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Mar/Apr 2014

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Acupuncture 1 “Will it help me”?

Opening To Your Breath

10 Year’s of Being a Fairtrade Town

Malvern Well Dressing Festival

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springtime edition which contains many regular features and articles from… Malvern Transitions, local astrologer and many other interesting articles ranging from Detoxing to Hot Stones. Now…I do have it confirmed that the Hot Stones are very relaxing and not related to the recent Curling you may have watched on your TV during the winter Olympics. As the days lengthen we prepare for the burst of new life and energy in all things, a time of awakening and renewal. There is much planning underway for the Well Dressing nd festival which comes into its full glory on 2 May when some 40 wells are decorated. (See page 4) You may be planning a break away after a rather wet winter…and if you Love France then I would highly recommend the farmhouse as advertised on page 13. Tina

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Malvern’s MayDay Well Dressing starts before the previous Christmas with plans to meet for choosing this year’s theme.

Malvern Well Dressing Festival 2014

Experience has shown that sites are decorated better if there is plenty of time for thinking and th gathering ideas. So, on 20 January a group of supporters met to view pictures of previous efforts. We saw last year’s Dressings – none of those present had managed to visit all the decorated sites. We claim this to be the biggest event of its kind in Britain so it does take three days to get round them all. What came out of the meeting was the theme ‘Peace’ for 2014. We may well be tired of War by the end of the year as so many people are casting their minds back to 1914. My own feeling about thinking of war is that it should only be along the lines of “What a dumb thing to do – let’s not go there again!” However, the broadness of the theme means that one can look at Peace from other perspectives, such as Peace of Mind, Hands-Across-the-Sea, Peaceful Countryside, Man in Harmony with Nature etc, etc. st

The well dressers will meet again on 31 March to discuss how to put their ideas into practice. Ideas will be exchanged and encouragement when it will all come right on Friday 2nd May when some forty sites will be magically transformed. I have a feeling that doves and white flowers will be seen right across the hills. Competitive-minded dressers can have their work inspected by a team of judges and rosettes will be handed out to winners.

Dressings will remain in place a bit longer this year so the Well Dressing will merge with the Floral Art Festival that sees so many of our shop windows displaying wonderful creative ideas. Then that runs into RHS Malvern at the Three Counties Showground…also look out for posters advertising our MayDay Pilgrimage to St Ann’s Well, complete with donkeys, Green Man and Water-Cure Breakfast. A lot goes on during the event including minibus tours and water-blessing ceremonies – Christian, Druid and Buddhist. The Tourist Information Centre will have full details nearer the time. As I write this we have dressers signed up for over half our sites but we have vacancies for more hands, as well as heads full of ideas. The MSA favours Dressings which use mostly natural materials – foliage, flowers, moss etc; maybe combined with ribbons because these are traditional. Explanatory notices are needed but these are better placed discretely at the side. Interactive Dressings are also popular, where viewers can do something, such as expressing a prayer or wish. Set yourself a challenge – to see at least half the sites this year!


Lionel Shorstone,


5 5

Workshops /Events

MARCH 1st The Emerging New Feminine, 10-5pm. The Wheel of Life Centre. Ffi: 07794 507076 Cassandra

1st Just Write. Saturdays 1st -29th Malvern Library. 10-12pm. Ffi: Pat 07773 868006

1st Iyengar Yoga workshop, lower body. 101pm Friends Meetting Hs, Ffi Hilly, 07828032643

2nd Share With M.E.

The Fold, Bransford. 1pm-2.30. ffi: Sally 07504 280486

4th Coppicing Course,

9-4pm. Ravenshill Nature reserve. Ffi: Phil 01684 574865

8th & 9th 2 day Coppicing course, 9-4pm. Ravenshill Nature reserve. Ffi: Phil 01684574865

9th Massage Practice Day. 10-5.30pm. The NTC @ The Fold, Bransford. Ffi: Sarah 01386 861931

13th Handmade greeting cards 10-12pm The Hill Centre, Upton, WR14 1GU. Ffi: Pauline 07958 614209

14th Yoga for Menopause. 6.30-9pm.

Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?

Friends Meetting Hs, Ffi Hilly, 07828 032643

14th The Merry Tiller, 7pm The Cube, Malvern. Ffi: 01684 575363

15th Intro Hand Reflexology. 10-4pm. South Worcs College, Malvern. Enrol‌Ffi: Jill 07754 950939

15th Basic Sewing Skills for Men. 9.30-12pm Malvern Library. Ffi: Catherine 07854 486869

16th Woodland Working Party. From 10am Every 3rd Sunday. Ffi: Mike 07966 283280

18th Making Skirt’s. 9.30-12pm. Malvern Wells Studio, Ffi: Catherine 07854 486869

22nd Finding Strength. 10-5pm. The Fold Natural Therapy Centre. Ffi: Will 01886 833422

23rd Reiki Level 1, 10-5pm. The New Centre of Welbeing. FFi: Mary 01684 491052

23rd Covered Market @ The Fold Bransford. 11-2pm

25th & 26th Intro Indian head massage.

6 6

6.30-9pm, South Worcs College, Malvern, Ffi: Jill 07754 950939

Workshops & Events




28 Natural Parenting. 10-12pm. 90, Belmont Road, Malvern. Ffi: Kelda 07841 344691

28th Yoga for Menopause. 6.30-9pm. Friends Meeting Hs, Ffi Hilly, 07828 032643

29th Iyengar Yoga ‘Backs’. 10-1pm Friends Meeting Hs, Ffi Hilly, 07828 032643

31st Moon Women gathering, 7.30pm, Call for venue 07794 507076 Cassandra.


