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Providing fabric that exceeds all expectations.

Over a century of innovative solutions.


Glen Raven was founded in 1880 and its headquarters are located in Glen Raven, North Carolina. Within the first few years of operation, we became one of the first companies in the South to dye fabrics. Several decades later, we also became one of the first to adopt synthetic fibers and build knitting operations which led to the invention of panty hose in 1959.

In 1962, the Sunbrella brand was introduced to the public and still continues to dominate the residential and commercial awning markets in North America. In 1998, we merged with Dickson of France setting a more global presence for the company. In May 2007, we joined forces with The Astrup Company and John Boyle & Company, two of the nation’s largest distributors of fabrics, hardware and finishing supplies for the awning, marine and casual furniture industries. Merging our resources positioned us to serve our global markets with greater supply chain efficiency and the highest level of customer service.

COMMITED TO OUR CUSTOMERS At Glen Raven, we believe that responsive product innovation is the best form of customer service. In the development of new fabric technologies, our customers are also our partners. The superior attributes of our many fabrics enables us to meet the needs of more than a few exacting industries, and as the needs of our customers evolve, we work closely together to find a solution.

FOCUSED ON INNOVATION Our vision is simple: To enhance the lives of global consumers through our relentless development and marketing of the world’s most innovative fabric-based solutions. Glen Raven achieves this with its involvement in several different markets including protective, military, automotive, marine, industrial, awning, furniture and geosynthetics.

LET ENDLESS POSSIBLITIES BEGIN™ Vision Statement: Glen Raven will enhance the lives of global consumers through our relentless development and marketing of the world’s most innovative fabric-based solutions. Integrity Above all else, integrity in the way we treat our customers and stand behind our products and services. Quality Absolute dedication to quality that exceeds customer expectations: • Motivating us to make quality an integral part of every product and service we offer • Committing us to the never-ending pursuit of quality-enhancing technology • Making quality the top priority of every job, every day Innovation We recognize innovation as the single greatest competitive advantage for ourselves and for our customers: • Committing to a disciplined and continuous focus on innovation • Driving us to seek out new solutions ahead of our customers’ current needs • Creating a sense of urgency in successfully bringing new ideas to market Marketing A marketing culture based on understanding and satisfying customer and consumer needs: • Inspires us to build enduring brands, products and markets • Leads us to make appropriate acquisitions • Demands that we demonstrate pioneering leadership Finance Sound management that ensures our financial strength and stability: • Secures our global competitiveness in premium market segments • Leverages growth in core competencies • Invests in opportunities for long-term growth Associates Respect for associates who are skillfully trained, highly motivated and rewarded for exceeding the needs of our customers. Safety and Environment Stewardship of the safety of our associates and the health of our environment while being a responsible world citizen.


It is the policy of Glen Raven, Inc. to be a responsible corporate citizen in regards to the environment. As a responsible company, we believe that protecting and nurturing a safe and healthy environment is the obligation of every citizen and every enterprise. We will strive for continuous improvement in our implementation of this policy by: • Conserving natural resources through energy efficient and water efficient processes and facilities, and through pollution prevention practices • Providing training and education for all employees to meet all applicable federal, state, local and other environmental regulations. • Reducing our materials use through strategic reuse, recycling and minimization of waste. • Producing products that have a minimal effect on the environment. • Monitoring pollution prevention results and environmental programs through periodic audits. • Ensuring the safe management of any residuals that cannot be prevented, recycled or treated. We are committed to working with local, state, federal and other agencies to discover and adopt effective, feasible solutions that reduce our environmental impact.


Technical Fabrics Worldwide

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Custom Fabrics Worldwide: Specializes in promoting the Sunbrella brand in the awning, marine, and furniture markets. Technical Fabrics Worldwide: Provides products to the automotive, protective, outdoor, military, industrial and geosynthetics markets. Tri Vantage: Delivers our outdoor products through a distribution network.


We have locations worldwide including: • Asia • Australia •Africa •Europe •North America

AWNING Our awning fabrics adorn residential housing and commercial developments all over the world. No matter what you’re looking for, Glen Raven’s got you covered. We offer many options that can be used in a wide range of applications.

•Sunbrella®: Fade-proof, stain resistant fabric that is available in over 140 colors and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

•Eradi-Lite®: Vinyl-laminated polyester that’s stain and abrasion resistant and used for back-lit awnings and signs.

•Dickson®: 100% solution-dyed acrylic that will enhance any commercial building, while protecting it from the sun and rain.

•Nite-Lite®: Viny laminated polyester featuring an acrylic- coated surface and white backing assuring superior illumination.

•Firesist®: Fire-retardant and designed to withstand the full range of climatic conditions.

•Sunbrella® Graphics System: Allows for the high-quality transfer of graphics onto existing Sunbrella fabric.


