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The wonderful auggie My name is Auggie, and I have a different face. It is my first day at school, I am a 9 year old boy in Grade 5. I have been home schooled by my parents most of my life. I have a sister Via and a dog Daisy. There's a bully at my school named Julian. He's popular as well and I don't know why. Jack was a kid that wanted to be my friend. I also met a girl, her name was Summer and I got to be friends with Summer. I met the principal Mr. Tushman at first break. When I sat down in English class Jack sat by me, so there you got it that is how I met my two best buddies there could ever possibly be. It's first lunch break my stomach feels like a flock of pigeons is flying in it, everyone is staring at me. I stare at the clock, like it is motion beaming in and out like in those movies and games when something bad happens. RING! RING! RING! “Yay” I heard a couple of kid’s shout, it was recess! Twenty minutes later recess was over, all I did was sit by a tree with two new friends. I met Jack in my first class, he sat down next to me and didn’t act like all the other kids. I met Summer at lunch time, she sat with me and was so nice. Back in English class, I sit in my desk and guess who I expected to sit with me? Jack or Summer, of course. But, Julian and his friends sat with me instead, oh no! “Hi, I’m Julian”, he said. “Hi, do I know you?”, I said confused. I was not sure why Julian was sitting next to me. I could see Jack’s eyes widen. He knew that Julian was trying to bully me and take me away from being Jack’s friend. I had Julian on one side and Jack on the other. I really just wanted Julian to leave. I think he got the hint because he got up and when to sit at the back where he usually sits. “Ding!” the bell rang and the English lesson began. Today is Halloween, the best holiday where no one laughs at me. It's peaceful because I have a mask on, as a matter of a fact I love Halloween. I’m going to school as Bleeding Scream. I'll be going trick or treating, I was going as Boba Fet, then something happened and I decided to go as Bleeding Scream. I was walking to the classroom and I heard Jack and Julian talking about me rudely. I turned around and I started to cry in my mask. I went to the nurses and pretended to be sick and it actually worked, my mom came and picked me up. CLICK! I’m on the computer, then Jack sent messages about 34 times. I ignored them, then he got on his laptop and emailed me, “Please let’s be friends again” said the email. I wrote back

“Maybe tomorrow”, but in my head I was thinking that I wasn’t so sure about that. I was really upset by what Jack had said to Julian.

My name is Jack Will. I am in Grade 5 and I am really upset because I had met a super cool kid named Auggie this year and all of a sudden he won’t talk to me. Auggie is a special kid because he has a face that looks a lot different than most of us, but that doesn’t matter to me because I know he is the coolest dude around. I want to talk to Auggie because I want to tell him that I punched, the bully, Julian right in the face for bugging me about being friends with him. Mr. Tushman called me down to the office. He said “Jack we will not allow you to punch anyone for no reason. You would normally be suspended but because it is the first time you have done something like this you will just get a detention.” I left his office and walked down to the detention room, crying so hard. I wish I would’ve told him that Julian was always bugging Auggie and I. I hate detention, you can’t even read or do work. I was waiting for a long time to get out. Then the teacher let us go. After detention I saw Julian’s friends, they ran to me and started to punch me and kick me in the guts. Later I saw Justin, Via’s boyfriend, he looked really mad. He walked up to Julian’s friends and started to threaten them. That got them to buzz off and leave me alone. I went to go and thank Justin. My name is Via, I am Auggie’s older sister. I have a boyfriend whose name is Justin. One day Justin and I were walking down the halls. We saw a bulletin board with sign up sheets for a school play. I signed up for the lead role. Later, when the drama teacher told us who we were going to be, Miranda, my old best friend, got to be the lead role. I got stuck being her under study. I couldn’t believe it, but we started to practice anyways. When I got home, my mom told me it was time for dinner. We didn’t say anything at all. Then mom asked us if there was anything happening at school. I said there was nothing going on. Auggie said that him and Jack were friends again and they were going on a field trip. He was really excited because Julian was not going to be going on the trip. Auggie told us all about how Jack didn’t mean any of the things he said to Julian on Halloween. Mom told us that sometimes there are kids who are bullies and they are often the popular kids. She told us that we should just ignore them and if they are really bugging us we should go tell a teacher.

Hi, it’s Auggie again. Today Jack and I are going on a field trip to a nature reserve. We get to sleep over. We are going to have a blast. The bus ride is going to be long.

When we got to the reserve the first thing we did was check out our cabin. We put our stuff on our beds. My mom tried to make me bring a teddy bear but I told her I didn’t need it. Jack and I did rock paper scissors to decide who would get the top bunk. After that our teachers told us it was time to begin the activities. The first thing we did was go swimming. After that we went fishing. Then it was time to go to an outdoor movie in a big field.

About half way through the movie, Jack had to go to the washroom and he asked me to go with him. We walked up to the washrooms and the line was really long. Jack decided to go to the woods to go pee. While I was waiting for him, I heard voices coming up in the dark. I turned around and bright light was shining in my face. It was group of big Grade 7’s from another school. I was really scared. The one kid saw my face and started screaming that I was a zombie. Once he started to scream all the other kids with him started screaming too. I just wanted to run away but before I knew it the biggest kid grabbed me by my sleeve and I fell and hit my elbow really hard. My hearing aids fell off so now all the noises were very muffled. Jack was now standing beside me and he was telling the kids to back off, but they didn’t listen. All of a sudden, we saw Julian’s friend's from our school, Amos and Henry, come out of nowhere. Henry tackled the biggest kid and Amos grabbed my arm and started pulling me away. We ran as fast as we could back to the movie. We sat down like nothing had happened and continued watching the movie. We told Summer what had happened and she told us to tell a teacher, but we didn't want to. My elbow was really hurting me. It was kind of nice because everyone was being my friend, talking to me and sitting by me.

The next week at school Julian was acting a bit weird because everyone was talking to me and Jack now. He was probably feeling a bit sad because was now the one left out. Maybe he was jealous. It was already the end of the school year and we had to go graduation. I knew there were awards for people who had really good grades. I thought Jack would get one for being so nice to me this year, he deserved one. Mr. Tushman started his speech and he called some people up to accept awards. After the subject and sports awards he said he had one more award to give out, it was called the “Choose Kind” award. I didn't expect to get anything and next thing I knew Mr. Tushman was calling my name. Everyone was cheering for me and clapping! It was such a great feeling. They were giving me a standing ovation. I think everyone should get a standing ovation once in their lives. I took my award and yelled “I am so happy!!!”.

After the graduation my family, and all my classmates families went to Charlotte's house for a celebration. On the way there my mom told me that she was so happy I was her son, I made her so proud and she told me “Auggie, you really are a WONDER”.