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Hello and Welcome to the February issue, For those of you struggling to think of a Valentines gift, there are a few ideas to be found here! We also have some great articles from our regular contributors this month, including tips on finance, what your body language says about you, cheap and cheerful tablets and a really useful article for parents form Tiggers Nursery. Don’t forget to check the new website for a directory of business contact details and facebook for reminders of What’s On! Kind Regards

Renee Tuck


CV Writing Service Let me help you get that Interview! Examples of Services : (email for full price list)  

Basic CV-Students, School Leavers £25 Standard CV– 1to 4 previous jobs £40

Vouchers available....Give a useful present this Christmas! Contact Sally for initial enquiry: or 07824602225

Hmm.... Chocolate or Roses?! CHOCOLATE ROMANCE £45.00 75mins A moisturising full body massage THE CHOCOLATE BOX FACIAL £45.00 75MINS Organic chocolate and rose oils are entwined To create a moisture, antioxidant boost for the skin. The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day The Oxford Practice, Malmesbury. Tel: 01666 824560 or browse

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Frame Visualisation System See your picture framed before buying

Specialist framer of memorabilia, cross-stitches, football shirts, jigsaws, pictures, prints etc. Also dry mounting and laminating SUE’S GALLERY & FRAMING 29A High Street, Cricklade SN6 6AB 01793 759016 Unit 23 Blackworth Industrial Estate, Highworth, Swindon SN6 7NA 01793 764929 Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer

RMN Personal Training Making Fitness Fun

1-2-1 sessions Personal and friendly Very effective Contact: 07979 084558

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Thank you! More than just good manners For most of us, saying ‘thank you’ is an everyday occurrence and, face to face at least, the words often trip out of our mouths more out of habit than with genuine meaning. In today’s fast paced world however, far more of our communication is by email, text, phone or social media, and taking the time to acknowledge others’ actions is being overlooked. But expressing your appreciation has a very important psychological role to play for both the person giving and the person receiving. Gratitude is more than just good manners; it reassures others that their help was actually valued and it encourages further reciprocal behaviour. Indeed missing this important step can cause resentment and people can feel snubbed by what may have just been an oversight. You would think that if you’d asked a favour of someone, asking for a second favour would make them feel you were asking too much. However, if you’ve clearly and personally thanked the giver the first time, they’ll feel good about themselves and towards you, and will be more than willing to help again.

Not that phone, text and email should be dismissed of course, especially to acknowledge someone you are unlikely to come in contact with again. Better that method than not at all. There are nominated days to show thanks to your nearest and dearest, with birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Valentine’s Day for your ‘significant other’. Again with busy lives, many view having to acknowledge these times as an inconvenience. But put yourself in the other person’s shoes: everyone around them is being appreciated on these occasions, and they want to feel that they are valued by their friends and family too. Remember the gift doesn’t need to be huge, but the gesture means so much.

Taking the time to tell someone you appreciate their efforts is also beneficial for you. A bit like if you donate to charity you are doing it to benefit others, but you come away feeling positive about yourself and your efforts. Giving feels good. The message does have to be commensurate with the act though. A dismissive ‘thanks’ to a reasonable favour won’t cut it. But a gushing ‘thank you so much, I really do appreciate your help, you are so kind’ to a minor act will sound false and lose its value. But wherever you can, include the person’s name in your message as that’s further endorsement of them as an individual. Also not all ‘thank yous’ are equal. Ask anyone under the age of 16 to produce a handwritten letter to be sent in the post, and their reaction is likely to be ‘why’? After all, there’s the phone, texting and email – much quicker and easier. But actually that’s just the point; such methods are so much easier they don’t hold as much weight to the recipient. Receiving a letter in the post, with its air of mystery as it lands on the mat, the tangible piece of paper and the very personal handwriting means so much more. It is also much more memorable than a text or email which is instantly forgotten.


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Finance 10 Easy Ways To Save Money While many people hold notions of being better with money, it’s rare that a practical action plan is put together. Here are ten top money-saving tips which are commonly-overlooked and which, over the course of the year, will have a drastic impact on your expendable income. 1. Pausing for Thought The four-day wait works. Any time you’re about to buy something which isn’t a necessity, listen to that niggling voice on your shoulder and wait four days until purchasing. Developing this simple habit rids you of compulsive buying inclinations and affords you time to compare prices online. 2. Balance Your Bank Account Few people take the time to balance bank statements. What your bank statement says you have at the end of each month is not the money that’s available to spend. Learn to reconcile your accounts and track your finances properly. Understanding your financial throughput properly will help develop positive spending habits. 3. Resell Your Clutter It’s frighteningly easy to accumulate unnecessary and unused products. Survey your belongings and unclutter your house and loft by setting up a Gumtree or eBay account. Rid yourself of these things in a way which will make you money. 4. Transfer Your Balances If you have credit cards debt, find another credit card offering 0% interest for several months, sign up and transfer the balance over. You can do this as many times as there are card companies and it will save you a fortune in interest. 5. Insurance Swapping Put aside an afternoon to phone all of your insurance companies. Finding cheaper deals on your car, home, life and other insurances will take just a couple of hours and could save you hundreds of pounds. 6. Mortgage Shopping While you may have been given a good deal on your mortgage initially, shopping around for a new mortgage could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year if you find a great deal, so spend an afternoon hunting around. Always check the small print. 7. 0% Interest on Purchases When purchasing new products which offer 0% interest, the APR is worked into the price. If you’re in a position to pay cash, negotiate with the salesperson to do so, but minus the interest worked into the cost. You’d be surprised how often this works and, if the salesperson seems uppity, ask to speak to the manager. 8. Creative Re-using Develop the habit of re-using things. Use modified cornflake


boxes for file holders and the bags inside for storing bread in the freezer. Re-use padded envelopes, cut old towels into cleaning cloths and always be on the lookout for new and creative ways to re-use things to save money. 9. Claiming Tax Benefits A certain stigma used to be attached to claiming tax benefits. Not anymore, and the government puts tax credits at the heart of family budget policies to garner public support. Make sure you take advantage of this and claim for child benefit, working tax and child tax credit if you’re eligible: 10. Join Moneysaving Expert Saving money should become a hobby and there’s no better place to do so than Moneysaving Expert. The forums are awash with incredibly insightful and useful guides on how to save more money than you ever thought possible. Sign up and become an active member of the community:

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BOWEN ACCOUNTANTS LTD Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants

•Small and medium sized business specialists •Free initial meeting •Fixed fees available •Free fact sheets and monthly e-news (see our website) Griffon House Seagry Heath Great Somerford Wiltshire SN15 5EN Tel: 01249 720341 Fax: 01249 470560