From luxuriously appointed cabins to rugged covers to high-performance sailcloth fabric, Glen Raven marine fabrics enhance every aspect of the boating world.

We offer the following applications: • Powerboat Specialized Protection: Tops such as Bimini Tops, T-Tops, Fly Bridges, Dodgers that are partial enclosures and/or limited protection from the outdoor elements. • Powerboat Full Weather Protection: Full enclosures on boats to provide maximum protection. Customized fabrication techniques are used most frequently. Enclosure types include Convertible Tops, Camper Enclosures, Canopies, and Cockpit Covers. • Sailboat Applications: Various fabric applications on sailboats including Mainsail/Boomcovers, Furling Strips, Dodgers, and Sailcloth. Glen Raven is the largest producer of sailcloth fabric in North America. • Utility Covers: Wide variety of covers for marine and other end uses. Applications include Winch Covers, Marine Equipment Covers, Grill Covers, Motorcycle Covers, Car Covers, Outdoor Furniture Covers, and Airplane Covers. • Storage Covers: Boat and other watercraft covers for both Storage (short term & long term), Mooring at dock and Trailerable Covers.

OUR BRANDS Sunbrella® is the world’s number one marine fabric and comes in a wide variety of styles. Sunbrella is a breathable, mildew resistant fabric and is not only suitable for exterior boat canvas but is also ideal for marine interiors.

Coastguard® fabric is a solution dyed acrylic canvas that is resistant to mold, mildew, water and stains. Also, the color is an integral part of the fiber giving our marine fabrics colorfastness without fading or washing out.

Sur Last® fabric is solution dyed polyester that has excellent tear and abrasion resistance as well as flexibility. Its urethane coating adds to its stability while also making it more water, shrink and stretch resistant.

FURNITURE Glen Raven makes a variety of fabrics for various indoor and outdoor furniture products. From seating cushions to patio umbrellas and gazebos, our Sunbrella® and GlenTuff® are perfect solutions for durable fade resistant fabrics. • Residential: Sunbrella is now available for interior furniture. We use the same performance technology, so the result is the beautiful look and feel of fine residential fabrics but with the durability and easy-care qualities of Sunbrella. • Curtains: Due to the fade resistant properties of Sunbrella, our furniture fabrics are often used to make curtains for both indoor and outdoor applications. • Cushions: Sunbrella brand offers a broad range of styling and maximum performance, and is also available in a sophisticated palette for residential applications. GlenTuff’s price/performance combination represents an excellent value. • Designer/Custom Offerings: Glen Raven provides custom design services to manufacturers interested in exclusive fabrics. • Gazebos: The trend of extending the outdoor living space has made backyard gazebos very popular. Weather-resistant Sunbrella fabrics are a natural choice for quality gazebos. • Market Umbrellas: Along with an enhanced outside living area comes the need for a bigger and better outdoor grill/ kitchen area. We offer flexible, durable, cleanable fabrics to cover and protect all your outdoor appliances. • Outdoor Accessories: Sunbrella fabrics are used in a variety of unique outdoor accessories including shades for outdoor lamps, outdoor shower curtains, gazebos, tablecloths, placemats, and warm throws.

• Sling Chairs: Sling chairs are easy to maintain and deliver a sleek look. Sling chairs use a reinforced fabric to support the occupant’s weight, instead of the chair frame itself.

AUTOMOTIVE Glen Raven produces a variety of fabrics for automotive interiors that combine innovative designs with unmatched performance. Glen Raven’s fabrics are specified by leading OEMs and can be found in several of the most modern automotive platforms.

We are the #1 supplier of premier convertible top fabrics.

MILITARY Through tight collaboration with military development engineers and program managers, we are constantly working to make improvements and create new fabrics to enhance the capabilities of our warfighters.

Currently, Glen Raven supplies fabric in the following products: • Boots, MOLLE Systems (MIL C-43734) • Army IOTV • USMC MTV • Canteen Covers, Cots, Field Packs (MIL C-7219) • Duffel Bags (MIL C-55077A) • Flags (MIL A-A59709) • Hammocks (MIL C-43128) • Parkas (MIL 43906) • Tents (MIL C-44423) • Knit lining fabric for ECWCS • Cargo Bag (MIL C-43375)

PROTECTIVE Glen Raven is a global leader in high-performance, thermal protective fabrics for the utility, petroleum and industrial apparel markets. The health and safety of the men and women in these dangerous environments depend on the protection that our thermal protective fabrics provide. By working closely with our customers, we have been able to deliver constant innovations in flame resistant fabric research and product quality.