2 Intro Working with Dreams. 7.30pm Wheel Of Life, Ffi:Hesther 01684 573882

5th & 6th Hedgerow Medicine Prt 1, 10-4pm Sat & Sun. Ffi: Rowan 01531 670075

5th Giving Voice Singing Raga, 10-4pm. New Hse Farm, Bransford. FFi: 01886 833422

6th Speechmaking 10 – 3pm Pickersleigh Road, Malvern. Ffi: Jill 07754 950939

10th The Shazam Show, 10-11.30, The Hill Centre, Upton, Ffi: Pauline 07958 614209

12th Bean Pole Sale, 10-3pm 159, Pickersleigh Road, Ffi: Phil 01684 574865

13th Share With M.E. The Fold, Bransford. 1pm-2.30. ffi: Sally 07504 280486

13TH Colour Astrology, 5.30-9pm. Call for venue, 07794 507076 Cassandra.

20th Woodland Working Party. From 10am Every 3rd Sunday. Ffi: Mike 07966 283280

20th Reiki Level 2, 10-5pm The New Centre for wellbeing. Ffi: Mary 07929 961280

23rd Purse Making Workshop, 9.3012.30pm Malvern Library. Ffi: Catherine 07854 486869

25th Natural Parenting group, 10-12pm 90, Belmont Road, Ffi: Kelda 07841 344691

26th Adapting Sewing Patterns, 10-3.30pm Malvern Library, Ffi: Catherine 07854 486869

27th Covered Market @ The Fold Bransford. 11-2pm

29th Moon Women Gathering, 7.30pm Call

7 507076 Cassandra. for venue: 07794


Acupuncture, “will it help me”?

Acupuncture, “will it help me, what is the process and how many treatments will I need?” This will depend on the person and the problem and how long its been around so if you are considering having acupuncture treatment and would like to discuss or ask some questions about the process or if it might help with a particular health problem, we are happy to answer your questions on the phone or if you wish to visit the clinic, we are also happy to offer 15-20 minutes to discuss with you in person, there is no obligation to have a treatment and there is no fee. Acu-Pressure and Detox Massage. Some people choose to have AcuPressure massage instead of Acupuncture. This is where pressure is used on the meridian points instead of needles. Clearing excess heat form the meridians along the length of the back can have very beneficial effect particularly for stress related problems such as insomnia, anxiety and fatigue problems. Excess of heat clearing is important also in Menopausal symptoms, Anxiety, Migraine, hot arthritis and skin conditions. Acupuncture on its own or together with Massage and where appropriate, ‘Warming’ treatments, are also very beneficial for tiredness and back, neck and joint pain problems. People all over the world seek acupuncture and its related treatments to relieve symptoms, detoxify the body and relax the mind and the body. This system of medicine has been around for over 2,000 years. It is really only in the past 40 years that the richness and benefits of this medical system have been available to people in this country. 8


Acupuncture TRAT Education and Research has also come a long way in that time. University sponsored course range from Under-graduate and Postgraduate Degrees and Diplomas in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. These ensure a high standard of training, Ethics and Safe Practice. The British Acupuncture Council, web site at; has been fully engaged in ensuring this process and to ensure the safety of the people seeking treatment. Acupuncturists are also licensed with the local Environmental Health departments. If you have any question please contact me on the telephone numbers below. You may reach an answer phone, please do leave a message and I will return you call.

Lyn Clarke M.Sc.(Ac) MBAcC. Tel: 07979 900908 9 566890. or 01684 9

ILL – HEALTH – The Stress Connection DRUG FREE HEALTH CARE Systematic Kinesiology (Muscle Testing & Energy Balancing) Nutritional Therapy ILL-HEALTH – THE STRESS CONNECTION

What is stress? Anything that you or your body finds difficult to cope with! Lack of time; problems at home, at work or at school; pain, illness or injury; poor nutrition; lack of water. Stress can be physical, nutritional or mental. All these areas of stress have one thing in common – they stimulate the body’s “Fight or Flight” mechanism, causing Adrenaline and other hormones to be released into the bloodstream. Then several things can happen:-

1. The adrenal glands, which make these hormones, can become exhausted with overwork, causing desire for more coffee, chocolate, sugary things, cigarettes or alcoholic drinks. All these stimulants just make the problem worse!

2. The level of sugar in the blood is increased, which can lead to abnormal fluctuations in blood sugar levels, causing changes in mood.

3. At some point you may begin to feel tired, feel “old before your time”, perhaps you “can’t start” or “can’t stop”, you may begin to “feel the cold” or “feel the heat” or get hot sweats. 4. The flow of blood to the digestive system is decreased. This can lead to indigestion and bowel upsets, which can lead, in turn, to acne, nutritional imbalances, 10 food reactions, appetite distortion, thrush (candida).


5. Blood flow to limb muscles is increased. This can lead to various muscular problems such as tenseness, aches and pains, “frozen shoulder”, stiff neck, backache. 6. Blood flow to the heart is increased, which can lead to palpitations, changes in heart rate and panic attacks. Each person has their own individual pattern of symptoms due to stress. However, in every case, the adrenal glands are affected. With a simple muscle test, I can discover the state of YOUR adrenal stress and advise on ways of reducing this stress – and yours! Let me help you to help yourself with health in a Drug Free way. FOR MORE INFORMATION

Contact Diana Church BPharm DipASK on 01684 566758 or 07976 795963 Drug Free Health Care 25 Spindle 11 Road · Townsend Way Malvern · WR14 2WB


In the mid 1970s I started on a journey of exploration into Tai Chi and Buddhist meditation.

The Art of Mindful Movement

It has been a process of perseverance, patience, grace and heart which has rewarded me a thousand-fold. Over the years I have been able to share my understanding with 1000s of people through my classes and workshops both locally and nationally. But what are the essential steps for experiencing this art of mindful movement and embodied living? The four steps are: To pause; To soften/relax; To re-align; To enjoy


To Pause In every moment we have the opportunity to become refreshed and alive, to move with life rather than being pushed around by life. It doesn’t require hours of training it only requires one moment of open attention and then another moment and then another…. When we physically pause we can start to notice our racing thoughts and this can then lead us to creating a gap in this habitual activity. So the first step is to pause and create a gap in our driven way of doing.

