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MW Mallory Warmack 606 Sycamore St, Murray, KY 42071 T: (270) 285-3895 E:



Dedicated and motivated to people and relationship building. With proven leadership skills and a hard-working spirit, I am seeking the entry-level internship to begin my public relations career in Calloway County.



I coordinate the labor for all events help at the CFBS center. I manage a pool of 250+ workers, selecting them for different events depending on their capabilities and desires. I also help run the CFSB Center and make sure the facilities are ready for corresponding events. Events include, but are not limited to: basketball games, concerts, circuses, etc. INTERN, UNION COUNTY GARDEN COOALITION, (MORGANFIELD, KY)

MAY 2012- AUG 2013

I worked side-by-side with the program director in increasing agricultural education in low-income families around the county. We planted public gardens throughout Union County and harvested over 500 lbs of produce each season to distribute to those in need locally. I was the primary source of public relations both summers. I wrote press releases, online media posts, and pictures to keep the community informed and interested. This was a non-profit program that I was able to help establish. INTERN, WMSK RADIO STATION, (MORGANFIELD, KY)

MAY 2012-AUG 2013

During my summer with WMSK I was able to learn the inner workings of a radio station. I worked just about every job in the station, from secretary to audio editor. I answered phones some days, while other days I observed and worked on the live morning show.



AUG 2009- MAY 2013

Graduated with a high school diploma and honors. MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY

Major: Public Relations --Minor: Journalism and Non-profit Leadership Studies


Proficient in American Sign Language and Cebuano

Some experience in Spanish

Experienced in Microsoft office and Apple applications

Experience with raw htlm computer programming

Expert in Social Media

Professional Writing skills


Strong Initiative


MW "Don't tell me the sky is the limit, for there are footprints on the moon." -Paul Brandt

References Dave Winder Assistant Athletic Director Murray State Athletics Dept. 217 Roy Stewart Stadium Murray, KY 42071 270-293-0566 Mickey Garrison Guidance Counselor Calloway County Public Schools 2112 College Farm Road Murray, KY 42071 270-762-7355

Marcie Hinton Public Relations Professor Murray State University 209 Wilson Hall Murray, Ky 42071 270.809.5308


MW Mallory Warmack 9163 US HWY 60 W, Sturgis, KY 42459

September 25, 2016 Mr. Robert Norsworthy Executive in Residence Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Murray State University 114 Wilson Hall Murray, KY 42071- 3311 Dear Mr. Norsworthy, I am submitting an enclosed resume for the Omnicom Media Group Internship. My background in public relations has given me an extensive understanding of the relationship between an organization and it’s publics while my experience has developed an indulgent passion for understanding it further. My skill and knowledge will allow me to sufficiently develop college level potential to professional level skill. You will see upon review of my resume that I have an extensive background in writing and address to the public. I am skilled in human services and have an easy time creating professional relationships that generate friendliness and trust. I believe in delegation and allowing students to develop their own path to a common goal. I am not only skilled and experienced for this internship, but hold a passion and steadfastness you will not find in any other candidate. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Mallory Warmack


MW A Short Biography

I am a small town girl with humble dreams. I believe in efficiency when it’s appropriate but emotionally investing in your career and the people in it. The simple idea that you can make a significant impact in the discipline you choose is something to live by, that by modestly caring you can change this world for the better. I can’t nor would I choose to lead my life with anything less than passion and love. I give the benefit of the doubt and I love to forgive. I believe in the power of desire and especially the power of ice cream. I believe that small town values change the world and that by loving people and sharing a bowl of ice cream you can change them too.

Carson Center 4

MW Mallory Warmack FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 270-285-3895 Carson Center Welcomes Mannheim Steamrollers The Carson Center is excited to welcome back the American musical group the Mannheim Steamrollers for their Christmas tour on this December! The Mannheim Steamrollers have been coming to the Carson Center for many years according to Executive Director Brian Laczko. “They are always a sold out show and have been coming here for a long time.” Laczko said. “They bring in a lot of regional visitors.” The Mannheim Steamrollers released their first album in the early 80s and have been a family favorite ever since. Although the members of the band change from year to year, the Christmas spirit they bring comes just the same, and the Carson Center is looking forward to another successful year with Mannheim. “We love visiting Paducah,” Producer Chip Davis said ”we love the art of the town and always look forward to eating steak at ‘Doe’s.’” The Mannheim Steamrollers Christmas will showcase at the Carson Center on December 7th at 7:15pm. With a facility that seats almost 2,000 people, The Carson Center of Paducah works to create an enjoyable environment for every guest. We believe the arts strengthen communities in many ways – culturally, educationally, economically, socially and spiritually. Through our dedication to the arts we seek to serve Paducah and its surrounding communities. ### For more information contact Mallory Warmack at the Carson Center.

