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May/June 2014


CREATIV ITY, WELL -BEING & SUST AINABLE LIVING local guide t o C reat iv ity, Well -Being & Green Res ources





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Welcome to this 2nd

anniversary edition of Malvern Hillistic which was first published in May 2012. We have beenfor their I would like to thank all the advertisers a beautiful support and to all thosebathed whominhave written Springtime… articles sharing the workwarm and knowledge they bring to the local community. We have been bathed in some beautiful Springtime weather and as the daffodils and crocus fade we are gifted with a carpet of bluebells nestling nicely amongst the mighty beech trees displaying their tender lime green leaves. Added to the visual transformation of the land is the gentle perfume of the wild garlic, the air is filled with the sound of birdsong with the tiny wren providing us with her solo performance as the gentle bumblebees floats peacefully over the emerging land. See page 20 for article from The Bumblebee Conservation. Tina


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Welcome to the 13th issue of Malvern Hillistic

Deadline for July/Aug Hillistic is Tuesday 10th June

Malvern Hillisticis an alternative guide to Malvern and local area. Malvern Hillistic is a free bi-monthly guide to workshops, talks, events, complementary health, creative, nature, sustainable living and more. 2000 copies are currently distributed to cafes, shops, various venues, therapy centres and households surrounding the hills. Subscribe to Malvern Hillistic £12 per year Email


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Spirited Away By Boat Workshop/Events Spring into Spring Small Changes in Health Pain The Final Frontier The Astrological Climate Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy Corner Save The Sound of Summer Weekly Classes Stressed By Everyday Life Wheel Of Life Centre Light & Colour Summer Solstice Tai Ji for Beginners Dawn of the Long Count Hands Have it All West Fest

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Meet Float by Boat, a narrowboat retreat,

Spirited Away By Boat

where sunrise meditation, wholesome homecooked veggie/vegan food and symphonies of birdsong all harmonise into a deeply soothing and peaceful experience. Time onboard travels slowly, cruising at a top speed of 3m.p.h, with plenty of opportunity to appreciate nature, curl up with a book or do something creative, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Spirited Away, our charming 69ft craft, sleeps 6 people and the crew, across 3 cosy cabins, with 2 toilet and shower rooms. Join a retreat: There’s a program of weekend breaks from March to October to choose from. These are gentle and spacious; days are shaped by optional meditation sessions morning and night, canal cruising and free time. Create your own trip: Groups of 3 or more can charter the boat for a day trip or meal afloat, a weekend retreat or waterways holiday. Tor & Kev, the cheery crew, manage the boat and take care of all the chores, making it much easier than self-hire narrowboating. Keeping ‘Narrow boats, wide eyes, open minds...’ as your ethos, you can design the break to be whatever you want it to be. Embracing the canal’s traditional nomadic existence, Spirited Away pootles around some of the UK’s most stunning and peaceful countryside. Getting to the boat isn’t difficult though, we arrange local transport from your train, bus or car. Skipper Kev also leads guided meditation sessions onboard. “These are meditative canal breaks because we hold a space to slow down in, where you can break from the doing mode of living and just be for a while,” he says. “The atmosphere we bring is light and jolly, open to anyone of any level of experience or spiritual background.” Wellies on, join Kev on deck to muck in with boaty tasks, opening locks and steering, but only if you want to, everything is optional. “A lot of thought goes into the food on Float by Boat breaks,” says host and cook Tor (Victoria). “I love preparing everything from raw ingredients, which I try to source as locally as possible. Freshly baked bread and cakes each day are a bit of a treat.” Join us on our May Meander (23rd – 26th May) when yogini Jo Newman will share her Hatha flow practise with us in wild spaces around the canals. rd


Or for October Offgrid (3 – 5 October) when Sally Light will lead Rag Rugging workshops – a technique historically used along the waterways - up-cycling old material into eye-catching floral designs. 4 at £30 per person per night B&B or £150 for a fully-inclusive weekend. Concessions Prices start and group rates are available. See for more details.


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Workshops /Events

MAY 1st Tai Chi taster. 10.15-11.30am. Upton Hill Centre, WR80EN. Ffi: Pauline 07958 614209

3rd Make a skirt for your hols… 3rd – 24th 9.30 – 12pm. Malvern Library. Ffi: Catherine 07854 486869

4th Malvern Welldressing Festival 5th Foraging Walk. 10 – 2pm from Ross Library. Ffi: Rowan 01531 670075

6th Speechmaking for the terrified. 10 3pm. Venue TBC Ffi: Jill 07754 950939

8th Colour analysis, 10 – 11.30am. Upton Hill Centre, WR80EN. Ffi: Pauline 07958 614209

10th Working with earth energies. 3 part course. Ffi: David 0777 9789047

10th & 11th Introduction to massage, Natural therapy centre, The Fold, 10 – 5pm. Ffi: Sarah 01386 861931

10th A 5 Rhythms workshop, 10.30-5.30pm, Tarrington village hall, H Ffi: Julie 07973 435669

Don’t Look Back…You’re Not Going That Way!

17th Malvern Farmers Market 9 – 2pm 17th & 18th Kitchen Pharmacy. 10-4pm Castle Orchard, Putney, HR8 2HR. Ffi: Rowan 01531 670075

18th Reiki level one. 10-5pm, The Centre for Wellbeing, Ffi: Mary 01684 491052

23rd-26th Meditation Canal Retreat, South Stratford canal, Ffi: Float by boat 07806 818973

25th Covered Market @ The Fold Bransford. 11-2pm

26th Kirtan – Devotional chanting. 7pm. Friends Meetting Hs, Ffi Hilly, 07828 032643

28th The Emerging New Feminine, 7.30pm, The Fold, Bransford. Ffi: 07794 507076 Cassandra

30th Charcoal Weekend, All day, Ravenshill Nature Reserve, Alfrick. Ffi Phil 01684 574865

30th Natural Parenting group, 10-12pm, 90, Belmont Road, Malvern, Ffi: Kelda 01684 575516


6th 7th & 8th, Deep tissue Massage with Andy Fagg, 10- 5.30pm, Natural therapy Centre The Fold. Ffi: Sarah 01386 861931