To Soften/Relax After pausing, we can kindly notice any physical tensions and even any lack of physical sensations. We can then soften and let some of these tensions and disconnections drop away. This is a gesture towards becoming present with our body, heart and mind. “In tension we separate, in relaxation we join.” Believe it or not, it takes an effort to be ‘disintegrated’ and being natural and whole is much simpler than we think.

To Re-align As we soften we can start to feel the body returning to a sense of well-being, openness and aliveness. This is often felt through an appreciation of the line of our spine, which re-connects us with a sense of natural dignity and presence. Through letting go of chasing after the person we think we ought to be, we can start to recognise and re-align ourselves with qualities of innate goodness and confidence.

To Enjoy Enjoyment is an energy that rides on the wings of well-being. These four steps aren’t a journey into passivity but a call to fully express the aligned aliveness of our being. By being fresh, balanced and embodied means we move, sit and act differently to ourselves, others and the world. It also means that the world and others act differently towards us. In essence these four steps invite us to slow down, take a breath, unwrinkle and then open to life. I simply call it living life rather than just surviving it. Alan Smith is the founder of Heartland Tai Chi and also a Buddhist teacher who has been teaching Tai Chi, meditation and embodied living courses, locally and nationally, for 35 years.

Contact12 Alan on: 01905 764848 or 07722 765009, email: or visit


13 13

Opening to Your Breath

From our very first breath of life to our very last whisper of breath is an automated process that the body knows how to do. This automatic breath allows you to survive, but when you unconsciously hold or restrict your breath through habit, the breath that once so easily breathed life into you becomes automatically restricted and distorted. This distortion of your breath allows you to survive but not to thrive. Breathing affects your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, endocrine and muscular systems. It alters your energy levels, sleep patterns and stress response. One of the core Osteopathic principles is “the rule of artery is supreme” for life is carried in the blood with the oxygen we breathe; therefore if the breath and blood flow is restricted the health and vitality of the body will soon diminish.

“I wish I had started Yoga years ago!”

Habitually as we progress through life our breathing patterns change due to stress, emotions, lifestyle, occupation and disease. Less effective patterns manifest in breathing too high into the chest, breathing too fast and breathing shallowly. When you were born your whole body breathed. Today most of us have forgotten how it feels to breathe fully and wholly with the vitality of the new born infant. By reclaiming the fullness of our breathing we also reclaim many other aspects of our life. A good place to start is to listen and observe your breath. Try to find a quiet room where you are free from outside distractions of everyday life. Sit comfortably in a relaxed position where you feel warm and comfortable with a nice upright spine. Now focus on your breath and just listen for a few minutes without judgement. Now rest your attention on your exhalation and let your awareness travel with the length of this breath. Repeat this a number of times and be aware of how effortlessly your breath leaves the body and relax into this sensation. After a few minutes observe the end of your exhalation and you should find a momentary pause. Try to observe this point of stillness and relax into it and experience how it feels. With each exhalation try to relax more into this space and trust in the knowledge that your next breath will arise form this pause without the need to “grasp” for it. The inhalation is born out of the stillness of the pause and the exhalation dissolves into it. As you relax yourself into your breathing it will lengthen, deepen and expand. Your ability to breathe well can be affected by many factors. Osteopathy can improve breathing mechanics by creating space in the body, improving rib function, releasing respiratory muscles and reducing nervous system tension.


07808 131046

Mike Bourne BSc. (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine, Dip PT/ST


15 15 11


Homeopathy, Gut Health and the Way of Wellbeing.

Evidence increasingly shows the importance of healthy gut flora to overall health. A recent New Scientist article links gut health to mental disorders, with evidence that gut bacteria in anxious mice differs from that in calm mice. Crucially, when bacteria from anxious mice are put into the bowels of calm mice, the latter group act anxiously. For homeopaths, it feels as if science is finally catching up. For many years, we have used ‘bowel nosode’ remedies after it was observed that people in different situations hosted different gut bacteria. For example, people under prolonged stress (first seen in war situations but also modern, competitive, stress-ridden environments), have more Proteus bacteria. The homeopathic remedy made from Proteus is fantastic for anyone who feels overwhelmed by stress and unable to handle things anymore with anxiety in the stomach, despair, sensitivity and confusion. So which comes first? Does gut bacteria change due to emotional factors or do emotional conditions result from the state of the digestive tract? We now recognise that the gut acts like a 'second brain', producing mood affecting substances. The vast majority of serotonin - the feel-good neurotransmitter - is made in a healthy digestive tract. Stressful situations can change our bowel flora but disrupted bowel bacteria due to poor diet, antibiotics or vaccinations can change our behaviour and health. Gut health and illness A study published in Medical Hypothesis in 2005 examined 206 autistic children under 3. Each had received an average of 12 courses of antibiotics, leading the researchers to conclude that rocketing autism rates corresponded with the introduction of amoxicillin. The British Journal of Dermatology (2013) reported that antibiotic use in the first year of life increases the risk of eczema by 40%. The list goes on: ADHD, mental disorders, skin conditions and IBS are all linked to damaged gut bacteria. Improving gut health Increasing consumption of Omega 3 which heals the gut wall and natural, plant based food which keeps everything moving is vital. It is also important to introduce a plentiful supply of ‘good’ bacteria from probiotics and fermented products such as kefir, sauerkraut and miso. But a physical approach is not sufficient. Homeopathic remedies restore good emotional and physical health These work by helping to resolve the underlying emotional and physical causes of ill health and clearing the body of antibiotics, vaccines and other toxins. Homeopathic remedies, particularly the bowel nosodes, also rebalance gut bacteria. We work with intolerance testing, dietary advice and gentle, but effective, remedies to restore health at all levels.

