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This is a Carlos Angoa portfolio...

Portfolio soundtrack. I recommend you look at this portfolio while listening to the following song list: Calexico: Panic Open String (Garden Ruin) + Patrick Watson: The Great Escape (Close To Paradise) + Fever Ray: When I Grow Up (Fever Ray) + Gus Gus: Is Jesus Your Pal (Polydistortion) + Funki Porcini: Back Home (Fast Sleep) + The Cinematic Orchestra: Time & Space (Live at the Royal Opera House) + Björk: Possible Maybe (Homogenic Live) + Belle and Sebastian: The Boy Done Wrong Again (If You’re Feeling Sinister...) + Blonde Redhead: Silently (23) + The Hidden Camera: Boys of Melody (Shortbus Soundtrack) + The Good, the Bad and the Queen: Nature Springs (The Good, the Bad and the Queen) + The Horrors: Scarlet Fields (Primary Colours) + Block party: So Here We Are (Silent Alarm) + Porcupine Tree: Prodigal (In Absentia) + Cranes: The Marker of Heavenly Trousers (Future Songs) + Juana Molina: Río Seco (Son) + Gustavo Cerati: Alma (Bocanada).

Copyright (c) 2010 All of these images belong to Carlos Angoa, so don’t steal them or use them without Carlos’ permission. I am a very spiritual person, so if you make something bad with my images, I believe you’re going to be punished by the karma or maybe by the law, so please, don’t do it.

Thanks, have a nice pretty day.

... yes,

a Carlos Angoa portfolio

What’s inside? A very carefully selected sampling of Carlos Angoa’s works. You can find these works organized into three separate groups: 1. 2. 3.

Photography Illustration and Posters that I consider as the meeting point between my illustrations and my photographs.

So please, enjoy it.

Statment One day I read a book by Umberto Eco entitled Baudolino and in this book, the hero Baudolino says something like this (I don’t remember exactly); “Sometimes, with the help of wine, sometimes with the help of green honey (absinthe), I escaped from this reality trying to forget this painful world and I didn’t notice that in imagining other worlds, I can change this world…” I have concluded: 1. Baudolino was insane maybe because of the alcohol 2. He was right So I decided to take the words of Baudolino as a guide and I have discovered that this is the true pith of the work of the designer and artist (or should be), to imagine other worlds - different worlds - in order to change this one. From that day on, with the help of illustration and photography, I invent other realities, always thinking and understanding (or trying) my own. At the heart of all my work is the human being and some themes of human behavior and nature often hidden by cultural and social codes: transformation, meta-morphosis, androgyny, hybrid and duality. Why do I choose to focus on these themes? Well, because I want to ask the question: Who am I? It is really common to have lots of doubts about one’s identity; I know this because I am very, very human.

Bio Hi, my name is Carlos Angoa. Some call me malora, some don’t.

I was born in 1985 near to a forest and a mountain. I studied graphic design and some day I would love to have

my own brand of bags, teach illustration and be the

owner of a vegetarian restaurant. but at the moment, I am learning, practising and making mistakes

(because mistakes are good as long they don’t cost your life) and having fun in the process.

And all this process I have grown up.

Photo 1

* ** *** **** ***** Photography

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Illustration 1

* ** *** **** ***** Illustration

Illustration 2

Illustration 3

Illustration 4

Illustration 5

Illustration 6

Illustration 7

Illustration 8

Illustration 9

Poster 1

* ** *** **** ***** Poster

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

Poster 5

Poster 6

Poster 7

Poster 8

Poster 9

So, this is the end *****

If you have any consideration about my work or any coment; please mail me at: Gretting

Carlos Malora Portfolio  

This is my portfolio

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