Workshops & Events



7 & 8 Kitchen Pharmacy, 10-4pm, Castle Orchard, Putley, Ffi: Rowan 01531 670075

7th Thai Yoga Massage workshop, 10-4pm, Paadena Studio, Suckley. Ffi: Barbara 07990 501498

8th Introduction Hand Reflexology, 104pm, Venue TBC, Ffi: Jill 07754 950939

11th The Emerging New Feminine in You. 7.30pm The Fold, Bransford, Ffi: 07794 507076 Cassandra

12th Health Food Demo & talk, 10.1511.30am, Upton Hill Centre, WR80EN. Ffi: Pauline 07958 614209

21st Malvern Farmers Market 9 – 2pm 20th-22nd Solstice meditive canal retreat, Weekend, Oxford Canal, nr banbury. , Ffi: Float by boat 07806 818973

21st Solstice Day Retreat, 11-5pm Clover Mill, Cradley, Ffi Hilly, 07828 032643

21st Midsummer Dreaming, 10-5pm, The Wheel Of Life, Ffi: Hesther 01684 573882

tbc…Speechmaking for the terrified, 103pm,South Worcs College, Malvern. Enrol…Ffi: Jill 07754 950939

27th Natural Parenting group, 10-12pm, 90, Belmont Road, Malvern, Ffi: Kelda 01684 575516

28th The Sewing Club, Drop in class, 10-12pm Malvern Library, . Ffi: Catherine 07854 486869

29th Covered Market @ The Fold Bransford. 11-2pm


2 The Emerging New Feminine in You. 7.30pm The Fold, Bransford, Ffi: 07794 507076 Cassandra

4th-6th Meditive canal retreat, Weekend, Oxford Canal, nr Oxford. , Ffi: Float by boat 07806 818973

5th Thai Yoga Massage workshop, 10-4pm, Venue TBC, Ffi: Barbara 07990 501498

5th Spiritual Law of Attraction, 10-1pm,

Leigh Sinton,7Malvern, Ffi: Dawn 07708 883942


Spring into Spring – cleaning the gentle way

With the brighter weather and longer days, we begin to notice the grime accumulation following a long, dark winter. Spring is a time for renewal and with extra bank holidays it’s not surprising to find us all rushing out for a new mop or paintbrush. Do you think about your cleaning products and their impact on the environment and your wellbeing? Do you find yourself coughing after spraying your regular bathroom cleaner? Do your hands crumble after a weekend’s cleaning? It might be worth reviewing what you currently use. Years ago some of the first environmentally friendly cleaning products were pretty useless! They might have been kind to the planet, but you needed to use a lot to get things clean. Today’s products are better formulated and often don’t even need the suggested manufacturer’s dosing. Natural laundry products by their very nature are suitable for delicate fabrics and sensitive skin. There are many fragrance free options, or you can choose an essential oil that you enjoy to scent your laundry products. One of the most fantastic washes for woollens is Dr Bronner’s liquid soap, a multipurpose soap which can also be used on hair and skin as well as grubby dogs! It cleans effectively without drying.

Many products use effective cleansers and sanitisers found in nature, which can be very powerful around the home. Orange and lemon make fantastic degreasers for both the kitchen, but also the bathroom, if you use a lot of skin and hair care products containing natural oils. Tea tree and lavender are naturally antibacterial and bleaching products using oxygen rather than chlorine are much better for you and the environment. A wide range of natural products are now available including:  Carpet cleaners suitable for use by hand or in machines  Dry carpet cleaners  Descalers/cleaners for kettles and coffee machines, showerheads and dishwashers/washing machines  Full range of dishwashing products including machine products and rinse aid  Natural moth and insect repellents

8 8

Handley Organics 82 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BX 01531 632889

TRAT The Apothecary Shop 31 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BP 01531 633448 And of course the cleaning couldn’t be done without the right tools for the job; e-cloths clean with the minimum of cleaning products and many natural products such as brushes and cloths are biodegradable or made from recycled materials. Finishing touches are also important, a natural room fragrance can keep your home smelling fresh without being overpowering, but do remember to read the labels on all products if you have sensitivities as even natural products may cause allergic reactions. Natural cleaning can also be cost effective. Many items come in a variety of sizes 500ml, 1L and 5L and many of the products for sale in The Apothecary Shop are refillable. Contact the shop for more information.

9 9

Small changes that may lead to big changes in health!


may have seen your GP who has run all the appropriate tests and informed you that the results are all ‘normal’ yet you still feel below par. If you are low in specific vitamins and minerals, have an imbalanced fat intake, are low on protein or eating the wrong sort of carbohydrates, making changes to your diet could help. Identifying and changing these imbalances on your own is difficult but this is where your Nutritional Therapist is trained to help. Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health. It looks at nutritional imbalances and how these may be contributing to your symptoms or health concerns. Nutritional therapy aims to benefit people with long-term health issues as well as those wishing to enhance their health and wellbeing. A Nutritional Therapist recognises that each person has unique requirements and will take the time to define a personalised nutrition plan to help you achieve higher levels of energy, healthy blood sugar balance, physical and emotional wellbeing. You may just need a bit of inspiration to help change your diet for the better, or you may need help with serious health conditions. I am based in Malvern and can work with you in a friendly and relaxed way to support you in your aim for better health. I work with those presenting with issues such as food intolerance, allergies, weight issues, digestive problems, IBS, IBD, low energy or fatigue, low mood, depression or stress, headaches or migraines, PMT, fertility problems, ME, asthma, arthritis, skin conditions, ADHD and much more! Making adjustments to your nutrition and to your lifestyle can make a real difference 10to the way you feel!


To find out more go to or call me to discuss if Nutritional Therapy is for you. Tel: Lucy on 07941 458993 Lucy of Nutritional-Matters has teamed up with Anna of Fiesta Fit Club to offer a unique programme of fitness combined with inspiring dietary support to help you regain your body and energy! Anna runs many different fitness classes aimed at women from Fitness Pilates, Zumba, Bump Pregnancy Fitness to classes designed with mothers in mind looking to correct post-natal postural and functional issues. The Fit-Food classes can be taken in combination with exercise classes or as a stand-alone class. If you fell that no matter how much you exercise, your weight stays the same or your energy levels are low, these Fit-Food classes could be just what you need! For information on fitness classes please contact Anna: Tel: 07550 092856


Or Fit-Food Nutritional Therapy contact Lucy: Tel: 07941 458993 lucy@nutritional


Do you suffer from persistent pain, or pain that moves around to different parts of the body?