Kelda White – 07841 344691 16 Melvyn Smith – 01684 562371

16 11


17 17

Malvern Energy Generation Co-op (MCEC)

In a previous article we set out the case for Local Community Energy Co-operatives as a valuable way forward in reducing our reliance on damaging fossil fuel energy sources. Now MCEC (set up by TMH) is offering you the opportunity to invest in this attractive, ethical investment in community renewable energy generation. There are now examples in the UK and a very large number of community schemes in the rest of Europe. To see some of the UK schemes visit, local examples are Leomister PV panels on the leisure centre, Woolhope Heat Biomass boilers and wood supply and Neen Sollars Community Hydro. MCEC has a team of 10 volunteers determined to make this work locally. We are now completing the Share Offer document so that local people can decide whether they want to join us as members of the Co-op by subscribing/investing in our first project to put Solar PV panels on the Malvern Cube. We have chosen the Cube as our first building because of the additional social value we can create by reducing the Cube’s electricity bills, as well as being capable of delivering a modest return to MCEC’s members/community subscribers, could you be one of them? The minimum shareholding is £250. We are still finalising the sums but we expect the average annual rate of return to be in excess of 3% for non tax payers and more than twice that for tax payers. th

There will be a Launch meeting for the Share Offer at the Cube at 8.00pm on the 10 March. We are collecting details of people interested in investing so we can keep them up to date. On a completely different subject (but connected by the need for us to reduce our Carbon Footprint, about a third of which is in our food) TMH have organised an enjoyable evening th evening “The Merry Tiller – growing your own, in song and verse”, on the 14 March at the Cube. There will be a bar available and a light supper with doors opening at 7.00pm, as well as exhibits by local food and growing groups. At the Cube we have the first community vegetable growing project in Malvern with 10 raised beds. Community growing makes it lighter work, shares knowledge well and handles gluts as many people can benefit from the produce. TMH have several other food based initiatives and are also partners with the Malvern Hills Food Alliance. Food growing and preparation have enormous potential for not only lowering our Carbon Footprint but improving our health, fitness and wellbeing. Are you interested or even excited about these new and very important ventures, if yes, contact at for Solar PV and for TMH 18 Food initiatives.


Malvern Celebrates 10 Years of Being a Fairtrade Town

At the end of last year Malvern achieved 10 years as a Fairtrade town and Malvern Town Council voted to support this status last December. Being a Fairtrade Town confirms the commitment to poorer producers that has been made by traders and organisations in Malvern. Fairtrade goods can be identified by the international Fairtrade mark. By buying items that have this mark we help the poorest farmers and workers to improve their position and have more control over their lives. Through the international Fairtrade scheme producers are guaranteed a minimum price for their goods covering costs of production. In addition they receive an additional premium, an extra amount to invest in their communities on economic, social or environmental projects. Workers on farms also get rights under Fairtrade such as decent wages and they are allowed to join unions. Producers in Fairtrade co-operatives always get a democratic say in decisions. Each year The Fairtrade Foundation organises a fortnight of events to highlight the th importance of Fairtrade – this year’s fortnight runs from 24 February to 9th March and the focus is on bananas. In the UK we eat over five billion bananas a year! Although bananas are worldwide a booming business, many banana farmers have seen their wages cut in real terms and struggle to make ends meet. Banana farmers and workers are at the end of a long supply chain, where every penny is squeezed out. Supermarkets can use their massive buying power to keep the prices they pay as low as possible. By buying Fairtrade bananas we go some way to ensuring that the producer gets a minimum price and the other benefits already mentioned. This year The Malvern Fairtrade Group will be hosting an evening (with Malvern Churches Together). The speaker is Mags Vaughan , who is CEO of Traidcraft – a leading seller of Fairtrade goods in UK. The title of her talk will be ‘Fairtrade – Where Next ?’. The talk will be held in The Malvern Priory, Great th Malvern, 7.30 pm on Thursday March 6 . Refreshments will be available. Admission free.


19 11


Weekly Classes Monday

Gental Yoga, Inner Place, Ledbury. 9.30-11am. ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre10-

Judes article

11.40, ffi: Alix 07816 147501


Yoga, Link Top, Malvern. 2.45-4pm. ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Malvern,1:30-2:30pm ffi: Kaspa 01684 572 444


Yoga, Wyche Institute, Lower Wyche Road, 6.45 - 8.15pm ffi Hilly 07828 032643 ,

Tai Chi including Kai Men Tao Yin. 7pm -

10/09-10/12 ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Psychic Development Circle. 1, Guarlford Rd, Malvern. 7-9pm ffi Anne 01684 439397

HeartlandTai Chi for Living Well - Beginners'

Dates 3/3,17,3 7/4, 21/4 Ffi: Max 07976 239855

Class Fort Royal School, Wyld’s Lane, Worcester WR5 1DR 6.45pm to 7.45pm ffi: Alan 01905 764848

Heartland Tai Chi for Living Well- beginners. 8 -

The Gift of Being Woman, The Wheel of Life

9pm Grove Primary School, Pickersleigh Grove. Malvern, WR14 2LU Ffi: Alan 01905 764848

Centre. ffi: Cassandra 07794 507076

Chi Kung/Qi Qong 7pm, Friends meeting house.


