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Top 10 Items to Remeber to Bring to Dance Competitions Meet the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Winners from Past Seasons

My National Title Exclusive Interview with Rhythm Room dancer Erin Fray -- Winning the ‘Icon Award’


National Talent Competition

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“Dancing with the feet is one Dancing with the heart is another”


-Author Unknown





“Youth and Dance summer


10 Items to Remember to bring to Dance Compeititions Page 12

17 “The Dance Show”

Meet the “So You Think You Can Dance” winners from past seasons Pages 14-15 “My National Title” -- An exclusive interview with Rhythm Room dancer, Erin Fray -- Winning the ‘Icon Award’ Pages 18-23


May, 2014

10 “The Dance Life”


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ho says that dance is a sport that only people who have creative minds can read and learn more about? Here in Ideal Dance a new perspective of this art is introduced to all realms of people. Between discussions of the dance industry on reality television, to personal stories, and technical information about this art; there are a variety of interesting reads throughout this magazine. My essential goal in creating the Ideal Dance Magazine was to show others what my passion has been throughout many years of my life. I wanted to spread the word and show what this art has done for me and many others. Pictures, personal stories and many dance experiences are shared throughout the magazine. As you read through it, you will get a taste of how dance positively affects peoples lives both professionally and emotionally. Motivating stories are shared, the dedication of dancers is shown, and the passion comes alive as you flip through each page.Take the time to observe each image. Read through everything, and absorb the interest of so many people around the world.


“Dance is not just movements that people do, but rather stories that are told through these movements.� - Author Unknown


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Lemontree Photography

The Rhythm Room Dance Center

capturing lifes most precious moments

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T he D ance Life...

Practicing relevé while

Dancers use the ballet barre

holding onto the ballet

for support as they

barre helps a dancers

practice extensions and



Stretching is an important part of dance. It allows the body to move in different ways and for choreography to look eccentric and unique

Jumps, such

“To Touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance” ~Aubrey Lynch

as this grande

dancers must be aware of their foot placement. Making sure that their toes are pointed and their feet are turned out while dancing is very important

Jeté to the

left, makes a dancers routine more difficult and more enjoyable to watch

Choreography is best when the dancer is at different levels. It makes the dance routine fun to watch



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Dance Competitions

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D ance Champs

FTrom he Past

Left: Season 8 Winner Melanie Moore

Below: Season 9 Winners Chehon Wespi-Tschopp & Eliana Girard

Above: Season 1 Winner Nick Lazzarini

Above: Season 2 Winner Benji Schwimmer

“Dance first, think later� ~Unknown

Above: Season 7 Winner Lauren Forderman Above: Season 10 Winners

Above: Season 4 Winner Joshua Allen

Dushaunt Fik-Shun Stegall & Amy Yakima

Above: Season 3 Winner Sabra Johnson

Above: Season 5 Winner Jeanine Mason

Left: Season 6 Winner Russell Ferguson


Countless dancers from all over the world sign up for their audition with the famous television show, SoYou ThinkYou Can Dance. With weeks of intense training, their audition comes to life in the major cities of Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Chicago and Philedalphia. The past 10 seasons of this ultimate dance competition, dreams have become the reality for 12 fortunate contestants. Take a glance back at the past seasons winners, and tune into Fox on Wednesday, May 18, at 8/7c to watch this fierce dance competition unfold for season 11.



The Dance Show June 4th, 2013 Gallagher Bluedorn Cedar Falls, IA

MY NATIONAL TITLE{s} She’s dedicated, she’s hardworking, and she has a story that is waiting to be heard. Erin Fray, a national award winning dancer exclusively tells deal ance about her experience winning the ‘icon award’ at Showbiz National Talent Dance Competition.




“It meant the world to me.