Pain - the Final Frontier

Does your pain recur despite treatment with conventional and/or complementary therapy?  Has your pain been thoroughly investigated and there is little more that can be done, beyond management with pain relief, and you are told you have to learn to live with it?  Do you cause yourself pressure by being overly conscientious, highly driven, self critical, a perfectionist or overly analytical?  Or are you a people pleaser and give much of your time to others, or are nonconfrontational? If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then it is highly likely that your symptoms are stress induced and provide an outlet for the build up of unexpressed emotions. The very real and debilitating symptoms are automatically produced by the unconscious part of the nervous system as a response to internal emotions.


In the modern world with stimulation overload, excessive demands, lack of time and financial worries, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. There is only so much your body can cope with before symptoms surface. There are many signs linked to stress including anxiety, moods, headaches, bowel problems, eating / sleeping issues and using stimulants to keep going/relax. The conventional understanding is that symptoms are aggravated by stress, with treatment offered to give relief or learn to cope. A relatively new approach to stress, following over 30 years research by Dr Sarno (Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York) has demonstrated that stress actually causes symptoms in the body, especially pain. His treatment, resolving chronic pain in over 11,000 patients, has resulted in a greater understanding of pain and how it manifests in the body. Dr Sarno’s research explains the mind-body link with pain production. He named it Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) and showed how unexpressed emotion causes tension and oxygen deprivation in muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons in the body, resulting in pain. Pain is ‘protecting’ the person from deeper emotions that cannot be expressed at that time. His work has demonstrated that even chronic pain (eg, arthritis, slipped disc, fibromyalgia) can all be relieved by focussing on the cause - unexpressed unconscious emotions. His success is by education, understanding the mind-body link, and then supporting the patient in various ways to resolve the underlying issue. In the UK there are health professionals and therapists now trained as SIRPA practitioners (Stress Illness Recovery Professional Association). If you would like to hear more about Dr Sarno’s approach there will be a FREE talk at: Malvern Library. 25th June 6.30pm Contact: Sally Pasquill, SIRPA, Wellbeing Coach and Holistic Therapist 12 Email: Mobile: 07505 280486


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The Astrological Climate – Biggest Picture

It’s the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse and the next two weeks herald the most dynamic astrology since 1999. I’m meant to be writing about the astrological climate for May & June yet the next two weeks indicate profound and unexpected change. It’s like trying to share the aftermath of a storm before it happens. The symbology is there but there is little context. By the time this article is read, context is likely changed, along with our lives. Astrology is the exploration of planetary movements, universal life cycles and processes. It is a mirror of evolution on individual and global scales. Just like the seasons, these cycles are unpredictable in how they appear, yet on earth, always winter is followed by spring. The seed breaks through its hard casing, sends down a root and reaches through the dark earth towards the light. Tree buds open to the sun’s warmth. Animals begin their courtship rituals. Such are the cycles of life here: birth, growing, flowering, fruiting, and death, return toago!” earth. “I wish I haddecay started Yogato years Astrological cycles are similar. They open, rise, peak and fall away, with a potential to be endlessly spiraling out new forms of consciousness. Each cycle has its momentum from the conjunction (beginnings) to the square (action) to the opposition (fruition and consequence). Let’s take as example the current Uranus/Pluto square. A cycle that represents a fundamental shift of power and freedom. Uranus aligns with Pluto every 110 to 130 years. Collectively it’s a major milestone, taking decades to integrate. If we look at diverse social movements of change in the 1960s (Uranus/Pluto conjunction): spiritual awakening, environmental activism, the women's movement, minority and human rights, holistic lifestyle, we can see the process. By the late 1980’s (Uranus-Pluto semi-square) many of these new ideas were being integrated within the world's mainstream, but in small ways. The full surge of change is yet to come. Generally human nature is slow to adapt; integration takes time. Yet we can see signs. Looking at the history of these potent cycles (too many examples to present in this short article) a likely integration-point for these global shits of consciousness is Uranus/Pluto opposition, 2046-48, or the conjunction, 2104. Looking at the dynamic evolutionary change within the 20 th century, it is clear that even 30 years will bring shifts we have no way of seeing now. This is the Uranus factor – the unexpected ‘a-ha’ moments that bring unprecedented change. If we look at our current world scenario it is clear nothing less will suffice. The personal changes, however major, we may have experienced recently, even in a lifetime, are nothing to this biggest picture. Life changes and evolves inexorably. We’re either riding the breathtaking wave or dragging our feet in the hope we can hold on to what we’ve got. Sorry, with Pluto around, no chance! The only certainty is change. And with Uranus/Pluto square it’s guaranteed to be immense. (By the way, May is likely to be a little quieter ….just a little)

Cassandra Eve is an astrologer, writer and creative facilitator.

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15 15

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

A Reasoned Seasonal Approach which may assist in Resolving Fatigue Syndrome.

Looking at Chronic fatigue syndrome (‘CFS’) through a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view, can be helpful in explaining the internal workings of this pathology as seen by traditional Chinese medical practitioners, what to do to alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life. This is a complex problem and there are no simple answers, however there are some key approaches which may be helpful. Preparing for ‘Change’ is an important factor, this is what the Chinese approach is based on. First key Acupuncture principle:’ Nourish the middle’ (Spleen & Stomach) and clear pathogenic heat (slowly). The Spring time can be a particularly challenging time of year, when symptoms may become worse. TCM theory explains Chronic fatigue patterns, as a ‘retained pathogen’ or ‘latent heat’ which describes pathogenic heat or inflammation which has been around for a long time increases or has become toxic e.g. heat from inflammation from previous viral infections, both long term (eg Chicken pox virus) and more recent infections( e.g throat viruses, common colds or flu virus). It is well known and extensively documented that viruses are retained in the body and when the person becomes very tired or very ‘rundown’ these viruses re-activate. A good example of this is the chicken pox virus, where later in life when the immune system is challenged by both physical stress or emotional stress and or just over stretching energy resources, the virus erupts as Shingles. The TCM view is that a similar thing can happen in CFS but without ‘the rash’, that is to say it may be any number of possible viruses or frequent infections which re surge in the body. There are many factors affecting the person in CFS, once the body has become depleted then other factors such as low mood, food intolerances and Candida overgrowth become added causes of depleting energy. Feeling warm and hot when the body is in fact low in energy bring a vulnerability to cold, wind and damp penetrating from the environment. Second Acupuncture Principle: Clear pathogens and supplement the protective Wei Qi (engendered by the Lungs) support the Source energy and nourish the lungs. This is important during the Late summer, Autumn and Winter.