Improvers Yoga Class. The Fold Bransford. 7.45-

Course. Wheel of Life, Malvern. 7.30pm.. Ffi: Kaspa 07946 715730 Malvern Women’s Harmony Singing Group. 11th 25th /3 & 8th/4. 7:30-9:30 Beacon Clinic. Ffi: Sunnara 01684 891261

9.15pm ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Mindfulness Meditation, Malvern Vale

'Tai Chi for Living Well'

Heartland Tai Chi School. Grove Primary School, Pickersleigh Gr, 7 - 8pm ffi Alan 07722 765009


Tai Chi & Taoist Yoga. Malvern College Sports Complex. Open to all. 9.30-10.30 ffi: Lyn Clarke 01684 566890

Mindfulness Meditation, Kaspa’s House, Malvern. 10am-11am ffi: Kaspa 01684 572 444

Hatha Yoga, 10-11.30 The Cube, Ffi: Hilly 07828 032643


Tai Chi for Living Well, Beginners. Holy Trinity School, Link Top. 12.30-1.30. ffi: Alan 01905 764848

Community Centre, 7:45-8:45pm ffi: Kaspa 01684 572 444 Mat Based Rehabilitation Pilates, Malvern Vale Community Centre. 7.45–8.45pm. ffi Paula 07985 211 555 EFT ‘Tapping’ Circles for Physical and Emotional Issues 8.20 – 9.50pm Trafford House, Jamaica Road, Malvern, ffi: Craig 07912 089231

Wednesday General Yoga, Inner Place, Ledbury. 9.30-11am. ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Heartland Tai Chi School Tai Chi

Yoga suitable for beginners, Malvern Vale

Reiki Share, 4/03 18/03, Centre of Well Being &

Heartland Tai Chi for Living Well - Beginners'

Short Form, Holy Trinity Hall, Link Top, 1.30-2.30 ffi: Alan 01905 764848 3/04 & 17/04 @ The Beacon Clinic. Ffi Mary 07929 961280


Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) St Mary’s Church hall, 3.30 -4.30 pm. ffi Linda 20 01684 569677



Mindfulness Meditation, The Cube,

8.30pm Quaker Friends Meeting Hall, Malvern. Ffi: David Clyant 07983 336704

Friends Meeting House Malvern, at 7pm, Fortnightly ffi Pam 01684 899117



General Yoga, Link Top, Malvern. 4.15-5.30pm Samatha Meditation beginners,


Weekly Classes

Community Centre, 10 – 11.30. ffi: Hilly 07828 032643 Class St George’s Magdalene Room, St George’s Square,Worcester WR1 1HX 10am to 11am ffi: Alan Smith: 01905 764848

Yoga for Back Care, Inner Place, Ledbury. 11.1512.30. ffi: Jo 07976 882252 Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre. 1011.40am, ffi: Alix 07816 147501

Weekly Classes Cont….



Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) Welland Parish Hall, 2-3pm. ffi Linda 01684 Buddhist Service. @ Wheel of life 7.30pm. Weekly. ffi: Kaspa 07946 715730 Circle Dance, Malvern Holy Trinity Hall 5th & 19th Mar & 2nd Apr 8-10pm ffi: Sunnara 01684 891261


Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) The Wheel of Life. 9.4 –10.45 ffi Linda 01684569677


Tai Chi School, Birlingham Village Hall, Near Pershore. WR10 3AB 10-11am Ffi: Alan 01905 764848

Weekly Classes Cont…


Moon Woman Gathering. Malvern. 7.30pm The Wheel of Life. Ffi Cassandra 07794 507076 5 Rhythms Dance, Friends meeting house. 7.309.30pm.. 7th & 21st Mar, 11th Apr. Confirm with Neil on 07761 856154 Circle Dance Live Music. Monthly Friday’s 810pm. 21st Mar & 14 Apr. Wellington Heath Sunnara 01684 891261


EFT for Food Cravings, Addictions, 8.20 – 9.50pm Trafford House, Jamaica Road, Malvern, ffi: Craig 07912 089231

StepStone Challenge

(aim to lose a stone and get fitter in 13 weeks) Hill Centre, Milestone Road, Upton on Severn. 10am -12pm. Term time only. Ffi: 01684 591048

Heartland Tai Chi School, 1.45-2.45pm Malvern

Free class listing for 1 year when you advertise!

Vale Community Centre. Ffi: Alan 01905 764848


Ji ( Tai Chi) Worcester. Horizon Hall Worcester. 18.30-20.15 Ffi 07510 653435

Heartland Tai Chi: Short Form. 6.45-8.15pm Fort Royal School, Worcester.Ffi: Alan 07722 765009 Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre 78.40pm ffi: Alix 07816 147501 Hatha Yoga – Advanced The Friends' Meeting Hs, Malvern.7.-8.30pm ffi: Hilly 07828032643

Heartland Tai Chi: Long Form. 8.30-10pm Fort Royal School, Worcester.Ffi: Alan 07722 765009 Joyful Voices Harmony Singing Group. 7.309.30pm. 6th & 20th Mar 3rd Apr & 1st May. West Malvern Village Hall. Sunnara 01684 891261

Friday Mat Based Mixed Abilities Pilates, at Malvern Cube, 9.15 – 10.15am. ffi; Paula 07985 211 555 Tai Ji (Tai Chi) for beginners. Malvern Cube. 9.30 – 11.00. Ffi: Catherine 07510 653435 Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre 1011.40am, ffi: Alix 07816 147501 Mat Based Mixed Abilities Pilates, at Malvern 21 ffi; Paula 07985 211 555 Cube, 11. –

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Emotional Massage Using EFT and Hot Stones for Your Calm Centre. Craig & Paula

