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Public Relations Campaign: African American Leadership Organization By: Latifah Adeleke Rebecca Malzahn Mallory Olivier

Our vision is that the African American Leadership Organization provides a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues and establishes an environment that promotes trust and confidence among its members and the community.

PR Campaign Team Latifah Adeleke Journalism major in the department of Public Relations and New Media with a concentration in Marketing anticipating Graduation in December of 2013 from Baylor university. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas and looks forward to working for a large PR agency with offices in Dallas following her commencement.

Rebecca Malzahn Journalism public relations & new media major with marketing concentration. Aspiring to one day represent an organization, institution or person as the face of their mission and values they stand for. Grew up in St. Louis, Mo and is a huge STL Cardinal fan. Mallory Olivier Journalism public relations & new media major with a film & digital media minor. Originally from Louisiana, but grew up and attended high school in Clear Lake, Texas. Aspiring to become a photographer and graphic designer, representing a company of true value, dedication and passion.

Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Problem Summary 5 Goals & Objectives 6 ALO History 7 Research 8 SWOT Analysis Strengths & Weaknesses 1 0 Opportunities & Threats 1 1 Current PR Efforts 1 2 Survey / Questionnaire 1 3 Key Leaders 14 Key Publics 1 6 Newspaper Search 1 7 Interview with Ramona Curtis 1 8 Current Mission Statement 2 0 Revised Mission Statement 2 1 Future PR Efforts Budget 22 Events and Campaigns 23 Timeline 24 Social Media Presence 26 Website 28 Future Recommendations Publicity Material Press Realease 30 FAQ / Backgrounder 31 Infographics 32 Flyer 33 Communication Activities PSA 34 Live Radio PSA 35 Twitter Activities 36 T-Shirt Design 38 Evaluation 39

Executive Summary The African American Leadership Organization (ALO) serves all African American cizitens in the Central Texas community. ALO was founded on the idea of joining various organizations together, all while deliberating key issues in the African American community. ALO is working towards becoming a non-profit organization and hopes to accomplish this by 2014. With a non-profit status, ALO will be able to achieve various established goals and objectives, all while receiving dontations, volunteers and recognition in their community. After creating a branding image, ALO is now a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, ingenuity and passion within the Central Texas community. Through the help of Baylor University and the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, ALO is quickly gaining recognition through print media, as well as gaining knowledge and insights in online (social) media. ALO is defining its image with its first social media campaign. The five-year $15,000 project seeks to facilitate an effort in “Connecting Communities,� offering a dynamic environment to discuss key issues in the African-American communities. The African American Leadership Organization was founded by three key leaders: Ramona Curtis, Ken Hampton and Ashley Thornton. Through the work and dedication of these three founders, ALO is quickly growing while finding immense support in the community. This background report and media kit offers an in-depth campaign, encouraging ALO to further its missions in various platforms. Through the use of traditional and non-traditional media, ALO can attract to the large audience they have projected and can continue to acheive their goal of making a difference.


Problem Summary The key issues we initially identified as weaknesses of the African American Leadership Organization are as follows: • ALO does not have a webpage. • ALO has little social media involvement. - There Facebook page has only 15 likes - ALO does not have a Twitter - ALO does not have a LinkedIn - ALO is not on Pinterest or Instagram • ALO lacks stock photos and uses dated images for its health forum and flyer. • ALO lacks an official non-profit status and subsequently lacks funding. • ALO does not have a consistent distinguishable brand. - ALO does not have an official logo, color scheme, font or theme. • ALO lacks awareness in their own community at Baylor and in Waco. • The African-American community currently shows little to no interest in ALO. • The founders of ALO are not very familiar with social media or its benefit. • This organization does not have an office or established location to reference. • ALO has not yet partnered with any other groups in Central Texas. As an organization addressing the hot topic of issues in the African-American community, the African-American Leadership Organization inadvertently positions itself as competition for other entities with similar objectives. Our PR campaign is aggressively promoting the understanding of ALO initiatives to achieve awareness of ALO’s interest in being a unifying organization to, instead of segment and separate, bring together African-Americans leaders and potential leaders in Central Texas. ALO is severely lacking in branding, social media presence, print and digital media, social awareness and community involvement which are all key factors in creating awareness and will be the main focus of our PR efforts. ALO doesn’t not yet have non-profit status and also severely lacks funding which makes the use of social media exceptionally beneficial to creating awareness. The founders of ALO are more familiar and dependent on traditional media than social media but lack of funding limits our ability to produce print material and makes the use of social media imperative. We will have to promote the use and understanding of social media and its benefits in order to use these tools to its full potential.


