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Prosit \proh-sit, -zit\ A Latin word praising God that means: “May it be for your benefit.” Traditionally used as a closing prayer during retreats at Malvern Retreat House.

May it be for your benefit

Summer/Fall 2014

Mission Possible: Renovation of St. Joseph’s Hall Underway


rayers have been answered and many generous donations have been received; it is with great joy that Malvern Retreat House announces implementation of the renovation of St. Joseph’s Hall. Over the past several years, Malvern Retreat House’s associates and Property Committee members have conducted surveys, planned site visits, and developed plans with engineering and architectural design professionals to renovate St. Joseph’s Hall. These renovations include the addition of an elevator and eventually air conditioning, with the aim of improving safety and comfort for all retreatants. “The elevator and air conditioning will provide relief and access for our physically challenged and elderly retreatants,” said James Fitzsimmons, president of Malvern Retreat

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House. “The site of the elevator will be located near the North stairwell exiting onto the back road.” It will make stops to the lower level, which is now hosting the gift shop, along with stops to the first and second floors. There will not be an elevator stop at the third floor, due to the small number of rooms on that floor. The renovation of St. Joseph’s Hall has been envisioned since the year 2000, when the Board of Directors planned the Capital Campaign called Founding Fathers. “The first part of this campaign was the construction of the Family Life Center, later named the McShain-Horstmann Family Life Center. The next part would be the renovation of St. Joseph’s Hall, hopefully to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of Malvern Retreat House,” said Fitzsimmons. The St. Joseph’s Hall renovation will be executed in four phases. Phases 1-3 will focus on a new electrical system and an elevator. Phase 4 relates to the air conditioning and room renovations. “The funds were finally pledged and collected to complete the first three phases, and hopefully the fourth phase will follow shortly after that project is completed,” adds Fitzsimmons. Of course, it takes a team of individuals with extensive knowledge and experience to lead the St. Joseph’s Hall renovation. “Fran Barrett and I chair the Renovation Subcommittee,” said John E. Cattie, member of the Malvern Retreat House’s Board of Directors. “Fran has an extensive electrical background, and I am a project manager with a construction management company.”

Renovation Subcommittee members include James Fitzsimmons, Lou Piombino (Property Committee), Fran Barrett (Board of Directors/ Property Committee), Joe Santoleri (Property Committee), Bill Pastino (Facilities Manager at Malvern Retreat House), Jim Hall (Director of Hospitality at Malvern Retreat House), and John Cattie (Board of Directors/Property Committee). “These members have expertise in electrical, HVAC, etc., which helps us tremendously with this project,” said Cattie. Malvern Retreat House’s Executive Committee has selected F.W. Houder, Inc. as the general contractor for the renovation. So when can retreatants expect to see the St. Joseph’s Hall renovation results for themselves? All permits and approvals will be sought first before work begins, but “the project duration should be approximately six months,” said Cattie. “Though some weekdays the electricity will be shut off for needed work, there will be minimal interruption of service,” said Fitzsimmons. We look forward to the positive, long-term effects the renovation will bring to improve retreatants’ mobility and utilization of St. Joseph’s Hall, especially during the summer months.

Prosit Summer/Fall 2014 Edition  
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