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Bull & Female Production Sale

Yearling Bulls 20 Fall & 2 Yr Old Bulls 20 Open Heifers

Wahoo Livestock Sales WA H O O , N E B R A S K A

Progeny out of these top sires and dams.

Brooking Bank Note 4040

SAV Revolution 4846

SAV Sensation 5615

LD Capitalist 316

BSF Hot Lotto 1401

Sunset FRVR Lady 8N03

SAV Elba 2037

Pinehurst Donna 2031

Brooking Annie K 390


SAV Emblynette 0067



Featured Lots

These three featured lots, 1, 2, and 60, are some of the most powerful Angus genetics in North America. The dam, Brooking Annie K 390, is an ideal Angus female. She is angular and long fronted, heavy-milking with an ideal udder, level and wide hipped, resulting in a perfect phenotype. She is most noted for being the dam of the $95,000 Brooking Firebrand 6068, which is a full brother to these lots. The sire, Brooking Bank Note 4040, is gaining popularity throughout the Angus industry. His mother, EA Rose 918, may be the most powerful, most complete, Angus female I have ever seen. I believe there is as much genetic potential in these featured lots as anything to sell this spring.

Lot 1

Lot 1, 2, & 60 Pedigree

Lot 1 is a super-stout, wide-made bull that is fluid in his movement and bold in his build. There is no doubt he will be one of the power bulls to sell this spring. You need to see him!

Connealy Earnan 076E Brooking Bank Note 4040 E A Rose 918 SAV Best Interest 0136 Brooking Annie K 390 Soo Line Annie K 9165

Lot 2 is a complete-package bull. He is well-balanced with length, muscle, superior soundness, and eye-catching style. This guy will impress you!


Full Brother to Lots 1, 2, & 60 Brooking Firebrand 6068

Connealy Consensus Brazila of Conanga 3991 SAV Final Answer 0035 E A Rose 738 SAV Bismarck 56582 SAV Emblynette 8172 Bar-E-L Thor 6T Soo Line Annie K 6271

Lot 2

Bull & Female Production Sale March 1, 2019


Lot 60

Lot 60 is an absolute stand-out. This heifer exemplifies both power and femininity all in one. Her wide base blends into a smooth shoulder and neck with a very feminine head. As soon as you see her, you will immediately recognize her potential. She will be a slam-dunk donor cow! Selling half interest with the option to double the bid and acquire full ownership. Brooking Annie K 390

Brooking Bank Note 4040

Soo Line Annie K 9165

Soo Line Annie K 6271

E A Rose 918

These three featured lots 1, 2, and 60 will not have an American Angus Association (AAA) pedigree at the time of the sale. Both the sire, Bank Note 4040 (AAA# 18069951) and the dam, Brookings Annie K 390 (AAA# 19303622) are registered with AAA. The dam originated in Canada and has a verified parentage test with the Canadian Angus Association (CAA). However, the American Angus Association will not register embryo-transplant calves without DNA parent-verification and does not honor a parentage test filed with the CAA. To fulfill this formality, the blood test has been submitted to AAA and we will receive results within 2-3 weeks after the sale. No payment will transpire until these three are verified and AAA registration numbers are assigned. Please contact Carl with questions about this situation.




