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Luxury Japan


11 nights, Small Group Tour, Deluxe DELUXE

TOKYO (2) – HAKONE (2) – KYOTO (3) – KANAZAWA (1) – KARUIZAWA (2) – TOKYO (1) Exclusive travel isn’t just about illustrious hotels, first-class transport and fine dining – although it’s a good place to start. What is really special about Luxury Japan is the opportunity it gives you to get beneath the surface of a captivating nation. With a top-quality tour leader, experienced local guides and Japanese culture specialists all working together to provide us with exclusive experiences and a rounded perspective on the locations we visit, this truly is the very best in luxury travel to Japan.

Beginning in Tokyo, we’ll enjoy a tour of the city’s oldest temple, Senso-ji, followed by lunch at a spectacular restaurant at the top of the city’s newest landmark – the 634 m (2,080 ft) Skytree.

Stay in five-star accommodation throughout Sake-tasting experience with an expert sommelier in Tokyo Private meditation session at a Zen temple in Kyoto Eat lunch at the top of the world’s tallest tower Visit Kenrokuen, one of Japan’s most celebrated gardens

In Kyoto, Japan’s cultural heart, we’ll be whisked by rickshaw through enchanting bamboo groves and taken on a walking tour of the geisha district. This is a superb chance to learn about a little-understood aspect of Japanese society that few foreigners ever get to experience, before our private geisha party at a local Zen temple. In Hakone National Park we’ll soak in hot springs and admire the masters at the excellent outdoor art museum, set in the shadow of Mount Fuji. In the traditional city of Kanazawa we’ll make an atmospheric early-morning trip to one of Japan’s most celebrated landscape gardens, whilst in Karuizawa we’ll relax in an exclusive mountain resort.

Dreaming of exploring Japan in style?

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Tour highlights

Let us answer any questions you have about this Small Group Tour. Speak to one of our travel consultants, talk to your local travel agent or visit our website for booking details, pricing, departure dates and availability.

Karuizawa Tokyo

Kanazawa Mt Fuji

Hakone Kyoto

The culinary delights of Japan are endless, and a variety of top-class meals are included. Luxury is taking time to enjoy simple pleasures too; we will learn to make soba noodles at a Karuizawa country house and savour the very freshest sushi in Kanazawa.

“ The only risk with staying in such gorgeous hotels is not wanting to do any sightseeing at all – I’m tempted to just stay in to be pampered!”

Last but not least, each of our accommodations represents the very best that Japan has to offer. From a skyscraper suite in Tokyo to one of the world’s most exclusive retreats in Hakone; a mixture of traditional Japanese accommodation and five-star hotels will undoubtedly prove a highlight of your trip.

Elisa, Group Tours Manager

Sake tasting by Tyler Palma

“ For me, sake tasting with an expert sake sommelier is one of the top experiences on Luxury Japan. Ensconced in a traditional izakaya restaurant, we’ll be introduced to the history of sake, its use in religious ceremonies and how it is brewed. “ As we move on to tasting, your expert sommelier will explain how sake is usually consumed – from the types of cups that



are used to which kinds of sake should be served hot or cold. Then, you’ll learn how to pair sake with certain types of food, and how to appreciate the subtle differences in taste between some of the very finest types of sake (and, of course, how to recognise the not-so-fine!) “ In terms of the range and complexity of flavours available, sake is easily on par with wine. Your sommelier will be happy to answer all your questions, and for the rest of the trip you’ll be able to exercise your newfound expertise in some of the best restaurants in all of Japan.”

W W W. I N S I D E J A PA N TO U R S . C O M I I N F O @ I N S I D E J A PA N TO U R S . C O M I U K : 0 1 1 7 3 7 0 9 7 3 0 I A U S : 0 2 8 0 1 1 3 2 2 9

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Tyler has been tour leading for more than ten years, travelling all over the world and living in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and China before making Tokyo his adopted home.


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