012, Erin Fray, a senior dancer at the Rhythm Room Dance Center, received the Icon Award and also brought home seven national titles from the national dance competition, Showbiz. It took the Jefferson, Iowa, native nearly 15 years to reach her goal and earn the highest honor at that competition. Fray started dancing at the Rhythm Room Dance Center at the age of 3. She began her dancing career in the ‘Baby Ballerina’ dance group where she learned how to point her toes, how to bow and do pony kicks, and entertain an audience. “Erin has always entertained an audience, ever since she was a little girl,” says her dance teacher Sue Aspengren. “She was such a sweet little girl. I always knew she would grow up dancing her entire life.” Fray says, “Dancing on stage in front of our parents and an audience while showing them our pony kicks, pliés, tondu’s and pointed feet was a huge accomplishment for me as a 3-year old. I

I was a National dance champion of seven titles and the overall Icon Award Winner”

knew from that point on, that dance and entertaining others was my going to be part of my life for a long time. I just loved it.” Fray continued dancing recreationally for only a few short years. Learning more basic moves in all sorts of dance, such as various jumps, turning combinations and flexibility techniques were her main focus. At 6 Fray took to stage nearly every style of dancing and was overly successful. Tap, Jazz and Lyrical were her favorite, and her parents were supportive of her aspirations. “ I never have any reservations in paying for her to attend conventions and additional rehearsals with her dance teacher in order to further pursue her career in dance,” says Fray’s mother Susan. “I get joy at watching my daughter dance.” Fray continues talking about her favor-

ite style of dancing. “I love tap and lyrical, but mostly loved Jazz because I got to show my sassy side, and when I was 6, being sassy was not an issue,” she says. As Fray grew older, dancing was easier for her. Combinations that she was learning in class became dull, and she did not feel that she was improving in her passion. She decided that she needed a change in pace to stave off monotony. “The steps were becoming repetitive and I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything,” she says. “Dance was starting to become boring, and I needed a serious challenge.” r the Rhythm Room Dance


Fray signed up to audition for the Rhythm Room Dance Center Competitive Team. This team is a traveling team where dancers compete with other people from all around the nation. Fray knew it would be hard, and she knew it would take more dedication, but she was up for it. “I remember walking into the dance room, filled with people who had been on the competition team for as long I was in dance,” she says. “There were high school girls there auditioning that had made the team for many years and I was a 7-year-old girl, new to everything. I was so overwhelmed, but that pushed me to do my best and made the experience very exciting.” Fray danced to “All For You” by Janet Jackson for her audition. “I loved that song, so it made the audition a little easier,” Fray says. Two weeks later, she received a letter saying that she had made it on the level 3-competition team, where she would be dancing with four other girls, one of them being her best friend. “I was thrilled. I could not wait for the dance season to start,” she recalls. Training with the team, she soon found out that dance was a lot harder than she had expected. “Practices were more frequent and were taken a lot more seriously than they were in recreational dance,” she says. Her first year was a learning experience. It opened her heart to the art of dancing. “I knew from my very first year in competition dance that I was never going to give up and that this was something I knew I wanted to excel at.” she says. “I absolutely loved it.” As several years passed, Fray’s love for dance grew even more and the dedication to her passion had amplified dramatically. She was practicing nearly every night, and took it very seriously.


When she wasn’t at her studio practicing, she was attending dance conventions around the United States where she would work with professional dancers around the nation, helping her to improve her skills even more. “Practices became longer, I was in more dances, and I was becoming a better dancer day by day,” she says. As a seventh grader, Fray was in nearly 11 competition routines each year. “When I reached 14, I grew a passion for musical theatre dancing,” she says. “I am a person where I love to be theatrical, and love telling stories through my dancing. Musical Theatre dance is where my heart was, and my scores from judges at competitions really proved that.” Fray brought home a few trophies at several dance competitions for her musical theatre dancing. Her favorite musical theatre dance was to the song “Popular”, a 2003 Kristin Chenoweth hit. In her senior year, as her dance career wound down, she had one ultimate goal - to win the national title. She knew she could do it, but she had work to do. Fray began training harder than ever by practicing nearly twelve hours a week in the studio from September to June. She has a specific way she begins each day at dance. She would warm up by stretching her body. Shortly after warming up she would begin practicing her routines, “full out” as she would say. “I always made sure I was practicing as if I was on the stage performing for the judges,” she says. This made it easier for when I was actually performing at a competition.” “The practicing never stopped,” she says. “Some days I felt like giving up, but then I had to retract my mind and stay focused. I was in this to win it and I wasn’t giving up now.” Although Frays hours in dance became longer and more time consuming, she did still make time to have a life outside



hard work, but it was worth it

Erin poses for a picture in her tap shoes.

