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1. Label the pictures. Use the words in the box:

Pet store Pharmacy police station post office restaurant church Ice-cream shop jewellery-store barber-shop cinema coffee-shop backer –shop concert hall furniture store gym hospital Night- club

1. Match the words with the correct definitions : 1. cinema

a) park your car

2. disco

b) eat and drink

3. post office

c) change money

4. sports centre 5. supermarket

d) catch a plane e) dance

6. hospital

f) seepaintings by famous artists

7. bank

g) buy stamps

8. restaurant

h) watch a play

9. car park

i) seea film

10. airport

j) catch a train

11. museum

k) watch a football match

12. theatre

l) buy fruit and vegetables

13. church

m) pray

14. library 15. market 16. police station 17. underground station

n) report a robbery o) buy food, drinks and home articles. p) take the underground q) read a book

18. school

r) have lessons

19. stadium

s) have a surgery

20. rail station

t) swim and play sports

2. Now write definitions: a) A cinema is a place where you can seea film. b) ________________________________________ c)


d) ________________________________________ e) ________________________________________ f)


g) ________________________________________ h) ________________________________________ i)




k) ________________________________________ l)


m) ________________________________________ n) ________________________________________

the city and the town  

vocabulary related to the city