birds. Page 10

grown organically from the land. Page 52

Paphos Region

Troodos Mountains

Paphos is composed of contrasting elements.

A region of tranquil valleys and vaunting peaks,

For some, a place of dark golden sand

snow-tipped in winter, flower-decked in spring

beaches, nightclubs, spa hotels and harbour

and fruit-filled in autumn. In the height of

strolls. For others, a place of Roman mosaics,

summer, its coolness beckons: hiking trails,

fallen monuments, village hideaways, secret

cherry blossom, the crested hoopoe, frescoes,

catacombs and Byzantine hermitages. Page 30

waterfalls and vine-covered tavernas. Page 62

Limassol Region

Nicosia Region

Lying between the ancient kingdoms of Curium

Enclosed within its formidable Venetian bulwarks,

and Amathus, Limassol is an extensive and

the old medieval town seems to have a separate

cosmopolitan resort that is also a “real” working

existence from the encircling urban sprawl. Inside

town. Explore an abundance of beaches, the

its walls, find an historic fusion of Gothic and

foothills of the Troodos, a Crusader castle, and

Ottoman buildings, hidden courtyards, filigree

the splendour of Mycenean Kourion. Page 44

balconies and twisting streets. Page 68

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