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THE PAWN OF DECEPTION Event Design Visual design Venue design Signage and menu card design

The Pawn of Deception is a New Year’s Eve party held by The Pawn in 31 December 2011. Located in Wan Chai, The Pawn targets the middle to high level guest. This New Year’s Eve party is their first event of normal dining and catering function. The project aims to decorate the site with the theme, James Bond 007, and to give a total different experience and a incredible night to the guest.

Project Duration // 2 weeks

2011 December

Freelance Project

Background The Pawn, the tenement house of former Woo Cheong Pawnshop dating back to 1888, is one of the few remaining Chinese heritage buildings in Hong Kong. The restaurant complex spreads over three storeys and incorporates a living room, a dining room and a rooftop garden serving modern British fare. The venue decoration covers all the three storeys with different look and feel for each level.

Moodboards A set of moodboards for the look and feel guidelines of each level. All of them took the idea of different James Bond movies. Names for each level Each levels are renamed into James Bond related name as a gimmick to the theme. 3/F Rooftop—Skyfall Roof Garden 2/F Dining Room—The Lipstick Lounge & Club Q 1/F Living Room—Le Casino Royale

Logomark Above is a pattern designed for this event. Consist of a Victorian style curves and part of The Pawn logo, the pattern gives a grand and posh feeling which matches James Bond. It is also signature and unique to The Pawn. The pattern is applied to a set of different colour scheme (left) which can be then used in all the theme for background or wallpaper in all the event materials.

Venue setting design—Le Casino Royale Le Casino Royale is the theme for 1/F, Living Room. We want to create a feeling of the grand and posh VIP room of La Vegas Casino. Like the one in the 80s, everyone who come in has to wear tuxedo. Mature red, gold and jade green is the main colour scheme. We have Victorian pattern wallpaper, cushion texture, carpet like print... to create the casino. Besides, decorations like western paintings, chandelier, candle holder helped to complete the whole look. Graphics was printed on stickers and foam boards to install on floor, windows and door panels.

Venue setting design—Club Q On the 2/F, Dining Room, we divided the space into two sections, one is Club Q and another is The Lipstick Lounge. In the Club Q, obviously we would like to turn it to a dance area. We have a DJ live performance and special spotlighting for this area. For the visuals, we have the same Victorian wallpaper pattern but in a red and white colour scheme. Other than that, we have some mirror sticker panel for installing in some of the wall frames which can create a reflections to the spotlighting and foster the clubbing atmosphere.

Venue setting design—The Lipstick Lounge Talking about James Bond, of course we need to have the Bond girls. So for The Lipstick Lounge, we took five of the Bond girls and the coming new Bond girl of all the James Bond movies, including Eva Green in ‘Casino Royale’, Halle Berry in ‘Die Another Day’, Jane Seymour in ‘Live and Let Die’, Pussy Galore in ‘Goldfinger’, Eunice Gayson in ‘From Russia with Love’ and Naomie Harris in ‘Skyfall’. We took their lips and framed it in contemporary red frames. We have black and white colour for the Victorian pattern wallpaper to emphasize the frames. We then displayed the frames on the walls just like a small exhibition along the whole section. This area is good for chatting and chilling.

Venue setting design artwork Here are the artworks for the 1/F Le Casino Royale. There are foam boards sticker for installing on windows, doorway, bar area, and the floor.

Venue setting design artwork For the artwork for the 2/F, The Lipstick Lounge and Club Q, we also have foam boards and mirror stickers for all the wall, doorway and bar area.

Additional items—menu card & promotion card Menu card for that night is mainly indicate the different kinds of alcohol that they serve in different bar area, We used the logotype of the party and the James Bond black and white outline. We have “License to Drink” and “License to Bite” to define the drink menu and snacks menu. Since the menu had to be printed inhouse, we had it in their memo card size. For the promotion card, it is a pocket size card which indicate the map of the party and on another side, we have the next promotion campaign visuals.

Additional items—luck draw form & banknote

James Bond and money used to tie together.

and the Head Chef of The Pawn to replace

The lucky draw form is a quick design in

Since we have a casino in the 1/F, we designed

the president image in the USD2000 and

A5 size and in black and white for in-house

two fake banknote for guests to play in the

USD1000 banknote. With the title of the party

printing. Again, the Bond visual is applied to

casino floor. Highjacking the US dollar, we

and the Bond sharp graphic, it is an exclusive

unite with other materials.

use the portraits of the General Manager

banknote only for this party.

Signage design A set of signage has to be designed for all the floors since the venue is not designed for late night parties. We need to have clear and sharp guidelines for people to understand the directions. On the design, we have all the signage in A3 size and in white background for dim lighting. We maintain the grand feeling of the party by using the pattern wallpaper as a frame and the use of gold the serif fonts.

Specific signage for different level Another important function is to create an ideal people flow during the party. We wanted to separate the people from diners, drinkers and servers. We need to have some “No Entry� sign for server only exits.

The Pawn NYE Party 2011  

The Pawn of Deception is a New Year’s Eve party held by The Pawn in 31 December 2011. Located in Wan Chai, The Pawn targets the middle to hi...

The Pawn NYE Party 2011  

The Pawn of Deception is a New Year’s Eve party held by The Pawn in 31 December 2011. Located in Wan Chai, The Pawn targets the middle to hi...