America’s Mattress Mallory Warmack 5

MW FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 270-285-3895 America’s Mattress Introduces New Line of Tempurpedics America’s Mattress is excited to introduce a brand new line of Memory Material Tempurpedics. With state of the art design from NASA, tempurpedic mattresses are top of the line in the mattress world. “We sell a lot of great mattresses, but this line will be an entire new level of a good sleep.” Owner Scott Peak said. All these mattresses come with a built-in temperature regulating system. Now whether you sleep hot or cold this mattress will accommodate you. Although the company continues to improve production, they are not sure how they are going to beat this new line. “It’s everything you could ever want in a mattress,” Producer Chip Davis said ”It regulates pressure on your body, temperature of your body, in even senses restlessness and adjusts itself to the user.” The new Tempurpedic line will showcase at America’s Mattress in Murray, KY on January 1st! With 2 facilities that sell approximately 20 mattresses a week, America’s Mattress is the best in the Business. We believe that every day starts after a great sleep, and we can truly change lives through providing the best sleep possible. Health, both mental and physical, depend on your mattress, and we will help you find the perfect one. ### For more information contact Mallory Warmack at America’s Mattress.

Mallory Warmack 270-285-3895



MW Mallory Warmack Applies at Oak Ridge Nation Laboratory Mallory Warmack is excited to apply for the position of “Science Writer and Communication Specialist” and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Mallory is a Public Relations specialist and enthusiast with an extensive background in journalistic writing and editing. “Communicating is more than finding the right words, it’s knowing how to relate to the audience and influence them to know your words are true.” Warmack said. Mallory started her career in communications early on as the director and producer of her high school weekly newscast. Although her duties may change, Mallory brings the same dedication and passion to each and every job she is given. You can be sure that she will exceed every expectation you have for a project. “I love to write,” Warmack said ”I love the art of communicating, but more than that I love to change the atmosphere positively using the art I’ve come to love.’” Mallory looks forward to hearing back from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and extending her career in communications. With a facility that has 196 buildings atop over 4,000 acres, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory works to discover new sciences everyday. The Office of Science is the steward of 10 of the 17 DOE laboratories; these 10 laboratories provide essential support to the missions of the SC science programs. ### For more information contact Mallory Warmack Murray State University.

10 Ways to Eat a Biscuit There are tons of different foods that we turn to for comfort. There are a few foods that can bring us home. However, no food can do both quite like a warm homemade biscuit! Even though just a little of grandma’s blackberry jam is enough to satisfy our Biscuit Love, here are 10 ways to enjoy our favorite carb! 7

MW 1. Smothered in Gravy

Lets just start things off with a crowd favorite. Sausage gravy with a little bit of biscuit underneath is one of the very best ways to start of your day and start off our list!

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3. Classic Chicken and Biscuit

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MW 4. Biscuit Pizzas This is anything but classic! Why not take our two favorites and put them together!? Its like my life finally makes sense! Biscuit dough with all the pizza fixins. Yes, please!

5. Like a Princess Now they’re speaking my language! Try this spicy chicken breast with a special mustard and call me Princess!

pickle on a fresh homemade biscuit! Just Exclusive at Biscuit Love in Nashville, TN

6. Like a Doughnut How do we make anything better? Add sugar. Duh! These biscuits coated in sugar filled with creamy warm cream cheese filling! 7. For Dessert



When is the best time to eat a biscuit? Always, of course! So why not for dessert? Combine your favorite treat with your favorite meal! What could possibly go wrong?

8. PB&J When we think back to our favorite childhood memories we cant help but think fondly of the peanut butter and jelly. So add a biscuit and now you’ve got a money maker.

9. Grilled Cheese

melted cheese on a biscuit?

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MW 10. In music city Nothing better than Nashville, TN and biscuits. Enjoy both at the wonderful Biscuit Love restaurant in the gulch!

Dr. Marcie Hinton Wilson Hall Room 209 Murray State University Murray, KY 42071 Hey Marcie! 11

MW We are very excited for another pledge season! We value your past involvement and current membership and are eager to continue our relationship! You know that as a sustainer, you have conveniently supported your favorite station year after year! Entering our fourth year together is a big accomplishment! Furthermore, we hope you consider increasing your biannual gift of $100 as a result of your satisfaction with us! It is important to remind you that we are a non-profit organization and all funding goes directly to the function of WKMS and what is necessary to continue broadcasting. You are our valued member and you are the reason that our station can thrive! As a “Thank You� for your support enjoy a brand new set of headphones on us! Come by the station to pick out your color choice! We always remind you that any gift amount is welcome! Contributions are the foundation for all the funding necessary for the station. You can see our financial reports here . We recognize and appreciate your dedication to WKMS, Thank you,

Mallory Warmack Director of Membership Services



A PR Campaign Proposal for West Kentucky Mentoring




Campaign Proposal for West Kentucky Mentoring Mallory Warmack, President ďƒ Justin Davis, Account Executive Ali Alkharraa, Research Director ďƒ  Morgan Harding, Media Relations Specialist


MW The Public Relations Plan

Goal To educate targeted publics about WKYM, its critical needs and mission.

Objectives To reach 85% of Murray State University students with key messaging over twelve months.

To reach 85% of full-time residents of Calloway, Marshall and Graves County, who are parents of schoolaged children with an average age of 25-44, with key messaging over twelve months.

To achieve 25-30 media placements over the twelve months of the campaign.

Strategies Social Media

Email Marketing

Media Relations

Tactics - Relaunch Facebook - LinkedIn Business Page - Launch Instagram - Start a blog - Develop a Website

-Eblasts -Eletters

-News Release -Media Advisories -Actualities -Media Kits


Portfolio mal  

Here is a portfolio of Mallory's work.