Emotional Massage is a term that helps us understand the value of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques. What If you consider your emotions are probably even more regularly pounded, stressed and strained than your muscles, over your lifetime, you’llBusy begin to see why Emotional Massage might Habits be a goodfor idea. Mandi Helps Professionals Adopt Winning a Stuck negative emotions, traumatic events and memories prevent us fully experiencing and enjoying life. And we only have Healthier Work/Life Balance. one, so we owe it to ourselves to live it fully. EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - is a gentle, profound and extremely effective combination of modern psychology and acupressure massage. EFT focuses on dissolving the negative emotions that disrupt the free-flow of essential life energy in your body-mind system. Through a simple ‘Tapping’ technique, using your fingertips to gently tap parts of the acupuncture energy system, whilst briefly focusing on your disruptive issue, EFT dissolves obstructive, debilitating underlying problems. It works on a range of issues, such as anxiety, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, low confidence, relationship problems, business or sports performance, weight issues, emotional eating and so-on. In combination with your wellbeing practice, EFT can rapidly help bring you into a completely new you. At Trafford House Calm Centre we offer to partner you through your Three-stage Self-Transformation process. 1 – Rapid Stress Reduction through a wide range of luxurious Complementary Therapies headed by Hot-Stone and Organic Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, EFT, Kinesiology and Energy Healing. 2 – A natural transformation into sustained wellbeing takes place through which we will support you with continuing complementary procedures and adding in Personal and self-image Therapies such as Pilates 1-2-1, Colour Image Consultancy, and Goal-Setting supported by Kinesiology and EFT. 3 – The hardest part is sustaining and continually developing the new you whilst holding to your new path, whether that be a new eating regime, a healthier, happier, more abundant you, a more successful work-life, or more fulfilling relationships. We will be there as your long-term partner in wellness and success for as long as you require our support.

Paula Trafford is a highly qualified Complementary MultiTherapist, Pilates Exercise Therapist teaching Rehabilitation Pilates, Functional Pilates, and Energy Pilates and a Personal Colour Image Consultant.

Craig Trafford is a Registered AAMET EFT Practitioner, Registered Edu-Kinesiology and Touch for Health Practitioner and Certified Stress Reduction Trainer. 07912 089231

07985 211555


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At The Apothecary Shop, from New Year onwards we have a steady stream of customers wanting to “detox”, but what does it mean? Assuming you don’t have significant health issue requiring a formal detox in a clinic, most dictionaries would suggest it is “a withdrawal from unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, or drugs for a while to improve health”.

Detox or Not Detox?

There is controversy over how helpful such self-help programmes are. An extreme diet can be as harmful to health as one laden with fat and sugar. However taking the time to evaluate how you look after your body and making gradual changes may improve the quality and quantity of life. Think (honestly!) about some of the following: .

       

How much processed food do I eat? (food with low nutritional value and added sugar, fats, salt and additives) Do I eat the best quality food I can afford? Where does it come from? Is it organic? Might I be allergic or intolerant to certain things? Do I eat too much red and processed meat? Do I drink too much alcohol? Am I well hydrated? (think more water and herb teas rather than coffee, tea and juice) Do I get enough exercise for strength and flexibility as well as fitness? Do I get enough sun? (15 minutes to sunscreen-free, bare skin, 10am to 3pm at least twice a week is needed to make average vitamin D requirements) Could I cut down or give up smoking?

Come up with your own goals and a plan to achieve them. If it is specific to you, you are more likely to benefit. Be realistic and think about timing. Don’t set yourself a goal of eating more salad during a cold spell. Increase intake of vegetables in home-made soups instead and save salad for summer! Be sensible about what can be achieved and don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip occasionally. Be the best you can most of the time and aim for improvement. Enlist the help of friends and family to support you.

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The Apothecary Shop 31, Homemd, Ledbury, HR8 1BP Tel: 01531 633448

There may be products that can support you in a period of lifestyle re-evaluation such as soothing aloe vera, psyllium and other natural fibre sources as well as probiotics to support the gut; milk thistle to support the liver and vitamin supplements and superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella to support you during ill health or whilst you establish a more healthy diet.

However the foundation for good health is a healthy diet and appropriate exercise and you should consult your doctor about any major lifestyle changes and choice of supplements, particularly if you have existing health issues or are taking medication.

Handley Organics 82, Homend, Ledbury, HR81BX Tel: 01531 632889 25

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Massage in This Open Generous Awareness

While I was Suecompleting my training as a massage therapist, I came

across a quote in a wonderful book called Job’s Body by Deane Juhan: ‘Touching hands are…like flashlights in a darkened room. The medicine they administer is self-awareness. And for many of our painful conditions, this is the aid most urgently needed.’ When I work With a client I do not Do Holistic Massage or Swedish Massage or Therapeutic Massage or any ism. These are just names that have emerged over time to try to explain, hold and fix a particular approach to massage. But it is in their very fixing and making of forms that the connection with what actually happens in massage can be lost. What happens when we lay hands on someone cannot be described in words adequately and indeed the process of trying to do this loses the essential quality of this moment in eternity. So then what on earth am I trying to do here writing about massage and awareness? I can only give impressions from my experience which can point towards This that cannot be spoken of. The knowledge that allows and makes possible this Way isn’t something that is Learned in the sense of accumulating skills but is more about getting yourself out of the way to allow this to emerge through open presence. I always start a session once my client is at rest by resting my hands gently on their body. This resting may last five minutes or more. I think of this as the meeting, getting to know how we are today, through touch. This happens body to body. Bodies don’t lie, both speak of what and how they are. In this meeting awareness arises, not from some external source, but simply an opening, an unveiling to what is, without words, what I call This Open Generous Awareness. Having established this contact it is possible to bring the client’s awareness to those areas of the body that seek attention, through a variety of movements. My hands will usually go without instruction to where awareness is needed. We know from our personal experience that we tense and take up postures in response to emotional, physical, and other energies. Bringing awareness to these helps the client to unfold on their path, always guided by them. This awareness is the ‘light’ refered to by Deane Juhan. It is nothing but pure openness. This has many names in many traditions but they all point towards This which …..

For more information on this approach, see and with which I have been engaged for 40 years as well as my website below.


Simon Murray Vivian T. 07811 537345. E. W.