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Does your body language send the right message? By Claudia Leaf Here’s a game to play next time you’re stuck on a crowded platform, waiting for a train, or any place where you can observe people milling together. Let your eye roam over the crowds as they come and go, and select one individual who stands out to you. Who catches your attention, and why? It’s likely that you’ll find yourself drawn to the person who’s walking along purposefully, head held high. That person will seem alert and confident: interested in everything that’s going on around them. They have what is known as “positive body language”. We are instinctively attracted to such people: we all want to be liked and we feel confident that if we spoke to them, we would receive a positive response. Alternatively there are people we would hesitate to approach because we fear a negative reaction. Next time you’re hurrying to work on a rainy Monday morning and you catch a reflection of yourself in a shop window, you’ll know exactly what I mean: shoulders hunched, eyes focused on the ground, grumpy expression … Even though you may be sad, tired or bored rather than angry, your posture and expression are enough to make others avoid you. Feelings of insecurity or self-doubt can have a powerful effect upon the way you interact with others, often leading to the very outcomes you dread. Many women claim to feel ‘invisible’ when they reach a certain age - complaining that men no longer look at them and younger people seem to look right through them – but their body language could be partly to blame. When you feel unattractive you send out unconscious signals that say “Don’t look at me”. Humans decide whether or not they want to interact with another person by interpreting a wide range of signals. These are based on facial expression as well as the subtle messages conveyed by the rest of the body. For example, tension in the hands might indicate aggression, arms folded across the body can seem defensive, downward glances can appear sulky or uncommunicative. This reading of body signals is largely unconscious and may be open to misinterpretation, so it pays to be aware of what your own body is saying and make the appropriate changes. Check your posture – do you stand upright, with a straight spine and erect head, or do you slouch? Do you pick up


your feet when you walk, or do you shuffle? If you want to change the way you are perceived by others, then try out the techniques used by politicians when they ‘work’ a room. Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, lift your head and walk in. As you enter, look around, smiling: try to meet the gaze of as many people as possible. When you talk to someone on a one-to-one basis, look them directly in the eye, ask questions and give them the kind of attention you’d want to receive yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much impact you can make by simply changing your body language. It may not bring back the sort of attention you enjoyed when you were in your twenties, but it will encourage others to actively seek you out and - more importantly - remember you long after you’ve left the room.

Foot Health Care

Sina Ohms MCFHP MAFHP Foot Health Practitioner Corns-Nail Trimming-Verrucae-Hard SkinAthlete’s Foot-Ingrown Toenails-Nail InfectionsCracked Heels (Fissures)-Nail Cutting The Chippenham Natural Therapy Centre T:01249 443390 The Oxford Practice, Malmesbury T:01666 824 560 Corsham Chiropractic Clinic T: 01249 716683 Home Visits T: 01666 838683 M:07593324128

L.P. Electrical Reliable & Friendly service Free Estimates for all your electrical needs Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Safety checks, Rewires, Extensions, Extra lighting and sockets, Fault finding, Test and Inspecting, Fuse board replacements, etc Fully insured and guaranteed Over 11 years experience

Call Les on

07890 541492

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Located in an exclusive one to one personal training and power plate studio at Pinkney Park PERSONAL TRAINING: The studio offers a state of the art cardio suite, as well as a separate training room. Individually designed programmes are designed to meet your specific goals—one size doesn’t fit all! Weight loss and nutritional advice also available. POWER-PLATE TRAINING: Experience the difference with this unique training concept, the quickest way to get the toned body you have always wanted in half the time, enjoyed by elite athletes, fitness professionals and celebrities—the Power-Plate is available to you. Call today for a free introductory trial session and see for yourself! SPECIALITY PACKAGES: A range of packages available to meet your requirements, call for more information. Call Ruth King 07734 886275 or visit

Don’t be the last to discover the benefits of the fun, new fitness craze sweeping the nation..... JOIN IN -And have fun getting fit!

Classes only £5

Tues-Westonbirt Leisure Centre 6.15-7.15 Luckington School 7.30-8.30pm Thurs 6.30-7.30pm at Luckington Hall Thurs 8-9pm at Oaksey Village Hall For all other classes and venues Visit Or call Ruth King 07734886275

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Malmesbury School invites you to a Presentation on “The Role of a new Lord Lieutenant� by Mrs Sarah Troughton, Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire on Monday 25th February 2013 at 6.30 pm Sarah Rose Troughton was appointed Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire in February 2012. Sarah is the first woman to hold the position since it was created in the 16th century. Sarah has held several voluntary positions both within and outside the County for a number of years and is currently Chair of Chelsea Physic Garden, President of Community First/Youth Action Wiltshire and a Trustee of The Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon. Sarah lives near Swindon with her husband, Peter, and has three children and two grandchildren. Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenants are the representatives of the Crown for each county in the United Kingdom and are appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. Lord-Lieutenants are responsible for the organisation of all official Royal visits to their county. If you would like to join us for this interesting presentation please contact our Finance Office on 01666 829700 to reserve your free tickets. The evening will commence with light refreshments provided at 6.30 pm followed by the presentation at 7.00 pm with an opportunity for questions afterwards.


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Maths Tuition Fully qualified teacher available for maths tuition including:  

Common Entrance exam preparation GCSE exam preparation Advanced level mathematics.

Alan Felton Bsc. PGCE 01666 575039

PAINTING & DECORATING ALL FEMALE TEAM •All exterior & interior work undertaken •Advice on colours and soft furnishings •Suppliers of fabric, flooring & accessories PRACTICAL, AFFORDABLE, INTERIOR SOLUTIONS

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A Passion for Potatoes By Pippa Greenwood February is the time of year to think about perfect potatoes and smashing spuds. Home grown potatoes are an incredibly good value crop and you’ll soon find that the socalled humble spud is actually a very tasty and extremely versatile vegetable. If you don’t have much space, use a 45cm (18in) diameter pot with a single tuber. Make sure the container is well supplied with drainage holes, fill it two thirds full of compost, pop a tuber in the centre and add a further couple of inches of compost. As foliage appears, add more compost to cover it over and repeat until no more can be added, then keep the container well watered. Most potatoes produce a slightly earlier and somewhat heavier crop if the seed potatoes are allowed to produce small but sturdy sprouts before planting. Stand the tubers widest end uppermost in a seed tray or old egg carton and place these in a cool but frost free spot with plenty of natural light. After a few weeks the sprouts will be about 1cm tall, perfect for planting. What to Grow:

 Steamed potatoes are delicious, especially if cooked the

less with blight and you can select varieties which show resistance to the infection such as Valor, Lady Balfour, Coleen and especially Sarpo Mira and Sarpo Axona. Slugs are also a real menace, tunnelling into the tubers’ flesh and sometimes even hollowing them out completely. The biological control nematode Nemaslug works under the soil surface, has a brilliant effect and poses no threat to wildlife.