Goal & Objectives Goal Our goal for the African American Leadership Organization is to provide the African American Leadership Organization with a public relations campaign to publicize their organization throughout Central Texas and to increase awareness about ALO over the next six months.

Objectives 1. Create and implement “ALO” branding and logo - Implement seamless branding on all letterhead, social media and public advertisements. 2. Increase the number of social media followers by 100% percent over the next three months. (Currently at 15 Facebook likes and no Twitter account) 3. Develop traditional media campaign - Create and release a PSA on ALO’s upcoming Health Forum on October 29th. Also create a timeless, general PSA for ALO to use when explaining the organization, or when speaking at a conference. - Create a new Health Forum flyer- illustrating the organization, the different paths its public relations team can take when designing advertisements. - Create a brochure, stating its goals and upcoming events for potential members. -Send one to two press releases to the Waco-Tribune Herald in preparation for ALO’s Health Forum in late October.


ALO History ALO began in 2013 and is working its way towards non-profit status.

Their vision is to provide a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues and establish trust and confidence among its members and the community.

ALO’s purpose is to move beyond silos and fragmentation, revealing the links between people, issues and actions and effect the structures, institutions and systems that disproportionately harm African Americans.





All research was found off of, courtesy of Ramona Curtis.


SWOT Analysis Strengths • • • •

ALO is a unifying organization with no competitors in the Waco area. The African American population in the area is realtively high. Planned events (ALO Health Forum). Support from Waco Chamber of Commerce (Ken Hampton).

Weaknesses • Doesnt have non-profit status (lack of funding)


SWOT Analysis Opportunities • • • • • •

Social media vamp. Creating full organization branding and slogan. Market to gain non-profit status. Raise awareness in Baylor community. Raise awareness in Waco community. No set “competitors” in region.

Threats • Onlookers may view ALO as a competing organization. • Lack of interest in joining the organization.


Current PR Efforts When we began working with ALO, they only had one graphic, which is the flyer for the Health Forum, with outdated photos and not a very appealing design. ALO had no website, LinkedIn account, Twitter or email. They did have a Facebook, with a total of 15 likes.

Weekly People  Talking  About  ALO  

Weekly People  Talking   About  This  

9/2/13 9/6/13   9/10/13   9/14/13   9/18/13   9/22/13   9/26/13   9/30/13   10/4/13   10/8/13   10/12/13   10/16/13   10/20/13  

18 16   14   12   10   8   6   4   2   0  

Weekly Total  Reach  














Weekly Total  Reach  


16 14   12   10   8   6   4   2   0  

Survey / Questionnaire We created this survey for the member’s of ALO to send to colleagues, friends and fellow leaders. This survey will be given to all attendees at the Health Forum. 1. Are you a minority? a. Yes b. No 2. What is your zip code? ____________________ 3. Are you aware of any organizations in the Central Texas area working to alleviate key issues in the AfricanAmerican community? a. Yes b. No If yes, please state who: _________________________________________________________________ 4. Do you know of any leadership organizations working with minorities in the Central Texas area? a. Yes b. No If yes, please state who: _________________________________________________________________ 5. Would you like to see more organizations doing so? a. Yes b. No c. Don’t really care 6. Have you heard of the African American Leadership Organization? If so, what do you know about their mission and purpose? __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What problems related to poverty and minorities have you identified in your community? (please list three) a. b. c. 8. How do you think these issues can be addressed? (please list three respectively) a. b. c. 9. Based on ALO’s mission statement, “To Foster Relationships with African-American leaders across organizations in Central Texas and to provide a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues.” Do you think there is a real need for the African-American Leadership Organization? Why or why not? __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________


Key Leaders Ramona Curtis Ramona Curtis is the Director for Civic Engagement & Educational Development. She works to develop strategies, foster curricular and co-curricular partnerships, and launch programs that develop the civic engagement of students. As such, the Director she maintains a central role in establishing a campus knowledge base related to contemporary thinking, community-based research, and action as relevant to “leadership and service,� especially as they relate to a Christian worldview. Working in tandem with Baylor constituents who want to integrate community engagement within their academic discipline or profession, she helps to foster campus synergy around the broad implications and meaning of global citizenship through the provision of forums for discussion, creative energy and individual and collective action that exercises the potential comprised by talented Baylor faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends.


Key Leaders Ken Hampton Ken Hampton is the Senior Vice President of Community Development of the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce. He is also the plant manager of the USA Plant as Masterfoods. He is a key leader in the African American Leadership Organization, bringing value and strength to the organization as ALO begins to lead the community and make a difference.

