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Are we prepared to discover we are not alone?

Kilo Vivo SL Alejandro Lรกzaro Alonso

SAles Lost Astronaut Producciones, Dynamo Post and Sebastiรกn Peroni present

Sanchez Bustillo 5, 1ro, Izq. 28012, Madrid, Spain +34 609 738260 +34 911 437761

Beatriz Cappeletti Guevara 252 C1427BRF Buenos Aires, Argentina +54 11 4554 2007

50 Years on the Moon a film by Mariano Santilli and Gabriela Chirife Argentina 2009 23 min. 16:9 HD Black & White / Color Russian


SYnOPSiS Nazar is obsessed with the moon. Throughout his life he has had a special relationship with it. Born on July 20th, 1969 at the same time that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. According to Nazar not only the obstetrician and the midwife, but also his mother were viewing the NASA broadcast while he was being delivered into the world. Mesmerized by the image of the astronaut bouncing on the lunar landscape, the doctor dropped baby Nazar onto the floor.

During a very difficult childhood Nazar becomes more and more isolated within a universe of his own built out of science fiction stories, space travel films seen on television and the chronicles of the space pioneers; as he gets older his obsession with the moon grows bigger and bigger. During his youth Nazar gets acquainted with various conspiracy theories denying that Man ever landed on the moon and other equally bizarre stories about contacts with aliens during the Apollo missions. In 2010 when colonization of the moon begins Nazar volunteers to be a pioneer but is summarily rejected. Convinced that he is made of the right stuff, Nazar builds up his own spacecraft with parts salvaged from rocket junkyards. On board the spacecraft and with the help from the odd Kiril Houston he will reach for the moon to endeavor to fulfill his call.

Moon landing and conspiracy theories I have always been puzzled by the huge array of conspiracy theories challenging the Apollo mission landed on moon. These can be reduced to three basic arguments. The first one states that the lunar module never landed on the moon, according to these conspiracy theorists the alleged landing was staged and filmed in a set by the US government. The second, that the moon landing failed and that NASA deepsixed the evidence of such tragic failure, but that following missions were successful. The third but by no means the least bizarre, states that all missions succeeded but that the footage was doctored in order to conceal evidence of extraterrestrial beings inhabiting on the surface and inside the Moon. Driven by a playful curiosity I spent some time researching these theories, coming to the inevitable conclusion that they are all nonsensical, baloney. The main character in the film, Nazar, knows all these theories by heart. He is offended by their inherent nihilism. In spite of being Russian, Nazar believes in the conquest of the space as a ecumenical achievement, one that belongs to Humanity as a whole. He considers himself as part of an international brotherhood in which he counts the names of American as well and Russian astronauts.

Like Nazar I think that the conquest of space is an international accomplishment, that is why I paid tribute to the Russian space agency by choosing their rockets and modules. Nazar might be right when thinks that the race to the moon ended in some sort of dialectical collaboration between the two super-powers. It may sound strange, but the US could not have landed on the moon if the Russians had n ot posed a challenge. In a way, I am paying homage to classical space travel movies like First Men in the Moon, Forbidden Planet and Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Of course I am a great admirer of Chesley Bonestell who painted beautiful backgrounds for Destination Moon. We filmed all the spacecrafts using scale models, in the old-fashioned way, it was the only possible way to obtain the appearance we wanted for the spacecrafts, and of course we took advantage of digital composition techniques with which I am familiar. We composed the lunar landscapes as inhospitable and menacing having in mind astronauts’ descriptions. 50 Years on the Moon can also be seen as a classic sci-fi story, or the story of man who dares to push his destiny beyond his wildest dreams.

Director’s biography Mariano Santilli was born in Necochea, Buenos Aires in 1969. He studied photography, painting and film production. In 1992 he started a career as a composer of digital effects, nowadays he is a distinguished digital artist widely respected among colleagues, producers and directors. He is the head of Dynamo Post a post-production company based in Buenos Aires with which he made hundreds of commercials for LatinAmerica, North America and Europe. He worked as visual effects supervisor in several feature films among them, La Sonåmbula (1998), Las Aventuras de Dios (2000), La Puta y la Ballena (2004) and Carne sobre Carne (2008) in which he also worked as executive producer. In 2002 and 2003 he was responsible Nickelodeon LatinAmerican campaign. 50 Years on the Moon is his first short film produced in collaboration with Gabriela Chirife. Presently, he is finishing a documentary on how the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki influenced both popular culture and media in the aftermath of WWII.

CAST Nazar Kiril Houston Nazar’s Mother Young Nazar

Roman Tsymbal Mykola Dykky Yana Solomajina Agustin Sampayo

Crew Written, Edited and Directed by Mariano Santilli Cinematography Gabriela Chirife Executive Producers Beatriz Cappeletti, Gabriela Chirife, Mariano Santilli Sound Designer Carlos Abbate First Assistant Director Pablo Jaramillo Correa Art Direction Gabriela Chirife and Mariano Santilli Produced by Mariano Santilli and Sebastian Peroni

Lost Astronaut P R O D U C C I O N E S 2009

Design :

Malo. Design Therapy  

Press book film "50 Years on the Moon" by Mariano Santilli

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