Foxley Plumbing & Heating Oil Boiler Installation, Servicing & Repairs Oil Tank Replacement Heating Installation & Repairs Bathroom Installations Unvented Cylinder Systems NO JOB TOO SMALL

Tim Hibbard Email

(01666) 822863 or 07966462202

day you lift them. Try Vanessa, Dunluce, Edzell Blue and Lady Christl for some of the tastiest steamers.

 New potatoes dripping in chives and butter are wonderful. Try Lady Christl, Charlotte, Juliette, Casa Blanca, Nadine and Nicola.

 If you adore mashed potato then try Dunluce, Valour, Maris Bard, Lady Balfour and King Edward.

 If you love your potatoes in their jackets, then try Cara,

Lady Balfour, Picasso, Kestrel, King Edward, Desiree and Valor.

 For great roast potatoes try Kestrel, Maris Piper, Desiree, Lady Balfour, Vivaldi and Edzel Blue.

 For the best chips, use Kestrel, King Edward, Maris Peer, Accord, Rooster and Edzel Blue. Potatoes are divided into ‘earlies’ (first to be harvested) and ‘main crop’, generally larger tubers, harvested later. Try ‘earlies’ if your soil hasn’t been cultivated for several years. ‘Earlies’ are in the ground for less time than main crops and are less likely to suffer from wire-worm attack. ‘Earlies’ are also useful in smaller gardens as they takes less space and are in the ground for a shorter period, giving you the opportunity to grow another fast-maturing crop after the potatoes have been lifted. No crop is without its share of problems and the fungus responsible for potato blight is sometimes hard to beat, especially in warm, damp years. Generally, ‘earlies’ suffer


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Local, friendly, quality finish every time

07979363224 or 07736326269 Email:

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Now open in Cirencester

Awarded Best Nursery in the UK 2011 2 year running! nd


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Potty Training your Toddler Forget tales of ‘wonder children' who were dry at 11 months. Most are around two and many are nearer three before they start to show signs that they are ready. Research shows that bladder capacity increases significantly between the ages of two and three, so most three year olds should be able to hold on and be dry for a reasonable period of time. If your toddler seems to be a late starter when it comes to potty training, you may be reassured to know that the age a child is potty trained is not linked to intellect. Nor does it correlate with other stages of development. For example if a child was an early talker, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be potty trained earlier. Also bear in mind that girls are often ready for the potty sooner than boys. Children are able to control their bladder and bowels when they’re physically ready, and when they want to be dry and clean. Every child is different, so it’s best not to compare your child with others. Bear in mind the following: •Most children can control their bowel before their bladder. •By the age of two, some children will be dry during the day, but this is still quite early. •By the age of three, 9 out of 10 children are dry most days. Even then, all children have the odd accident, especially when they’re excited, upset or absorbed in something else. •By the age of four most children are reliably dry. It usually takes a little longer to learn to stay dry throughout the night. Although most children learn this between the ages of three and five, it is estimated that a quarter of threeyear-olds and one in six five-year-olds wet the bed. When to start potty training It helps to remember that you can’t force your child to use a potty. If they're not ready, you won’t be able to make them use it. In time they will want to use it; your child won’t want to go to school in nappies any more than you would want them to. In the meantime, the best thing you can do is to encourage the behaviour you want. Most parents start thinking about potty training when their child is around 18 to 24 months old, but there’s no perfect time. It’s probably easier to start in the summer, when washed nappies dry more quickly and there are fewer clothes to take off. Do it over a period of time when there are no great disruptions or changes to your child’s or your family’s routine. You can try to work out when your child is ready. There are a number of signs that your child is starting to develop bladder control: •They know when they’ve got a wet or dirty nappy. •They get to know when they’re passing urine, and may tell you they’re doing it. •The gap between wetting is at least an hour. (If it’s less, potty training may fail and at the very least will be extremely hard work for you.) •They know when they need to pee, and may say so in advance.

Potty training is usually fastest if your child is at the last stage before you start the training. If you start earlier, be prepared for a lot of accidents as your child learns. How to start potty training •Leave a potty where your child can see it and can get to know what it’s for. If you’ve got an older child, your younger child may see them using it, which will be a great help. It helps to let your child see you using the toilet and explain what you’re doing. •If your child regularly has a bowel movement at the same time each day, leave their nappy off and suggest that they go in the potty. If your child is even the slightest bit upset by the idea, just put the nappy back on and leave it a few more weeks before trying again. •As soon as you see that your child knows when they’re going to pee, encourage them to use their potty. If your child slips up, just mop it up and wait for next time. It takes a while to get the hang of it. If you don’t make a fuss when they have an accident then they won’t feel anxious and worried and are more likely to be successful the next time. •Your child will be delighted when he or she succeeds. A little praise from you will help a lot. It can be quite tricky to get the balance right between giving praise and making a big deal out of it, which you don’t want to do. Don't give sweets as a reward, as that can end up causing more problems. When the time is right, your child will want to use the potty and they will just be happy to get it right. For more information on nappy training at Nursery, ask our professional staff @ Tiggers.

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Tunis Where Europe Meets Africa. By Solange Hando Barely three hours from London, Tunis greets you with scenes straight out of the Arabian Nights, plenty of Mediterranean charm and elegant French-style boulevards. Winters are mild, summers sunny and hot but cooled by sea breezes which sweep across the lakes glistening between the capital and its sandy coastline. Fifteen miles of beaches fringe the upmarket suburbs, dotted with open spaces and clusters of pines and mimosa. You can ride a horse or a camel on the sand, swim, sail, shop for souvenirs and squeeze in a little sightseeing but the ultimate indulgence is joining the locals in a hammam, to be scrubbed lobster red from head to toe, or unwinding in a glamorous spa with the latest beauty treatment or sea water therapy, tailored to your needs. Thalassotherapy is a French legacy but comes at a fraction of the cost across the water. Tunisia has been independent since 1956 but the New Town designed by the French retains its Parisian feel. Named after the country’s first President, the Habib Bourguiba Avenue stretches for a straight scenic mile, a mini Champs-Elysées with wide pavements and a central promenade where flower stalls and newspaper kiosks splash colour under the trees. It’s a place to stroll in the shade, enjoy a spot of window shopping, wonder at the cream-coloured cathedral or the rococo theatre, and sit under the parasols of Café de Paris to watch the world go by. There are trendy stores and boutiques, traditional ‘pâtisseries’ and a free-standing clock tower mirrored in the fountains. The stylish Avenue de France leads to the Sea Gate, no longer lapped by the receding waters of the lake, but marking the meeting point of two cultures, Europe on one side, Africa on the other.

souks, men chisel silver and gold, embroider slippers, carve wood and brass, and every stall brings new temptation. Perfumes, carpets, spices, leather belts, pottery, silk, toy camels or aphrodisiacs, you’re sure to find anything you ever wanted and more. The air smells of couscous and mint tea and the bubbling of hookah pipes follows you along the way. With its medieval bazar, its secluded mansions and minarets peeping above the rooftops, this Old Town is a World Heritage Site, claiming over 700 monuments. Visitors make their way to the Great Mosque, the Museum of Popular Arts and Tourbet el Bey, the mausoleum of last dynasty. Meanwhile, across the lake, history lovers gather around the ruins of ancient Carthage, scattered like blossom in the wind from the Roman Baths to the remains of the Punic city on Byrsa Hill. For others, the Bardo Museum is the top attraction, with its stunning collection of Roman mosaics and classical statues, but artists prefer to seek inspiration in Sidi Bou Said, a pretty blue and white village with wrought iron balconies as delicate as lace. Up there on a breezy clifftop, little disturbs the peace but birds twittering in the trees. Far below, fishermen cast their nets in the Gulf of Tunis while in the distance the city stretches as far as you can see, familiar and exotic all in one, flourishing at the crossroads of Europe and Africa.