16 16 11


Why are symptoms sometimes worse in the spring? TCM theory states that when the Earth’s energy rises, as it does in the spring with the sap in the trees and the flowers, it is mirrored in the meridians of the body and energy rising in the body. If there is toxic heat it may result in increased intensity of headaches, restlessness, anxiety, frustration and depression, worsening of stomach symptoms, fluey, achy symptoms and cause worsening of sleep patterns. All caused by too much heat and not enough energy and weakened blood (Immunity). Chinese medicine and acupuncture change this complex internal environment? Supporting the systems of the body, clearing and nourishing are key and importantly supporting the person through the process. Seasonal Treatments are important, realistically to follow this route with TCM through five or six seasons. Initially weekly, after eight treatments, then at intervals which are appropriate for the individual person. An Invitation: If there is any aspect of this you would like to discuss about the process or the fees for treatment or you have any questions, you are invited to come along for a brief discussion, in person. Please contact me on the telephone numbers below. You may reach an answer phone, please do leave a message and I will return you call.

Lyn Clarke M.Sc.(Ac) MBAcC.Member Britih Acupuncture Council. Tel: 07979 900908 or 01684 566890.

17 17 11


Therapy Corner: Stability, Change and Tom Bowen

To me Tom Bowen was an Australian ‘master-craftsman’ with his skill of repairing peoples’ health. He never taught anyone, but allowed several talented therapists to watch and absorb his ‘new way of working’. Following his death in 1982 one of these ‘boys’ taught his developments at University as Osteopathy, another promoted it as The Bowen Technique, a third developed it further as NeuroStructural Integration (NST), and so on. In his room was a plaque with this inscription: “I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again. Stability ….. At the equinox in March this year I was at the Spanish Megaliths near Antequera, which are about 6,000 years old, having huge 300 ton roofing stones. Similarly to Newgrange, or Stonehenge, the sunlight creeps through the cracks of passages at the dawn. A symbol of stability through the ages? And Change …. Nearby at Alozaina, using NST-Bowen, I treated Drew who had severe sciatica, so could not even pull weeds on the smallholding. After a short second session the message came back from Trish: - “Wonderful ….. he’s a changed person.” Following a session for herself she texted me later “That really shifted some stuff” …. another changed person! - Justin of Malvern changed from being a “Distraught Malvern Dad …. collapsing in agony ….. the pain is off the scale” (Malvern Gazette, Nov 2013), to: “I can fix a curtain rail again and empty the bins! ….. No problem drawing breath ….. Without pain in my right leg.” - and Tracy of Hanley Swan: “I had forgotten how effective and subtle Bowen is, truly amazing.” Learn to Change? I give treatments in Malvern, and I also teach courses. Payment is on a sliding scale according to income. - There is a 1-day informative workshop ‘The Bowen World’, Oct 12, and …. - There is the 2-day Introductory NST training. May 3-4, also October 25-26. “You are an amazing teacher and I thank you for sharing that gift...” (Angela, Pranic Healer and Intuitive, Vancouver, Canada, March 2012)

18 18

Find me at or call me on 01684-567721 Best wishes - I hope to meet you! TIM Willcocks

19 19 11


Nothing says summer has arrived more than the sound of bumblebees buzzing around flowers on a warm sunny day.

Save The Sound Of Summer

Bumblebees are an essential part of the countryside, responsible as they are for pollinating our crops and wildflowers. However, in the past 80 years, two of the 26 species in the UK have become extinct and several others are extremely rare. Much of this decline is due to the loss of 97 per cent of our meadow habitats because of changes in agricultural methods and urbanisation. Now the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT), which was set up in 2006 to address the plight of the bumblebee, is calling on people to take action to save these hardworking pollinators. Gardens have become increasingly vital for bumblebees due to natural habitat loss and gardeners can play their part by creating bee-friendly havens. Alternatively you can lobby your local authority to manage its land in a more bumblebee-friendly way or persuade garden centres to promote plants which are beneficial to pollinators. You can also help BBCT monitor this much-loved insect by signing up to its BeeWalk project. This national recording scheme is being used by the trust to build up a more accurate picture of bumblebee populations across the UK. As home to two of our rarer bumblebee species - the Moss carder bee and the Blaeberry bumblebee – gardeners in Worcestershire have an important role to play in preserving bumblebees. Many of the more common species, such as the Bufftailed bumblebee and Common carder bee, can also be found here. At this time of year, when some queen bumblebees are still emerging from hibernation and others are building a new nest, it is important to have plants which are rich in nectar and pollen. You should also have plants with a variety of flower depths to cater for the needs of different species.

20 20 11


Long-tongued bumblebees - including the Common carder bee and Moss carder bee – will feed from plants such as monkshood and foxglove. Meanwhile, short-tongued bumblebees such as the White-tailed and Garden bumblebees,

like plants from the small-flowered pea family, white clover and raspberry. Other popular blooms are borage - which provides both nectar for bumblebees and edible flowers for the gardener – and allium. Later on in the summer, honeysuckle, verbena, catmint and cosmos are all a good source of food for bumblebees as they start to produce new queens and male bees. Herb gardens with thyme, marjoram and lavenders are also fantastic. For late-emerging species like the Moss carder bee, it is important to have plants which are in flower into October. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can play your part by getting involved in BBCT’s Spring into Action campaign. The trust has produced two resource packs to help people lobby their councils and local garden centres to become more bee-friendly. For local authorities, something as simple as changing the cutting regime of the grass verges and park land could have a huge impact on bumblebee populations. Meanwhile garden centres can play an important role by promoting plants beneficial to bumblebees over common bedding plants such as pansies, begonias and pansies, which offer little or no pollen and nectar. If you enjoy getting out into the countryside, you can sign up to become a BeeWalker – all you need is a spare hour or so every month to walk a fixed route of about a mile. Having recorded the bumblebees you see on your walk, you then enter the information on the trust’s BeeWalk website. In general, most people will only what are oftn referred to as the ‘Big Eight’ common bumblebees. If you do come across a rare species or a bee you don’t recognize, you can take some photographs and upload them to a special BeeWatch website, run by BBCT in partnership with Aberdeen University. Here you will be guided through some easy questions to help identify the bumblebee in your photo, which is then verified by an expert.