Ashley Thornton Ashley Thornton is the Director for Continuous Improvement at Baylor University.


Key Publics • African American professionals are important as key publics, acting as a foundation of leadership for ALO. This community will be a tremendous asset to all of ALO’s events and forums by encouraging young potential leaders to pursue their goals while sharing their professional expertise. • Young potential leaders are important because they are the future of ALO. This group will acquire the necessary leadership skills to rise up in the professional community. • African American organizations in the Central Texas community will act as a support system for ALO, creating a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues in the Central Texas area.


Newspaper Search Although there were no published articles on ALO, we were able to pool together other AfricanAmerican organizations in an effort to reflect media coverage on the topic.


Interview with Initial meeting with Ramona Curtis, and the PR Media Programming team. PR Team: Please introduce us to the African American Leadership Organization Ramona Curtis, Co-Founder: We are a new organization, we don’t have any prior brochures, but we have some background information for you. We started this year and have established a mission and a vision for our organization. Its particularly an African American organization that is getting at the African-American issues in the community. We are getting ready to host a health forum and we would like to have a brochure and marketing tools when we are having meetings and other activities. We would like a web page, our office has a website, so we would like to like a web page. Our market is the Greater Waco Community but our emphasis is in the African American community, so we have partners everywhere. Ashley Thornton, Co-Founder: A really important part of it is one of the main purposes of it is to bring all the existing African American organizations together, that its not so much a new thing. This is a mechanism to pull together organizations. PR Team: As far as social media goes, are you wanting to create Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin…etc Curtis: Yes, yes, yes. We have a Facebook page and we will give you the passwords to that. We don’t tweet, but we would love to. PR Team: It would be interesting to follow these organizations you are trying to pool together, and retweet their information to raise awareness. What are these organizations you want to pool together?


Ramona Curtis Curtis: All of the Black Greek letter organizations, The Links Corporation, Jack and Jill Inc., NAACP McLennan County Chapter, Cen Tex African American Chamber of Commerce, and the Black churches. PR Team: As far as the name goes, is this something you are happy with? Curtis: Yes, we are going to stick with that. We looked at other programs that were like this throughout the nation and we landed on the African American Leadership Organization. We are trying to create partnerships, so this isn’t just another Black organization. Each of these organizations has initiatives on health, education and leadership and we are trying to collaborate these efforts. PR Team: As far as a slogan goes, do you have a slogan? Curtis: No we don’t. When we talk about the African American community we look at is three different ways. We look at it as a community of self, empowering black people as a whole in McLennan County, and then we also look at empowering geographic locations. Thornton: At the beginning we were really talking about the difference between being a leader in the African American community and being a leader in the community who is an African American. PR Team: Well we will get started on this campaign and keep in touch.


Current Mission Statement “Our vision is that the African American Leadership Organization provides a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues and establishes an environment that promotes trust and confidence among its members and the community.�


Revised Mission Statement “Our mission is to foster relationships with African American leaders across organizations in Central Texas and to provide a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues.�


Future PR Efforts Budget This is a rough estimate of the expenses ALO might incur in their first year of operation. It is hypothetical and is for their reference.



Yearly Cost

Wix Yearly Subscritpion

$16.17 / month


HootSuite Premium

$8.99 / month


Adobe InDesign CS6



Video Camera & Equipment



Guest Speakers

$100 / hour


Printing Fees



Office Supplies

$75 - $100



$150 - $250


Total: $3,796. 92


Future PR Efforts Events & Campaigns ALO currently has one event planned in late October. However, we have developed interesting ideas for future events the organization may be interested in.

Ideas for future events: Education workshop for teachers: activities would include teaching methods, learning styles, empowerment, learning tools and encouragement within the classroom. Mental health forum: topics would include addressing these issues for the African American community. Ideas for future campaigns: Possible campaign for pregnancy, birth defects, caring, healthy diet and exercise, premature and more.


Future PR Efforts Timeline

Week 1 (September 15 - 21) • Chose ALO as organization to represent • Met with Ramona Curtis for initial kick-off meeting for ALO • Gathered primary and secondary research • Developed SWOT analysis and goals • Researched possible options for ALO branding.

ALO Founders

Week 2 (September 22 - 28) • Drafted ALO history • Reviewed current mission statement and drafted a new, recommended mission statement • Researched and collaborated ALO’s current PR efforts • Created Twitter directory

“Our mission is to foster relationships with African American leaders across organizations in Central Texas and to provide a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues.”