Tunis greets you with scenes straight out of the Arabian Nights, plenty of Mediterranean charm and elegant Frenchstyle boulevards. Step through and within seconds, you are swept off your feet, lured relentlessly into the medina and a head-spinning maze of colours and scents. In the cool alleyways of the


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The Better Life Wood Glorious Wood by Derek Thompson

When I was growing up in London, my relationship with making the fire began and ended with a plug and a switch. Things are much different now; living in the West Country, where burning almost anything else would be preferable (and cheaper) to putting on the oil-fired central heating.

off into the woods, rucksacks at the ready - combining exercise with recycling. I think the villagers are used to us now, although I did once hear someone singing Good King Wenceslas - the part about a poor man gathering winter fuel.

Logs are a bit of a science. We've found oak, beech and ash to be best, in order of preference, but conifer wood does the job too if it's properly seasoned. Our usual supplier is about five miles away and by the time we've unloaded his trailer and I've stacked the wood in the garage, I'm usually so warmed up that I try to convince Anne we can skip the fire for a day. Then I'm literally and figuratively out in the cold.

It's less about saving a pound or two and more about being consistent in our philosophy. There's a certain delight in making use of something that no one else wants, whether it's wooden offcuts, windfall or abandoned and broken pallets, especially when it also helps to reduce our fuel bills. I like to think of us as the Wombles of Wood.

Using local and sustainable sources of wood fits in perfectly with our Better Life approach. When we lost our cypress tree, after a succession of gales split the main trunk so that I could look right through it, nothing was wasted. Even the smaller branches were stored and dried out for a year to make a plentiful supply of kindling. It was a sad day indeed though - not least for the chickens, who once escaped their compound and sought asylum in the upper branches, in a series of impressive short take-offs.

Derek Thompson is a writer and humorist based in the West Country. His writing blog can be found at

Olivertash Gundogs

The previous year, our ash tree had to come down because it was pushing against a neighbour's garage wall. That also served us well, a year later. Even so, I never feel good about losing a tree. Not only do our remaining trees provide an important habitat for birds and other wildlife, they also give us some privacy in the garden, so the neighbours can't see how poorly the last of the chard is doing. As our gradual conversion from urbanites to ruralites has progressed, we have become expert in the art of foraging for kindling. When you know where to look, just like love, it's all around you. For example, a local farm shop often has a supply of unwanted wooden fruit boxes. We've also found hidden treasure in skips - always with the owner's permission. And once, when our foraging fame spread, a neighbour alerted us to a pub renovation a couple of villages away, where we managed to fill the back of the car with wood that would otherwise have become landfill. A wood merchant has occasionally furnished us with offcuts and sawdust for the chickens, in exchange for eggs, which seems a pretty good deal all round. And of course, the nearby woods are a boon. Every time there's a gale, we're


Available for stud Strong~Working~Handsome~Fox Red Dog K.C Reg. Hips 3.3 Elbows 0.0, Current Eye Cert.

This very kind RED Dog is producing stunning pups, suitable for working or pets. Kathy Tuck

07967 706846

(10 mins Jct 18 M4)

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Satay Vegetable Skewers Serves 4

Ready in 30 minutes If you are short on time but still want a flavoursome supper then try these delicious vegetable kebabs with a lovely spicy peanut sauce and spring onion noodles. For non-veggie kebabs replace the aubergine with cubes of lean pork or chicken fillet and cook for 15-20 minutes until the meat is cooked through and lightly charred. Place the peanut butter, coconut, chilli powder and garlic in a small pan with 180ml water. Heat gently, stirring all the time, for 2-3 minutes until the coconut has dissolved and the sauce has thickened. Remove from the heat, stir in half the soy sauce. Thin down with a little more water to get a pouring consistency, if necessary.

Ingredients: • • • • •

100g crunchy peanut butter 25g creamed coconut, chopped 1/2 tsp chilli powder 1 garlic clove peeled and crushed 4 tbsp soy sauce

• 3 small peppers (red, green and yellow), deseeded and cut into 2.5cm pieces • • • • •

4 thick slices of aubergine 1 large red onion, peeled and cut into slim wedges 3 tbsp sesame oil 4 nests fine egg noodles 4 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced

Par-boil the peppers in a pan of boiling water for 2 minutes, drain well and pat dry with kitchen paper. Cut the aubergine slices into quarters. Thread the peppers and aubergine onto 8 pre-soaked wooden skewers with the onion wedges. Preheat a cast-iron griddle pan until almost smoking. Whisk 2 tbsp of the oil and remaining soy sauce together and brush all over the vegetable kebabs. Cook the kebabs on the hot griddle pan for 6-8 minutes, turning frequently until tender and lightly charred. Meanwhile, cook the noodles in a large pan of boiling water for 3-4 minutes until just tender. Drain well and toss together with the rest of the sesame oil and the spring onions. Serve the kebabs on the noodles and drizzle over the satay sauce.

Ironing Service Monday-Saturday based in centre of Malmesbury £6 per kg, shirts & bed linen charged per item

Tel: 01666 822293 / 07835467551 or e-mail 20

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THE MANOR HOUSE HOTEL AND GOLF CLUB What a fabulous new year treat… get together with friends to enjoy a stunning lunch in our Michelin starred Bybrook restaurant and for every two diners, one will pay just £15! Simply quote “Malmesbury” at the time of booking. For bookings up to a maximum of four (two pay £15). Valid January, February and March 2013.

CALL US 01249 782206



The Manor House Hotel and Golf Club, Castle Combe, Nr. Bath, SN14 7HR

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Little Wonders How little tablets can be cheap and cheerful

Tablets are wonderful things, but they can be pricey: while £400 isn’t much compared to the price of a high-end laptop, it’s still £400. But you don’t need to spend that much to find a perfectly good tablet: in fact, there are good ones for as little as £99.

a tablet that has lots of stuff to choose from and which is very easy to use, the Kindle Fire HD will look very attractive; if you’re more techy and want something you can fiddle with too, Google’s Nexus is more likely to appeal.