21 21 11


Weekly Classes


Gental Yoga, Inner Place, Ledbury. 9.30-11am. ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre1011.40, ffi: Alix 07816 147501


Yoga, Link Top, Malvern. 2.45-4pm. ffi: Jo 07976 882252



Mindfulness Meditation, The Cube, Malvern,1:30-2:30pm ffi: Kaspa 01684 572 444


Yoga, Wyche Institute, Lower Wyche Road, 6.45 - 8.15pm ffi Hilly 07828 032643 ,

Tai Chi including Kai Men Tao Yin. 7pm -

General Yoga, Link Top, Malvern. 4.15-5.30pm

8.30pm Quaker Friends Meeting Hall, Malvern. Ffi: David Clyant 07983 336704

10/09-10/12 ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Psychic Development Circle. 1, Guarlford Rd,

Samatha Meditation beginners,

Friends Meeting House Malvern, at 7pm, Fortnightly ffi Pam 01684 899117

Malvern. 7-9pm ffi Anne 01684 439397

HeartlandTai Chi for Living Well - Beginners'

Dates Fortnightly, Ffi: Max 07976 239855

Class Fort Royal School, Wyld’s Lane, Worcester WR5 1DR 6.45pm to 7.45pm ffi: Alan 01905 764848

Duo Tai Chi – Ta Lu & Pushing Hands, 8-9pm,

The Gift of Being Woman, The Wheel of Life

Fort Royal School, Worcester, Ffi: Alan 01905 764848

Centre. ffi: Cassandra 07794 507076

Chi Kung/Qi Qong 7pm, Friends meeting house.


Improvers Yoga Class. The Fold Bransford. 7.45-

Course. Wheel of Life, Malvern. 7.30pm.. Ffi: Kaspa 07946 715730 Malvern Women’s Harmony Singing Group. Fortnightly, 7:30-9:30 Beacon Clinic. Ffi: Sunnara 01684 891261

9.15pm ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Mindfulness Meditation, Malvern Vale

Duo Tai Chi – Ta Lu & Pushing Hands, Heartland Tai Chi School. Grove Primary School, Pickersleigh Gr, 7 - 8pm ffi Alan 07722 765009



Chi & Taoist Yoga. Malvern College Sports Complex. Open to all. 9.30-10.30 ffi: Lyn Clarke 01684 566890

Mindfulness Meditation, Kaspa’s House, Malvern. 10am-11am ffi: Kaspa 01684 572 444

Hatha Yoga, 10-11.30 The Cube, Ffi: Hilly 07828 032643


Tai Chi for Living Well, Beginners. Holy Trinity School, Link Top. 12.30-1.30. ffi: Alan 01905 764848

Community Centre, 7:45-8:45pm ffi: Kaspa 01684 572 444 Mat Based Rehabilitation Pilates, Malvern Vale Community Centre. 7.45–8.45pm. ffi Paula 07985 211 555 EFT ‘Tapping’ Circles for Physical and Emotional Issues 8.20 – 9.50pm Trafford House, Jamaica Road, Malvern, ffi: Craig 07912 089231

Wednesday General Yoga, Inner Place, Ledbury. 9.30-11am. ffi: Jo 07976 882252

Heartland Tai Chi School Tai Chi

Yoga suitable for beginners, Malvern Vale

Reiki Share, 4/03 18/03, Centre of Well Being &

Heartland Tai Chi for Living Well - Beginners'

Short Form, Holy Trinity Hall, Link Top, 1.30-2.30 ffi: Alan 01905 764848 3/04 & 17/04 @ The Beacon Clinic. Ffi Mary 07929 961280


Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) St Mary’s Church hall, 3.30 -4.30 pm. ffi Linda 01684 56967722

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Weekly Classes


Community Centre, 10 – 11.30. ffi: Hilly 07828 032643 Class St George’s Magdalene Room, St George’s Square,Worcester WR1 1HX 10am to 11am ffi: Alan Smith: 01905 764848

Yoga for Back Care, Inner Place, Ledbury. 11.1512.30. ffi: Jo 07976 882252 Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre. 1011.40am, ffi: Alix 07816 147501

Weekly Classes



Weekly Classes



Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) Welland Parish Hall, 2-3pm. ffi Linda 01684

Moon Woman Gathering. Malvern. 7.30pm The

Yoga, 18.45-20.30pm Paadena Studio, Suckley.

Restorative Yoga, 6.30-8.30pm, 9/05, 23/05,

Ffi: Barbara 07990 501498

20/06, 4/07, 18/07.Friends Meeting Hs, Malvern. Ffi: Hilly 07828 032643 5 Rhythms Dance, Friends meeting house. 7.309.30pm.. Confirm with Neil on 07761 856154 Circle Dance Live Music. Monthly Friday’s 8st 10pm. 21 Mar & 14 Apr. Wellington Heath Sunnara 01684 891261


Reiki Share, Private address, 7pm, 14 &28/05, 11 & 25/06, 9/07, Ffi: Mary 07929 961280 Buddhist Service. @ Wheel of life 7.30pm. Weekly. ffi: Kaspa 07946 715730 Circle Dance, Malvern Holy Trinity Hall 8-10pm ffi: Sunnara 01684 891261

Wheel of Life. Ffi Cassandra 07794 507076


Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) The Wheel of Life. 9.4 –10.45 ffi Linda 01684569677


Tai Chi School, Birlingham Village Hall, Near Pershore. WR10 3AB 10-11am Ffi: Alan 01905 764848

StepStone Challenge (aim to lose a

stone and get fitter in 13 weeks) Hill Centre, Milestone Road, Upton on Severn. 10am -12pm. Term time only. Ffi: 01684 591048

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Ji ( Tai Chi) Worcester. Horizon Hall Worcester. 18.30-20.15 Ffi 07510 653435

Heartland Tai Chi: Short Form. 6.45-8.15pm Fort Royal School, Worcester.Ffi: Alan 07722 765009 Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre 78.40pm ffi: Alix 07816 147501 Hatha Yoga – Advanced The Friends' Meeting Hs, Malvern.7.-8.30pm ffi: Hilly 07828032643