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Releasing the Power of Unconditional Love

Love. A word with many meanings, used and abused in the world of spin and commercialism. And yet how would you like to tap into its unlimited healing power, a power to change not only your world, but the whole planet? Do you love anyone, a family member, relative, friend, a companion animal, alive or in spirit, or a divine force, or a force in nature, unconditionally? Where do you go to when the chips are really down, when there seems nowhere to turn? We have all read or heard about supreme acts of courage, amazing feats of strength, and selfless sacrifice, triggered by this all-pervading force. We have all read or heard about supreme acts of courage, amazing feats of strength, and selfless sacrifice, triggered by this all-pervading force. We are exhorted to practice ‘random acts of kindness’ and give without expecting any praise or reward. Rightly so, but some of us have to undo years of conditioning. Healers and therapists reading this know that helping acts work better if an exchange occurs, unless of course the person is in desperate need. And what of our wonderful young people, our future? A recent report suggests half of them are acutely stressed from bullying, exam pressure and body fascism. How about passing on to them a legacy of compassion and a way of being unmoved by the destructive forces of media and peer pressure? What dilutes and distorts love’s power in this context are strings and conditions. By consciously entering a state of unconditional love, the most incredible things can happen. Being healed of incurable diseases, lifelong depression, rage and phobias. Improving relationships, accepting oneself, feeling safe and significant, truly living rather than ‘coping’? My wife Anne and I have used love’s power with thousands of people over the last 30+ years. By taking the essence of well-known modalities like Reiki, Spiritual Healing, NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming], the Healing Code etc., which of course we still practice, and being guided by an incredible spiritual teacher, we have realised that people can acquire love’s transformational energy very simply and quickly. Now, we offer free [1½ hour] talks about releasing the power of unconditional love. Those attending will go away with a skill to transform themselves, help others and the world. Our mission is to accelerate humanity’s awakening and help heal the world. What better way to do it? So, if you are a school, charity, voluntary organisation or support network, how about taking advantage of this process. No strings attached. We are not affiliated to any religious organisation Malvern healers Anne and Jack Stewart also offer one-to-one healing and therapy, Healing and Success Code workshops, plus psychic and spiritual development classes. Anne Stewart channels [Princess] Diana on a regular basis to help ‘Take the planet to another dimension.’ In the Stillness, Everything Happens…

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Call them on 01684 439397, web site

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The Astrological Climate – Redressing the Balance? In the first half of 2014, relationship makeover is our biggest assignment. New Year, with Venus in Capricorn, saw us evaluating our relationships. Now we have a stellar line-up of Moon’s North Node, Mars (for 6 months rather than 6/7 weeks) and Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres, the Earth Mother and Vesta, Guardian of the Sacred Flame, in relationship sign Libra. All planets are retrograde during the time frame of this publication, so this is a reviewing and learning period. What does this mean for our lives? Libra‘s symbol is the scales. Planets in Libra show us how to develop qualities such as balance, co-operation, equality and reconciliation. Mars, the main player in this current planetary alliance, is not naturally happy in Libra. After all he is the God of War, ruling our physical energies and will, initiative and decisive action. The Libran tendency to weigh things up finds Mars champing at the bit. Here he lacks potency, feeling ungrounded. Goal setting and direct action make way to letting things unfold. It’s unnatural to Mars but has its purpose. In Libra, passion is refining; calling for strategy rather than direct action, charm not Martian grit.

During this period all our relationships will be highlighted, addressing the balance of power. We may discover where the scales tip; we see more clearly where we push or compromise, or patterns of passiveaggressive behavior. Mars is anything but passive; he wants action. There’s the rub. This phase is about working together, not striking out alone. Where others are involved we have to co-operate, sometimes wait. We learn about the subtleties of working together and creating harmony through inclusion. With Ceres & Vesta also retrograde in Libra, we touch on finer feminine energies; with the North Node, destiny plays here. These Asteroids represent how we nurture ourselves, each other and the Earth, and the capacity to keep our heart’s devotion burning brightly. We’re talking qualities such as self-love, kindness and nurturing, spiritual connection. Libra is an air sign, the potential uplifting of relationships into finer purer spaces. In the bigger picture these energies represent roles such as peace negotiator, environmental lobbyist, or advocate for abuse survivors. KEYS: Balanced reflection & action vs. self-doubt/indecision or pushing Honesty with sensitivity vs. people pleasing/niceties Co-operation/collaborations vs. compromise/passive-aggressive behavior Key Dates for challenge & change: April 15th – Lunar Eclipse & April 29th – Solar Eclipse Easter: Mars joins Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in a Grand Cross, the next phase of Uranus/Pluto square. Mars activates personal elements within this ongoing collective evolutionary aspect. Just as at Xmas, it highlights long-standing family differences, growing authenticity, transformation. Expect wild cards and sudden shifts. It’s not until early June that we begin to see the light of day and evolved relating possibilities. If we’ve learned what we need to, integration becomes evident end of July onwards.

Cassandra Eve is an astrologer and self-discovery facilitator. She has 25 years experience supporting individuals’ growth in Europe, New Zealand & Australia. 30

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Spring Equinox and Beltane As the Earth glories in early summer finery, the Celtic festival of Beltane calls us to honour Beltane th fertility and the wild potency of the life force. Spring Equinox (20 March) heralds a moment of perfect balance, between night and day and our inner and outer worlds. As the great wheel of the year works its magic, the active Fire energy mirrors the increasing strength of the sun, allowing outward growth and manifestation of our inner desires. st

By Beltane (1 May), the Earth is blooming in a whirl of creativity and we rejoice in the union which brings forth new life. Traditionally this was the night of the ‘greenwood marriage’ where men and women joined sexually to honour the union of the Horned God and the Goddess to ensure the fertility of the land. Dressing the wells of Malvern probably stems from the Beltane tradition of honouring the springs around this time. Often there are hawthorn trees growing nearby (Hayslad has a wonderful one) which are said to bring the spirit of wild places, love and fertility with them. The tree acts on the heart at all levels – opening it spiritually to release fear and allow healing as well as being a great cardiac tonic for heart and circulation. The homeopathic remedy Crataegus is well used for heart problems and regulating blood pressure.