The £99 tablet is Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which dropped from £129 to £99 in November (if it’s gone back up again, don’t worry - you can be sure the price will fall again very soon). While it isn’t exactly state of the art it’s still a perfectly decent tablet for watching videos, playing Angry Birds, using Facebook and so on.

You can’t mention tablets without mentioning Apple, and while Apple also has a cheap tablet we’re talking cheap in Apple terms: the iPad mini starts at £269, which is significantly more than other seven-ish-inch tablets although it’s a good bit less than a full-sized iPad. Apple claims it’s “every inch an iPad”, and that’s a fair claim: it’s essentially an iPad 2 crammed into a smaller case, so it runs existing iPad apps quite happily. It has more available tablet apps than any other small tablet, it has a slightly bigger screen - it’s 7.9 inches rather than the rivals’ 7 inches, which doesn’t sound much but makes a big difference when you’re using it - and to our eyes it’s much better-looking and better-engineered than any rival.

If you fancy something a little more powerful but not much more expensive, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is very good too. It boasts a much better screen, which is superb for video, and comes with more storage, faster Wi-Fi wireless networking and a faster processor. Prices start at just £159 for the 16GB model. Before you spend £159, though, check out Google’s offering, the Nexus 7. Like the Kindle Fire it’s just £159 for the 16GB model, and as it’s Google’s own device it’s a proper Android tablet without the customisation that some manufacturers add to the operating system. Once again it’s a seven-inch device with a powerful processor, integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking and good battery life.

Is the iPad mini worth the extra cash? If you want a premium tablet, you’re using other Apple products or you’ve already amassed a stack of iOS apps then yes. If not, you may well find that a smaller rival will be just as much fun for considerably less cash.

There are two other £159 tablets to consider: the Kobo Arc and the Nook HD. The former comes from Kobo, Amazon’s main rival in the e-reading sector, and it’s aimed primarily at e-book readers who fancy the odd video, song or bit of web browsing, while the latter is by US bookselling giant Barnes & Noble and hopes to carve a niche offering electronic magazines as well as apps. Technically speaking they’re very good - the Nook HD in particular has a wonderful screen, is very light and easy to use - but tablets rise and fall on the strength of their content libraries and Amazon has the edge in that department. If you want


To advertise call 07919288977 or 01666 818143 or email

SPANISH LESSONS Any level, beginners to advanced Coaching for exams Will come to your house if required Fiona Melville BA Hons (Oxon) Spanish Please call 01666 840215 / 07711816839


Paws for Thought Sophie Francis Professional Dog Walker Experience in canine first aid, training and obedience. Fully insured and references available.

Tel: 01666 840 538 Mobile: 07531057016

Nigel Starr Groundwork, Fencing and Agricultural Contractor Est. 20 years • All types of fencing • Groundworks: Footings, underground drainage, septic tanks etc. • Driveways • Patios Other work undertaken Mobile: 07976 248930 Telephone: 01666 826877

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Get Motivated! We can all feel de-motivated at times, so if January has passed you by without starting any of those New Year resolutions, turn February into the month you take some positive steps to regain control. Trying to achieve all that you want in the coming year may feel like an impossible task and it can lead to feeling totally de-motivated. Motivation is key to our creativity, productivity and happiness. When we are motivated we feel like we can take on any challenge, meet any deadline and work through any problem to achieve our goal, whether that's personal satisfaction or public recognition for a job well done. But once de-motivation sets in, then even the smallest task can seem insurmountable. Set small goals If you've given yourself a big goal this year, such as losing a large amount of weight or changing jobs, break it into small, short term goals. Give yourself weekly targets – losing 5lbs or re-writing your CV - and then congratulate yourself on achieving them. By doing this you are building up positive 'credits' in your mind, keeping you going for the following week. Be inspired Richard Branson has had a few business failures which he’s written about in his autobiographies. But these setbacks didn't stop him - he just tried again. It can be really uplifting to read about other people's successes. There are also a lot of self-help and business books available which can help you to think about what you do and don't want. A good one to start with is the international best-seller, Who Moved My Cheese? (Dr Spencer Johnson, Vermilion) Stay focused Don't give yourself too many goals to aim for at once. Focus on one, work out how best to achieve it (in small steps, if needed) and work your way through it before starting on your next goal. Diffusing your energy by trying to change too many things at once will just mean you are less likely to keep up your motivation. So prioritise, write yourself a list and start with number one. Talk about it A great motivator is other people. If you tell people that you're going to start writing that novel this month or apply for the local half marathon, you're much more likely to do it. Talk to friends, family and work colleagues - their gentle nudges or encouragement will help to keep you on track. Putting up little post-it notes to remind yourself of your goals and why you want to achieve them will help keep you motivated and on track, too. Reward yourself For every achievement, however big or small, reward yourself - you deserve it.


Reject negative thoughts How many times do you find yourself saying 'I can't do it', 'it won't happen', or 'it's too hard'? Negative thoughts can really bring you down, so give yourself a buzz word or mantra to repeat immediately when a negative thought pops into your head. 'I'm doing it.' Look at the positive Starting to exercise, cutting down on unhealthy food, changing jobs, starting your own business. None of these are easy. Accept that there will be set-backs and bad days or bad weeks. But keep looking at the positives - what did you manage to achieve this week, or how are you going to do better next week? So plan ahead, have lots of small goals to help you reach your big goal, accept there will be set-backs and look at how other people have done what you would like to do. And keep going - you're doing great!

For all your building needs including:*Repair and Maintenance, Renovation and Conversion, Extensions, Roofing, Decoration *Complete installation of kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms *Historic Buildings, Listed Buildings, Conservation or New Builds *An established local builder with 38 years experience Call 07979 533310 for free quotation Quality work at realistic prices

Experts in natural wood flooring

For your solution call Troy on 07523 366945 or email

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OPEN SATURDAY MORNINGS The Old Post Office 12 Castle Street Cirencester GL7 1QA

Short-listed for 2011 DENTISTRY AWARDS: “Best Practice”, “Best Team”, “Best Young Dentist”

Need an electrician?

General Dentistry • Dental Implants • Invisalign (invisible braces) • Tooth Whitening • Crowns & Veneers • White Fillings (metal free) • Botox & Dermal Fillers • 0% Finance available •

Domestic & Commercial Electrical Service Fully Insured, Free Estimates Faults and repairs, electrical installations, lights and sockets, rewires and fuse box changes. Tony Parfrey

01666 837580


Pebbles Hypnotherapy

Helen Breward Hypnotherapist BA (Hons), DipCAH, HPD 01793 854242 or 07561 544511 Need help withWeight management Anxiety/stress Stop smoking Phobias Confidence

Stop smoking now £100 for a single session -was £120 NEW - stop smoking £130, for initial stop-smoking + a follow up session.