Future PR Efforts Week 3 (September 29 - October 5) • Outlined in greater detail goals, objectives, strategies and tactics for ALO • Discovered all key publics • Drafted survey/questionnaire, executive summary and various methods of communication. • Continued design of branding • Attended first ALO meeting of the month • Began full integration of website design

Week 4 & a half (October 6 - 16 ) • Confirmed new ALO logo with Ramona Curtis • Finalized all info-graphics, flyers and designs • Finalized all website design and spiral bound book design • Began full use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, HootSuite and Klout • Prepared final presentation to class, Ramona Curtis and Ken Hampton


Future PR Efforts: Throughout our time with the African American Leadership Organization, we helped achieve their goals to be present all over the web. We created a website for ALO, increased their Facebook traffic and “likes,� created a Twitter and also created a LinkedIn organization group. This way, leaders, members and potential members can view ALO over traditional and non-traditional media and can find ways to connect through their preference of communication. Klout Score Pre - Campaign = 10 Post - Campaign = 18 80% increase


Social Media Presence


Future PR Efforts: Prior to our campaign, ALO had no website. In an effort to publicize the organization we created a website ALO will be able to use for further use, until they decide to create a new website, or build on this one. Currently, this website features all of our campaign efforts.




Future Recommendations: Press Release


Publicity Material FAQ / Backgrounder


Future Recommendations: Infographic


Infographics & Flyer Flyer


Future Recommendations: PSA


Communication Activities Future PSA for Health Forum Ramona: Did you know that in the past 12 years, African Americans were 1.8 times more likely to have diabetes compared to White and Hispanic populations in McLennan County? Ramona: The African American Leadership Organization wishes to change this statistic through awareness and preventative measures. Join us at 5 p.m. on Tuesday October 29, 2013 at the City of Waco Multipurpose Center on Quinn Campus as we address these health concerns. Ramona: African-American Leaders...Uniting to address improving health in the Greater Waco community. For more information, call 254-710-4187 or visit us on the web at www.

Live Radio PSA Announcer: The Central Texas African American Leadership Organization, or ALO, will be holding a Health Forum on October 29, at Quinn Campus from 5 to 7 p.m. All members of the African American community are encouraged to attend. This forum is open to the public, discussing key health issues in the African American community, and how citizens of Central Texas, no matter ethnicity, can help improve these issues. Visit for more information.


Future Recommendations: We have scheduled daily tweets for ALO to use to raise awareness about the organization. Monday:


“ALO is working to improve living in the African American communities of Central Texas” “Find us on LinkedIn” “Like us on Facebook!”

- “We hope everyone is getting off to a good start this Monday. Make the best of it!” - “We work every day to bring Dr. King’s dream into fruition” - “If you would like to be involved with ALO tweet us!”

Tuesday: - “Our goal is to develop relationships among AfricanAmerican professionals and youth.” - “Like our Facebook page if you support our mission.” - “We are always interested in partnering with organizations. Contact Ramona Curtis at Ramona_” Wednesday: - “Happy hump-day! I hope everyone is having a good week” - “We can all make a contribution in our community. What are you doing to better the lives of generations after you?” - “The African-American Leadership organizations commends African American leaders all of over America!” Thursday: - “If you or your organization would like to get involved with ALO contact for more info.” - “BE the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi” - “Like us on Facebook !” Friday: - “Thank you to all who have followed us this week! We’re striving to generate a social media presence” - “ALO works every day to improve the lives of AfricanAmericans. Let us know how we can help communities and your area too.” - “It’s Follow Friday! We’re following everyone back today day #FF @ALOcentex”


Tuesday: - “Like us on Facebook here” - “Tell us what you would like to see us do to aid AfricanAmerican communities using #ALO” - “The African-American Leadership Organization strives to nurture our future leaders.” Wednesday: - “We want to hear from the community! What issues in your community are being neglected? #ALO” - “#ALO is currently based in Waco, Texas but we’re interested in helping communities across Central Texas” - “Be on the lookout for the launch of our webpage coming soon!” Thursday: - “Good morning all! Make today a great one!” - “Success is when preparation meets opportunity. Never miss an opportunity by being unprepared, think ahead!” - “Suggest ideas of what we can do to improve our outreach using #ALO” Friday: - “Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all enjoy your weekend.” - “Come out to our health forum on the last day of this month at the Waco Chamber of Commerce.” - “A special thank you to those who help make ALO what it is today!”