GlenGuard Oeko-Tex Certification The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 provides a reliable product label for consumers who aim to buy textiles which are harmless to their health. The Oeko-Tex certification insures that the fabrics are formaldehyde free, contain no allergenic dye-stuffs, have no chloro-organic carriers and no pesticides or chlorinated phenoles, and have skin friendly pH levels.


Creating a fabric that is ideal for flame resistant (FR) apparel requires addressing both safety and comfort. When it comes to safety, GlenGuard® fabrics are inherently flame resistant so their FR characteristics will never wash out. They are also UL certified and meet the NA standards for CGSB 155.20, CGSB 155.22, and NFPA 2112 tests. In regards to comfort, GlenGuard is one of the lightest NFPA70E Class 2 fabrics available on the market so it will move and feel like those of the everyday garment. Also, the colorfastness is inherent in the fiber so it will not fade over time.

Which one of your employees isn’t worth GlenGuard? GlenGuard Hi-Vis is the only patented, high-visibility fabric that meets ANSI/SEA 107-204 and ASTM 1506 standards and is designed to make safety vests safer, yet lighter and more comfortable. Leave nothing to chance -- wear GlenGuard Hi-Vis for ultimate personal protection.

GlenGuard is the premiere choice for Wildland Fire Fighters. Our shirt and pant wildland fabrics have been UL tested to meet NFPA 1977. They have also been tested in real-life environments to guarantee that they will provide the best protection against wildfires. Today, GlenGuard wildland fabrics are used by Federal Wildlands firefighters, Department of Land Management firefighters and State firefighters.



Glen Raven is proud to be part of a market furnishing clean water to everyone. By utilizing the latest yarn technology, we offer the market completely "Green" products for the next generation of RO filters replacing chemically treated fabrics that are environmentally unfriendly. This cutting edge technology will also allow our customers to use less SKU's and reduce their fabric inventories. By leveraging our flexibilty, Glen Raven is poised to react quickly to our customer needs in this growing market.

The R.J. Stern Company uses the majority of its fabric laminates to produce finished "curtains" that are used to direct airflow in the underground coal mining industry. These curtains are manufactured in various weights and configurations to meet each mine's requirements. With the energy demands in the U.S., the market for coal is growing and becoming increasingly important.

TEXTILES TECHNIQUES Dickson Coatings: Offers a wide range of fabrics for applications such as signs, awnings, paintings, wallpaper, window dressings, various structures, building installations, waterproofing seams, protective barriers, ducting fabrics, and textile solutions for those exposed to extreme temperatures.

Dickson Constant: Offers a wide range of fabrics for applications such as outdoor awnings, garden furniture, boat equipment, high-tech solar protection, fireproof furnishings, and camping equipment.

GEOSYNTHETICS Strata Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide range of geogrids and composite geosynthetics which represent the latest developments in soil reinforcement technology. For over a decade, we have been in the forefront of the industry in developing technology and products for retaining walls, reinforced steep slopes and embankments over soft soils.

We offer the following soil reinforcement products: • Stratagrid®: A series of precision knitted high tenacity polyester geogrids with UV stabilized saturation coating. Applications include retaining walls, steep slopes, embankments, and special applications. • Microgrid™: A finely knitted high tenacity polyester biaxial geogrid with a UV stabilized saturation coating. Applications include landscape retaining walls, slope facing reinforcement, secondary reinforcing for steep slopes. • StrataDrain™: Geonet-geotextile drainage composites. Applications include sheet interceptor drain behind retaining walls and reinforced steep slopes. • Sleeve It™: Used for retaining walls and ensures the developer the maximum use of valuable real estate while providing the specifier with a code compliant solution. This system alllows for a fence to be installed next to a retaining wall to maximize real estate. • StrataBase™: A biaxial geogrid specifically designed for soil stabilization applications including unpaved and paved roads. It is engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable, in both the harsh construction installation phase and aggressive soil environment.

LOGISTICS Glen Raven Logistics has transformed itself into an asset based, full service logistics company.

Since the 1960's we have served as an internal support function by shipping raw materials and finished fabrics among Glen Raven plants. Due to changes within the company and strong customer demand, our transportation division evolved into a rapidly growing carrier that operates routes to Mexico, the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and California. Third Party Logistics • • • • • •

Competitive quotes Consolidated billing Customer dedication Dependable service Freight bill auditing Shipment tracking

Glen Raven Logistics has thrived on its strategic location on the east coast where we have access to all eastern seaports and are within 1-2 hours of 3 international airports. In addition to our tractors and trailers, we have invested in other assets such as a new 10,000 sq. foot office space and warehouse facility of 150,000 sq. feet, an 18,000 sq. foot facility in Laredo, TX, and a customer service center located in Mexico City, Mexico. These assets have helped leverage our ability to offer consistent quality service in less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), warehousing/distribution, and full logistics services throughout our Domestic and International lanes.

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