(subject to status. Typical 0%APR)

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Secret & Lies Lady Chatterley’s Lover D.H.Lawrence Long before Desperate Housewives, people were having affairs with their gardeners. Constance Chatterley’s husband lies paralysed after a war injury and as she struggles with both the emotional and physical neglect, her head is turned by one Oliver Mellors. And boy, must he be good. The novel tackles the relationship between the upper and working classes as well as the battle between the body and mind. For a book written in the 1920s, it’s pretty explicit, making it a favourite of students forced to read Lawrence the world over. Getting Rid of Matthew Jane Fallon No one ever leaves their wife for their mistress. Do they? What happens when the excitement and thrill of a fling turn up on your doorstep and you’re instantly plunged into domesticity? The answer is simple: start operation Getting Rid Of Matthew. This involves making yourself as undesirable as possible. There are unexpected twists and turns for Helen who really needs to learn to be careful what she wishes for. Notes on a Scandal Zoë Heller Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. When Sheba the new comprehensive school art teacher embarks on an affair with an underage boy, she has only sixty-something year old fellow teacher Barbara to confide in. Barbara relishes the close friendship that has been established between the two of them, but it takes a sinister turn when she discovers the truth about the boy. The Bride Stripped Bare Nikki Gemmell This is the story of an awakening of epic proportions. Why work in shades of grey when you can live your own life by your own rules in glorious Technicolor? A husband reveals a secret on his honeymoon, giving his wife the strength and the freedom to finally go after what she wants and the form of an inexperienced suitor.


It’s February and the world is set to go into romance overload. But what about those relationships Hallmark doesn’t make a card for: the mistresses, the bits on the side and the forbidden loves? We’ve put together a selection of both classic and contemporary scandals so you can live vicariously through them…unless you have something you want to come clean about?

The Post Birthday World Lionel Shriver Affairs are usually referred to as ‘ill-fated’ and invariably it all ends in tears. Here’s a novel that starts with a kiss, or not, and then runs in two parallel stories. It’s the thinking man/woman’s Sliding Doors. Irina McGovern could lean in and kiss the rough around the edges, snooker-playing Ramsay, or she could choose not to and to remain faithful to her straight-laced partner, Lawrence. If we could see the repercussions of our actions, would we take that chance and steal a moment with someone? The book is about human relationships and how we’re all flawed. So basically, it’s damned if you do and…you get the picture.

Lumley Garden & Pet Supplies Stainsbridge Mill, Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0AJ Tel: 01666 822325 E-mail:

     Top Leading Brands of Food & Treats  Own Label Premium Dog Food  Bowls, Toys & Accessories  Beds & Cushions  Wild Bird Food & Products inc .Live

Food “For you and your pet’s every need.” Delivery service Available.

To advertise call 07919288977 or 01666 818143 or email

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Choosing fabrics for the home Patterned, textured or plain, subtle or spectacular, fabrics can transform a room. Our guide will help you sort the silks from the synthetics and the cottons from the corduroys, while giving you the lowdown on what to use where. How to choose fabrics Before buying fabric, ask for a swatch or, even better, borrow or buy a length of fabric that can be draped at the window or placed over a sofa or cushion. It is invaluable to see how the fabric looks in situ, at different times of the day and night. Ask these questions before you start: • How wide is the fabric? The wider it is, the better the value, and the less sewing will be required. 140cm is average. • How heavy is it? Heavier fabrics are usually too bulky for small projects, while lighter fabrics usually wear more quickly. • How durable is it? Fabric is divided into categories depending on whether it will be subjected to light, general or heavy domestic use. • Is it washable? And, if so, has it been pre-shrunk? • If it is patterned, what size is the repeat? Large patterns require more fabric so that you can match the repeats. Types of fabric Fabrics are composed of natural or synthetic fibres, or blends of them, and made using a wide variety of weaves. FIBRES Cotton can range from lightweight muslin to heavy canvas. It is the most commonly used fabric for home furnishings as it dyes and prints well, and is easy to care for. Linen has a lovely drape and lustre, is durable, but has a tendency to crease (hence is often mixed with other fibres). Nylon, or polyamide, is tough and resists abrasion, but tends to produce static electricity. Polyester is a very strong


synthetic fibre that mixes well with other fibres to produce versatile fabrics. It can withstand high temperatures and frequent washing. Silk comes in intense colours and has an attractive, lustrous surface. Not as hard-wearing as other fibres. Viscose is made from wood pulp. It is hard-wearing and durable. Wool is breathable, warm and naturally water-resistant. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and textures, it varies from heavy sheep’s wool to fine cashmere. It will felt if washed at a high temperature. WEAVES Bouclé has a looped pile. Corduroy features pile in stripes that may be narrow or wide. Damasks contrast matt and shiny areas of pattern and are usually rather traditional in style. Jacquards feature a complex, raised pattern. Moiré is a water-mark pattern, often found on silks. Plain weaves have a smooth surface. Satin is heavy with a lustrous surface, usually made from silk or polyester. Twill weave produces diagonal or zig zag lines on the surface. Denim is a heavy-cotton twill, for example. Velvet may be made from a variety of fibres and features a luxurious, soft pile. What to use where UPHOLSTERY • Hard-wearing, tightly woven fabrics are best for most upholstery. Medium-to heavy-weight cottons and cotton mixes, linen mixes and wools are all good, conventional choices, while corduroy, denim and low-pile velvet are interesting as well as usable. • Avoid deep piles, which may become crushed, and loose or loopy weaves, which are likely to snag.

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GILLIAN NOBLE The Curtain Workroom Has relocated to Holly House, 24 Easton Town, Sherston Wiltshire, SN16 0LS

Tel: 07760 142666 Email:


TEL:01666 825463 • Bold motifs should usually be centred on sofa or chair backs. You will need to buy more fabric to ensure everything fits in the right place. LOOSE COVERS • Choose a fabric that is washable and substantial enough to hold its shape yet soft enough to be comfortable: medium-weight cottons, linens or blends, or light wools are all ideal. CURTAINS • Curtains can be made of practically any fabric, from cotton and linen to velvet, silk or wool. • As well as the conventional fabrics, consider unusual ones such as blankets, tweed, fleece, mohair, canvas or madras, or perhaps a sari, a length of vintage embroidery or a lovely chintz quilt. • Very thick, heavy fabrics will be too bulky for small window openings. • Sheer fabrics will not hold a crisp fold and will allow light through. CUSHIONS