of dance. Ensuring that she made time for her friends, family and her academics were also important to her. “I was worried that my academics were going to suffer due to my increased dedication to dance, but I had to keep the mindset that my life outside of dance was still really important,” she says. “Staying on top of my school and maintaining my relationships outside of dance were also important to me.” The day she had been working so hard for had finally come. It was national’s week, in July of 2012. Costumes were ready, everything was packed and Fray was more ready than ever. “I was ready to bring it to the stage,” she says. She finally arrived in Branson, Mo., with her mother, sister, dance teacher and teammates at the Showbiz National Talent Competition. There were nearly 300 contestants and over 500 dance routines that she would be going against. Fray took 12 dances to the competition in the jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, tap and musical theatre categories. This was her last year of competitive dancing with her hometown

dance studio, and she felt pressure. “She had been working so incredibly hard and I was so proud of how dedicated she was,” says her dance teacher, Aspengren. “I knew this was going to be a successful competition for her and I could not wait for her to shine on that stage.” As Fray anxiously waited backstage for her dance to be called, she said a prayer. “Ever since I started dance I would pray every time before I went on stage.” “This helped to calm me and make me feel even more confident,” she says. Fray’s dance was called to the stage and she danced her routine better than ever. “Every time I dance on stage in front of an audience I get a rush of emotions, she says.” “Its such an exciting time and I really cherish every moment that I get to perform.” Along with dancing, Fray was also excited to enjoy the many dances that were going to be performing throughout the weeklong competition. “I always enjoy watching my competition,” she says. “It helps me in

“Every time I dance on stage in front of an audience, I get a rush of emotions.”

becoming a better dancer myself. I get to see how other dancers perfect their moves and apply it to the way I dance. Watching and taking notes mentally is almost as crucial as physically practicing your dance moves.” It was Sunday evening, July 15th, and after a long week of dancing and she was ready to hear her final results. She had seven of her twelve dances qualify in the final round for nationals,

Here Erin is showing Ideal Dance her left split. It took her almost 3 years to be able to do this.



and now she was ready to see which dances could possibly take home the national title. The announcer of the award ceremony called all of the dancers to the stage to wait for their award to be called. The announcer revealed all the winners last which made the anticipation unbearable for Fray. “I was in the senior category so I had to wait even longer at the award ceremony to hear my final results, but it turned out to be worth it,” she said. Fray won all seven of her dance routines, and also the National Icon Award, which carried $10,000 scholarship. The ‘National Icon Award’ is earned by the dancer whom received the highest score on their dance out of 300 points

throughout the entire competition. Her dance that won this award was her tap routine “Ballroom Blitz” and received the score of 295 points. Almost flawless. “When they called the name of my dance Ballroom Blitz as the Icon Award winning dance, I couldn’t hold my excitement in,” she said. “I started jumping around and screaming. It was a priceless moment.” “In the end, it was hard work, but it was worth it,” she says. “I danced for 15 years and put in lots of hours of hard work to receive such a precious award, and it meant the world to me. I was a national dance champion of seven titles and the overall ‘Icon Award Winner’- the award that every dancer dreams of, and it was all mine.”


“The award that every dancer dreams of, and it was all mine.”

Artist: John Legend

Erin arches her back and flips her haid while doing a ‘C Jump’.

Color: Purple Book: Dare You To Movie: Frozen Vacation: Mexico Hobby: Dance TV Station: E! Drink: Lemonade

Erin holding her first dance costume that she wore at age 3

Season: Summer 22

Erin cherishes all her years in dance. “I am excited to see where my dance career leads me. My goal is to open my own dance studio and have my own kids to teach. I want to spread the love,” she says.


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