Twitter Activities Twitter Directory Organization Name Handle Desription Brazos Valley Pundit @BVPundit New and conservative commentary. Baylor-Waco History Coalition @BaylorWacoHC Baylor student group dedicated to preserviing and sharing Waco Cornel West @CornelWest One of America’s most provocative public intellectuals Thrive in the City @ThriveInTheCity Organization connecting and equipping African-American Black News Junkie @BlackNewsJunkie Black news for black power. Barah Obama Verified account @BarackObama This account is run by Organizing for Action staff. HuffPost BlackVoices @blackvoices The #1 Black site on the Web, featuring African-American news NAACP Verified @NAACP Founded Feb. 12, 1909 KWTX News 10 @kwtx Bringing weather, breaking news and headlines for Central Tx. @wacotrib News updates & other stuff of Central Texas Greater Waco Chamber @WacoChamber A volunteer-driven business organization KWBU @KWBU Public news station in Waco produced by Baylor. SOS Leadership @SOSLeadership An international leaership development resource center that Rick Perry @GovernorPerry Personal Twitter feed of Texas’ 47th Governor. Texas Brazos Trail @TxBrazosTrail Insider travel tips on shopping, dining, attractions, etc Jay F. Hicks @jayfhicks Former Director of New Media @KWTX. Waco, Texas @cityofwaco Waco was founded in 1849 along the Brazos River Waco PD @wacopolice Official Waco, Texas P.D. Twitter page. TSTC Waco @tstcwaco Texas State Technical College Waco KCEN News @kcennews The latest news updates from your Central Texas news source. Wacoan @wacoan Waco’s magazine Waco PID @DowntownWacoPID The official Twitter account for the Waco PID. Waco Tea Party @WacoTeaParty Keeping citizens informed, involved, & active Baylor Lariat @BULariat News by the award-winning student newspaper of Baylor Univ. Imagine Waco @ImagineWaco Greater Downtown Waco Master Plan developed in 2009 Hillcrest Baptist Medical @Hillcrest_Waco Official Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center account. Waco Young Pros @WacoYP Business/social networking with other working professionals Baylor Media Communications @BaylorUMediaCom Baylor University, News, Media, Education, Research, etc Baylor University @Baylor The official Twitter account of Baylor University. Robert Griffin III @RGIII Celebrity Icon many African Americans look up to Waco Rotaract @WacoRotaract We are a Rotary founded Service Club. Historic Waco Foundation @HistoricWaco HWF is a non-profit Waco Buzz @WacoBuzz Curating the best media feeds in Waco. African American @AALFTwinCities Movement of Black leaders working to impact issues Leadership Forum African American @TheAABLI Develop a pipeline of qualified African Americans Board Leadership Institute The Root @TheRoot247 Digital magazine with thought-provoking commentary and news Michelle Obama (FLOTUS) @FLOTUS This account is run by the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama. Rev. Al Sharpton @TheRevAl Baptist Minister- Political, Civil Rights, and Social Justice Activist Oprah Winfrey @Oprah Celebrity Icon many African Americans look up to The African American @AALC_Obama2012 Constituency council of the Obama campaign Leadership Council Condoleezza Rice @CondoleezzaRice Author of No Higher Honor, professor at Stanford University Rhonesha Byng @NeshasAgenda N.E.S.H.A. (No one Ever Slows Her Agenda) Wisdom Is Misery @WisdomisMisery Freelance Writer using facts to form opinions Lady Nes @lady_nes State of the Black Parent Black Girls Code @BlackGirlsCode To empower young women of color ages 7-17


Future Recommendations Possible T-Shirt Designs for fundraising


Evaluation Objective 1: Branding and Logo Since ALO is a brand new organization, they did not have a logo or established branding elements. As one our first tasks, we worked with focus groups and the ALO board to develop a logo which represented the mission and values of the organization as a whole. We established a color scheme and theme, based on the traditions and cultures of the African American community and consistent with ALO’s mission and purpose. Objective 2: Social Media Presence Initially, ALO lacked a presence on most social media accounts except Facebook which had 15 likes. Early on in our campaign, we recognized social media as a necessity to the success and awareness of ALO’s publicity. We created an ALO twitter handle, developed the Facebook page, created a LinkedIn Group account and made an ALO Gmail account with the purpose of managing all social media accounts. We also generated a tweet schedule for the use and reference of ALO leaders. Objective 3: Traditional Media Campaign At the start of our campaign, ALO had one flyer for their upcoming health forum. This flyer included information related to the event, outdated images and lacked visual appeal. Through the efforts of our campaign, we were able to develop a new flyer with updated images, a press release intended for the Waco-Tribune Herald, a brochure with updated information, images and color scheme, and a survey ALO will be able to utilize at their first event. We see many opportunities for growth in the area of print media.


African American

Leadership Organization Wisdom




Public Relations Campaign: African American Leadership Organization By: Latifah Adeleke Rebecca Malzahn Mallory Olivier

ALO Public Relations Campaign