This is the time to celebrate unions of all kinds: male and female, intuition and intellect, activity and receptivity, and the profusion they bring. Celebrating at full th moon on Lunar Beltane (15 April) brings additional gifts of abundance and high energy. Make time now to be outside, wash your face in the morning dew, walk labyrinths if you can find or make one and explore the wild places nearby to spend some time with the elements.


We sometimes spend so little time engaged with the natural world but any time spent outside will refresh, inspire and ground us. Delight in your connection with the Earth and others, your own wildness and the sacredness of living with an open heart. Kelda White

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Sue Akehurst

Acupuncture Wheel of Life Centre, North Malvern Rd WR14 4LT Tel: 01684 565586

Fair Trade & ethical gifts, clothing, and accessories shop Tudor House, 17c High Street, Ledbury, HFDS HR8 1DS Tel: 01531 634636

Zero Balancing, a unique, non-invasive bodywork treatment for well-being. Beacon Clinic, Malvern WR14 2TA Tel: 07944 394245

ASTROLOGY Astrological consultations & mentoring Tel: 07794 507076

AROMATHERAPY Paula Trafford Organic Aromatherapy Massage Rehabilitation and Mixed Abilities Pilates. Trafford House, Malvern WR14 1TX Tel: 01684 566 076

BOWEN Julia Foster Not only for back discomfort! NTC @ The Fold, Bransford, WR6 5JB. Also Droitwich Tel: 07964 298 337

COUNSELLING Sue Akehurst Person Centered Counselling Supervision & Mindfulness training Sarah Beacon Clinic, Malvern, WR14 2TA Mob: 07944 394245






Cassandra Eve



Jennie Sheringham

HOMEOPATHY Kelda White Homeopathy, Hair Analysis, Reiki Tel: 01684 575516

LIFE COACHING Dawn Ryder Holistic Therapies and Life Coaching Malvern Spiritual and Therapy Centre, Leigh Sinton, Malvern

Emma Mary Gathergood Transforming Lives Coaching Service & Holistic Life Coaching Tel: 01684 577867

MASSAGE BCMB in Worcestershire Massage Training The Natural Therapy Centre, The Fold, Bransford, WR6 5JB TEL: 01386 861931

Sarah Cohen Massage and Bodywork The Natural Therapy Centre, The Fold, Bransford, WR6 5JB 01386 861931

NATURAL PRODUCTS The Apothecary Shop Natural remedies for health and wellbeing 31 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BP 01531 633448

Jennie Sheringham Independent Consultant. Neals Yard Remedies Natural, Safe, Ethical, Organic Skin Care & Beauty Supplements for Health & Wellness. Tel: 07850064684

ORGANIC Handley Organics Fresh organic produce and groceries 82 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BX Tel: 01531 632889

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT Anne & Jack Stewart Psychic Development, Healing Therapy and Wellness 1, Guarlford Road, Malvern, WR14 3QW. Tel: 01684 439397,

REFLEXOLOGY Jennie Sheringham Reflexology Wheel Of Life Centre 6 North Malvern Road WR14 4LT Tel: 01684 565586

SEWING Catherine Howie re|fashion Sewing classes, alterations, dressmaking Studio 3, The Fold, WR6 5JB Tel: 07854 486869

TAI CHI Alan Smith Heartland Tai Chi School Teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation Grove Primary School, & Holy Trinity hall & Malvern Vale Community Centre Tel: 01905 764848

Linda Edwards Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) Wheel of Life Centre, Malvern & others. Tel: 01684 569677

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Release Your Stress and Relax! Reiki is a wonderful ancient Japanese relaxation therapy that can help us all including our pets. It is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that does not rely on any type of belief system or religion to work. I use the same methods I would use for humans i.e. hands-on, hands-off or distant healing depending on the individual pet’s circumstances. Pets as with all animals seem very intuitive to Reiki and are able to sense as to who can heal them and sometimes even actively seek them out. This was true when we got Becky and Ben our cats from a Rescue Centre. Becky was very badly abused by her previous owners, was extremely timid, had lost her appetite and would have been difficult to re-home. Ben was just 8 weeks old when he seemed to follow me everywhere at the Rescue Centre. There was no hesitation in having them both and giving them the loving care they so richly deserved. They’ve both since had several Reiki therapies and have settled down well in our home. It is important to understand that pets suffer from stress, fears, anxiety and depression just like us. This could be for a number of reasons including:    

. . . .

Being badly abused or mistreated. Moving to a new environment. Getting to know a new pet in the family. Losing their best friend.

When meeting a pet for the first time, I tend to beam some Reiki healing from across the room to help them settle whilst I learn the reasons why they have come for healing.There are lots of benefits in your pet having a Reiki treatment:-

o o o o o o o o o o

. . . . . . . . .

Calms fearful or timid pets. Reduces stress and helps your pet relax. Helps maintain energetic balance. Promotes health and wellbeing. Complements both conventional and complementary treatments. Restores loving energy after a pet has been mistreated or abused. Reiki can also help your pet recover after having undergone surgery. If your pet is nervous or hyperactive, Reiki can help restore calmness. A sick of injured pet can be helped to heal more quickly.

As a Pet Bereavement Counsellor I am sometimes asked to help a pet who is sadly dying. This is a very traumatic and difficult time for the pet owners, when Reiki can help bring comfort and calm to enable your pet’s passing to be as peaceful as possible. Did you know that pets can also heal us? By stroking your pet you both instantly feel much calmer and you will find that your pets will be coming back to share this great healing experience. What a fantastic way to release your stress and relax!

34 Tel: 01905 672180 or 07783 881066 34 11


Hillistic View

35 View from Stocks Lane



Malvern Hillistic Mar/Apr 2014  

Malvern Hillistic Mar/Apr 2014

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