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LET THERE BE ART... We proudly introduce Mal Saints Row, an art inspired brand started by two friends. Originally these two urban artists painted their own clothes. They eventually decided to create their own clothing brand so everyone can share their passion for art and fashion. This is a guide of our latest range products, but don’t worry, there will be more coming soon. In the meantime, have a look at our masterpieces!

PIPE DREAMS This design of an ancient Native American skull was hand drawn in pen, chork and markers, the canvas was then crinkled and while drying watercolour paint was added to create the dream like illusion. The crowning piece of the design is an authentic leather penacho complete with feathers and rope. The design aims to represent the culture of Indigenous peoples of the Americas and what their perception of death was.

Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011


VICTORIA AUT MORS This design is a homage to those that have died at sea and have found “victory in their” death. The photographed corals and fossils have been repetitively arranged using digital media. For the sweatshirt complete the look with chinos or skinnies and trainers. Don’t forget to add a pair of vintage looking sunnies too.


Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011

VICTORIA AUT MORS Deep V-neck t-shirt

The t-shirt has a more relaxed feel to it and it’s perfect for a day out. It looks great paired up with straight or slouchy jeans and trainers for a casual look.

Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011


PROM NIGHT We proudly present Prom night, a design that gathers inspiration from an anatomical sketch taken from the renaissance era. It also incorporates calligraphy extracts from diaries of the great thinker Da Vinci. It was created using digital media and photography. Pair it with skinny jeans with light washes to have a fresh and relaxed look.


Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011

APHROS Now, who wouldn’t want to be seen walking around with a fit bird that happens to be the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality? Our masterpiece Aphros, based on the greek goddess Aprhodite, features the sculpted Venus de Milo bust and reflects the vanity and narcissism of man. We don’t know why but we think this t-shirt will make you look more than once in the mirror...

Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011


FAIRY TALES This enchanted design was merely inspired by nature and the main idea behind it was the belief of the existance of beings other than humans, for instance fairys, elfs, you know that sort of thing. It was created from debris found in the woods which was later layed on a table and arranged to create organic shapes.


Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011

LIMBO Halfway between heaven and hell this eerie vision of Limbo depicts the church of God in the sky and the underworld below. In the middle many souls are trapped, watched by the all seeing eye. Don’t worry, you won’t end up in limbo if you buy this t-shirt... we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011


The t-shirt has a round neck and it looks amazing paired with skinnies or chinos and with suede shoes or boots. If you want to turn it up a notch wear a woven belt too.


Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011

EXPLORER This design, Inspired by the steampunk movement features a mechanical theme fused with a detailed anatomical drawing and represents the exploration of body and mind. *Available in round neck t-shirt s and hooded tops.

Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011


HEAVENLY BODIES This design is dedicated to the human form. It is composed of Leonardo Da Vinci’s original anatomical drawings and was inspired by his curiosity, his constant obsession with flying and different experimentations. Various body parts and bones were digitally arranged to represent Leonardo’s different views and ideas at once. Without a doubt, Da Vinci has trully left a big footprint in the world of art.


Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011

VENUS This nautical themed design was inspired by the all famous painting of Venus rising from the sea symbolizing rebirth and power. The design has been digitally arranged to emulate the Virgin of Guadalupe, a famous religious Mexican icon.

Mal Saints Row summer look book 2011


Mal Saints Row Summer Look Book  

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