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Status Updates: Sync your Twitter to your MySpace account and try to post at least one tweet/status update per day - Out of those 7 tweets per week - 3-4 should be personal/human from the artist and only 3-4 should be promotional.

Blogs/Bulletins: The weekly content that gets posted on Facebook and the website need to be posted as a blog and bulletin on MySpace. This can be news, personal blogs, or press articles, but we strive for at least one a week. Typically a post includes a brief summary, at least one image, depending on the length and content of the article and a link of where to read or view more.

Photos: Should be updated as regularly as possible this can be from a "twit pic" to an entire album from a live show or press shoot. Photos are a neat way to engage fans too. Photo Options include: • My Shirts Album (SOJA's photo campaign where they encourage fans to upload pictures of

their SOJA apparel)

• My Art Album (Another SOJA photo campaign where they encourage fans to upload

pictures of their SOJA inspired art pieces)

• Crowd Photos (A Lenny Kravitz campaign where fans are encouraged to tag themselves in

photos that Lenny took from stage)


• Fan Photos (Where fans can upload their own pictures from the show - however this sort of

content does need to be managed by Oniracom for fear of spam and inappropriate photos)

• Live Albums from concerts or practice • On the road albums • Press Albums from professional photographers • Personal "twitpic" style photos from your own digital camera or mobile device.

Videos: Similar to the YouTube campaign - videos on MySpace can be either directly uploaded onto MySpace and embedded on your page or they can be YouTube embeds that are put onto your MySpace profiles. These videos can range from: • Video blogs • Band rehearsals • Press-related interviews • Content created by a production company (i.e. Electronic Press Kits) • Official music videos • Playing a song in front of your computer's camera and uploading  (


• Backstage preparations • Acoustic Versions of your songs • Or even stage diving with your dad at Mile High Music Festival (


Music: Send us your MP3's and corresponding album artwork so we can upload it to the MySpace music player on your page. That way fans will be able to listen to your music on your MySpace page. Oniracom will create a custom header, social buttons/links, background contact table (message, comment, add me, favorite etc.), admats and widgets. We will also manage your content to ensure your page does not attract any spammers.


MySpace Guide  

This is a brief guidebook on how to manage your MySpace page.