Lot 3

Yearling Bulls Pinehurst PROMINENT 8304

Lot 5

Pinehurst BANK NOTE 8310

Lot 4

Pinehurst CASHFLOW 8308

Lot 6

Pinehurst PRIME RATE 8312

Lot 11 Pinehurst BANK ROBBER 8888 Lot 13


Lot 9

Pinehurst INVESTOR 8306

Pinehurst 8342

Bull & Female Production Sale March 1, 2019


Yearling Bulls

Lot 14 Pinehurst CAPITALIST 8322

Lot 16 Pinehurst CAPITALIST 8358

Lot 19 Pinehurst POWERBALL 8318

Lot 15 Pinehurst CAPITALIST 8354

Lot 18 Pinehurst WINNER 8300

Lot 21 Pinehurst SUPERSTAR 8356

Lot 24 Pinehurst REPRO 8334





Bull & Female Production Sale March 1, 2019





Lot 25

Yearling Bulls

Lot 26

Pinehurst REPRO 8340

Pinehurst REPRO 8364

Lot 28

Pinehurst REPRO 8346

Lot 29 Pinehurst REPRO 8360

Lot 34 Pinehurst REVOLT 8336

Lot 35 Pinehurst REVOLVER 8338

Lot 36 Pinehurst REVOLUTION 8350


Bull & Female Production Sale March 1, 2019


Yearling HEIFERS

Lot 61 Pinehurst DONNA 8403

Lot 62 Pinehurst DONNA 8409

Lot 65

Lot 66

Pinehurst ELBA 8321

Lot 68 Pinehurst EMBLYNETTE 8319


Pinehurst LADY 8303

Lot 69 Pinehurst EMBLYNETTE 8323



Yearling HEIFERS

Lot 70 Pinehurst FOREVER LADY 8307 Lot 71Pinehurst FOREVER LADY 8313

Lot 72

Pinehurst LADY 8405

Lot 76 Pinehurst DONNA 8415


Lot 73 Pinehurst DONNA 8411

Lot 77

Pinehurst LADY 8407

Bull & Female Production Sale March 1, 2019


Yearling HEIFERS

Lot 79 Pinehurst FOREVER LADY 8311 Lot 80 Pinehurst FOREVER LADY 8317

Lot 81

Pinehurst PRIDE 8341

Lot 82 Pinehurst FAVORITE 8327

Lot 83

Pinehurst EMBLYNETTE 8315




Carl & Sara Tessmer 1840 137th St Earlham, IA (515) 758-2545 Cell (515) 249-5977

We cordially welcome you on March 1, 2019 to Pinehurst Farm’s 11th Spring Production Sale. We have moved our sale back to Nebraska and look forward to working with Tyler and Kelly Sudik with Wahoo Livestock Sales. If you are looking for powerful bulls that will calve easy with a quiet disposition, we encourage you to review this offering. They are thick, powerful bulls that have been raised on a high-roughage ration. These bulls will not shrink away and we are confident they will breed cows. In fact, many of our customers have commented on how well the bulls maintain their condition throughout the breeding season. There is a good selection of bulls that will work on heifers. This is the top end of our open heifers – we held nothing back! These females are angular and feminine with tremendous rib shape and capacity. They will meet the expectations of the most critical eye. Please take time to evaluate this offering of quality Angus cattle. Our goal is to propagate high-quality genetics and obtain superior docility, moderate birth weights, and superior growth and efficiency. Please call with any questions as we are eager to visit with both repeat and new customers.

Carl & Sara Tessmer

Cattle Viewing Schedule February 23 – 26 at Pinehurst Farms in Earlham, Iowa February 28 – March 1 at Wahoo Livestock Sales in Wahoo, Nebraska Auctioneer: Clint Hunter Livestock Publication Representatives: Adam Conover, Angus Journal Mike Sorenson, Livestock Plus Austin Brandt, Livestock Plus Tom Rooney, Midwest Marketer Sale Consultant: Tyler Copeland ................................................(870) 450-4089 This young man has tremendous knowledge of Angus cattle and will give a very honest, straight-forward evaluation of the sale offering. Do not hesitate to call him to help with your selections. Sale Day Contacts: Wahoo Livestock Sales ....................................(402) 443-3512 Tyler Sudik .......................................................(402) 443-8669 Carl Tessmer ....................................................(515) 249-5977 Isaac Tessmer .................................................. (515) 201-3023 Jacob Tessmer ................................................ (515) 370-0754 Sale Location: Wahoo Livestock Sales, LLC 636 East 1st Street Wahoo, NE 68066 Air travel: 40 minutes from the Omaha airport.


Terms & Conditions: Cattle will sell under the suggested Terms and Conditions of the American Angus Association ( suggested_sale_terms.pdf). Payment due sale day. Supplemental Information: A supplemental sheet will be available sale day with complete and up-to-date information including yearling weight and ultrasound information. Announcements from the auction block take precedence over sale book information. Herd Health: All cattle will be accompanied by proper health certificates for immediate shipment. The spring and fall 2017 bulls will be sold as fertile to the best of our knowledge and will have passed a breeding soundness exam 30 days prior to the sale. A trichinosis test will be performed if required by your state. Trucking: We offer free delivery within a 500-mile radius on bull purchases of $3,000 or more. A $100 discount will be offered if you haul away the day of the sale. Sight Unseen Protection Plan: It would be a privilege for you to be present, but if you cannot, we will personally assist you in your selections. We guarantee satisfaction upon delivery or you don’t own them. Volume Bull Buyer Discount Program: 5% discount on three bulls or more. Insurance: Livestock Mortality Insurance will be available on sale day. Check out for videos and sale day bidding.

Bull & Female Production Sale March 1, 2019

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Pinehurst Farm Annual Sale  

Pinehurst Farm Annual Sale