Heartland Tai Chi: Long Form. 8.30-10pm Fort Royal School, Worcester.Ffi: Alan 07722 765009 Joyful Voices Harmony Singing Group. 7.309.30pm. Fortnightly. West Malvern Village Hall. Sunnara 01684 891261

Friday Mat

Based Mixed Abilities Pilates, at Malvern Cube, 9.15 – 10.15am. ffi; Paula 07985 211 555 Tai Ji (Tai Chi) for beginners. Malvern Cube. 9.30 – 11.00. Ffi: Catherine 07510 653435 Meridian Yoga @ The Wheel Of Life Centre 1011.40am, ffi: Alix 07816 147501 Mat Based 23 Mixed Abilities Pilates, at Malvern Cube, 11. – ffi; Paula 07985 211 555

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Stressed and wound up by everyday life – try Energy Therapy.

Energy therapy is a natural and purposeful energy based process, grounded in the ancient tradition of hands on healing, which supports the body’s natural energies to help you recover from stress, illness, trauma and to keep yourself healthy. How does it work? I work with a conscious intention to help and support your body’s natural energy flows. Your body is composed of energy pathways and energy centres that are in dynamic interplay with your cells, organs, moods and thoughts. By supporting changes of these energy pathways, Energy therapy can influence your health, emotions, and state of mind to give a natural sense of wholeness and wellbeing. .

What energy therapy does not do! Energy therapy does not offer a quick fix. Although often effects are felt after the first session, it normally takes several sessions for deeper, long term, changes to develop, for the body’s balance to be restored. What are the effects? You are likely to become very relaxed during a treatment, sometimes falling asleep or experiencing the deep breathing of sleep whilst remaining conscious. You may feel heat or cold from my hands, a tingling sensation, see colours or just feel inner peace. Afterwards you may feel very relaxed, with a sense of physical and emotional revitalisation, and a deep sense of peace.

One of my client’s says it’s the only time she stops talking for more than 5 minutes, her partner could not believe it! What happens in treatment? You lie on a couch, fully clothed, and with your consent, I gently place my hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions, which cover the whole body, treatments lasting between 30 and 50 minutes.

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Energy Therapy

A natural and purposeful energy based process Who am I? My working background has always been in the food industry and I have always taken a keen interest in food, its quality and food provenance and now eat organic food whenever possible. It’s very important to me that the food I eat is real food, grown by a real farmer on land that he nourishes and is cherishing for future generations. I live with my wife, Sarah, in a lovely village near Pershore and we have 2 grown up daughters with whom we do lots of fun things. After a lifetime of ignoring my body and emotions, I was drawn to the benefits of Energy therapy after two serious illnesses. I was so excited with the beneficial effects for me that I undertook a 3 year course of study to qualify as an Energy therapist allowing me to share these benefits with others.

Ed Cohen B.Sc Email 25: Mob: 07989 217537

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The Wheel of Life Centre


The Wheel of Life Centre has many experienced therapists and teachers, of which one or more will support you in achieving a pain free, contented, healthy lifestyle and feeling of wellbeing


children and adults, babies and pregnancy help is available to manage most health issues that interfere with enjoying daily life. From ACUTE conditions such as HAYFEVER & BREATHING problems to CHRONIC conditions causing PAIN and DISTRESS we will endeavor to help you feel in control of the situation working alongside your prescribed medications and treatments. Both Physical and Emotional aspects of your life can be met and improved at the Wheel of Life Centre with the aid of one of our trained therapists or teachers. You may know what therapy you would choose to help you but if you remain confused as to how best to spend your time and money please feel free to call the Centre. We can help you decide on the phone or offer you a free 15 min chat to discuss the most efficient treatment plan for you.  You may prefer to :- ‘TALK OR NOT TALK’  ‘ HAVE HEALING WITH TOUCH OR NO TOUCH’  LEARN TO BE STILL AND BREATHE WITH MINDFULLNESS OR  MOVE AND PHYSICALLY EXERCISE There is no need to feel fear of new treatments or classes, our overall aim is to help you feel comfortable, comforted, relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated with a sense of calm in mind & spirit. THERAPIES and CLASSES at the Wheel of Life Centre Therapies Acupuncture :- Fine needles used to rebalance the Qi energy. Reflexology:- Specific massage of the feet. Shiatsu:- Japanese therapeutic massage Massage:- Sports, aromatherapy & Tui Na massage. Touch for Health Kinesiology:- rebalances energy channels. Reiki:- Light touch energy healing. Homeopathy:- Remedies for acute & chronic conditions. Counseling:- For individuals & couples. We are Educational Psychology & CBT here to Astrology & self discovery. help you Classes achieve a Yoga:- a gentle ‘Scaravelli’ approach to yoga. state of Pilates:- Scott pilates to improve core stability & strength. wellbeing Buddhist meditation meetings. Mindfulness:- to develop our awareness & putting it to good use

26 01684 565586 26

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Light and Colour

We all need light.

Only 25% of the light reaching our eyes is used for vision. 75% travels through the optic pathways to to the brain. All cells are light sensitive and need a balanced supply .Electrical impulses reach the hyothalamus, the pituitary and the limbic systems where they are converted into chemicals which stimulate the production of hormones through the endocrine system. This regulates metabolic function such as body temperature, weight, growth, sleep and sexual functions. These affect mood, digestion, cerebral activity and mental states. So the visible spectrum is not the whole story, the invisible wavelengths have effects on our body and our mind. When we lived outdoors and in caves or shelters made of skins and mammoth bones we saw the early morning light, the midday sun, the afternoon shadows and the evening sky and then the dark night sky with starlight and moonlight. We saw the full spectrum of light from blues to yellows to pinks and purples to black and silver, even grey on a cold cloudy morning. Blue rays have the shortest wavelenghts, red the longest. The production of melatonin, seratonin and endorphins is in relation to the amount and the quality of the light we receive. Colour preferences are interesting because they give us non-verbal clues to our personality. Colours we love and colours we do not like can mean that we become unbalanced. For example when we think we have nothing to wear it maybe because we do not have clothes in the particular colour that we need that day. Avoiding colours lead to imbalances so we need to redress the balance. You may not like Navy Blue because of its association with Traffic wardens and authority, but blocking blue energy may mean you are resisting changes such as improving communication. Imbalances in our energy system lead to ill health. Symptoms, aches and pains and complaints will easily identify the area that needs working on. In the ancient Chakra system each level of the body has a chakra and has a colour, as well as a musical note and a belief. E.g. the Manipura or Solar Plexus is yellow, at the level of the liver and pancreas, the tone is E the sound is Ah, the strength is

Mob: 07929 961280

willpower and the negative state is fear. Fear is yellow and it’s felt in the belly. Once we establish what colour someone needs we can recommend what colours they wear28 and surround themselves with. We can do a colour breathing exercise and we can create a colour visualisation. The balanced person is healthy and happy.


