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February 12, 2018

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Quincy Watson ‘19 Junior Football Star

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Malvern in the Middle News Mission Statement Our mission is to bring relevant information about events and stories that impact the lives of of the middle school students at Malvern. We strive to provide the most current and interesting news to our student body. This newspaper is written by middle school students, for middle school students.

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Featured Friars!

Jake Marrone

Sumant Sharma

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Hayden Fisher Read About Me on Page 5

Sixth Grade Tennis Star By Leonardo Scarpato

Our very own Hayden Fisher ‘24 competed in Florida for a nationwide tennis tournament. His family and friends were all supportive as he took made the trip to Florida to demonstrate his tennis skills. He was assigned a partner named Cyrus Mahjoob who came all the way from Maryland. Hayden and Cyrus journeyed together through the tournament all the way to the championship final. In the end, they had a tough loss to another player by of the name of Mekelle Anderson and his partner. Although Fisher came in second place, he and his tennis partner played well and gave it their all. Fisher said that the competition itself was a both challenge and a great experience. Fisher was congratulated by his fellow classmates upon returning to Malvern.

Friday the Thirteenth By Noah Buscaglia

Overall Results of the Survey

Faculty and Staff Responses to the Survey

Student Responses to the Survey

Malvern’s Junior Football Star

By Leonardo Scarpato and Jack Consiglio

Quincy Watson ‘19, a wide receiver for Malvern Prep’s varsity football team is quite the star. In looking at his stats, he has 5 running attempts, 18 rushing yards per game, 3 receptions, 110 receiving yards, 2 receiving touchdowns, and 12 total points without safety all in 2017. Not only does he become better through the encouragement of his coaches and dedicating himself to practice, it is also playing with his other Malvern brothers that has made him the player he is today. In the process of developing his skills on the field, he also developed awesome friendships with his teammates. According to Watson it is not only his friends, but the school community that has made him into the football player he is today. Watson is in the midst of a promising high school football career,he remains undecided about which college he will attend. His goal is to find a college that will suit him and help him to advance his career. Quincy Watson is quite the man. He is a great role model for younger players. He is respectful, kind, and has a great passion for the game. Even though Quincy’s college career remains uncertain, he has so much to offer any team and any school for not only the player he is, but for the person Malvern has helped shape him to become.

Student-Led EL Brings the Pastime of Fishing to Malvern’s Middle School By Tony Williams

It is amazing what students can accomplish when they share a vision and have the perseverance to see it through. Jake Marone ‘23 and Tyson Mcgee ‘23 started up a Fishing Club Experiential Learning opportunity this year. With a little help from Mr. McCarry and Mr. Wasson, they were able to make their dream a reality. Marrone and McGee both love to fish and started fishing at a young age. McGee’s dad gave him the name “fish man” because used to catch so many fish when he was little. Marrone’s dad was the person who inspired and taught him how to fish really well. These two seventh graders got together and decided they wanted to bring their love of fishing to Malvern Prep for other students to enjoy. They started out by presenting the idea for a Fishing Club EL to a few of their teachers at the beginning of the year. During Academy Block, they informally shared their idea for a Fishing Club with their classmates. It was exciting to see the interest that the Fishing Club generated among their peers! After receiving some feedback from both teachers and students, Marrone and McGee presented their idea to Mr. Sillup and he approved the club. Every Day 1, Mr. McCarry and Mr. Wasson’s take the students involved in the club to the pond on Malvern’s campus to catch fish. Overall, Marrone and McGee consider their club to be a success. They added that they do not always catch the type of fish they originally set out to, but that everyone has fun in the process of trying. Marrone and McGee are an example of what students can do when they come together with a great idea. It just takes a little determination to start something new. Fishing Club will return in the spring due to the weather. In the meantime, perhaps some other students will follow the example of these ambitious 7th graders and create a new EL for the winter.

Then and Now

By Leonardo Scarpato

The Malvern in The Middle News Crew had the opportunity to interview a teacher who has been teaching at Malvern for 39 years! He graduated from Malvern in 1974. This teacher needs no introduction, he is the one and only Mr. McCarry! We asked him about the transformation of Malvern from his time in high school to present day. He said what has changed the most is the campus has changed with new buildings and spaces for students. According to McCarry these expansions and additions have made Malvern an even better place than it already was during his time as a student. What impresses McCarry the most is that Malvern’s campus is nicer than some college campuses! In reflecting on his best experience at Malvern, Mr. McCarry said he had far too many great experiences to be able to choose one. This just goes to show that for the many the years that Malvern has been around, it has always brought good experiences. Even with all the great things Malvern has done in the past, things are still getting better and improving to meet the students’ needs.

A Young Einstein

By Leonardo Scarpato and Jason Geider

At the start of this school year, Sumant Sharma ‘22 won an academic award for maintaining the highest GPA in his class. Two others also received this award and we congratulate their efforts. Luckily for us, Sumant was able to sit down for an interview about what led him to this level of achievement. It turns out this is not Sumant’s first award. When he was younger he won the Father’s Club Award for English. Also in seventh grade, Sumant won the academic award for both math and English. According to Sumant, his parents have been extremely supportive. He worked hard to achieve academic success and deserved to be acknowledged for his dedication and perseverance. What Sumant values most about receiving a Malvern education is the challenges he is faced with and the fact that he able to use his abilities to his full potential. In addition to being very smart, Sumant is also well-rounded outside of the classroom. He participates in track, cross country, and swimming. Sumant’s ultimate goal is to become a doctor in to use his gifts and skills to help others. Sumant is a great example of the positive outcomes of having a strong work ethic and using the opportunities the Malvern has to offer. Congratulate Sumant on a job well done when you see him!

Middle School Chorus

By Leonardo Scarpato, Marshall Kain, and Tony Williams

The newspaper crew interviewed a sixth grade student named Cade Heppelmann about what he thinks of chorus. All of his responses were positive and reflected a good image of chorus. Mr. Liga, the chorus director, is amazing at what he does according to Cade. He knows how to meet his students’ needs according to their singing abilities. Heppelmann specified that Mr. Liga helps students who have stage fright to work through it. He does not put students on the spot, but encourages a comfortable atmosphere and inspires a love for music. Heppelmann stated whether you are a singer or not, “The

sky is the limit!� If you are a student who prefers to be part of a group or a guy who likes to work alone, Mr. Liga will meet your needs. Even if Cade Heppelmann had an option to leave chorus, he said that he said that would choose to stay and be part of it. If you are considering joining chorus, take it right from one of our very own 6th graders that chorus is a great experience.

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Malvern in the Middle News Volume 3, Edition 1

Malvern in the Middle News: Volume 3, Edition 1  
Malvern in the Middle News: Volume 3, Edition 1