• Choose almost any fabric, within reason. • You could use remnants from fabric used elsewhere in the room, or choose complementary patterns and colours in a completely different fabric. • Use expensive fabrics, as you’ll need such a small amount (use cheaper fabric for the back). BED AND TABLE LINEN • Light to medium weight cottons, linens and cotton or linen blends are best. Avoid pure linen if you don’t like ironing. • Loose, textured and pile weaves are impractical for these purposes. • Choose fabrics that will withstand frequent washing • For outdoor and children’s dining, oilcloth is ideal. The Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers has a list of members from the North of Scotland to the South-West of England – go to By Katherine Sorrell

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Malmesbury Cake Society Thank you so much for your support and donations on our Christmas spectacular event. The event was on Monday 3rd December where we saw a record attendance of 72 society members. The evening started with a live choux pastry demonstration from Lee Bamforth. Lee is the Senior Pastry Chef at Whatley Manor and has worked there for 7 years. We watched Lee make choux pastry, crème patisserie and dipping caramel. We were then able to taste Lee’s creations: croquembouche, chocolate éclairs and Paris Brest. They were absolutely delicious!! Maria Gomez from Cancer Research UK gave a short speech about where our fund raising money goes and how we are helping Cancer Research UK. Neill Saint from Hilditch started our live auction and raffle. Thanks to the generosity of our local businesses we had some fantastic prizes to be won. Raising a huge total of: £1,364.72 Here are some examples of how the money we raise can help more people beat cancer: £900 could pay for around one week’s supply of the drug pravastatin for the LungStar clinical trial. This trial aims to discover whether adding pravastatin to chemotherapy is beneficial for people with small cell lung cancer. £2,600 could buy 10 sophisticated microarrays. These help scientists scrutinise thousands of genes in a single experiment. Microarrays are a powerful piece of gene technology which allow researchers to compare how active different genes are in cancer cells and healthy cells. Cancer Research UK Since starting Malmesbury Cake Society in August 2012 we have raised a staggering £1,942.47 in 5 evenings. A fantastic achievement that wouldn’t be possible without your enthusiasm, kindness and dedication. We are back in 2013… contact Jess Hancock M: 07823338000 E: for dates!


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The Prince’s Trust helps local entrepreneur Nicki Silvanus, 21 has recently launched her own online fashion business, Secret Garden Co aimed at 16-25 year old women, specialising in statement wardrobe pieces. ‘Before I dreamt up Secret Garden, I found it hard to find an inspiring job in the current climate and was desperate to have a career where I had creative & managerial direction. Becoming self-employed seemed like the next logical step. After leaving my job in fashion retail, I got in contact with the Princes Trust charity who placed me on a Business Start-up Course where I had the amazing opportunity to meet with business owners, entrepreneurs & HMRC officials. I still have ongoing help from the charity through my business mentor and the option to apply for a loan.’ The Princes Trust charity provides practical and financial support and help to develop key workplace skills for 13-30 year olds. “Although it is a lot of hard work and can sometimes be lonely, I would encourage more young people to consider self employed or freelance work. With the constant support from charities like these, it gives you a chance to expand your skill base, meet interesting people and have the ability to exercise your own ideas. You don’t necessarily have to take out a loan and the results are definitely more satisfying than just working in a 9-5 job.” The collection is available online at and trading at market stalls & festivals next year.

Call in today for a free tyre check with our tyres at Low Low prices Tyres Exhausts Brakes Batteries MOT Car Recovery

PITSTOP TYRES All makes of servicing available Wide range of tyres in stock Four wheel laser alignment MOT by appointment

TEL: 01666 824084 MOBILE: 07501 464821 We are a family run business and our aim is to keep you safe on the road, offering you a friendly and professional service with competitive prices. Unit 1, Whitewall Ind Est, Easton Grey, Malmesbury, Wilts, SN16 0RD.

Free pick up and drop off within the Malmesbury area Please mention Malmesbury Connections when responding to adverts



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Save the Date! Title says it all really – the best little festival in the calendar is set to sally forth in glorious sunshine (already booked the sunshine!) on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of June 2013!! Lots more information already @ (and more as it emerges) but suffice it say it will be a celebration of contemporary British music and traditional English cider (errr… apart from the Welsh stuff….) all in a lovely setting…. what’s not to like? The full music (and cider!!) line up will be announced soon so tell anyone who might want to be kept up to date to send an email to and we’ll add them to the list, Also feel free to forward this on to anyone who might be interested – and go an “like” us on Facebook!! ( SherstonFest)

Piano tuner/ technician

*Tickets will go on sale on 21st January* (see web site for details) – these are the “early bird” (i.e. cheap!) ones and the WILL sell out fast (unlike last year when we forgot to take them off sale – doh!!) - so make sure you get your and get them early to save a few quid!! More info as we get it folks…. But for now….. “Save The Date!!!” Regards

The Committee

Mike Felton MPTA 01454 232971 or 07747 317844

    

Casement Windows Bay Windows Tilt and Turn Sliding Sash Shaped Windows

    

Composite doors Entrance doors French doors Stable doors Patio doors

SHARPES Property Maintenance Limited

01666 840042 07720717902

•Roof line products available  Fascias  Soffits  Guttering •Replaced or Repaired •Window and Door repairs •Locks • Hinges • Handles •Replacement glass units

A - Rated Energy Efficient Double Glazing Please mention Malmesbury Connections when responding to adverts


14a High Street, Malmesbury, Above A4 Stationers

• • • • • • • •

CACI ultimate non surgical facials Aromatherapy, Reflexology Hot Stone Massage / LAVA shell Massage Hopi Ear Candling Environ Anti-aging Facials Manicures / Pedicures / Waxing Electrolysis and Spray Tans Collagen Stimulation Therapy ‘Gift Vouchers available’ For more information, please call Deborah on

01666 829056 Member of Embody Complementary Therapists Association & British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology

WOODLANE KENNELS & CATTERY Bath Road, Willesley, Glos. GL8 8QX

Tel: 01666 880314 Email

Est. over 20years by Gill Butler, Veterinary Nurse. Small, family run business with heated facilities and daily walks at no extra cost. Elderly/pets on medication accepted. Grooming and pet supplies available.