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Summer Solstice 2014 st

The Summer Solstice 21 June harkens the longest day of the year, when warmth spills Beltane upon the land and fruitful bounties are enjoyed by all creatures. The date of the June Solstice was an important source to help people manage their calendars and organize when to plant and harvest crops. This time of year was also a traditional month for weddings. “Solstice is derived from two Latin words: “sol” meaning the Sun and “sister” to cause to stand still. Lif comes from the “sol” The Sun, we are all dependent on the magnificent ball of warmth and light. The Summer Solstice is a time of celebration to enjoy in the open air amongst the abundance of nature at it’s fullest. A time when herbs are at their most potent, and when humans can celebrate all their achievements and joys of the year so far.

Pagans would gather at stone circles, or other megalithic monuments. One of these such monuments is of course Stonehenge in Wiltshire. You may be planning to view either the Sunrise or Sunset from the Malvern Hills st on Saturday 21 June…or you may wish to attend a workshops or weekend break scheduled for The Summer Solstice weekend.


A Day of Mid Summer Dreaming FFI: Hesther 01684 573882

Summer Solstice Day Retreat FFI: Hilly 07828 032643

Summer solstice meditative canal retreat. FFI: Tor 07806 818973

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Tai Ji (or Tai Chi) is a physical activity that can be taken up by any one of you whatever your level of fitness.

Tai Ji for Beginners

Because it has no element of competitiveness and no set course, you can give it as much or as little time as you can spare. Some people come to it after an illness when they need to rebuild their strength and resilience; other use it as a means of destressing in a busy lifestyle and some use it to enhance their already high level of physical fitness and to improve their performance in a favourite sport or martial art. Tai Ji is an internal art which means that body, mind and spirit are involved in the movements you make. You are not required to build muscle but to increase your flexibility, improve your powers of concentration and learn to relax and let go. Because the movements are done mindfully, the classes are very absorbing and you will experience a wonderful feeling of release from everyday cares.. This is very energising and people often report that they leave a Tai Ji class feeling less tired than when they started. They also say that they sleep better.

In a typical Tai Ji class you will spend some time doing preparatory exercises which warm up and loosen the body; you might do some walking exercises such as Dragon Walk or Cat Walk; you might stand or sit in a static position for several moments to encourage a free flow of energy through your body and you will probably start to learn the Tai Ji Form which is a flowing sequence of gentle and expansive movements. When the Form is being taught traditionally, you will learn each move separately and only go onto the next when you are ready. In this way you develop at your own pace and absorb the moves so well that they soon become second nature. Newcomers often wonder how they will ever remember the sequence but someone who learns in this way is like any artist or craftsperson who learns though imitation and repetition and ends by making it look easy. As you become proficient in the moves, you will find immense pleasure in the execution of them and in the gradual realisation that each one has a purpose and a meaning. If you haven’t tried it before or of you have tried it and always meant to go back and have another go, make this New Year the time when you take the first step on your Tai Ji journey.

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Contact Catherine on 07510 653435

Dawn of the Long Count

The Long Count, 20.12.12 was recognised by Mayan wisdom keepers and spiritual traditions from across the world as the end of an astronomical cycle and dawn of a new time, an opportunity for a fresh way ahead for humanity and our planet. We are now being presented with the possibility of shifting our perceptions of what it means to be a sacred human – in how we live, work and co-create with all life upon the Grandmother Earth. We are asked to explore who we really are and to let go of the limiting narrative of who we think we are. Who are we as the Gift in this time ? How do we brings this gift to the table and offer it to community. Through ceremony and the teachings of the Medicine Wheel DreamWalker will create the space for you to surrender old patterns, embrace the new template and create a new weave. She will assist you in recognising the jewels of your own Heart and Path and accepting and anchoring the new pathways that emerge. Arwyn Dreamwalker is a teacher and healer of the Medicine Traditions of Turtle Island (North and South America). She has travelled to Britain and Europe for over twenty years bringing an impeccable standard of ceremony and teachings and a vision of life that holds at its heart a deep devotion to the sacred. WHERE : The retreat takes plae in Beddgelert, Snowdonia a magical and beautiful landscape rich in legend and dreaming. ACCOMMODATION : This retreat is non-residential. B & B and camping are available in Beddgelert; aList of accommodation will be sent with confirmation of booking. WHEN : From the morning of Monday 16th June (arrive Sunday eve) and closes on the afternoon of Thursday 19th June 2014. A light buffet style lunch is provided every day. We look forward to meeting you.


CONTACT : Sue email : Tel: 01684 541858 or 07815 741221

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I am passionate about Hand Reflexology as a self help tool.

Hands Have It All.

If you have a headache or suffer regular tummy/ back / period pain avoid taking tablets and learn to work on your hands. I know that these methods have saved me, and others, many hours of pain and stress. With a little practice anyone can do it. For tummy-ache. I mean pain which is fairly central to the front / middle of the body, below the heart or maybe a little lower, nearer the intestines. Roll your thumb deeply into the centre of the palm of your hand. Slightly near the edge between the base of the thumb and for-finger. You should feel an aching in the hand when you hit the right spot and, as you press and roll your thumb over the area, it should ease off that pain in your hand, just as the pain in your body could ease too.

