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ICG, CREATIVE DIVISION Visual Branding Corporate Identity (CI) design Website design and consulting Name card design

The I-Consulting Group (ICG) is a professional firm specializing in IT managed services & consulting services, headquartered in Hong Kong with service coverage in Hong Kong, Singapore and China. They are opening a new creative division as a digital marketing agency. This division aims to project a international and innovative image.

Project Duration // 4 months

2011 February

Freelance Project

Final outcome There are four key colours for the new

For the name card, a subtle quote is

division, indigo, palm green, sharp blue and

embossed at one side. The client has

full blue. It gives a fresh feeling to audiences.

confirmed all the design but they stopped

For the website, main quotes are displayed

the project because of marketin reasons.

in the first main area in the home page of the

The client decided not to open this creative

website. The website is created with grids

division at last. Unluckily, this set of design

which can present and emphasize different

remains in ideal concepts.

specfic services that their company has. A monotonous background is appled to provide a stronger visual comparison to the corporate colours.

Draft In the early stages, I have tried out several colour tone. The shocking pink colour was suggested as the main colour in the first stage from the client. And the design of the grid alignment was first suggested for presenting various services from the client.

ICG Creative Division Branding  
ICG Creative Division Branding  

Branding project with creative branding