 All aspects of interior & exterior decorating to a professional high quality finish  Very competitive rates to suit your budget Free No Obligation Quotation Professional decorating will add value to your property and enhance your working and living environment. Tel:01793 435141 / 07800905006


To advertise call 07919288977 or 01666 818143 or email

Charlotte English Sports and Remedial Massage If you suffer from: •sports injury •backache •joint pain or restricted movement •headaches •neck or shoulder problems•need rehabilitation following surgery •or would like to improve your sports performance

I can offer Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage as well as strapping and taping (including Kenesio taping favoured by some Olympic athletes). To discuss your needs & book an appointment please contact 01666 823986 or 07875096616

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Telling Tales 2

The Flying Monk 10 Fearless 5 Fun Run and Children’s Muddy Mile

- Exhibition by Bath Textile Artists The Corinium Museum, Park street, Cirencester 18th January to 23rd February 2013 Open Monday to Saturday 10- 4 Sunday 2-4

17 March 2013 from 10am Multi-Terrain Races For All The Family

The eleven members of the group have taken the theme – ‘Telling Tales’ and have interpreted it in different ways. These range from looking at the symbols which our ancestors used to write down their own stories and using these as pattern and design shapes, to the inspiration derived from a found collection of old postcards. Two members have delved into children’s stories and their rich imagery, another into stone circles and their mystical meanings. Another has taken the journey of fleece to fabric as a theme and others have been inspired by the City of Bristol itself – its rich history from Cabot’s Matthew to today’s vibrant cultural dockside. The patterns of footpaths crossing the landscape, the story of seeds and their distribution, the narratives which clothes hold within them – all of these themes have yielded surprising personal interpretations. Anyone visiting this exhibition is sure to be entranced by its variety and quality – make sure not to miss it.



Charlton Park Estate, Nr Malmesbury, Wilts, SN16 9RU

A unique opportunity to run in the beautiful, private, country estate - Charlton Park. 10 miles on wooded trails, open fields and views, boggy bits and masses of mud, or 5 miles taking in the same thrills and spills and a children’s one mile around an open, tree lined field . Memento to all finishers. Winner and Age Group Trophies. Refreshments, running trade stand, free parking.

For more information and to enter go to:


Across 1 Hint (4)






8 9


3 Contrary (8) 9 Error (7)

11 12

10 Frolic (5) 11 Eager (12)



15 16

13 Informal (6) 17

15 Titbit (6)



17 Alphabetical reference books (12)



20 Propose (5) 21 Produces lava (7)


22 Vacations (8)

4 Lyrical (6)

12 Flowers (8)

23 Wagers (4)

5 From time to time (12)

14 Talented (7)

6 Suggests (7)

16 Carry (6)

7 Acquire (4)

18 Picture (5)

8 Produced (12)

19 Weapon (4)

Down 1 Business (8) 2 Distressed (5)



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Every Sunday (7.30pm) and Thursday (2.30pm) Crudwell Short Mat Bowls - bring flat shoes and we have the woods at Crudwell Village Hall Every Monday 1.00 - 3.30pm Malmesbury Physically Handicapped Club. The club is run for the benefit of physically handicapped, and elderly, residents of Malmesbury. We provide a forum where people can meet in a relaxed and friendly environment and enjoy a range of interesting speakers and recreational pursuits. Transport can be arranged in the immediate Malmesbury area. For further info please contact 01666 824351 Every Monday—Malmesbury Arts Society meet at St Mary’s Hall at 7.30pm to paint and draw. All ages welcome. Every Monday Fortnight 1.30-3pm at the Town Hall Malmesbury. Singing for the Brain for carers and people with dementia. Please call the Alzheimer's Society on 01249 443469 for further information. Every Monday from 7:30 -9:30pm during term time Malmesbury Singers meet in Malmesbury Abbey. For further information visit ‘Every Monday & Thursday – Malmesbury Bridge Club meets for friendly duplicate bridge at Athelstan House, Burton Hill Primary Care Centre complex, at 7 p.m. For details or if you need a partner, contact Richard or Syd Gwyer 01453 860512 Every 2nd Tuesday-7.30pm Lea WI meet at Lea Village Hall Every Tuesday and Thursday- I am the Chairman of the Athelstan Players, a local drama group. We meet in our Club Room (behind the Co-op) (adults only) 7.30 - 10 pm. If you can sing, dance, act or help back stage, new members are always welcome. Please contact 01666 822691 for more information. Most Tuesdays in The Activity Zone from 12.30 to15.30. Malmesbury Tuesday Club -A sandwich lunch (£3) is followed by board games, a quiz or puzzle or a talk from a visiting speaker. From time to time we travel to enjoy a meal out or to visit a local point of interest. Transport to and from the club can usually be arranged. For further details ring Bob Turner on 01666823620. Every Wednesday—Members (aged 60 and over) meet at noon in the Wesleyan Room of the Town Hall to see friends and enjoy a 2 course lunch. Details from Helen Churchill 01666 840080 Every Wednesday– Malmesbury Arts Society meet at Malmesbury Town Hall 2-4pm to paint and draw. All Welcome. Please bring a table covering. Cost £1. Every 4th Wednesday of month—Wiltshire Family History Society meet at La Flambe, Birdcage Walk. All welcome, no Wiltshire ancestry necessary! Free. Contact 01666823507 Monday February 11th In Charlton Village Hall at 7.30pm. Malmesbury and District Garden Club, A talk by Mr. Gra-

ham Anstey. Titled “Wonder of Westonbirt” New comers welcome Graham Rees 01666 823093 Other Events listed on pages 10, 32, 35, 37 and 38.

MALMESBURY CHILDREN CENTRE Mondays– Play together for under 5’s 10-11.30am at the Children’s Centre in Malmesbury Primary School Tuesdays– Parenting Support group 11-12noon then Baby Time Group 1.30 to 3pm with occasional visits from the dental and first aid advisors, call 01666 825566 Wednesdays– Childminders Group 10.30 to 12noon Thursdays– Bumps and Breastfed Babies support group 10.30 to 12noon with visits from the dental and first aid advisors, call 01666 825566 for details. Also many pre booked courses available , from cooking to counselling! Call 01666 825566 or email for details Crossword Answers: Across: 1 Clue, 3 Opposite, 9 Mistake, 10 Caper, 11 Enthusiastic, 13 Casual, 15 Morsel, 17 Dictionaries, 20 Offer, 21 Volcano, 22 Holidays, 23 Bets. Down: 1 Commerce, 2 Upset, 4 Poetic, 5 Occasionally, 6 Implies, 7 Earn, 8 Manufactured, 12 Blossoms, 14 Skilful, 16 Convey, 18 Image, 19 Cosh.

Local Information and Useful Numbers BT Fault line 0800 800 151 Gas 0800 111999 Malmesbury Town Council 01666 822 143 Malmesbury Youth Centre 01666 823747 Malmesbury Activity Zone 01666 822533 Library 01666 823611 DOCTORS SURGERIES Malmesbury PCC 01666 825825 Tolsey Surgery Sherston 01666 840270 Emergency 999 Police 101 Email: Telephone: 01666 818 143 or 07919 288 977 Whilst every care is taken to ensure accuracy, the publishers cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage colour variation or omission caused by error in the printing of an advert. All artwork is accepted on the strict condition that permission has been given for use in the publication. Adverts are accepted on the understanding that descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate. Malmesbury Connections does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form—electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise—without the prior consent of the publisher. Publisher: Malmesbury Connections Printer: Jam Print

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