Head aches, The top of your head is mainly found at the top of the thumbs so I teach people who suffer with pain there ( not all that common) to push the two thumbs together. Top to top. If your head pain seems to be around the eyes then it is best to work around the sides of the thumb nail‌

or even on the base of the nail bed of the thumb and similarly a little on the nail and edge of the for-finger. Any arthritic areas on your hands will coincide and need pressing firmly to help all of this. Stroke them as well as pressing and also scratch toward the wrists if areas are at all itchy . Backpain, I tell people who are new to this to hold their hands together to make a butterfly with flapping wings, thumbs together. Then where the hands meet at the centre of your butterfly, shows you where the spine runs down the centre of the body, between the thumbs. Therefore the top of the thumb, as I said previously, is the head and the line of the spine runs down to your wrist at the base of the spine. This should make it easy to find the part of your spine where your pain, if you have pain, can be helped by pressing the sides of your thumb.


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I’m not suggesting that this is easy for beginners. But do give it a try and there is much more I can teach you.

I’m not really giving secrets away here. I just want to spread the news that it can be done and is harmless, even if you struggle at first. I realize that it isn’t easy at first and this is why I work for South Worcestershire College in Malvern and sometimes give demonstrations of how this style of work is very central to my work as a Reflexologist, all the time because it is simple and positive.

I often teach Reflexologists these techniques because many say that they are never taught much about hand reflexology. I developed these approaches to help people to help themselves between foot treatments, and I find them invaluable myself, so do many of my clients too. Jill Peer of Pickersleigh. Malvern Tel: 3507754 950939

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Sue Akehurst

Acupuncture Wheel of Life Centre, North Malvern Rd WR14 4LT Tel: 01684 565586

Fair Trade & ethical gifts, clothing, and accessories shop Tudor House, 17c High Street, Ledbury, HFDS HR8 1DS Tel: 01531 634636

Zero Balancing, a unique, non-invasive bodywork treatment for well-being. Beacon Clinic, Malvern WR14 2TA Tel: 07944 394245

ASTROLOGY Cassandra Eve Astrological consultations & mentoring Tel: 07794 507076

AROMATHERAPY Paula Trafford Organic Aromatherapy Massage Rehabilitation and Mixed Abilities Pilates. Trafford House, Malvern WR14 1TX Tel: 01684 566 076

BOWEN Julia Foster Not only for back discomfort! NTC @ The Fold, Bransford, WR6 5JB. Also Droitwich Tel: 07964 298 337

COUNSELLING Sue Akehurst Person Centered Counselling Supervision & Mindfulness training Beacon Clinic, Malvern, WR14 2TA Mob: 07944 394245

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Jennie Sheringham


HOMEOPATHY Kelda White Homeopathy, Hair Analysis, Reiki Tel: 01684 575516

LIFE COACHING Dawn Ryder Holistic Therapies and Life Coaching Malvern Spiritual and Therapy Centre, Leigh Sinton, Malvern

Emma Mary Gathergood Transforming Lives Coaching Service & Holistic Life Coaching Tel: 01684 577867

MASSAGE BCMB in Worcestershire Massage Training The Natural Therapy Centre, The Fold, Bransford, WR6 5JB TEL: 01386 861931

Sarah Cohen Massage and Bodywork The Natural Therapy Centre, The Fold, Bransford, WR6 5JB 01386 861931

NATURAL PRODUCTS The Apothecary Shop Natural remedies for health and wellbeing 31 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BP 01531 633448

Jennie Sheringham Independent Consultant. Neals Yard Remedies Natural, Safe, Ethical, Organic Skin Care & Beauty Supplements for Health & Wellness. Tel: 07850064684

ORGANIC Handley Organics Fresh organic produce and groceries 82 The Homend, Ledbury HR8 1BX Tel: 01531 632889

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT Anne & Jack Stewart Psychic Development, Healing Therapy and Wellness 1, Guarlford Road, Malvern, WR14 3QW. Tel: 01684 439397,

DIRECTORY REFLEXOLOGY Jennie Sheringham Reflexology Wheel Of Life Centre 6 North Malvern Road WR14 4LT Tel: 01684 565586

Jill Peer Topnots and Treatments IHand Reflexology & Indian Head Massage. Near the centre of Malvern Te:07754 950939

SEWING Catherine Howie re|fashion Sewing classes, alterations, dressmaking Studio 3, The Fold, WR6 5JB Tel: 07854 486869

Jill Peer Topnot Maker Hats and accessories to match your outfit Pickersleigh Road Malvern Tel: 07754950939

TAI CHI Alan Smith Heartland Tai Chi School Teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung & meditation Grove Primary School, Holy Trinity hall & Malvern Vale Community Centre Tel: 01905 764848

Linda Edwards Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) Wheel of Life Centre, Malvern & others. 37 Tel: 01684 569677


West Fest… 5th July 2014

West Fest 2013 raised £5500 for over 14 different community groups and projects in the Malvern area.

Preparations are well under way for the 2014 music festival, which is a non profit making event. The main stage and acoustic stage will welcome new bands as well as the return of some old favourites. Last year saw the addition of the Andy Dakin Memorial Stage which involved different types of act such as storytelling, poetry, choir singing and other performances from young people. A “silent disco” finished the event which proved a great success. The beer tent will be offering ales from West Malvern Brewery as well as cider, lager, wine and soft drinks, while Oxfam will run a cocktail bar, something that proved very popular last year. Local caterers will offer all kinds of food options including tea and cakes. Children can enjoy inflatable games, face painting, hair braiding and performances from Pete the juggler and others. An Arts and Craft marquee will exhibit work from local artists and local businesses and groups offer their products in other stalls. The entry charge for a family will be £16, adult tickets are £7, under 18s £4 and under 5s free. If your band would like to offer to play this year’s event please e-mail There is also space for exhibitors in the Arts and Crafts marquee, if you are interested then please email West Fest takes place on th July 5 this year between 11am and 10pm on the West Malvern playing fields. For more information and future updates take a look at our website Funds from last year’s West Fest contributed to Colwall Rotary Club who will use their share for youth projects, while Mathon Tennis Club plan to resurface their courts. Hanley Castle High School’s PTA also benefited and the Hills Echo received money to cover printing costs, West Malvern British Legion will update their facilities and both Arcos and Malvern Scouts plan to cover general costs. St James CE Primary School and Willow Children Group plan to buy equipment and West Malvern Baby and Toddlers Group will use their share for general funding.38

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Hillistic View


Ever wondered what was holding the clouds up?

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View from Stocks Lane


Malvern Hillistic May June 2014  

Malvern Hillistic May June 2014